Official Synopsis for Rambo 5 (And What It’s Based On)

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rambo 5 sylvester stallone Official Synopsis for Rambo 5 (And What Its Based On)

For our next installment of ‘Rambo 5 Week’ – this is the fourth update on the project in the last 8 days – we have for you the (crazy) official synopsis for Rambo V: The Savage Hunt.

Here’s the story so far: Last Monday we reported that Rambo 5 was given the green light and it would start production in the spring. The story would apparently follow John along the U.S.-Mexico border as he annihilates drug lords in an attempt to rescue a kidnapped daughter.

A few days later, Harry at Ain’t It Cool News spoke with Rambo himself, Sylvester Stallone, and found out that what we heard about the story wasn’t accurate. The fifth installment would instead follow the aging warrior in the Pacific Midwest, back where he originated, where he’d lead a black ops team to take down some sort of supersoldier(s) born out of a failed experiment in a secret military lab in the area.

It doesn’t stop there though; we quickly heard from a Stallone voicemail shortly thereafter that the movie wasn’t so much sci-fi as was reported and the comparisons to the Universal Soldier movies were completely off. It seemed many had misinterpreted what was said originally.

Instead, Stallone revealed that the film would follow him against a beast of man who’d completely lost control and escaped the facility. He’d be primitive in a sense but he’d have the capability to survive rivaled only by that of John Rambo. This military installation was instead working on people starting from when they were kids to unleash the savageness inside of them, turning them into intelligent and fearless warriors.

So, what we’ve heard about Rambo 5 has gone back and forth along with the reaction of readers. The latest news of the movie following Rambo hunting his equal sounded pretty cool and was a more believable plot thread than the supersoldier idea.

Now comes more news from Ain’t It Cool News that what we heard previous wasn’t too far off. The following synopsis was sent to Harry:

rambo 5 synopsis the savage hunt Official Synopsis for Rambo 5 (And What Its Based On)

Reading this, I’m surprised at this sentence: “a TEAM of highly skilled SPECIAL FORCES KILL TEAM” – what does that mean? And the idea of Rambo having a young hunting partner named “Beau” is unusual as well.

Continue reading about the Official Rambo V Synopsis for an image of the possible monster and the novel the movie is based on!

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  1. really??? this is the best we can do for Rambo??? why not bring some closure for his old army buddy that died in vietnam that makes Rambo act the way he does??? but no that would be to heard to do for [money driven] Hollywood…

  2. What happened to the Mexico border storyline?

    What happened to Rambo always working alone?

    Call me crazy though, I’m still very interested in seeing this. The ultra realistic and depressing themes of the last Stallone movies made me miss the 80s Stallone movies. This movie sounds more fun and exciting. I’m on board.

  3. I’m starting to get visions of Arthur Fonzarelli, a small pool containing sharks, and a motorcycle.


  4. I’m not too worried actually. Sure, this all sounds rather far-fetched, but so is one man battling the Soviet military alone and living to tell the tale. After Rambo IV I remember something about the next having more of a fantastic twist, and this seems to go a long with that (too much?). I’m not against the idea, and Stallone seems to be fairly sensitive to making changes when his true fans’ opinions voice valid concerns. I don’t think he’s going to mess up the roll he’s been on…

  5. @ Vic

    I think the new, proper term is that they’ve “nuked the fridge.”

  6. I grew up watching the Rambo franchise and I always thought of John Rambo as a sort of a one-man G.I. Joe, or gritty Captain America. It’s because no matter what the mission, Rambo always fought with patriotism for a free cause.
    After the 2008 “Rambo” I was greatly disappointed by the changes. Rambo didn’t fight for any sense of liberty, he mutilated his enemies like Jason Voorhees, and Col. Troutman wasn’t even in it at all.
    This next storyline seems to take the insult over the edge. Rambo vs. Manbeast, what the hell? Since when do we transform heros into Sci-Fi gimmicks?
    Maybe it’s cheesy, but to me Rambo used to be a symbol of American courage and the role model for our brave soldiers to look up to. Has our pride in our heros really become so lame to believe in that THIS is what they’ve become? I weep for the future.
    BTW- Will somebody PLEASE tell Stallone he passed his prime 20 years ago.

  7. O.K. Joe, Stalone, your pass you prime. also screw this garbage, Rambo 5 is a lie, Stalone woulden’t go for this at all

  8. This storyline sounds kinda boring,,, not to mention throws the motivation of the last film out the window.
    Ok so we have Rambo vs some kind of Grizzly Bourne super soldier. Yawn,,, is this the best way to end this ???

    I clinging to the last film like its gold right now,,,

  9. why not send rambo after the predator and merge the 2 franchises into a super franchise ala aliens vs. predator? i can see it now, a predator starts hunting and killing the best soldiers in the world one by one. eventually this gets the attention of a seasoned military general who has seen his best troops killed off…so he tries to warn Rambo of the impending danger and is killed by the predator right in front of rambo! a huge battle ensues…

    hold on…i think i might have merged like 4 different movies in that one…is nothing original anymore?

    (sarcasm for those of you who don’t get it)

  10. @Ash Ali

    Ah, my age is showing. :-P


  11. @Eddie, that’s the prob exactly. This story isn’t original at all. Its the classic Predator cliche angle.
    This is 6 steps backwards from the last film,,,

  12. Nuke the Shark, jump the fridge, we get it,,,,Ash Ali,,,,
    we get it,,,

    Sheesh,,,,,,,,who gives a shark?

  13. I’m over the all this back and forth Rambo 5 stuff. At this point I’m just going to disregard anything I hear until we get something official.

  14. This is a MISTAKE!! I can’t believe Stallone is serious with this plot!?

  15. Wait, so is this going to be Rambo vs. Wolverine?

  16. lol its the ivan drago of rambo.

    they should cast robin williams as wolf boy, think of all the money theyd save on make-up

  17. Haha, great pic of Rambo & Cookie Monster…maybe this can be pretty good.

  18. Ok, Please explain “Nuke the Fridge”. I’ve seen the Fonzi shark episode, so where does this new expression come from?

  19. I thought Rambo was supposed to fight the American enemy of the month. paranoid redneck cops, viet cong, russians, burmese smugglers… savage super-soldier? What the F***!!!

    This has to be a goof.

    It would be cool to see him back in the Rockies forests, but fighting alone, not with a sidekick! What about him fighting a fringe right-wing fantatic group with plans of domestic terrorism. Robin Williams in The Survivors! yeah!

  20. The idea hanging around (previously) about a pscycho-trained solder, more determined and so on, was quite nice. But a half human abomenation ?

    Sly, please don’t let this get lame !
    Somehow, I would be suprised if sly ready made it like this.
    Not even he can be so stupid to throw everything in rambo-history out of the window.

  21. Just so we’re clear – I would honestly pay to see Rambo fight a warrior Cookie Monster on the big screen.


  22. Hunter’ rapidly becomes a case of the irresistible force meets the unmovable object.” isnt the last part of this what the joker says basically?

  23. I don’t like it. I could probably have dealt with the “beast of a man” , but an actual man-thing-creature is just not right. At least for the rambo franchise.

  24. Immortal, hungry for human blood? Please don’t tell me he’s going after some vampire. Someone, please, tell me they are not doing that?

  25. I like the Mexican Border thing MUCH better or my idea for him to return to Afganistan and finding that cute little RPG wielding kid from Rambo III has grown into a muslin fanatic, terrorist, Taliban a-hole and Rambo has to kill him

  26. As do i Lord garth.

    adn for whoever said they were disappointed that Troutman wasn’t in the 4th movie, that actor is dead. Sorry.

  27. I wonder if James Byron Huggins is involved with the script or screenplay at all as this sounds very much like a mash-up of his novels Cain and Hunter. I remember hearing awhile back that Sly had purchased the rights to Hunter, so maybe it will serve as the backbone for Rambo V.

  28. See that’s where I draw the line Rob, they put Cookie Monster in this film and I will never see it!!!! Never!!!!

  29. @manowar..the “nuke the fridge” thing originated with the newest indiana jones flick..indiana jones hops into an old refridgerator and rides out a NUCLEAR DETONATION without so much as a scratch, lol..basically something so absurd that it throws the rest of the movie out of context..i mean, how can u you genuinely worry about a mans safety in a fistfight with someone after he walked away from a nuclear blast with no problem?:P