First Official Photo of Conan

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conan remake First Official Photo of Conan

The first official image from Marcus Nispel’s Conan remake has hit the web thanks to Nu Boyana Film Studios, the Bulgarian production company producing the film. Along with the image, Nu Boyana announced that the company had “just completed production” on the film.

Last month, we saw a handful of unofficial photos from Marcus Nispel’s Conan remake. The shaky photos of Jason Momoa as the legendary warrior led many online commentators to compare the movie to a SyFy original motion picture. Ouch. Perhaps this new official high-res image will change their minds. Check it out below.

For those complaining that Jason Momoa wasn’t suitably ripped to play Conan, I think this picture proves otherwise. He may not look like Arnold “Mr. Universe” Schwarzenegger, but I don’t think that’s entirely necessary for the movie to be a success.

First Official Image Conan First Official Photo of Conan

Besides, the real concern shouldn’t be on how the character looks, but on whether Jason Momoa can deliver the goods in his first major film role and whether Marcus Nispel can elevate this movie beyond his previous work (remakes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th).

The film has a fairly solid supporting cast, including Ron Perlman as Conan’s father, Stephen Lang as the villain Khalar Singh, and Rose McGowan as a “half-human/half-witch,” so that’s something to look forward to, but I’m still on the fence. Sword and sorcery films can easily turn into cheese-fests without the proper script and direction. I’m hoping Conan doesn’t pan out that way. Then again, it’s always nice to have new movies to make fun of, right?

What do you think of this first image of Jason Momoa as Conan? Do you like the look of the Cimmerian warrior, or is this a sign that the Conan remake is destined for disaster?

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  1. Conan, what is best in life?

    To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women!

    this is good.

  2. Curly hair?

    Oh, lamentation. It gets worse.

  3. I liked Jason in Andromeda but I gotta agree he doesn’t sell the Conan image in this pic very well. I don’t know if they will ever be able to do a proper reboot simply because of how big Arnold was.

    I don;t care for his politics 9at least Post getting elected) but I sure do miss seeing him in the big action flicks. man I wish he would have had a kid that was a giant like him who could take over his place in Hollywood.

    • i just checked IMDb and he his not listed in Andromeda… he was in SG:A but not andromeda… what role did he play? and which episodes?

      • @oqstar04

        Would have replied earlier but did not get the email notice on your post till now (because of a technical issue on my end and not on Screenrants).

        You are correct; I incorrectly listed Andromeda but meant to say STARGATE ATALANTIS as you havce already mentioned.

    • @Rogue-x

      I will concede to your argument about the comic book but I would remind you that even within the comic book world a character is often drawn differently over time, sometimes very differently. And even though Arnie may not have been a good real world representation of the comic book Conan, people other then the fans of the Conan comic WILL compare anyone else to Arnold for Arnold is the standard for the Movie version of Conan no matter how different that is from the comic book.

      • I think they were refering to the actual Robert E. Howard novels… Conan as comicbook character was not the basis for their statement.

        Not to mention in the novels Conan actually talked, where as Arnold was restricted to one or two lines at a time with heavy narration to prevent his having to do most dialogue. Good times.

  4. mommoi i meant to say damn!

    • rogue-x,

      We don’t allow profanity on the site, I edited your comment.


  5. i say he is much better than ralf moeler..

  6. O.k. here’s what I think, I’ve seen Jason momoa on stargate, didn’t watch the show much but from what I’ve seen he is a good actor. I’ve also seen Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. The Rock in other movies he too is a really good actor. I saw a pic of dwayne as Conan, which immediatley made me think of the pictures on the cover af some of the novels. I’m no movie director but I think that dwayne Johnson would do an amazing job as Conan. Even though it seems the people making the movie have already chosen Jason as Conan….. I don’t know maybe if they dyed his hair black and straightend it. anyway that’s my opinion…… everybody has their own.

  7. I don’t think Rogue-x said anything about the conan comic book’s. The word “novels” was used. I think (In this pic at least) he looks bad a## as conan.

  8. I think he looks great, and I think he can pull it off, but I would prefer if his hair was straight and black. Just a minor detail.

  9. I would like to see him with black hair also. It may be a minor detail,but IMHO it is the minor detail’s that made REH”s story’s so good. I just hope this movie is at least good so a director that is a fan of REH and Conan can take over the 2nd film and base it off of REH.

  10. This is terrible. Simply terrible. Hollywood is remaking some great movies and turning them into abominations. While the Destroyer was silly and campy after the first movie, the Barbarian was great; one of my favorites to this day. Arnold did a good job with portraying Conan; this new guy looks too GQ in the role. American movies are being woosyfied, just like American men. In addition, I think the supporting roles in the Barbarian were great; good sidekicks to a strong character of Conan. The soundtrack was superb, I even listen to some of it when in the gym occasionally as a break from metal. I also wonder how badly they are going to cheese up and destroy Conan’s origins. Sure the books never illustrated that, but the Barbarian did a good job in showing how Conan came to be.

    I could go on but I wont. I think this pick of an actor is showing how the rest will turn out. Dwayne Johnson or even Tyler Mane (Sabretooth of Xmen) would have been much more fitting and held up to Arnold’s legacy. I give this a preemptive two thumbs down.

  11. @ Mongo, The soundtrack from CTB was the best, but Arnold did not do a good job at all as conan. CTB was a good movie, but it was not conan and the plot was not conan. Conan was not some big dumb ox like Arnold made him out to be. Don’t cheat your self, go and read some of REH’s books and you will see the true Conan. As far as Momoa go’s, I think he is a far better looking Conan then Arnold was and can’t be any less of an actor then Arnold. You talk about Dwayne Johnson or Tyler Mane keeping up Arnold’s legacy, but it’s not Arnold’s legacy that should be upheld, It’s REH’s.

  12. Guys…
    First of all, I am a big big fan of the arnie movie (the sequel sucked big time). But wether or not, I will give this one a chance.
    Jason Momoa looks very good without the dreads and he is definitely a better actor than Arnie has been at these times.
    I also read the Howard books and think it will match the original way better.
    My only fear is that almost every movie where Ron Pearlman had a siderole was a cheesy crappy lousy BAD movie in the last years. So I hope for not another Mutant Chronicles…

    Always be careful about actors playing classics. So many people has been concerned about Heath Ledger playing the joker in the beginning…and oh my god he was the best Joker I have ever seen.

    Oh and by the way…Bashing a director for some of their previous works is mostly ridiculous. Just remind that funny guy from New Zealand, who made trashy films like Bad Taste or Braindead…this guy wanted to make a movie of Lord of the rings…
    Can you remember that discussion?

    So, I gonna try not to judge too soon…
    Let’s keep cool and wait for the movie to be screened ^^

    • oh and I forgot… it’s not a remake!
      This will not be Conan the barbarian like you have seen it with Arnold…
      AFAIK the movie is a more close to the book adaption of the cimmerian

  13. @ Riddle of Steel, Let’s hope so!

  14. They cashed in on Arnold because he was happening at the time…Momoa looks like a Cimmerian and I will see the movie. I loved Conan as a kid, but that’s the thing…as a kid. I keep watching it now only for the soundtrack and the Wheel of Pain part…love it when he grows into Conan. The rest is meh. Arnold was not a good Conan people, let it go. Like someone said above, too Aryan looking.