First Official ‘Avengers 2′ Photos Include Don Cheadle and New Costumes

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avengers age ultron logo First Official Avengers 2 Photos Include Don Cheadle and New Costumes

Earlier today we got our first official look at the titular villain in The Avengers: Age of Ultron and with it, story details that confirm how Ultron fits into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Comic-Con set to begin next week, the biggest venue for comic book movie related announcements and early looks at footage, Marvel is taking advantage with daily unveilings of what’s in store for their comics, film and TV plans.

First, a new female Thor was announced to be coming to the comics side later this year, and tonight we’re going to learn of another new Marvel series offering a new take on another iconic hero. On the movies front, the Age of Ultron cast will be appearing on stage next Saturday at the San Diego Convention Center, and as part of Entertainment Weekly’s Comic-Con preview issue, The Avengers 2 took the cover and is the featured story. We’ve already touched on how Ultron is created (thanks, Tony Stark) and what his motivations are (again, thanks Tony Stark), but now we get a real look at the film in these eight brand new stills from EW’s story.

In them, we get a few angles of different rooms in the massive Avengers Tower set, a retrofitted Stark Tower first seen in The Avengers, that now serves as the operating base, headquarters and lounge for the superhero team. In it are a pair of bars, a workshop for Stark, a lab for Banner and Stark, and a brand new Quinjet. The images also give us the most clear look yet at the team’s new costumes which remain familiar but with noticeable tweaks and upgrades.

Thor’s Asgardian armor remains the same and Hawkeye’s sleeveless suit returns but Renner does get to wear a heavier costume with arms for at least one portion of the movie in the cold and we think that’s from early on in the film when he’s fighting alongside new characters Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch – super-powered siblings played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen, respectively. Take a look:

Note the more techy design of Black Widow’s outfit. We learned previous that it’s powered up to deliver a more lethal shock (Black Widow’s sting) and that seems to be the case from the gauntlets on the wrists. Also note Don Cheadle’s appearance at the “party” scene of the film. With Rhodey involved, will we see him suit up in the War Machine armor?

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Guardians of the Galaxy opens August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, Captain America 3 on May 6 2016, and unannounced films for July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. I’m really curious if Whedon is going to address the whole Tony Stark retiring aspect of Iron-Man 3, or are they just going to treat it like X-men 3 and be like meh. A little explanation can go a long way. Perhaps the whole resurgence of Hydra pushed Tony out of retirement.

    • Considering the end of Iron Man 3 (Stark restating that he IS, not was, Iron Man) and the fact that Ultron will go bonkers, Stark will obviously come to the logical conclusion that he has no choice but to suit up again. No explanation needed, really.

    • He’s clearly going to address it. Notice in the shots of Tony, he doesn’t have his arc reactor in his chest any longer. So obviously they’re going to continue that aspect. The “clean-slate” protocol just gave him a chance to start completely over. I agree with bfg666 in that there isn’t much explanation needed. Just a few lines of dialogue about the lack of arc reactor in the chest, and him rebuilding the Avengers tower and making new and improved iron-man suits. We’re talking about Whedon here, he’s a great writer and has a great track record, so i’m sure his involvement with this has continued to be one of collaboration and careful but planned decision making. Marvel Studios is not in the position to pull an X3, and as i don’t think they need too, regardless of everyone’s quibbles about IM3, it was still a pretty good movie, and made bank (of course box office number DO NOT indicate the quality of film). I’m also at the point that I trust what Kevin Fiege has been doing with this franchise, and while I think there could’ve been better decisions made with Thor 2 (obviously these were script issues since they started filming w/o a completed one, and Whedon had to come in and help on a couple), I have yet to see them put out a movie that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed seeing.

      tl;dr version:
      Tony no has arc reactor. Give a couple lines of “oh wow! no arc reactor!”
      Whedon is a great writer, Marvel Studios has a good plan. Trust in Fiege.

      • Completely agree, except I didn’t “thoroughly enjoy” Cap 1, Thor 1 and IM2: the first two were somewhat cheesy (especially the former) and the latter just wasn’t as good as its predecessor despite Mickey Rourke.

    • Pretty easy fix; he only pretended to retire because he nearly got pepper killed and wanted to make her feel better.

  2. Wowie! Wowie! Every comic geek including myself are f-ing going BANANAS over these pics. And ScarJo and Elizabeth Olsen! Whooo!

  3. More-so than the costumes and actors, what gets me truly excited is seeing Joss there. His presence means so much to the detail orientation of the story with great balances of seriousness and fun. No single person anywhere deserves more credit than Joss for the explosion of this brand.

    Well, maybe Ike Perlmutter and Avi Arad for saving the company from corporate raiders.

  4. This is absolutely brilliant — Phase 2 accomplishes what Phase 1 lacked: a coherent theme. Everything from IM3 to SHIELD to The Winter Soldier and Dark World pointed to this moment where technology becomes too sophisticated (literally in all its cartoonish glory) for us to handle.

    I love the way the focus is now on the Avengers as an independent team, operating out of their Tower, THIS is the definitive Avengers film that adapts the comics. I do have a gripe against the particulars of the new costumes, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver both look like they’re cosplaying as those guys everyone mistakes as videogame characters… and Black Widow and Cap’s upgrades just look too much. I don’t like the red-lining on Cap’s chest, and that’s a terrible picture of one of the most beautiful women on Earth.

    But what I do love? Ultron. And Feige’s approach to this entire thing. What a class act those guys! THIS is the sort of confident marketing that the Snyder-camp lacks.

    • I don’t why we can’t go back to the perfection that was Black Widow’s look in Iron Man 2.

      • !!!!!!!!!!

        Agree. She looked best in Iron Man 2.

      • Umm… because long hair is no good for a hand-to-hand fighter?

        • It’s really good for hiding stunt doubles in fight scenes, though (that’s why Buffy always had long hair).

          I like her shorter hair better. To me the Iron Man 2 hair always looked like it would be crunchy with too much product in it.

    • I for one couldn’t possible disagree more. I absolutely LOVE the new outfits, especially Captain America’s. They have taken one of the more difficult costumes, in regards to the possible cheese factor, and turned it into one bada*s outfit. I wouldn’t change a thing. Its the best version of the Captain America costume I have ever seen.

      Captain America is actually one of my least favorite superhero’s on the comics side, but he has quickly become my single favorite character on the film side, thanks to the amazing job they have done with this character. I never thought Avengers would be eclipsed. I honestly felt that was about as good as comic films can really get. It was just masterfully written and directed. Yet low and behold, the Winter Soldier proved me wrong on that front, and in a big way. Marvel just keeps upping thier game and its actually getting pretty scary just how good they are getting at all of this. Of course, Chris Evan’s embodiment of Captain America has been absolutely amazing to watch. I actually thought casting Evans was a HUGE mistake and I was openly critical of Marvel for that decision. Once again, I was just dead wrong as I now consider it to be the best casting choice Marvel has made thus far. I sincerely hope that Evans doesnt take that break from acting that he was talking about taking. It would be a real shame to see Evans walk away from all of this.

      All in all, I am just super excited for Phase 3 to begin as Marvel is just running on all cylinders right now. The cast is amazing, the uniforms are amazing, and last but not least, Joss is amazing.

      • I generally agree except:
        - Though this suit is cool, I would’ve preferred if Cap had kept his stealth suit from TWS. As a non-american, it’s quite annoying to see how they enjoy shoving their flag in our collective faces at every opportunity. The guy already calls himself Captain America, dammit, do they really need to paint it on his costume? Way to state the obvious!
        - The Winter Soldier may be a better film in the absolute but Avengers is still a better comic book movie. Let me explain: it’s literally a comic book brought to life, whether it be in tone, humor, pace or iconic poses and camera angles. It’s the very essence of what a Marvel comic is, directly translated to the screen. TWS doesn’t share that feel and is more like a tribute to 70′s action/espionage films.
        - Chris Evans indeed IS the movie version of Captain America, and the more he plays the role the less I see him as the Human Torch (he nailed that role too by the way, possibly the only good thing in the two FF movies). However, he’s not that good an actor and I wouldn’t care much if he quits after his Marvel run. I’ve seen him in Snowpiercer and when he wasn’t punching his way through the train, he lacked a little expressiveness. Great film by the way, somewhat gory but if you can stomach it it’s well worth seeing.
        - Regarding casting choices, I still prefer RDJ as Stark.

        • What, why wouldn’t he wear this suit when red, white and blue have always been his colours, the Winter Soldier was an exception since it was all about stealth missions for S.H.I.E.L.D.

          • The reason why is explicitly stated in my previous comment. It’s time for Americans to finally realize that enforcing their ultra-patriotism upon us in their movies is sickening to the outside world.

      • Amazing.

  5. What happened to Pepper? Is she out of this movie? It looks like Tony and Pepper broke up. They said Thor and Jane broke up, but it’s Latino Review. (Whedon has not confirmed everything LR reported.)

    • It looks like…? What makes you think that?

    • It’s called “The Avengers” just because Pepper was in the first film doesn’t mean she’s back again in the second.

  6. It will be interesting to see the reaction from the Avengers towards Stark considering it is his weapon that goes rogue.

    As we know its really Cap that is the moral centre of the team and I suspect he will be ever so slightly pissed that a weapon not entirely dissimilar to the hele-carriers in TWS is once again targeting humanity.

    • Actually The Avengers agreed with Stark for creating Ultron, it’s been part of the whole plot.

  7. dun rly care for johanson’s black widow nor scarlet witch.

    • I agree. I am into it mostly for Iron Man, Hulk, Ultron and Vision.

  8. Scarlet Witch looks like an old hag, and Quicksilver looks like a cross between Johnny Storm, Steve Rogers, and the Playboy of Party Beach! Gonna luv ‘em both in their characters, tho!

  9. I really wish Chris Hemsworth had bulked up more for this movie. The first photo with Evans as Cap doesn’t do Thor much justice.