First Official ‘Avengers 2′ Photos Include Don Cheadle and New Costumes

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avengers age ultron logo First Official Avengers 2 Photos Include Don Cheadle and New Costumes

Earlier today we got our first official look at the titular villain in The Avengers: Age of Ultron and with it, story details that confirm how Ultron fits into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Comic-Con set to begin next week, the biggest venue for comic book movie related announcements and early looks at footage, Marvel is taking advantage with daily unveilings of what’s in store for their comics, film and TV plans.

First, a new female Thor was announced to be coming to the comics side later this year, and tonight we’re going to learn of another new Marvel series offering a new take on another iconic hero. On the movies front, the Age of Ultron cast will be appearing on stage next Saturday at the San Diego Convention Center, and as part of Entertainment Weekly’s Comic-Con preview issue, The Avengers 2 took the cover and is the featured story. We’ve already touched on how Ultron is created (thanks, Tony Stark) and what his motivations are (again, thanks Tony Stark), but now we get a real look at the film in these eight brand new stills from EW’s story.

In them, we get a few angles of different rooms in the massive Avengers Tower set, a retrofitted Stark Tower first seen in The Avengers, that now serves as the operating base, headquarters and lounge for the superhero team. In it are a pair of bars, a workshop for Stark, a lab for Banner and Stark, and a brand new Quinjet. The images also give us the most clear look yet at the team’s new costumes which remain familiar but with noticeable tweaks and upgrades.

Thor’s Asgardian armor remains the same and Hawkeye’s sleeveless suit returns but Renner does get to wear a heavier costume with arms for at least one portion of the movie in the cold and we think that’s from early on in the film when he’s fighting alongside new characters Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch – super-powered siblings played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen, respectively. Take a look:

Note the more techy design of Black Widow’s outfit. We learned previous that it’s powered up to deliver a more lethal shock (Black Widow’s sting) and that seems to be the case from the gauntlets on the wrists. Also note Don Cheadle’s appearance at the “party” scene of the film. With Rhodey involved, will we see him suit up in the War Machine armor?

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Guardians of the Galaxy opens August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, Captain America 3 on May 6 2016, and unannounced films for July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Source: EW


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  1. GEEKGASM!!!! Oh God…I’m sorry. Does anyone have a towel?

  2. I hope War Machine/Iron Patriot and The Falcon join The Avengers, even though it probably won’t happen. I don’t understand why they would introduce superheroes in solo films but not add them to the team. If having them would overstuff the movie then that’s fair, but I think they would add racial diversity AND get more well-deserved screen time because they’re both awesome.

    • Well it was rumored that Rhodey will have a part in the battle vs. Ultron, so I’d expect him to suit up as either Patriot or War Machine. As for Falcon, I hope we see him in a cameo in this one. But something tells me at the end of the day, EVERYONE will team up vs. the Mad Titan in Avengers 3.

    • I couldn’t agree more with your comment! I’d much rather see Falcon in Avengers 2 then the twins. I’m a huge Batman/DC fan, but I’ll still spend the cash to see Marvel movies. Just wish they would of left out the twins until Avengers 3 or something. Falcon deserves more screen time IMO Needless to say, whatever story line will unfold in A2, will be a good one. I have faith in Joss.

      • Well, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver will serve initially as a source of conflict until Ultron makes his appearance, much like the first one had Hulk as an antagonist until the threat of alien invasion/nuclear bomb.

      • To be fair “the twins” are much more important to get in there asap

        Visually both Patriot/War Machine and Falcon have very similar powers to Iron Man, and neither offer much in source material story lines, or connection to characters outside of ones already established.

        Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver will offer something completely new visually and also bring lots of interesting stories with them. Also they have strong connections to other properties with Scarlet Witch and Steven Strange having the magic connection (Strange has helped Wanda in the comics before) and Quicksilver was married to one of the Inhuman royal family, so there’s plenty of opportunity to use them in and to help sell/promote new franchises.

  3. Gotta say, Quicksilver’s costume is pretty lame. He just looks like some guy with a terrible bleached hair look in pants and a bad athletic shirt.

    • That’s exactly what people said about the Days of Future Past version of Quicksilver… and he end up stealing the show… well, him and Blink’s portals. I’ll wait and see.

      • Yeah but right now, everyone is just looking at Aron Taylor and comparing him with Even Peters.

      • To me fair, his costume in DOFP was still really dumb looking. It was a little less dumb looking in motion, but it was still dumb.

        • It was also based in the 1970′s soooo theres that.

          • 70′s fashion was cool, not dumb (that would be 80′s fashion to me). And Quickie’s costume doesn’t exactly scream 70′s anyway.

        • Is it fair to name it a costume though? It’s not like he suited up. He was just a teenage kid, so he wore the clothes that a teenage kid might have worn.

      • You probably want to flip that, dude. Marvel announced Quicksilver’s inclusion in Avengers 2 first, then Fox quick swapped out Juggernaut for Quicksilver in Days of Future Past. The twins have been planned for Age of Ultron since the start. Not that there was anything wrong with Quicksilver’s inclusion in DoFP, but you need to get your story straight.

        • @Jack- YES! Because everyone on this site has they’re story straight!!! This site is full of rumors and lies. Get your story straight, Jack-O

          • Geez, over react much. He was simply explaining that you had the scenario reversed. Calm down.

          • My story is straight, feel free to fact-check it, Jimbo. It’s yours that has a skewed chronology.

          • Except that Kevin Feige and Joss Whedon announced Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were gonna be in Avengers 2 and then weeks later, Fox said “we WERE gonna have Juggernaut in DOFP but we decided to switch him out for Quicksilver instead”.

            It’s like they decided not to wait and have the twins as Magneto’s children for the sake of “getting there first”.

            • Quicksilver in DOFP is Magnetos son. A version of Quicksilver was in Wolverine: Origins and the twins were name dropped in X2 along with Franklin Storm on a computer screen. Fox got there first, but it was a mad swap at the time of making DOFP.

              • Hi, I just want to know in which moment Quicksilver appears in “Origins” ? Thanks in advance.

      • Quicksilver was more of an Avengers member when he first appeared in comics. He was introduced in X-men comics but like a year later (in the early 60′s) he joined the Avengers and has been a long time member.

        Don’t forget that Quicksilver was announced to be in Avengers 2 before DOFP. It could be debated that FOX rushed to put him in their movie.

        • Either way, the bottom line is neither DoFP nor AoU uses a very comic faithful version of Quicksilver.
          Many of Pietro’s defining character traits are left out:
          1) His very important parentage cannot be addressed at all in AoU for obvious property rights reasons, whereas DoFP chose to leave it out (except for a pretty funny throwaway line). Any comic reader knows that his fluctuating allegiance to Magneto have been a major plot point for the character.
          2) His strange and incestuous relationship with his sister Wanda has also been omitted from AoU, probably because the average moviegoing audience would struggle to accept their strong bond within a 2 hour movie, and DoFP doesn’t even have Wanda as a character (they almost included another throwaway line about her being upstairs in her room but it didn’t make the final cut). Again, in the comics, the relationship between the twins is possibly the single most important thread many of their stories.
          All I’m saying is the only thing the characters have in common is the name Quicksilver and the fact that they have super speed (not exactly a unique power anyways). So comparing them is kind of pointless.

          • Okay, first of all Magneto being Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch’s father was a retcon put in like ten years after the two of them were introduced, so it was never part of their original characterizations. And the incest is only part of the Ultimates-verse, not the main 616 universe. Also a strong bond between two characters (particularly a sibling relationship) is something that’s pretty quick and easy to show in a movie, so I don’t know why you think it won’t be part of AoU.

            Do the X-Men movies have the rights to use Wanda at all? I know Fox and Disney worked out a special agreement for Quicksilver, but I was pretty sure Disney owns the rights to Scarlet Witch exclusively.

            • @Shanonigans
              I concede about the original introduction and nonexistent background of Magneto being the father. I admit to have never read any of those 60′s comics with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. So again sorry.
              It still seems to be a large issue for fans though so that’s why I mentioned it.

              And I meant the distinctly creepy vibe one would get from their relationship from the Ultimates-verse. (Though I thought it was hinted at in the normal 616 canon, maybe I was biased from having read mostly Ultimates first)
              Of course a normal brother sister relationship is easy to understand, hence why I think they are gonna sell that a lot to make up for why Pietro is SO over protective or Wanda.
              Either way it’s gonna be awesome to see them on the big screen together for the first time!

          • The incest thing was a short lived weird Marvel experiment thing in the comics and I don’t believe was at all part of the 616 canon.

            Quicksilver’s parentage can still possibly be addressed. Neither you or I know the exact legalities of what can and can’t be done to connect Magneto. As far as we’ve been informed, they can only NOT say use the words mutants.

            Who knows, maybe AoU can still mention that the twins were born with unique gifts and mention that their father also had unique gifts. That would be a nice throwaway line for comic fans.

      • If I remember correctly, Marvel announced the twins would be part of A2 first. It was FOX that rushed to put Quicksiver in DOFP. I could be wrong though. And even though they are mutants and Magneto’s children, they have usually been more closely associated with the Avengers than the Xmen, both joining the team in Avengers #16 and serving for many years and on several different rosters.

  4. The last image has the caption “Joss Whedon and the Twins” when its actually Joss Whedon, Elizabeth Olson, and Jeremy Renner.

    • Yeap, should read “BTS” – fixed!

  5. Somehow they look… different from the 1st movie. And not talking about the people, but the sense of the movie itself…

    NOT that it matters though hahaha

    And I’m probably among minority, but I really dig Pietro and Wanda in that shot. Plus Banner’s wearing the lab coat? THAT looks great, science bros FTW! Also notices Wanda has long brunette hair, while Widow has the curly bob red, Hill’s totally rocking the short dark cut… now we just need to add a long blonde *coughCarolDanvers* and that will be perfect!

  6. Scarlet Witch’s fingers in pic 5. lol strange.

    • Noticed the same thing! Especially her right hand….


      • Spell-casting fingers ;)

    • She’s clearly weaving some energy Nacho. lol.

  7. Can’t wait

  8. I re-watched Avengers today, and I was just thinking how I’d never really liked Black Widow’s suit.. This new one is a vast improvement! I also have such a weird crush on Olsen after seeing her in that unnecessary Oldboy remake..

    With Mjolnir being right there on the table, I guess the rumours about Cap lifting it in this film could be true?


  10. So far so good, about Pietro’s outfit, we have to see him in action. We all had reservations about X Men’s Quicksilver but the result was great. Really excited about the film.

  11. Those hanged suits though! Pants for the Hulk!

  12. Nerdgasm cough cough lmao

  13. I don’t see what all the complaints are about the twins being in this. They have been Avengers waaaaaaay longer than Black Widow and have held membership longer than the Hulk any fanboys crying about this need to take a step back. The Falcon has barely ever been an Avenger and is better suited to Cap’s movies because he’ll have more time to shine.

    • Agreed. I liked Falcon in CA:TWS (not that he was THAT much of major character anyways) but I don’t see why everyone is screaming for him to be in every other Marvel movie… his abilities aren’t all that exciting, nor is his character.
      Anthony Mackie is really charismatic, but Sam Wilson was pretty white-bread (errr, maybe not the right analogy).
      Interesting characters are flawed and have more of a personal investment in the stories they find themselves in.
      I would say the number one argument for having him in more movies would be simply to diversify the cast a little bit.
      I’m sure he’ll get more screen time in Cap 3 anyways, and will be more appreciated and hopefully given some more pathos.

      Or we could just have Black Panther already.. >_<

      • +1

  14. I came on my new sheets from excitement. I’m suing Screen Rant and Marvel as we speak

  15. So, maybe Ultron is the reason we get the War Machine suit back in the films? He’ll need more firepower after all.

    • It’s not like an armor that’s nothing more than a cross between Iron Man and Cap will be needed in a film already featuring both of them, anyway… especially for worldwide audiences. One american-centric patriot character is way more than enough. Plus, Iron Patriot’s design was ugly.

  16. Very excited about this film. It will definitely make waaayyyy more money than the first Avengers did. It might even surpass Avatar and Titanic LOL

  17. I can see Mark’s Bruce still likes touching his hands 24/7 like Leonard from the big bang.

  18. What if Iron Patriot gets taken hostage and Captain Marvel has to come save her boo?! Fan girl squeal!!

  19. Not sure if anyone realizes, but this is not Quicksilver’s costume. It’s just running clothes, which would make sense for someone with super speed. We don’t even know for a fact that he has a costume in this movie, or even that he joins the Avengers.

    • Young Avengers recruits at an academy style thing wore the same outfit in leaked set photos we saw a month ago.

  20. Hallelujah!

  21. In the 4th photo, the Tower Party, who is everyone looking at? Is that Banner next to Cap?

  22. I want Tony Stark’s balbo

  23. Argh ! Still have to wait 1 more year before it hits cinemas.

  24. Did anybody noticed Mjolnir on the table ?

    • Yeah I was totally picturing them having a drunk contest seeing who could lift it, superhero party games

      • HA that would be classic… probably safer than blowing up bottles with Iron Man’s repulsors like in IM2 though

    • Rumor says that Agent Triplett will be making an appearance, but I don’t think Coulson is.

      • Apparently Fury is, so if this supposedly dead character can come out of the shadows, why wouldn’t Coulson do the same? After all, according to Fury himself, he considers Coulson as a full-fledged Avenger. Also, considering Fury appointed him as the new director of a new and improved SHIELD, he might want to work with the gang again.

    • If Thanos invades Asgard to steal the Infinity Gauntlet and Tesseract, it would be super badass to have an epic battle between him and Heimdall. I too think that Heimdall has been sorely under-utilized in the MCU. Plus if Heimdall survives Ragnarok, (assuming that is the plot of Thor 3) the only fitting way for him to die would be at Thanos’ hand as no one else would stand a chance against him.

  25. i see a samurai outfit and i notice a few pics are in russia.

  26. Looks like Quicksilver is posing for an Under Armour ad….