First Official Photo of Conan

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conan remake First Official Photo of Conan

The first official image from Marcus Nispel’s Conan remake has hit the web thanks to Nu Boyana Film Studios, the Bulgarian production company producing the film. Along with the image, Nu Boyana announced that the company had “just completed production” on the film.

Last month, we saw a handful of unofficial photos from Marcus Nispel’s Conan remake. The shaky photos of Jason Momoa as the legendary warrior led many online commentators to compare the movie to a SyFy original motion picture. Ouch. Perhaps this new official high-res image will change their minds. Check it out below.

For those complaining that Jason Momoa wasn’t suitably ripped to play Conan, I think this picture proves otherwise. He may not look like Arnold “Mr. Universe” Schwarzenegger, but I don’t think that’s entirely necessary for the movie to be a success.

First Official Image Conan First Official Photo of Conan

Besides, the real concern shouldn’t be on how the character looks, but on whether Jason Momoa can deliver the goods in his first major film role and whether Marcus Nispel can elevate this movie beyond his previous work (remakes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th).

The film has a fairly solid supporting cast, including Ron Perlman as Conan’s father, Stephen Lang as the villain Khalar Singh, and Rose McGowan as a “half-human/half-witch,” so that’s something to look forward to, but I’m still on the fence. Sword and sorcery films can easily turn into cheese-fests without the proper script and direction. I’m hoping Conan doesn’t pan out that way. Then again, it’s always nice to have new movies to make fun of, right?

What do you think of this first image of Jason Momoa as Conan? Do you like the look of the Cimmerian warrior, or is this a sign that the Conan remake is destined for disaster?

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  1. I’m cautiously optimistic about this. I think Jason Momoa is a good actor and can do justice to the role. He was pretty big in Stargate Atlantis, so I can’t believe that was ever an issue. The cast is solid, so let’s hope that the script and the direction live up to them.

  2. I thought Arnold’s Conan was ridiculous; enough cheese whiz to cover the entire theatre. But he was a massive guy, and at the time it was novel to see a man so damned muscular it made the head busting really fun to watch.

    So I dont think there’s anything to “live up to”, as long as this new Conan movie is entertaining for younger audiences it will have succeeded “good enough”.

  3. In my opinion, Jason Momoa doesn’t look like Conan. For me he’ll never be the cimmerian. I don´t care if he’s or not a good actor, he doesn´t have to say anything but: “get out of my way, naughty mage or your head will be in serious danger” and a few badass phrases. Conan speaks trough his sword. No way, this “pseudo-muscled-baywatch” will never be my Conan and I will not buy this. He would have to be twice wider than this guy is.

    • Actually, the best swordsmen tended to muscular YET lithe…something that seems to fit Jason Momoa MUCH more than Arnold. Also, Jason can actually ACT, so people will care about his tribulations (ideally) and not simply find him laughably entertaining. Come on…does anyone REALLY respect Arnie’s subtle, nuanced, brilliant performance of the slave destined to conquer and become King…REALLY??? I’m hoping this movie turns out to be AT LEAST as good as the original ’80s movies. The look of Conan, I think, is a great start.

      • Conan, tribulations? really? this shouldn´t be a tea-room for ladies. Conan only “tribulations” are:
        1. wine,
        2. women,
        3. gold,
        4. killing warlocks, mages, etc…
        and most of times in this order.
        And of course, Conan isn´t a swordmen, he´s a “sword-axe-bow-club-anythinginhishands-men”

        • Alberto, this is not a room for buffoons either, but here you are :) Clearly, I was being lighthearted in response to YOUR coment that “Conan speaks through his sword”…THAT is why I only mentioned his swordsmanship. Also, the fact that you care nothing about any other aspect of the making of the filmaking process besides Conan’s look and in-film barbarian tendencies (and would even consider spending money on a ticket based purely on those exceedingly superficial aspects of the character) is truly sad…just sad. NOW, I’m being a bit more serious.

          • Of course other aspects of filmmaking process are important for me, I like a good a movie like anybody, but I only wanted to say that in this kind of movies the aspect is a very important task, and I wouldn´t buy it if the actor doesn´t resemble the hero of my books. I wouldn´t pay the ticket either for a bad barbarian film, ( I´ve “outlander” for that)

  4. well, jasson does resemble that picture of conan up there…….

    • I tend to agree with you. He does look a lot like the picture above if that counts for anything. I loved the Conan movies but I was a kid and saw “The Beast Master” like seven times, so what do I know. I never really read the books or comics.

      • you can get all the conan stories collected in 3 books on amazon. you should look them up, good reads.

        • WHich 3 books are they? I’ve been wanting to read Conan stuff.

  5. I think he looks pretty badass… I can already see him yelling out some classic phrases.. it MAY just work

    Cautiously optimistic

  6. I don’t know why the studios can’t get a quality director interested in this production along with a quality lead to play the role of Conan. The original stories are awesome! To be perfectly honest, I have never heard of Jason Mamoa before he took the role of Conan and I have never watched a movie directed by Marcus Nispel either, but that is kind of the point. This is one of the classic characters in fiction, why are we forced to settle with these two?

    The same thing goes for The Hobbit. I like the guy who did District 9, but do I think he should be dorecting The Hobbit? Not at all. That’s another property that should have a quality director attached.

  7. You have to remember that the orignal Conan films were “cheese-fests without the proper script and direction”…thats what made them amazing.

  8. I’m sure the people whose experience of Conan begins and ends with the movies (such as our friends Benji, intelliq, and alberto) might care about whether Momoa looks & acts (act being a relative term) the part, but Howard fans have abandoned hope for this film since the leaked script came out back in October. We’ll be lucky if this ends up Kull the Conqueror-level material.

    What smarts is that, going by the photos alone, Momoa could be a pretty serviceable Conan. A couple more months at the gym and he’d be pretty good. It’s just a shame he’s going to be wasted on yet another trite “hero journeys the world spending his whole life seeking revenge on a sorcerer for crimes against his parents and homeland” story that everyone’s sick to the stomach of.

    • Hey! what the hell are you talking about? My experience with Conan pass trough books (several book I´m glad to say), comics and movies!

  9. Wow! Jason looks way different without the dreadlocks and goatee. I really hope they do this film better than the original.

  10. He looks like a larger version of Travis Fimmell, you know the guy who played Tarzan a few years ago on TV.

  11. I have more of a concern with Rose McGowan. Yes, she’s cute and edgy-ish, but I have always had a problem with her acting abilities. She has actually ruined movies for me. I want so much to like her [acting], but I just can’t. It may not make much of a difference but I’m just saying…

  12. lol @ badmammajamma’s screen name. I guess you saw the movies? LOL what a whale!

    • Oh yeah, I saw the first movie when I was like 10 and it was bad-ass then. I haven’t seen it is a million years, but I’m sure it is not quite as I remembered it.

      BTW, I am unfamiliar with the term “What a whale!” What does that refer to?

      • Oh, I dont think we’re talking about the same thing, lol.
        Badmammajamma was a 500lb black woman who did porn with skinny white guys, around 1987 if I remember correctly. Some friends and I thought it would be funny to watch it, and were thoroughly disgusted and laughed till our guts split. That was back when we had local mom and pop VHS rental stores.

        • ROFLMAO! That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while, but after 3 kids, i guess it’s not THAT far off. ;)

          OOPS, we’re off discussion. Gotta get back to Conan!

  13. He is way too small to play Conan. Arnold was a monster at a monster size. He fit the Conan look, size, and attitude. This kid is just puny compare to Arnold.

    • I was wondering if there are any other freakishly muscular actors that could do this part justice that you have in mind?

    • Too SMALL? He’s 2 inches taller than Arnold. He might not be Mr. Olympia, but I bet he’d kick your butt! ;)

  14. Heck with Conan, I’d rather see a decent Red Sonja movie, that being said I still might give this movie a chance.

  15. I think Arnold still the best. We will see it soon!

    • arnold had the muscles ONLY. while i enjoyed his Conan, i never saw the sequel, the pg-13 rating kept me from it lol, not to mention grace jones did as well lol. it will be interesting to see this version of conan though

  16. LOL! The first images were way better than this after-a-shower image!

  17. Rachel Nichols? You can see her freakin’ ribs… gross… Brigitte Nielsen’s movie was pure crap but at least she _looked_ like she could _lift_ a sword.

    As far as the image above… Not sure. He might be able to do it. By the bye, the idea of Conan being so massive is a later generation view _influenced_ by the Arnie films. Look at some of the original covers of the Howard books, “Phoenix on the Sword” primarily, that Conan is arguable less muscular that Jason.

    I do sincerely hope that any of his “Ronon” characteristics are just SG:A bad writing. Gods I hated his character.

  18. Holy hell he looks great!

  19. Personally i was hoping Paul Levesque who is HHH on WWe would beCome he has the muscle the attitude and the look of a good Cimeerrien and he can act as well..

    • hm, they woulda had to CGI his nose to make it smaller

  20. yup looks just like conan in the comic book. maybe this wont be so bad after all

  21. CONAN HAS BLACK HAIR!! After the first movie (Arnold is way too short to portray Conan, seriously), you’d think they’d at least dye Jason’s hair after all the fan blowback they got.

    But, hair aside, he is a good choice. He’s a great actor. I’m glad to see the knife to the face attack didn’t destroy his looks, although he does look different.

    I will look forward to this movie.

  22. Its a more realistic build for a barbarian than a Mr Olympia, and yes at 5’11″ or 6′ Arnold was too short for Conan. Other bit of good news is that Rose McGowan wont be called upon to do much acting.

  23. @rogue-x

    You can’t add a pic, you can put a link to the pic in a commment, though.

  24. how do i ad my pic in my comments post?

  25. then how come i can see your avatar pic?