New ‘Dragonball Evolution’ Trailer Worse Than The Last One

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dragonball talk New Dragonball Evolution Trailer Worse Than The Last One

Back in October, I wrote a little piece on the leaked trailer for Dragonball (now re-named Dragonball Evolution) and in it I basically talked about how terrible the teaser looked. I was clearly not the only one who thought this and after 91 comments and some feuding, Screen Rant Master Vic had to shut down the thread to simmer things down.

In defense of the movie (at that time), that trailer was very early and not complete in terms of post-production. Today however, we have the first official trailer for the upcoming live-action adaptation of the hit Manga series and it still sucks… maybe even more than the first teaser.

From this trailer, the characters and costumes look ridiculous (especially the secondary characters), the fight choreography looks awful and the dialogue and cinematography has B-movie or worse written all over it. Not to mention the terrible use of slow motion in some of the action sequences.

Don’t believe me? Watch and see:

Now, re-watch it while trying to put aside the special effects (which are 95% of it) and focus on what’s actually happening, especially the dialogue and acting. They are burying this in heavy visual and sound effects.

It looks like they’re trying so hard to take and use cool styles from other films but this movie doesn’t have that kind of ‘cool’ and using those techniques in the wrong places with poor execution really makes this feel over-the-top but in a bad way.

What I’m seeing from the trailer and images of this film give me the exact same feeling as Catwoman and Elektra did – both of which are both on my list of worst movies ever.

Some stories simply cannot be translated to the big screen. Have you seen the characters from Dragonball Z or its action sequences? It’s not even remotely human. The show was super popular and many people I know really dug it but I don’t think it makes for a live-action version, especially if it’s supposed to be faithful to the cartoon. Even if it’s not, the extreme nature, extreme style and crazyness that was Dragonball Z (for example) can’t be done in reality because it’s so far from reality that it looks stupid when they try to imitate with real people. The styles are simply too different.

dragonball z1 New Dragonball Evolution Trailer Worse Than The Last One

Even the characters saying the word “dragonball” while holding a literal glowing ball sounds and looks like cheese in live-action. And that scene with that vehicle transforming while Justin Chatwin (playing Goku) says “cool” is really awesome too… Not.

I can’t tell if this is made solely for the fans of old (not me) and the young audiences or if the fans of the series’ will hate this and Fox is actually targeting more of a mainstream audience.

I don’t know if the movie will actually be as bad as I think this trailer is because I know Dragonball isn’t my thing regardless – but I expect pretty weak box-office earnings and I know I will not see it at the theater. Like I said in my first article, it might be a fun rental. I would love to know what fans of the cartoons think of this. Do you think it can be done well in live-action? Does this meet your expectations? And for those who don’t know much about Dragonball or simply may not have fancied the cartoons, will you see this flick?

Dragonball Evolution stars Justin Chatwin, James Marsters and Chow Yun-Fat and comes out April 8, 2009.

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  1. just my opinion, don’t want to offend any of the previous comments, i’m a big fan of DB, DBZ and DBGT, watched and collected all the episodes, so wud naturally compare Justin Chatwin with the anime Son Goku, hence i agree with the 1st comment upto some extent as my expectations regarding extreme speed, extreme reflexes and extreme energy is very high. i don’t care about the story too much as DB has always been about beyond imagination and insane action. but i’m still a big fan because of the action. i’m somehow not getting enough encouragement from myself for the movie. i read few comics of DB as well and wud gladly choose the comics instead of the movie provided i need to choose one out of the movie or the comics, of course apart from the evergreen series.

  2. This looks like its going to follow the same path as the first final fantasy movie:

    going down as one of the worst films of all time on such a popular hit on folks lives

  3. Nerak, good explanation, but one thing. Pilaf wasnt an alien, he was just a multimillonaire weird little blue guy who wanted to become emperor of the world. But he was dumb and stupid and always failed.

    Although the basics of the series are here.

    Ill copy and paste what a user from another site named “kaypain” wrote. I agree with that he says regarding the fact that both the movie and the series keep the basic things:

    The story has basic plot points. And in my opinion those basic plot points are in the movie, some altered, some a little same. These include:

    Piccolo’s airship: he’s floating over the Earth, blowing up cities… just like in the anime

    Goku meet’s Bulma, they join together to search for Dragonballs and find Master Roshi…just like the anime

    Grandpa Gohan dies: It’s been interpret that Goku doesn’t kill him, instead Piccolo kills him, either way he still dies.

    Yamcha is a desert bandit with explosives and rocket launchers, just like in the anime

    Piccolo has henchmen he creates that does his creative work and in my opinion seem more bad ass than Green Reptiles named after musical istruments

    Mai is Piccolo’s assistant, even tho her role is more defined than in the anime, it’s still bad ass, I think we can expect some sick s*** from Ekiro

    Goku searches for Dragonballs – the most blatant, easy plot point to adapt

    Martial Arts tournament with potential of many cameos from the Anime, though the stadium is very different from what we seen. But remember the Expo trailer where Chi Chi is jumping up kicking the guy in the head, she was wearing her tournament clothing and the guy she was kicking was wearing something similar to Crane’s gi. But also that scene was outside, so maybe the tournament is outdoors after all

    Goku and Piccolo probably squares off twice, first time Goku getting the crap beaten out of him…just like in the anime

    Roshi performs Mafuba and probably dies

    Shenron is in the movie

    They kept the shape shifting in the movie also, but instead of a communist parody pig and flying puar they gave it to Mai, pretty neat in my opinion

    The movie looks cheesy as hell, and correct me if I’m wrong, but Dragonball is a cheesy ass Anime

    The highschool scenes are not a problem to me anymore and yes I know Goku never went, but think about, how funny would it be to see him in highschool, it will be hilarious, I look at it as a “what if”, and we can’t deny the highschool will be comical, with Stephen Chow influence into it.

    Oozaru is in the movie, it’s a little different than the anime, but hey at least they didn’t completely leave it out, I don’t blame people for bashing the decision, you either accept it or not.

    I’m done labeling people haters, and I think haters should be done labeling the ones who accept the movies as non fans, idiots, or etc…

    I had an epiphany, and that’s you don’t get everything you want in life, you either accept it or move on or both, and I’m accepting it…also moving on

  4. His grandpa just died the night before when he says “cool”. Thats why he sounds like that. Its logical.

  5. to ec
    thank you that exactly what I was trying to explain a while back. its just a 1 minute trailer and probably a teaser,and we all know that a teaser never gives all the good stuff.

  6. Can’t believe some people here
    The last piece of straw for those dumb enough to support this stupid movie, ie. the official trailer, has proved nothing but how much it will suck no matter how you look at it.
    But instead of converting to the boycotts that are raging worldwide, these people have to make up dumb excuses like the trailer wasn’t ready and such. Guess they’ve just doomed themselves to jumping off cliffs in embarassment for having supported such a flop soon.

  7. @Peroso
    well what do you expect? for the people who are keeping an open mind to be just like you? This is a 1 45 sec clip and I am not going to bash a movie because of a very short clip. I am going to wait until, I see more.

  8. ok peroso you have a point, but please for the rest of us, please do not hand your cahs over to watch this movie. just download the movie from torrent or something.

  9. @huntthejest
    How can i give you a bad name? Your name is already bad. BTW I had mine before you, you can change yours if you want, i wont :)

  10. Utter rubish. Nothing like the dragon ball i used to watch and love. I will be giving this film a wide birth.

  11. @glenn
    of course it not going to look exactly like the anime, that’s what it is a cartoon, how do you expect it to translate to a live action flick? goku is cartoon, there is no person alive that can look exactly like a cartoon.

  12. It really bugs me how they say only one chosen warrior can defeat ‘the evil’
    …huh? Goku is supposed to be an alien just like piccolo. He is not some god chosen destiny warrior bull that has been done a billion times in holywood….

    I would take it as an insult to the story if I were part of writing the original cartoon …but I guess the guys who did cant be stuffed and they need this stupid sellout to re-fill their wallets.

    This film can be translated to live action, it just needs the write script and cg team who actually study the original material beforehand.

    At least we still have transformers 2 this year!!!

  13. @rob
    they say chosen one because it was in the anime. and goku doesn’t know he is an alien, until dbz. there is an interesting video on youtube, that show alot of comparison to the anime.

  14. @Ernesto

    The anime don’t have a word about “choosen”.
    Even the comic book.

    The youtube video with comparisson just shows how far the movie is to the real Dragonball.
    The person who made the comparrisson is happy with details that should be obvious in the movie..
    Real dragonball essence is not there..

    I’m no telling just about the look of characters.
    But the personality.

    Goku in the school should be enought to see it’s not dragonball..

    Mai is Mystic of x-men?
    Or she made FUSION with Oolong?
    Mai is not even a fighter on the manga.

    Originally Goku got scared when bulma shows her motocycle.
    On trailler he just says “Cool”..

  15. @m
    yes I understand that it not an exact copy to the anime,but those thing that you are describing are just really minor, stuff that can be overlooked. also a lot of us need to accept that the live action movie is not going to look exactly like the anime, remember in animation you can get away with anything.

  16. boycotting a movie is one of the most pointless things I’ve seen in my life, especially because the movie isn’t met to a fan’s standards

  17. @ernesto

    I don’t want a copy of the anime or the comic book..

    I just wanted common sense..
    There’s no problem on bulma’s hair, for exemple.

    But to change the characters PERSONALITY is the worse thing that can be made in a history.

  18. The movie looks lame. But I’m still going to see it.
    It might be good. Or maybe it will suck. That’s it..

  19. Now, I know that anime, much like video games does not easily translate into live action, but this is just sad. If they had a really poor budget, I would be more understanding, but they have quite a budget.

    The first issue with this movie is that they use Dragon Ball, rather than Dragon Ball Z. Americans are much more familiar with the latter, which is the movie’s main audience.

    I would point towards the film Hancock for reference to how to do action scenes. Especially in regards to characters having super strength and being able to fly.

    Now, I do want to point out that claiming that Goku has to be Asian is rather silly. There’s nothing to suggest that a Saiyan would look “Asian”. Chi-Chi, sure, but not Goku.

  20. I watched the Cell saga of the dragonball Z series and got quickly bored of it through age. But i got excited when i seen the poster for this film at my local odeon so naturally i searched for the trailer.

    I don’t know the original story of Dragonball where it started and everything. But it seems a lot of fans have been complaining that there are differences, to be honest i don’t know why they expected it to be completely true, its an adaptation or rather based on the dragonball series, It’s obvious they are condensing and dumbing down the backgrounds and storylines of dragonball to make it Screen-Valid. Bulma’s hair and Goku’s school days seem to be a big issue… god knows why, Goku is supposed to be 18, so he goes to school i havent got a problem with that. Bulma hasnt got full purple hair, bulma’s coloured hair seemed to change all the time throughout the series, yet it didnt seem to change the appeal of Dragonball, why is this a big issue? (because its american producers?)

    about it looking serious, i agree although apparently a pre-final edit reviewer explained it had comical lines from Goku’s part. I must say though, film as a medium hits a different audience to anime lovers. Anime is supposed to be “intense & funny” and generally aimed at a younger audience this film seems to try and hit the old dragonball fans and teens up to adults. So i would expect atleast some seriousness.

    Overall, the trailer seems very rushly put together and maybe the Theatrical trailer will reveal a bit more rather than just a sequence of action scenes. I have to say i am quite excited about this. But i am not dwelling too much into the fact that it hasn’t kept to the original storyline… Anyone seen Tomb Raider? same kind of thing i expect, character profile, and concept to be the same but the storyline different or condensed in this case.

  21. I have a bad feeling about this movie……this movie is gonna be as bad or worst that transformer or iron man……my opinion….

  22. i want that dragonball art poster and autographed by james wong. ”just kidding”. seriously i do want the poster though.

  23. I have been a DragonBall Z fan all my life and it is the best cartoon I’ve ever seen. I’ve watched all the episodes showed in America and it actually made me into the person that I am today.
    The first time I heard about this movie being created I had to check up on it. After I saw the actors chosen to play these roles I was horrified and knew the only thing that can save this movie was its true-ness to the show. After reading part of the storyline I automatically knew that it was going to be a disaster. Though I still wanted to watch it just to give it a shot, but after watching those two terrible trailers I reconsidered that. I refuse to give money to people who ruined one of the greatest cartoon franchises of all time! I don’t even know how Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball/ Z/ and GT could even allow this to air.
    First of all Goku never went to school and he did not meet Bulma there! He lived somewhere in the woods with Gohan [who he calls his Grandfather] who found and raised him after seeing his spaceship crash-land on Earth. Kakkarot (which is Goku’s birth name from the planet Vegeta) was an evil baby [with a tail] who was supposed to conquer the Earth and return back to his planet. After being dropped by Gohan, Goku hit his head and forgot about his mission making him to grow up not knowing that he isn’t human and being a naive, good little boy. Grandpa Gohan eventually dies and Goku lives on his own with the number 4 Dragon Ball as his memory of his grandfather. Bulma who is searching for all 7 Dragon balls uses her Dragon Ball radar, which she created, to track down all the other balls which lead her to Goku’s home.
    They end up embarking on the road together since he refused to part with his Dragonball. On the way they end up meeting the rest of the gang, Yamcha, Chi-Chi, Master Roshi, Krillin, Tien and eventually Piccolo-Diamu who at the end of the movie should get hit so hard by Goku that he spits out an egg which will hatch and give life to Piccolo, the one we all know from DragonBall Z.
    This movie already looks completely wrong, Bulma should be 5 years older than Goku, not the same age. He doesn’t know how to drive and most of the cars on the show fly and don’t have wheels. Master Roshi does not join Bulma and Goku on their adventure, the only one that does is Yamcha along with his life-long friend Puar, which I believe won’t be in the movie.
    It seems like with this movie they are trying to portray it to fit today’s time and that’s the center of the problem. Dragonball is in its own time dimension and can not be portrayed as being in our time. It is just too different. Seeing this movie being made angers me, not only because it is so terrible but because I am planning to be a director later in my life (I just turned 18 so I have a long way to go) and was planning on asking Akira Toriyama for permission to make this into a movie. I could’ve done a much better job writing and directing this movie.
    In order to make a movie like this work you’ll need a director who knows the cartoon and mangas [Japanese comics] in and out and has a real passion for it. This movie will flop horrendously and I am sad to say it.
    If done right there could’ve been millions of dollars made from this movie since it would have potential to have at least 4 sequels since the cartoon’s storyline was so long and has so many sagas. This movie was just made completely wrong and don’t even think that children would actually want to see this, which I am assuming is the targeted audience, which is another flaw in the movie. If they would’ve just stayed true to the cartoon they wouldn’t have any problems. That’s what they get for not listening to the fans. Thanks for your time.