New ‘Dragonball Evolution’ Trailer Worse Than The Last One

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dragonball talk New Dragonball Evolution Trailer Worse Than The Last One

Back in October, I wrote a little piece on the leaked trailer for Dragonball (now re-named Dragonball Evolution) and in it I basically talked about how terrible the teaser looked. I was clearly not the only one who thought this and after 91 comments and some feuding, Screen Rant Master Vic had to shut down the thread to simmer things down.

In defense of the movie (at that time), that trailer was very early and not complete in terms of post-production. Today however, we have the first official trailer for the upcoming live-action adaptation of the hit Manga series and it still sucks… maybe even more than the first teaser.

From this trailer, the characters and costumes look ridiculous (especially the secondary characters), the fight choreography looks awful and the dialogue and cinematography has B-movie or worse written all over it. Not to mention the terrible use of slow motion in some of the action sequences.

Don’t believe me? Watch and see:

Now, re-watch it while trying to put aside the special effects (which are 95% of it) and focus on what’s actually happening, especially the dialogue and acting. They are burying this in heavy visual and sound effects.

It looks like they’re trying so hard to take and use cool styles from other films but this movie doesn’t have that kind of ‘cool’ and using those techniques in the wrong places with poor execution really makes this feel over-the-top but in a bad way.

What I’m seeing from the trailer and images of this film give me the exact same feeling as Catwoman and Elektra did – both of which are both on my list of worst movies ever.

Some stories simply cannot be translated to the big screen. Have you seen the characters from Dragonball Z or its action sequences? It’s not even remotely human. The show was super popular and many people I know really dug it but I don’t think it makes for a live-action version, especially if it’s supposed to be faithful to the cartoon. Even if it’s not, the extreme nature, extreme style and crazyness that was Dragonball Z (for example) can’t be done in reality because it’s so far from reality that it looks stupid when they try to imitate with real people. The styles are simply too different.

dragonball z1 New Dragonball Evolution Trailer Worse Than The Last One

Even the characters saying the word “dragonball” while holding a literal glowing ball sounds and looks like cheese in live-action. And that scene with that vehicle transforming while Justin Chatwin (playing Goku) says “cool” is really awesome too… Not.

I can’t tell if this is made solely for the fans of old (not me) and the young audiences or if the fans of the series’ will hate this and Fox is actually targeting more of a mainstream audience.

I don’t know if the movie will actually be as bad as I think this trailer is because I know Dragonball isn’t my thing regardless – but I expect pretty weak box-office earnings and I know I will not see it at the theater. Like I said in my first article, it might be a fun rental. I would love to know what fans of the cartoons think of this. Do you think it can be done well in live-action? Does this meet your expectations? And for those who don’t know much about Dragonball or simply may not have fancied the cartoons, will you see this flick?

Dragonball Evolution stars Justin Chatwin, James Marsters and Chow Yun-Fat and comes out April 8, 2009.

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  1. I would have enjoyed it if they stuck with the original Dragonball. It was funny. This just looks too serious, and as if they were targetting that mainstream by adding all these special effects. They couldn’t leave the origin of the dragonballs the same? They could leave Master Roshi as a horny old man? Hell, Bulma has black hair here.

    I demand humor.

  2. I don’t know anyhting about the Dragonball Universe so I cannot comment of how faithful they are to the source material but it looks as generic as most of the rest of the poppycock that’s being made for fanboys right now. This trailer didn’t inspire or even remotely make me want to see this film although I probably would have passed because it seems so 90′s… ;)

  3. FOX is not done with the SFX that’s why the trailer hasn’t been release in theaters yet and Dragonball: Evolution is not based on the cartoon Dragon Ball Z, it’s based on the comic book Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball Z is just a sequel to Dragon Ball.

  4. I think what has to be seen here is that yes, the characters do look outrageous, and yes the action does look out of this world. But thats the whole point of dragonball. If your a fan of dragonball, and saw a movie that does not do extraordinary things and has crazy insane fight scenes, it will kill it. The fan base grows around the “this is awesome even though its over the top” appeal. Dragonball and DBZ are fun anime, the story is written well, and for god sakes there are bears living with people in the city, its rediculous, we all know it, but the fun appeal is always there. I say, give it a chance, worst possible bet, this is just a fun movie and nothing else.

  5. My problem isn’t with anything to do with tongue in cheek or over the top with this movie but the fact that they completely abandoned the entire background and history of DB. With the exception of the names of characters, the kamehameha, and the dragon balls this is not DB, DBZ, DBGT, or any other DB idiom. I DO, however, find it funny now taht I think about it that this movie has been renamed to the fake title given to the alleged continuation of the anime series.
    The new series after GT that set the internet fanboys on fire a few years back was supposed to be called Dragonball Evolution…….

  6. I’m getting a real ‘Speed Racer’ feeling about this.
    It makes me sad. :(

    (By the way Mr Keves, I quite enjoyed the Directors Cut Elektra. I suppose someone had to eh?)

  7. Is this trailer really as over the top as say Matrix Reloaded? Spiderman? X-Men? Sure those movies had better quality actors and arguably a better script, but at the end of the day DB.E is suppose to be a “fun” movie. It’s not intended to be an oscar-nominated film or a ‘promise much action but lets bore you to death for 3 hours’ epic. It’s suppose to be a 90min beat ‘em up action and explosion orgy.

    The story itself isn’t as off the mark as people have cried about to be (It’s ‘fusing’ 2 completely separate Saga’s together, the King Piccolo & The Junior Ma.) Which are from the original Dragonball. Not to be confused with Dragonball Z. Sure the movie looks from the trailer to not be 100% true to the original manga but c’mon it’s 2008. Expect changes!

    I expect this movie to be an average box-office hit in the US but a big-hit internationally. Don’t under estimate Dragon Ball’s following.

  8. I never underestimate anything from the 90′s but like Mickey Rourke says in The Wrestler “the 90′s pretty much sucked” from a pop culture point of view I mean..

  9. looks worst huh? gotta say I strongly disagree… you’re entitled to your opinion but to me your just another close minded movie critic wannabe who is just forcing his bias opinion on everyone out there, the majority of the fans are hyped, are you even a fan of Dragonball? you say it’s cheesy, well if Dragoball isn’t cheesy then the grass isn’t green, this is Dragonball, why do you expect so much from C-rated Anime, yes it has it’s fans and is very popular but the story of Dragonball isn’t that great, it’s filled with cliche and mediocre filler, and story arcs beyond imaginable, yet you expect the movie to be better?

  10. weak box office earnings? i’ll hold you to that.. but it’s going to make a fortune in Japan alone just for it’s following and popularity, you’re underestimating it’s fandom

  11. you’re not even a fan of Dragonball, so already your opinion invalid to me

  12. I am going to see the movie. I haven’t watched the show or anything since middle school, but it does look like it hits a certain fanbase. My whole deal is that people should at least respect it for what it is and not call it crap or at least call it crap that you know people will like. I think every romantic comedy looks like crap, but everyone knows bride wars will make money. I think its problem is that it won’t hit audiences that it should because of its name. I think it should hit the same fanbase as snakes on a plane or shoot ‘em up and even punisher. People like me who decided they didn’t want to see punisher, then saw the rated R trailer that showed him punching through a guys face and decided it has to be the most awesome hilarious movie ever. But because its dragonball people won’t see it. Plus i don’t think it will have nearly the level of camp that punisher or shoot ‘em up had. It might be one of those sad movies where its not cool enough to like, and not campy enough to enjoy. But if it had just one awesome fight scene that was as outrageous and awesome as the cartoon i will consider it worth my money.

    And one thing about reviewing movies, I think a movie should be reviewed for who is going to go see it and given a good or bad review for the targeted audience. So like, if you like guys heads being punched in see this movie; not, it had no story, just gore and stupid violence, i give it a 2/10 type stuff

  13. Wow, the trailer was one massive cringe fest. I blame a Caucasian Goku for 60% of my pain.

  14. Chill kaypain, its just an opinion. Easily ignored and not something to get fired up over.
    Just like mine, yours and even Greenknight333. Just an opinion.

    Anyhow, I have thought about it a bit more and have decided that I probably will go and see this movie after all. I’m going in with my ‘Ghost Rider’ level of expectation: Mindless entertainment.

    Thats all I am after. Lets see if it delivers.

  15. I’m sorry, but did any of you actually think a movie about some anime called DragonballZ would be good??

    Anime’s are ridiculous enough when they are drawn, I can’t even imagine if they would be translated to live action…

  16. To start, i must say that not in a bad way some of your reviews do seem a little harsh but, for this, i have to completly agree with you…really i do…this is coming from a big fan of the franchise, i love the anime, and this…this is a joke…i will see it on the big screen, what fan wouldnt even just to see how much the screwed it up, firstly i knew that this is 95% visual graphics, i thought that would be a good thing at first given the time they had from august to april next year, more then enough to do a good job i thought… i was very wrong, im sorry these visual effects look like something out of ghost busters…in my opinion any

    All in all, this is going to suck HARD, lets hope the James Masters can do SOME good as he owns something fierce as Spike.
    and thats my 2 cents ladies and gentlemen.

  17. “…first official trailer for the upcoming live-action adaptation of the hit Manga series and it still sucks maybe even more than the first teaser.” I know this is your OPINION, but here’s mine. This trailer defiantly makes the live-action Drangonball Evolution movie separate from the series and so-far it looks like an excellent re-imagined beginning for an on-going saga.
    Now you said that the characters and costumes look ridiculous. WOW, I have no idea where you got that from; they look perfect for a real life transition from an over the top out-there animation and the dialogue… well you can’t tell a-lot from chopped up one liners like that but for me it seemed perfectly normal for an impact trailer like that. The slow-motion didn’t seem terrible so much as pointless.
    Cinematography seemed to be as expected; the show was by default bright & vibrant and fluctuated accordingly during battles, although some of the bloom seemed like it was added just for the trailer.

    Have you seen the characters from Dragonball Z or its action sequences?
    Yes, and although the combat that was shown could have used some more impact effect I don’t recall seeing a Z in the title of the movie, making that statement void. I’m sick of people comparing one thing with another, that was an animation for television and this is a live-action movie, making one resemble the other always ends in disaster. Ala Video Game Movies (VGM).
    From a fans point of view based on the trailer, there introducing everyone for the first time this is something I would have skipped, just have the “Heroes” a-little more caught-up (aka get on with it), especially Goku the fact that he has no idea what’s going on I think really slows the movie down, not to mention you’ll have more time for the final fight (for some reason I don’t think the final battle will last long at all), although I don’t know the lead up there didn’t seem much point in having so many slow-mo moments and finally I do feel that the story as a whole just won’t have any necessary substance.

  18. Lol, all the haters crawled out of the cave. @Cali Its was Dragonball AF, not Evolution. Dont act like you know facts when your just making stuff up. @Rob Im glad that you seem to think this movie will suck, cuz all you write is garbage. : )

  19. @BlackDingo

    If what you want is mindless entertainment then this should be TDK of mindless entertainment… :)

  20. “Wow, the trailer was one massive cringe fest. I blame a Caucasian Goku for 60% of my pain.” – Arrell

    What exactly about the character of Goku in the animé even remotely resembles a person who is Asian? Thought so.

  21. @Rob

    “I don’t know if the movie will actually be as bad as I think this trailer is because I know Dragonball isn’t my thing regardless”

    Why even write about a movie you have no interest in ‘regardless’ of how it comes out?

  22. Sounds like you crawl, you probably do crawl. And its Dragonball not Dragonballs, arent you cute trying to make all the fans mad.

  23. It’s amazing Oscar you contributed exactly nothing to this thread and managed to do it with TWO posts……
    I’m huge fan of the anime but this movie isn’t the anime. This is not Dragonball. The Dragonballs weren’t created by wizards to capture gods. Goku wasn’t “the chosen one” trained by monks. This is pretty much Bulletproof Monk meets Aliens. Unless new trailers show a LOT more relevance to the DB universe then this is not even remotely close to following the mythos. It would be like having taken Iron Man and changing EVERYthing about it until the only thing that tied it to the character was the name. That’s exactly what it looks like they’ve done with this movie.

  24. Geez, what is it with Dragonball as a topic? It’s worse than Twilight when it comes to generating heated discussions…

    First off, I know NOTHING about Dragonball – Z, Evolution or otherwise but I *do* know when a trailer makes me cringe. As a standalone trailer for a movie, I was barely able to sit through one minute and 50 seconds of it. I hope for the sake of the fans that the movie is better than what is shown above.

    Second: Chill the heck out. If you can’t debate without attacking each other I’ll shut this thread down. And that goes for BOTH sides. Behave yourselves.


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