‘Twilight’ Sequel ‘New Moon’ On The Way

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twilight text s ii Twilight Sequel New Moon On The WayWe already knew, and you should’ve guessed, but Summit Entertainment has officially greenlit New Moon – the sequel to Twilight.

The announcement is probably a direct result of the massive $35.7 million first-day opening of Twilight, with the additional $7 million from Thursday midnight shows. I suspect this is meant to bring more people to the theaters this weekend who may not have already bought their tickets, just to see what all the fuss is about. Twilight has been projected to open at $50-$60 million range, but I’d say $70-$75 million when it’s all said and done.

New Moon is the second title in Stephenie Meyer’s four-part vampire/romance series. It revolves around Edward Cullen’s ongoing relationship with Bella Swan. A melodramatic love triangle with Jacob Black develops when Edward leaves to keep her safe from other vampires. There is also talk of “big bears” (psst, werewolves) and a nation of vampires who reside in Italy. Meyer has stated “a more positive experience with the makers of her movie adaptation” than any other author, for better-or worse-the second installment will likely stick closely to the source material.

I suspect an announcement for the rest of the series will follow, because after all, there’s money to be made. Since this weekend’s opener reportedly cost only $37 million to make, they’ll likely have enough to fund the entire series. They’ll have to step up the special effects with morphing and more vampire “special powers,” but I don’t think that would prevent keeping this money train from moving. To steal a line from the movie, “Are you afraid?”

Whether this is positive step for the vampire genre is another subject entirely. We’ll see after I force myself to buy a ticket for this movie.

Twilight fans, did you like the movie? Would you see the second one?

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  1. I would love to see New Moon , the cast deserves another opportunity with a better team ( director,screen writer and so on) the need to make the books justice , let’s hope they can redeem themselves with the next movies to come.

  2. @Sil

    The same screenwriter is returning for the sequel. Don’t know about the director.


  3. I am not a teenager, but i have been a fan of the books for awhile now. I would say that the movie was a very close adaption from the original, and I was not disappointed. I went in to the screening with an open mind, and I actually thought the parts taken out or condensed from the book helped the movie progress naturally. The special effects could definitely be improved upon, which hopefully will happen with a bigger budget for the future installments. The lead actors, Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, and “Charlie” played by Billy Burke, gave notable performances. I was definitely ‘dazzled’ by its charm and delivery.

  4. Now I really do need to see the first movie before I hear talk for a second one. I really do hope your right Mel and that I wont be disappointed.

  5. I went to see the movie the day it opened. I was a bit disappointed, I think they left too much out. However i still enjoyed it. If you havent read the book i dont think you’d enjoy the movie as much as the ones who did. the people who havent read it might be lost or confused. I wish they had put alot more into it. and i hope they step it up alot more in the next movie. with a bigger budget im sure they will. Id gladly sit threw a longer movie with alot more detail than sit threw a shorter movie with less detail. some say “less is more” However i disagree with movies more is better. I cant wait till the second movie. also yes i would still see twilight again, and look forward to the next three.

  6. I thought the movie was horrible. It reeked low budget throughout every scene and the special effects were beyond ridiculous. I fell in love with the book and was hoping for such a better outcome.

  7. Yes i too fell in love with the books ive read them all at least twice, and i was expecting ALOT better. but for the first movie out of 4 i dont think it was all that bad just not what i expected at all. in other words if they truly dont step it up ALOT in the next one and base it more on the book and alot more details then i doubt ill be going back for the third. the first ones never are great but then with all the money they just got and now that they have a much bigger budget they should be able to do alot more. they did get some of the cast right. but bella i didnt picture her right, shes suppose to be plain and have flaws not beautiful and amazing like a poster child for models. and eric among a few others. the vampire cast however is all exactly how i pictured.

  8. Well, this is no surprise. Making sequels seem to always have been about making money where they know they can milk it more than continuing a good storyline. Look at Transformers. Sorry, I know a lot of people liked it, but if you really look at it, the film was very poorly made, other than the special effects. Yet it earned a lot of money and the studios know that there are plenty of people out there that fall for the crap Michael Bay comes out with. So therefore, a sequel is coming.

    Heck, even with GOOD movies, you know the real motive is simply to make money. There have been many great movies that deserves a sequel, but because the first didn’t do as well as planned, maybe for reasons unrelated to the film’s quality, and there will never be a sequel to it.

    With this film, these tweeny goth kids probably would have paid to see the trailer, much less the movie. So making the sequel is only logical. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if they decide to make 2 and 3 at the same time…

  9. I’m so glad New Moon has the go ahead, I’d love to see all the books translate to the big screen, I’m so looking forward to actually seeing Twilight next month. And if as sugested, it dose scream of ‘low budget’ then I’m sure with the box office revenue Twilight has afforded Summet, New Moon will shine much brighter.

  10. Give me Joss Whedon’s Buffy and Angel any day. I’ll even take Spike, Faith or Blade over the Twilight bunch. But thats probably because I’m biased in favor of the popular vamps when I was a kid. So I can understand the phenomenon. Every generation have their preferred vampires. Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee, Frank Langella (very underrated btw) and L’estat! Let the tweenies have their movie. Who knows? Maybe the next Anne Rice was in the audience..

  11. No matter how much money you have to do it with it is nearly impossible to do true justice to a 500 page, first person perspective book. You have to go into it with realistic expectations. I was a 12:01am viewer, and I will say that it was almost as good as I hoped it would be. I am really excited for the sequals because I love the story…and I hope they are more attentive to the details. What I really hope is that there is a Twilight extended directors cut DVD that is 4 hours long…because I think that will be the shortest length of a film that will do the book justice.

  12. Jess, Oscar, I deleted that guy’s comment. Pretty funny actually – if you’re going to spam a site with a link to a Squidoo lens it might be a good idea to NOT insult people. 8-)



  14. If this gets uber-big, I have to wonder what actors are going to make a snit about their contract and ask for more?

  15. @ Vic first comment

    wow let’s pray for a really good director then lol if the same screewriter is returning then they willneed someone beter to direct , in the end is all up to the director right? the cast and the fans deserve a better try. I can’t wait to see what they do and I’m sure I will watch all of them , I just didn’t love the first one .

  16. O this is great! I was hoping they would.

    ?Thanks for posting!

  17. Squidoo? lol : ) i love the internet.

  18. Well, like every other girl, I was a, erm, Twilight connoisseur (I’ve been dying to use this word for ages and I could find the appropriate conversation to use it. Might’ve used it wrong, but I can rest easy knowing my word of the day got its use) as well. I mean, I was a ‘NO EAT, SLEEP, RESEARCH & PSYCH PAPER!’ until I got my fill of Edward Cullen. I went to see the movie a few days ago…and I could NOT concentrate over the sighs and ‘OMG!EDWARD!’ shrieks. I swear, I think I was the oldest person in the audience. The movie itself was a pretty ginormous disappointment. Really slow, really boring.

    That being said, ;-;! I went home that night, and I wept. I mean, I feel almost as crappy as a kid finds out Santa Claus isn’t real. I think they should stop ruining the very series that made fail college algebra due to my sheer dedication to it. Well, up to the third book anyway. The fourth one…I could live without.

  19. I absolutely love the Twilight Saga books and I am very excited about the New Moon being made into a movie, I hope all 4 make the cut. With that being said, I would like to comment on the movie Twilight. Twilight was a low budget hack job, don’t get me wrong I kinda liked it, but it did not due the book justices at all. It needed alot more details and it should have followed the book alot closer because it lost something with all the changes. I really hope that with all the money being made from the movie that they do alot better job with New Moon. Even if they have to make the new movie longer to get some more of the details in they should because the way Stephenie Meyer tells the story is the way it should be made on film.

  20. @Ashley

    very much agreed, as much as I enjoyed the first movie, it still need a lot of work. They butchured a lot of the book when they did the movie. The way it was written could proably be way better then any movie but I could think of multiple ways that it could have been improved.

  21. I find it interesting that there hasn’t been any talk about an extended cut. At least, I didn’t hear anything.

    Then again it was such a low budget, so they probably shot only what they intended to put in the movie. At 400 some pages, that’s a pretty hefty hack job on the source material.

  22. I thought the movie was good, but, it could have been better. I know they can’t fit all 500 pages in a 1-2 hour movie, but they could have made a better attempt to. They forgot the biology scene, where Bella passes out due to the smell of blood. That would have been a great scene. I hope New Moon will be better.

  23. I think the movie was ok. they could have had more scenes when she is in her house and at port aglelos they cut the time in half. the movie was worth seeing and it’s good they made it so you know what the characters looked like. I would defenitly see the movie again and again ect. But I’m still ganna see all the other movies and in the end I probaly buy all the dvd’s!

  24. I also think the movie didn’t have the strong felling to make you know how the character feels. In the book you almost think your Bella and this is your story. I think the second movie will be better since they have extra money and more heart-breaking scene’s.

  25. I haven’t read the book yet, but I did watch the movie because my sister told me I should watch it. I didn’t know what to expect at all, since I hadn’t heard from Twilight before (the books aren’t very famous in Europe), but now that I’ve seen the movie I definitely want to read the original story! Even though I didn’t know what the story was about, I thought the movie wasn’t too complicated if you hadn’t read the book. I also think the cast did really well.

  26. I liked the movie, but i feel like they left out some of the most important things that happend in the book. however i did enjoy the movie!!! (= I cant wait to see (new moon) i hope it will be more like the book!

  27. it was a amazing movie but i think they changed/left out to much. one example of this would be bella and edwads medow, leaving that scene out in my oppinion screwed up a big part of new moon becase when bella is trying to find the medow thats when she is reunited with laurent who informs her of victoria coming back and that part is also where she sees the wolves and sees how big thet really are that it and that ties into when bella confronts jacob on the fact. other wise i believe it was the best movie ive seen and the books are they bes ive ever read