Official Star Trek Teaser Trailer Online!

Published 7 years ago by , Updated July 18th, 2013 at 9:36 am,
enterprise first thumb Official Star Trek Teaser Trailer Online!

Ok, the heck with the YouTube bootleg version, here’s the officially released Star Trek trailer.

If you first saw the bootleg version, you haven’t really seen it. This trailer is super-cool and I’m starting to believe that J.J. Abrams is going to be able to really bring in a new generation of fans to the Star Trek universe with his vision for the film.

Check it out below.

I think it introduces the movie as something completely brand new yet still respecting the roots of the show. Of course it’s not much to go by, but I like what I see so far.

For higher res versions of the trailer head over to Yahoo! Movies.

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  1. To be honest, I was a bit underwhelmed by this. If they’re going to release a picture of the under-construction Enterprise BEFORE the teaser, should it really be the same picture that serves as a climax to the teaser’s setup?

    The audio quotes about space travel are all fine, but the whole time I was thinking, “Ok, here comes the reveal of the thing I’ve already seen!”

  2. I had the opposite reaction. Really it reminded me of the atmosphere of “Aliens” more than anything else, and that’s a good thing IMHO.


  3. Burbanked, I was nonplussed as well.

    The words on the screen say “The Future Begins” but we have Nimoy’s voice, news audio from the 1960s, an audio equivalent of the opening to Scott Bakula’s Enterprise, and slow sweeps of the docked Enterprise like in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. I think I’ll like the movie, but the teaser? Not so much.

  4. This looks pretty impressive. I have never really been a massive Trek fan, although dabble with it now and again (bbc 2 reruns), so as a ‘new’ fan i think this looks pretty good. I am not deadly excited, but i do slowly anticipate its release, and i am sure my anticipation will grow.

  5. Thanks, Baker. Nice to get the point of view of a non-fan on the trailer.

    Regarding the future/past thing, I think they’re trying to create a bridge that long time fans can cross to get to the new Star Trek.


  6. I think this trailer did exactly what it was supposed to — introduce us again to the whole rebooted Trek universe. And it has the darker, edgier feel like the early stuff. Awesome.

  7. Adrian, I have to disagree with you on your comment about JJ Abrahms. He is going to need to show me a lot more before he comes near to Lucas/Spielberg, heck I am not even convinced Jackson is there yet. Jackson had some pretty spectacular source material to work from, along with a rabid fanbase and decades worth of artists dedicated to just drawing Tolkien’s work. Don’t get me wrong, I love the movies and he has a lot of good will from me as a result of those movies. He just needs to put out some non-Tolkien stuff to show me he has the goods. King Kong had a good fanbase and was no where near as good as the Lord of the Rings movies. Lucas/Spielberg on the other hand, have proved through multiple movies/concepts that they can deliver(say what you want about the SW prequels, #3 was fun).

    JJ needs to show he can finish something. I used to love Alias but it just started going all over the place. I’ve heard good things about Lost, but I know people have their doubts about that one wrapping up well too. Mission Impossible 3 was a mess. He has a lot more dues to pay until he reaches the top tier of filmakers, albeit he is headed in the right direction.

  8. I agree with Vic, “creating a bridge” for the new generation. I liked the trailer; does what is need for a treaser(showing the respected reboot). JJ Abram shaping out to be this generations G. Lukes/P. Jackson/Speilberg.

  9. Exactly Ryan.

  10. Oh yeah by the way. WHAT THE HELL MAN!!!!!! It comes out in christmas 2008. Man the really need to invent a cryochamber for people like us so we could go in it and only wake up when cool movies come out. So we could watch and talk about them, then go back to sleep.

  11. I don’t know about that, Endri. If we did that, we would miss Iron Man, TDK, Hulk, etc… :o)

    I liked the trailer. When I envisioned how people would create a starship, I always thought of advanced tools where they wouldn’t get dirty. The trailer shows guys working with goggles and welders; very refreshing.

    **** As long as that petaQ Kirk isn’t in it, I’ll see it!! ****

    Stop being a party pooper targ, Kahless. :o)

  12. I almost had a heart attack when this came on cloverfield opening night, and im only 22

    I can’t F-ing wait!

  13. John, I suppose I won’t make any friends with this, but I don’t want ANY original characters in it. I don’t even like them using Nimoy for the intro. Are we re-imagining or rehashing?

    Rob, your pagh is strong. :-)

  14. You mean no original characters EXCEPT Klingons; right hu-maan??!! (sharpening bat’leth)


    Unfortunately, he’s dead, Jim. Oh, wait a minute, sorry, major flashback :o)

    Sorry Jim but Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Chekov, Sulu, Uhura, and Scotty are all suppose to be in it; so is Christopher Pike.

  15. John, I should have said “original actors.”

  16. Well, we all know Nimoy will be in it and I think it is possible William Shatner will be in it as well. It looks like there will be some time travel involved.

  17. Can someone please have a freakin original idea. Lost Sucks, the new Mission Impossible movies were stupid and this looks like a franchise milking.

    Oh boy because it’s Star Trek it must be good so don’t say anything bad, BS, I’m sick of Prequels, remakes and in general the lack of creativity. There’s so much more of the Star Trek Universe that could have been tapped. Instead we try to re-invent the original.

    They can keep it…

  18. JW, do a search on “remake” here at Screen Rant and you’ll see my general disdain for the concept and that it bugs me that the studios keep falling back on that.

    But yes, I’m a Trek fan and I’m hoping that they can resurrect the brand with this movie.


  19. I was a kid when TOS was in first repeat syndication. I was never impressed by the same styrofoam rock backdrops for each planet, monsters less believable than my Halloween costume, and worse of all, what seemed to be the same “ham and cheese” speech at the end of every episode.

    My hope is that Abram’s revisit (somehow) eclipses the melodrama.

    Random: Is it slightly “racist” to continually try to prove the “humanity” of Spock, Data, Odo, or the holo-doctor?

  20. Lost were the years immediately following the cancellation of TOS. What a great loss for TV and science fiction. That is why we have the hope that this new movie will do what the others could not.

    Unlike many of you, I believe if other original cast members are in it, you have to have William Shatner. He was huge in TOS. The only other option is to have none of the original cast.

  21. Hey Dan, I’d LOVE to see Shatner in the movie. I just don’t think it’s going to happen…


  22. I’m not a fan of trailers… but a lifelong ‘critical fan’ of Trek (meaning I started with the original and have been initially very skeptical of each new movie or series since). I like this one. I think it is a great tie-in… nicely binding Trek history to OUR history. The 60s audio as background for the shot of the welder’s face, the expression in his eyes, is perfect IMHO. I think it is a good beginning.

  23. Incredible !! It may yet save the TREK franchise and even rebirth it for a new generation.

    I remember being an cartoon animator in 1990, the whole studio used to stop work to watch the latest VHS recording of the latest TNG episodes. Deep Space Nine and Enterprise were flogging a tired horse, Voyager had some engaging moments, but no movie had yet captured the essence of the original series. However this looks absolutely brilliant.

  24. Rubbish!! looks impressive, agreed, but, Starships arent made on the earth, and would not be welded together by hand!!??!!!! come off it! there would at least be a machine to make the ship welded or not.

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