Official ‘District 9′ Trailer Looks Amazing

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district 9 trailer Official District 9 Trailer Looks Amazing

District 9 is the upcoming and highly-secretive Neill Blomkamp-directed sci-fi film, produced by Peter Jackson. While we haven’t seen much news on the upcoming film, Screen Rant reported at the beginning of April what the movie is all about and it sounded very interesting to say the least. Now, we finally have the official trailer for District 9 and it’s really damn cool.

The following is a brief description of the setting of the film:

“The concept involves aliens who have landed in Johannesburg, South Africa, and are living as refugees there. It has a very Cloverfield feeling to it, and is shot like a documentary, following around the MNU (essentially, the local government-run police) who are trying to keep them contained in certain areas of the city.”

Watch the trailer and see what you think:


For the HD version head over to

I love this type of movie and the trailer looks incredibly interesting. Although you can see hints of the lower budget of the film, the documentary-style helps make it feel so realistic and eerie. That one scene of the alien’s face being blurred out to conceal its identity during the interview is very creative. This is a summer movie I’m looking forward to.

This trailer, along with new trailers of Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra are attached to X-Men Origins: Wolverine which opens in theaters today.

What do you think of the trailer?

District 9 opens on August 14, 2009.

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  1. Pretty interesting, but I’m curious how they seem to be portrayed as the victims here when they seem to have superior technology??

  2. How come this doesn’t show up on the main page? I just saw this headline on the bottom with the rest of the updates…

  3. Small point, this is essentially a feature length remake of Neill’s previous short film “Alive in Joburg”. Said film can be found on Google or Youtube (it’s only about 6 minutes long) and it’s very worth checking out.

  4. It’s the centipede from Futurama: “Sir, I’m going to need you to take that down…” :D

    Jokes aside, that looks like freaking awesome! Close Encounters kind of awesome!

  5. Looks deep and ground for a scifi film. Kinda reminds be of Alien Nation, which I like a lot.

  6. Alien Nation had aliens of a more humanoid nature, which is why I always liked seeing the alien prostitues :) I’m pretty sure this will not be of the same nature.

    @Ken Who is to say that they aren’t just pretneding to be captured and giving the world the appearance of the upper hand until mid-way through the film?

  7. I LOVED it until they showed the aliens, they are like crickets, why cant they come up with something original? Also how are we spending money on them? They look like they can take care of themselves just fine and if we start crap they can just destroy us with superior technology… Couldn’t think of a better place for them to park tho.

    I have a feeling this is gonna be 1/2 extremely awesome docu-type visual movie, 1/2 gimmie a break wtf, that doesn’t make sense, lol cricket aliens type movie.

  8. I love sci-fi flicks but what looks so amazing about it? There wasn’t much happening in the trailer.

  9. It’s probably the different style that makes it intriguing.

    @ Richard, something tells me that might be how this movie ends up…

  10. I think it looks pretty cool. Not sure if I want to drop $10 on it, but cool nonetheless. The spaceship scene reminded me a bit of Independence Day.

  11. Anyone else notice they stole the music from Steven Soderbergh’s Solaris remake? I know lots of trailers use soundtracks from other movies, but to me it’s almost misrepresentation. Never a good sign.

  12. Looks cool. Not a big fan of the “slurpin’and hiccoughing” alien voices though. Been done to death now, and I don’t know how long I’d want to hear that before I needed a break. Where is that universal translator (HAHA) of Star Trek’s when you need it? It was so good, it even made the humanoidal aliens’ mouths MOVE exactly like ours when we speak English!

  13. Superior technology Ha !! We got stuff.

    Your just not gonna see it until an alien invasion…

  14. I live there!!! Gonna be awesome seeing this. It’s like Apartheid with Aliens.

  15. Cool. Species 8472 gets their own movie. This movie is incredible until they reveal the aliens’ design. I think after years of TNG/DS9/VOY versions of “aliens” (read: humanoids who speak English but have ridges on their noses) I can tolerate this.

  16. FI can imagine the opening the V remake doing something like this (docu / news report thing). Definitely looks like a renter though

  17. Species 8472, could change into human form,,, ;-)

  18. I have been so excited about this since it was announced last year. I was impressed with the short and predict this will be the sleeper of 2009. And finally the trailer! The viral is heating up and cannot wait for release!

  19. Looks like a remake of “Alien Nation” from the early 80′s, but with different aliens.

  20. Very interesting indeed…Andy S, I think we should spend our $10 or $12 (where I am) on this film. It is different, ground, intriguing, but most importantly, it is different.

    Also, if Execs see the movie going audience has spend money on this film, then Neil’s stock goes up doesn’t it? That means another film from Neil with a bigger budget and finally that Halo film back on track, right?

  21. Clever trailer. Now let’s see if the movie pulls together.

  22. are you kidding… this looks wack. I love Jackson but this could be a mistake. What was that a giant cricket?