‘Oblivion’ TV Spot and Image: Tom Cruise Fights for Earth’s Future

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The “war” for geeks’ souls wallets between the science fiction and superhero genre continues in 2013, but can Oblivion – starring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman and directed by Joseph Kosinski (TRON: Legacy) – score an important victory? It’s releasing in slower-going April, on the heels of Cruise’s well-received (but under-performing) Jack Reacher; that’s to say, early signs don’t point to a heavyweight contender.

However, Oblivion marketing does point to an intriguing (and original) piece of thought-provoking piece of sci-fi dressed up as a blockbuster. That includes a new 45-second TV preview and official image from Cruise’s post-apocalyptic project.

TRON: Legacy boasts plenty of cinematic fireworks and big-budget spectacle, but the story also contains everything from a Creation allegory to metaphors about the changing technological and political landscapes of the 21st century (it’s no wonder Legacy is criticized as muddled and plot-hole ridden on the surface). Oblivion is based on Kosinski’s idea, but the hiring of Oscar-winner Michael Arndt (Star Wars: Episode VII) to refine the script – with another lauded writer in William Monahan (Sin City 2) having been approached to adapt the original (currently, unpublished) graphic novel material – suggests Kosinski has more in mind than just an excuse for Cruise to run around, fly spaceships and shoot aliens.

Here is the official synopsis for Oblivion:

Jack Harper (Cruise) is one of the last few drone repairmen stationed on Earth. Part of a massive operation to extract vital resources after decades of war with a terrifying threat known as the Scavs, Jack’s mission is nearly complete.

Living in and patrolling the breathtaking skies from thousands of feet above, his soaring existence is brought crashing down when he rescues a beautiful stranger from a downed spacecraft. Her arrival triggers a chain of events that forces him to question everything he knows and puts the fate of humanity in his hands.

Cast-wise, as mentioned before, Oblivion costars Morgan Freeman, along with a fellow Oscar-winner in Melissa Leo (The Fighter), Andrea Riseborough (W.E.), Olga Kurylenko (Seven Psychopaths) and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Mama). No surprise, though, Universal’s marketing scheme revolves around Cruise, as evidenced by the new image of him dressed in futuristic duds (with an advanced flying vehicle at his disposal):


Tom Cruise in Oblivion Oblivion TV Spot and Image: Tom Cruise Fights for Earths Future

Will Oblivion produce better results than Legacy, examining ideas about our shared cultural heritage (e.g. the emphasis on Jack’s Yankees baseball cap) – and a story that alludes to real-world issues about ignoring past failures, on the false promise of ascending to a brighter world (here, literally) – in the context of a sci-fi tentpole release, packed with action and cutting-edge digital filmmaking? Kosinski is getting his second chance at batting as director, after an uneven start with Legacy; hopefully, more experience means an improved turnout.

Look for Oblivion in IMAX theaters on April 12th, 2013. It begins general release a week later.


Source: Universal

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  1. Meh………..this would be better if it had a better actor in the lead role. Tom Cruise just can’t sell it any more. Good story, lots of action, but with Cruise in the pilots seat, forget it. Another Tom Cruise bomb.

    • Yeah, that whole Ghost Protocol movie that came out just over a year ago starring an actor that “can’t sell it anymore” proves you;re right……oh, wait.

      • Hey mongoose…..
        even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while ……

        Or if you prefer…..

        Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

        The guys has one successful movie and he a super star again? Don’t be silly. Don’t be so naïve. Keep hanging your hat on Ghost protocol mongoose, and the rest of us will deal in reality.

        • Jack Reacher (2012) has crossed 200M worldwide recently; wake up you clown!

  2. You know, if it’s out in April for the UK too then I just might go and see this.

  3. I feel like this movie should switch their main casts with Hansel & Gretel. Have Jeremy Renner switch with Tom Cruise and Gemma Arterton switch with Olga Kurylenko.

    • I disagree. Renner and Arterton are so overrated in my book. I’m sure they’ll grow if given enough chances though.

  4. I am not sure what Paramount’s expectation was/is for Jack Reacher – $300 M – $400M ?- But, according to one report – “Commenting on Jack Reacher‘s opening figure, Megan Colligan, Paramount president of domestic marketing and distribution, said she was pleased with the total and predicted a strong run based on positive word of mouth among older men and teenage boys.” (INDIELONDON.CO.UK).
    As of today (32 days in) Jack Reacher is $76M (domestic) and $97M (foreign)and that’s without Japan, Korea and China numbers. Jack Reacher seems on track to make between $230-$250 M WW, which is what most (according initial media reviews) expected (on the lines of Valkyrie and Knight & Day). For a budget of $60 – $93 M est. (incl distr & TC base)it seems pretty good. Especially considering the negative feedback from Lee Child novel fans and recent Tom Cruise tabloid fodder.
    Guillermo del Toro still wants him and I think fans still want his films. I’m looking forward to Oblivion (IMAX) and I think it will do very well at the box office.

    • @KEM
      I’m so with you :)

    • You do know that the studio only gets about 50% of the box office? So if the $93M budget is correct, then the movie hasn’t broken even yet. If it ends up making $250M, then they will only make like a $30M profit. That doesn’t seem like a good return.

      • OK, so, the studio gets 50%? If the total ww box office is $250M and it cost $93M (incl distro and TC pay) then that’s $250-93 = $157M and half of (50%) that is $78.5M (not $30M), right?
        Also, $93M is at the higher end of media est. the budget quoted is $60M (Paramount reps and boxofficemojo)
        If the studio provisioned a smaller budget that should be an indication they had planned for and/or are anticipating a smaller return.
        Which is why it was compared (media reviews/reports) to Valkyrie ($117M Budget) and Knight & Day ($75M Budget), rather than Ghost Protocol (or any of the MI films) or War of the Worlds (All films between $132M – $150 M budget).
        $78.5M (if it is 50% of returns and it does make $250M)is nearly double budget (median of $60M – $93M), which sounds like a GOOD RETURN (anticipated); Based on what you said and the above calculations, studios get cost back and approx 84% of cost back in profit. – GOOD RETURN -
        An excellent return would be in the range of Ghost Protocol, which the studio didn’t budget for, so therefore shouldn’t have anticipated.

        • and don’t forget the profits from dvd and home video sales! TC movies usually open at top at rentals.

          • “Tom Cruise Reaches $200 Million Worldwide Gross Mark For 19th Time”
            [RE: Deadline]

            Here is an interesting stat. Reacher, the Christopher McQuarrie-directed adaptation of the Lee Child book series with Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher, has crossed $200 million worldwide. That makes 19 films that Cruise has starred in that have done that well globally. Have any other actors put up those kind of numbers? I can’t think of any. There have been reports that Reacher might be a one off. The movie cost $60 million and I am hearing that they are already figuring out the sequel at Paramount and Skydance. Studios are all about franchise building, and some take off financially on the second go-around. There are so many good Reacher books written by Child that there’s a wealth of ground to cover here.

            >>>Most actors (and studios) would love to have 1 (let alone 19) movies’BOMB’ like Tom Cruise movies’. $60 MIL (or $93 MIL) budget (including Tom Cruise cut and distro) and make $213 MIL WW (still in theatres, therefore still counting).

            >>>Calling it —>>OBLIVION #20 to reach $200 MIL WW for Mr. Cruise (and company). Gettin’ the popcorn. :-)

  5. Is it me or this TV spot seems to be giving away a little too mcuh?

  6. Definitely will be watching this one. A futuristic action-sci-fi movie in IMAX with visuals from thedirector of Tron:Legacy with Tom Cruise(minority report anyone?) and Morgan Freeman? What’s not to love?

  7. Another prediction..Box Office flop !
    Film looks too interesting to be approved by the mass audience !
    So far and for my self,I think it will be a good Movie..definitively gonna watch it !

  8. i watch jaack reaacher it waas great, better then hobbit. but there is grouppeople who are always trying to defame him. and they are so desperate abt it.they will try their level best to give negtive comments to this movie few days before it release. but reality is he is a living legend. most popular nd well known hollywood actor overseas.but he is victum of severe jeleousy

    • Tom cruise’s abusive and criminal personality is defaming him. Don’t try to paint him as a victim. How much is the cult of scientology David Miscavige paying you to leave a supportive comment for Tom?

      • hahaha and who’s paying you? Does Tom Cruise even have a DUI? you accusations are thinner than your intelligence.

        Sure they paid all his fans to buy millions of tickets on all his movies…ridiculous

  9. Tom cruise’s career is OVER!!! As long as he is helping his cult of scientology to abuse and destroy people’s life, he won’t be supported by public therefore his movies won’t do well.
    Tom cruise is a criminal and he should be removed from planet earth.

    • Tony…the sky must be so depressingly dark in your private little Hades. Come, join us back in the real world.

      • first, jack reacher was a joke. Second Tom Cruise is the only one “defaming” Tom Cruise with his awful movies and acting. This guy is awful, flat out. To say otherwise is just silly. Look at his movies and his audience, I mean well, it’s guys like you. Enough said?

        • Wow, Stark…SOMEone knows how to be an obnoxious twit. You really ARE trying to live up to your namesake’s reputation. The difference, of course, is that Tony Stark is brilliant and talented. You? Not so much…

          As for Cruise, sure, he’s had his dud films AND his many films in which he’s simply the exact same arrogant, “cool” guy with the “heart of gold”. However, he’s also done a fantastic job playing amazing (and varied) characters in films such as “Born on the Fourth of July”, “Collateral”, “Minority Report”, “Interview with Vampire”, “Tropic Thunder”, “Valkyrie”, and, YES, the “Mission: Impossible” series.

          If you’re too dense to see that, well, no one can really help you…good luck.

          • Exactly.

            Maybe those in the US hate him (I don’t know, only been over there once) but overseas, we think he’s crazy but he’s also immensely popular.

            The guy recently spent 2 hours in the pouring rain signing autographs for fans that had been waiting outside the Jack Reacher premiere since 5am just to see him.

            We tend to separate his seemingly insane private life as part of the most dangerous cult in human history with the roles he plays in some pretty amazing and big selling movies over here.

            Besides, how many duds did Robert Downey Jr have after Chaplin right up until the Iron Man release put him back on the map and made him immensely popular again after he spent the 90s either in jail or in a drug induced stupor?

            You must have a horrible life if you have to hate on Cruise based on his private life instead of looking forward to what could be a pretty good sci fi movie from a director that gave us a surprisingly good TRON sequel.

            • @ Archaeon

              I like th “obnoxious twit” blast, I’ll take that. That’s pretty good, but Tom Curise as talented, that’s the insult I cannot take.

              Back in the day, he was good, not great, but good. But he has progressively gotten worse over the years. IMO, ghost protocol was the exception not the rule. Jack reacher bombed, oblivion looks shaky, and his next few projects are shaky as well. It looks like he’s just making every movie he can in some kind of money grab. And yes being part of an oppressive cult doesnt help him much.

              I have to say the only dense ones around here are the blind fan boys like you that can’t stand it when their heros are no longer relivent. I know, I know, nobody “gets it” except for you. Well pardon my while I turn my back on the brightness of your brilliance.

              • For me to be a blind fan boy, I would have had to leave out, quite conspicuously, the part of my comment dealing with Cruise’s duds and “cool” guy films. I did not and in fact mentioned them first. Fan boy? Nope. I find MANY actors to be much more talented than Tom, but I simply made the point that he CAN put out quality work…and HAS done so in the past (including the recent past). Even that “Rock of Ages” flop recently was not, according to most analyses/critics/etc., attributed to Cruise. In fact, most people who saw the film said he was fantastic in it (some stated his “Stacie Jaxx” was the best, or only good, part of the film).

                As for “Jack Reacher”, true it doesn’t seem to be doing particularly well. Maybe he was miscast; maybe it’s just a bad movie; maybe it simply hasn’t hit its stride yet. I don’t know…the film’s trailer(s) did not really appeal to me anyway. “Oblivion”, on the other hand, DOES interest me, so I’m willing to give it (and Cruise) a chance. If you are not, fine: You and I don’t have to agree that we like all the same films or actors. That’s called OPINION…Yours (like mine) is NO BETTER than anyone else’s. Stop trying to seem like it is.

                As for the whole cult thing, well, I’m not trying to invite him home for dinner. I can appreciate his talent without believing he’s God’s gift to the universe…or do you feel the same for ALL those actors who have done (are still doing) questionable things, whether questionable to you or to some else? That would be the majority of major stars and, likely, of rising or minor stars.

                By the way, if you’re willing to write Cruise off after a mere couple of cinematic falls, I hope you’re enjoying the small, probably wholly unsatisfying collection of films done by actors who have not had at least one or two professional missteps (or outright bombs)…MOST have.

                If you do NOT hold your standards up to ALL of the actors in all of their films (I strongly suspect you do not), then you have just sounded off like babbling hypocrite and should just stop…and go away.

                • @Archaeon

                  Fair enough, and a well reasoned comment, but I’m not going away.

                  You have a point, perhaps I do hold Cruise to a diffrent standard because he shoves the cult crap down people’s throats. I’m sure
                  there are actors that I enjoy that are into far worse things than he is granted, but i don’t like how he is celebrated and held up as a great actor on top of that.

                  Honestly, all kidding a side, IMO he isn’t that good. How he keeps getting major roles truly does baffle me, really. The premise of this flick looks and sound cool, but I just see somebody else doing a better job in the lead. That’s just my opinion.

                  What bugs me is guys/fans propping this guy up as great. My opinion doesn’t have to be right, and neither does yours. You like him, I don’t, it’s that simple. I’ve enjoined your comments on other posting on this website, it’s just on this particular one we cannot agree. That doesn’t make either one of us tight, just diffrent.

                  BTW………Stark is my real last name. Ha!

                  • Okay…we’ll just agree that we differ in our opinions on this particular matter. That works for me too. Kudos, btw, on maintaining your sense of humor. I appreciate that. :)

                    • likewise…:)

                    • We are talking entertainment and an actor here, not life and death!

                    • True.

                    • And a bro-mance is born…

              • are you that dense dude? Jack Reacher bombed at over 200M? Why is this page filled with your stupidity?

  10. For drone read clone and its a riff on Moon pretty much… Still its got Morgan Freeman in it which is no bag thing. It may peek my interest once its released depending on what else is on….

    • I meant to say bad thing not bag thing…

  11. For those who hates Tom Cruise.
    They are just jealous of him.
    Maybe US people hates but rest of the world loves him.
    Especially in India. There are millions of fans only from India.
    I agree that Jack Reacher did not do well on Box-Office but that just doesn’t mean that he can not deliver next time. Jack Reacher did not do well coz publicity. In India there was no advertisement of Jack Reacher movie.
    He is the best actor. We all saw him in “Rock of Ages” I agree that flopped at the box office but people loved him as “Staceyy Jaxx” that no one else can do “Stacey Jaxx” but you can not blame him for flop. I bet that Oblivion will be a huge hit. Tom Cruise still got it.
    So, Tom Cruise “haters” no room for you guys here. Be in your dream world haters.

  12. I think that the flying vehicle will shoot blue lasers!

  13. I’m a big Cruise fan but I can’t help thinking this trailer gives away too much. I think I would be much happier not knowing that he gets captured and then told some kind of ‘truth’ by Morgan Freeman. In fact, why not save that whole part as a reveal IN THE FILM?

    Boo to trailers giving away too much. BOO BOO BOO.