Steve Carell Unlikely to Return for ‘The Office’ Series Finale

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steve carell michael scott Steve Carell Unlikely to Return for The Office Series Finale

Although NBC’s The Office has been relatively successful since Steve Carell’s departure in 2011, there’s no question that the camaraderie and overall group dynamic at Dunder Mifflin has been altered by his absence. Some would say the show has remained just as funny through seasons 8 and 9, but those folks are definitely in the minority.

With the news that NBC is not picking up the proposed Office spin-off The Farm, fans of the show are starting to realize that the end is near for their beloved characters and most of them would love to see Carell reprise his iconic role as Michael Scott in the series finale. Alas, it appears unlikely to happen at this point.

TV Line got the scoop from NBC Chairman Robert Greenblatt earlier this week as he spoke to reporters at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour in Pasadena.

“I’m hopeful, but I don’t think [Steve] will be back. He left in the way that he wanted that character to leave. There’s maybe a little hail mary pass on a cameo, but I think the decision is that he [doesn't want to compromise] his [original] exit.”

We can certainly respect Carell leaving the show on his own terms. Most fans were satisfied with the completion of Micheal Scott’s character arc, but almost anyone who has watched the series for most of its nine seasons would be giddy to see their favorite Scranton branch manager return, even if it’s only for a cameo. So maybe there’s still hope?

The showrunners seem to think so. Executive producer Greg Daniels has said that he has “some cool story ideas” that would involve Scott’s character, but said “we’re still not 100 percent sure Steve will want to participate.”

steve carrell 1780338i Steve Carell Unlikely to Return for The Office Series Finale

Steve Carell as Michael Scott on ‘The Office’

Of course, fans have been begging for a Michael Scott comeback for a while now. There were rumblings that Carell would return to do a guest spot during season 8 as producer Randy Cordray said that Carell had’t ruled out the possibility, but obviously that never came to fruition. So it seems likely that Carell will be sticking to his guns regarding a return.

The network and the producers will obviously (if reluctantly) move on without Carell toward the hour-long series finale in May, but would you like to see Michael Scott yuck it up with the gang one final time? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

The Office airs Thursdays @9pm on NBC.


Source: TV Line

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  1. Um obviously yes! Unless he returns in some way to the end of series he made so popular I won’t be watching… ya know since I haven’t been watching for these last two seasons.

  2. I wouldn’t mind a cameo. I understand him not wanting to mess up what he thought was a good departure for his character, but, if it was an incredibly well-written cameo, then it’s all good.

  3. Haven’t really been keeping up with it. But I watch the first 6 seasons ALL the time. My favorite show. If Michael doesn’t come back for the ending I would be hugely disappointed.

  4. Well that’s a bummer. At the very least a cameo. Too bad we couldn’t have a micheal holly wedding episode.

  5. I’m surprised the finale isn’t a “Michael and Holly Wedding Extravaganza”…..

  6. I know it wont happen, but how awesome would a cameo as himself be? As in Jim and Pam walk by “Steve Carell and Amy Ryan” in a mall and overhear Holly make a joke and Carell say “Thats what she said”.

    • That would be RETARDED.

  7. would love to see him come back for an episode but i can understand respecting his wishes

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    • Don’t call me Shirley.

  9. He will be in the finale in some capacity. I understand that he likes the way his character ended his arc and all but he def knows how much fans are dying to see him in the finale. Even if its a short cameo, something to acknowledge his character will make fans happy and I know that Steve Carrell is a crowd pleaser

  10. Aren’t they going to show the “documentary” that they’ve supposedly been filming all this time for one of the episodes? I thought I remember Michael asking as he was leaving if they were ever going to show this thing, that seems like the perfect way to have him cameo in without tarnishing his exit. Make it like a movie screening and you can have all sorts of past characters make minor appearances.

    • Or even have him cameo as part of the documentary in a short little skit that the other characters wouldn’t have known about that was filmed before he left.

      Hell, maybe even surprise the other actors by filming it in secret and slipping it in during the filming of the documentary screening. That’s how I’d do it.

  11. It would be a complete let down if Steve (Michael) doesn’t come back for the last episode in some form. Michael Scott WAS the office. The show is going to end, he needs to come back and do something. Without him, it’s not the end of the office, it’s the end of a new show that’s like the office.

  12. It definitely hasn’t been the same show without him! He really was the “Best Boss” (even though he bought that coffee mug for himself).

  13. I’m a die hard ‘Office’ fan and I feel like the last two seasons have really gone downhill since Carell’s exit. I was broken-hearted when he left. If he came back for the last episode, whether it be to see Jim & Pam off, invite the gang to his and Holly’s wedding (anything, really), I would be satisfied. It would wrap up the series with a pretty little bow.

  14. I don’t see why he wouldn’t be able to come back for one episode. I mean, his mother still lives there right? He can come back for a visit and see what everyone in the office is up to. Also, like someone else said, he can come back to watch the finished documentary.

  15. I would give just about anything to see Michael Scott and Holly on the finale! It would make me and my friends completely giddy!!

  16. I just got to the part where Michael leaves with holly and they hire the new manager I thought it was just gonna last 1 or 2 episodes and he never came back.. Kinda ruined the office for me

  17. Michael Come back God Dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I would give anything to have michael back for the last episode, anything. He carried the show for 7 seasons and is a comedic genius, with his pauses and blank looks in the personal shots on the office.

  19. Come back Steve! Lets be honest here Steve was the star for the first seven seasons and all the rest of the actors minus Dwight were subpar at best. He needs to come back in some capacity for an episode even if its a call on the phone.

  20. The Office was once considered television’s “most influential show” and “best mockumentary series ever.” Now the show is a mere disappointment with painful parts to watch every episode. There is not enough money in the world that some would give up just to see Scott’s face one last time. Mustering through its final season is the least we can do for Carrell.

  21. It was be a shame if Steve Carrell didn’t do the last episode! When has an ensemble cast lasted this long?! It would only make sense do I hope it works out

  22. I have also posted this on “the office” facebook page. Michael Scott must come back or the show will never be remembered as it should. He left engaged to Holly, and now must marry her with all of his office friends by his side. The series finale should consist of michael and holly’s stag/stagettes, with the whole crew together again one last time! Besides Michael Scott’s Stag!!! That could only be hilarious! And all he ever wanted was to get married (and never would have done it without the rest of the office being a part of it) Therefore it will be the funniest/ most tear jerking episode they could come up with!

  23. The cast of the office is incredible. But what makes the show so intriguing is the journey that they have been on. Though Micheal Scott has been absent for a couple of years it what he represents that has held it all together. His goodness, simplicity, strange arrogance and most of all his belief in family and friends is the bind that ties. Every character is better because of how they related to Michael Scott and every cast member is better because of how they played off Steve Carrell.

    Mr. Carell if your out there know that we respect how you wanted to end it. But we were with you at the beginning of this journey. We were there for your successes. And now we ask that you tie it all together one last time. Like every great finale we want to be together and we want to say goodbye together.

    Deep down you know it feels Oh so right……”that’s what she said!”

    • Called It!

  24. I believe the only “good” way to end the Office, is to have Michael Scott appear one last time. For me, his character made the show.

  25. I think Michael Scott coming back in the series finale is an absolute must. The fact that it’s not set in stone is extremely disappointing. His departure from the show WAS incredibly well done. But that shouldn’t rule out a return for the finale. He started with the show, made it what it was, and he should be there for the shows ending. I don’t care if Holly is there with him, at all. In fact, I would prefer she wasn’t. But he HAS to come back for the finale. Even if it’s just for a few lines.

    Honestly, I would lose a LOT of respect for Steve Carrell if he didn’t come back for the last episode.

  26. Steve had a very respectful exit. He was chasing love, but completely heartbroken to leave. I also understand not wanting to tarnish that exit. But, like everyone else I have an imagination, and with that imagination I have pictured a great series finale.
    Naturally it is going to be Michael and Holly’s wedding. But it would be the picture perfect way to end a show with every cast member present in the same frame near the end. (Michael is still annoyed to see Toby present.) These ARE the characters of The Office. People go their own ways in life, sure, but everyone always comes together for a wedding.

  27. Spoiler Alert!

    I watched the series finale, and, I was disappointed. I thought it was touching the way the set it up. However, I felt it was more sad than funny, and, to be honest I found it boring. Also, I did not feel like it was well put together at all. It was a little weird. However, the main disappointment to me was that STEVE CARELL returned for only two lines in the show. Granted he said his classic “That’s what she said” line, which was great. However, I wanted much more than this from the best thing on The Office. Especially, in the closing interviews and on the panel. I do not understand how there can be a panel without Steve Carell, and, not even questions about Michael Scott. It was kind of like the show went out of it’s way to not acknowledge the best part of The Office. So, I, for one, was very disappointed with the series finale of The Office.

    • You are speaking my mind. My husband and i were hugely disappointed by the finale and Michael Scott’s 1 minute appearance. I completely agree with everything you said.
      We were kinda hoping for some sort of surprise at the panel or at the party or the talking heads in the end, but he didn’t show up again. Very very disappointing finale!