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Oblivion Reviews Starring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman 2013 Oblivion Review

Melodrama and predictable reveals keep the film from being the mind-bending creation that Kosinski may have envisioned, but the director still presents a captivating future with rich visuals.

In Oblivion, Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) is part of a two-person crew tasked with protecting Earth’s remaining resources following a cataclysmic alien invasion that left the planet uninhabitable. Along with his partner Victoria (Andrea Riseborough), Jack oversees and maintains a deadly armada of defense drones – charged with shielding massive resource harvesters from the hostile “Skav” attacks.

The pair are supported in their efforts by mission commander Sally (Melisso Leo) who lives aboard the Tet – an orbital space station and the base of harvest operations. In two weeks time, the harvesters will have collected enough raw materials from Earth to ensure humanity’s long-term survival – at which point Jack and Victoria are scheduled to join the other survivors on Titan (Saturn’s largest moon). However, when a routine Drone repair raises new information about the Skavs, Jack begins to ask dangerous questions about his mission.

Andrea Riseborough Victoria Oblivion Oblivion Review

Andrea Riseborough as Victoria in ‘Oblivion’

Oblivion was directed by sophomore feature-filmmaker Joseph Kosinski - based on a graphic novel treatment that he co-penned with comic book writer Arvid Nelson (Dark Horse Comics’ Rex Mundi). Given his experience with Tron: Legacy (along with memorable commercials for Halo 3 and Gears of War), Kosinski is no stranger to sprawling CGI worlds and slick futuristic tech – but from the opening scene, Oblivion sets out to tell a more contemplative story – one that can’t simply be glossed over with memorable action beats. It’s an intimidating and tricky balance to find – especially in a project that is so personal. By the time the credits roll, Kosinski was responsible for Oblivion‘s creation, initial story, first screenplay adaptation, and directing.

Fortunately, with the help of screenwriters William Monahan (The Departed), Karl Gajdusek (Dead Like Me), and Michael Arndt (Star Wars Episode 7), Oblivion also tells a captivating story – with interesting twists and entertaining (albeit brief) moments of humor and levity. Science fiction fans will be able to anticipate some of the plot beats ahead of schedule, but even in the cases where savvy moviegoers guess correctly, it rarely detracts from the intended emotional payoff.

Oblivion Tom Cruise Drone 166 Oblivion Review

Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) and Drone 166 in ‘Oblivion’

In fact, Oblivion prioritizes its central character story over nearly every other element of the production – meaning that some moviegoers who were expecting a high-octane post-apocalyptic war story may be underwhelmed by the limited action set-pieces. The film includes a handful of exciting combat scenes – each with slick visual effects and enjoyable excitement – but relative to the character story and overall world-building, large scale action moments are in short supply. Instead, Oblivion unravels a multifaceted sci-fi mystery story – relying on tense character encounters and reveals to keep audiences engaged (even if plot holes and heavy-handed melodrama sometimes weigh it down).

Considering the relatively small cast, Cruise is responsible for a number of Oblivion‘s best moments – gripping anxiety when fiddling with the finicky but lethal aerial drones, or a charming obsession when he encounters long-abandoned relics of humanity. Jack is a likable and contemplative lead character that fits within the usual Cruise wheelhouse, but even though he shares characteristics with Ethan Hunt (Mission Impossible) and John Anderton (Minority Report), the actor focuses on the right idiosyncrasies to serve Oblivion. Instead of adding another over-the-top action hero to his resume, Cruise is a bit more delicate with Jack – resulting in a more inviting and, at times, stirring performance.

Oblivion Movie Morgan Freeman Oblivion Review

Morgan Freeman and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in ‘Oblivion’

The supporting cast is equally competent with a complicated and rich turn from Andrea Riseborough (Never Let Me Go) as Victoria, Jack’s communications officer and sole-confidant. Whereas Jack is hesitant to leave humanity’s “home” (Earth), Victoria is eager to reunite with the rest of the survivors on Titan – and watching her attempt to placate and manage her increasingly erratic partner provides Riseborough with plenty of material. Similarly, Morgan Freeman, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Melissa Leo, and Olga Kurylenko all offer meaningful additions to the onscreen Oblivion drama – each with their own moments in the spotlight.

Kosinski also owes much of Oblivion‘s success to the effects department – since they brought two of the more interesting “characters” to life: the previously mentioned aerial drones, and the drowned and frozen landscape of post-war New York City. The drones (number 166 in particular) walk a fascinating line between comedy relief and thoughtless killing machines – making them one of the most riveting and nerve-wracking aspects of the plot. Similarly, while New York City is effectively “dead,” destroyed in the war, remnants of its former glory make for some of the more absorbing scenes in the film – and a constant reminder of the destruction wrought by the alien attack.

Tech 49 Oblivion Movie Oblivion Review

The post-apocalyptic skies of ‘Oblivion’

Surprisingly, Oblivion was not post-converted into 3D but is getting a limited run in IMAX. In this case, the added IMAX cost is hard to justify – especially for moviegoers who expect significant return on a premium ticket experience. That said, for those who don’t mind spending a few extra dollars, the IMAX experience could still be worthwhile. The bigger screen size enhances the scale in Oblivion‘s post-apocalyptic settings and, more importantly, cranks up the sound. Honking and clunking mechanisms in the the drones and other high-tech vehicles help sell the authenticity of Kosinski’s near-future world and a superior sound system is preferable (though, as stated, not essential).

Oblivion is not the most exciting or the smartest science fiction experience to ever hit theaters; action fans may be underwhelmed by a limited amount of gunplay, and viewers looking for an especially deep sci-fi world might find too many familiar tropes. Melodrama and predictable reveals keep the film from being the mind-bending creation that Kosinski may have envisioned, but the director still presents a captivating future with rich visuals and an intriguing protagonist. Oblivion could have easily been a convoluted and indulgent moviegoing experience; instead, the film keeps a restrained focus on Jack’s character journey – which, thankfully, is an “effective team” of drama and post-apocalyptic adventure.

If you’re still on the fence about Oblivion, check out the trailer below:


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Oblivion runs 126 minutes and is Rated PG-13 for sci-fi action violence, brief strong language, and some sensuality/nudity. Now playing in regular and IMAX theaters.

Let us know what you thought of the film in the comment section below. If you’ve seen the movie and want to discuss details about the film without worrying about spoiling it for those who haven’t seen it, please head over to our Oblivion Spoilers Discussion.

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Our Rating:

3.5 out of 5
(Very Good)

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  1. Just terrible, would have been better if they cut out the beginning and middle and went straight to the end. The part where he goes through the football play, a real who gives a sh*t moment. The same with the sex scene, who cares, no setup for us to care about the characters emotions. The only movie I have seen that was worse then this one was the last silent hill. This 4 star average rating is what happens when you let 12 year old kids rate movies. The actors I think did what they could with the writing, very unfortunate. Someone should have proof read the script, this was a straight to dvd flick.

    • I’m not twelve by ANY reckoning and I gladly gave it 4/5 stars. I found the acting well done, the story and plot elements well thought-out, the tech and “futurization” of the Earth believable and interesting, and the overall flow of the film effective. It was not deep, but it was solid and enjoyable.

      Think before you type, next time.

      • i didnt understand the movie at all

    • So you dont like football or women. In that case I’ll probably love this movie as those two topics make any sci-fi better

    • Who says 12 year olds have poor taste in movies? I’m sure there are lot of 12 year olds that share your enthusiasm of Silent Hill. But, yeah, the script was full of grammatical errors and typos. The part of the football story was the setup, it was the story of a last-ditch effort by the team to win. This is called a simile. The sex scene serves to illustrate that the two characters have an intimate relationship and not just a working relationship. This is called character development. The 4-star rating happens when people pay attention to a movie and understand good plot writing. I’m sure there are 12 year olds that get that.

      • im sorry but this movie was awful

    • Why do you bother going to movies?

    • The 12 year old comment excuses your viewpoint as that of a willfully inflammatory troll.

  2. Unfortunately, “Oblivion should have been a contender!”

    I am long-time Tom Cruise fan but he hasn’t made a great movie since “Mission Impossible III”. “Knight & Day” was well done with great acting but I am not sure if it would move into the “great” category.

    I found “Oblivion” to be a movie that should have had you gripping your seats as the thriller unraveled but instead the movie was quite boring. The acting was wooden possibly a response to poor directing and a script that desperately needed to be tightened up.

    Jack Harper, instead of appearing to be on a quest, looked to be mostly confused by his surroundings and as a result seemed to wander from scene to scene without any milestones ever being reached between them.

    For me this should have been a great piece of work but missed the mark…

    • @Steve

      Wow, really? You and I must have seen two different versions of Knight & Day… I thought the trailers were more entertaining than the entire movie was…

    • I received the film as a savory sequence of screen savers clipped together by some basic plotting. Sleek / clairvoyant / prescient / futurist technology / architecture with apocalyptic / exoplanetary landscapes on a widescreen with decent sound design, and a dash of plot, is a worth while experience. We get so scarce few quality hard science fiction films as it is that any earnest effort is a valued effort. (I exclude Marvel and DC comics from hard science fiction.)

  3. Well if you like Star Wars, Wall-E, Terminator, and Matrix you might like this movie. I’ve seen so many ripped scenes and made it into their own.

    • I DO like all of those films and DID indeed enjoy “Oblivion”.

      • I agree. I thought this was a good review of the movie. I enjoyed the performances. I did connect with the actors. It was fun! And what about the music – pretty good! I thought they really established a scary presence with the drones.

  4. Why did they dress Morgan Freeman up like Larry Fishburne’s Morpheus from the Matrix films?

    They couldn’t have gone in a different, less hackneyed costume direction?

    • He looks nothing like Fishburne’s Morpheus, other than having round sunglasses. He looks like post-apocalyptic, scavenging, scrounging, hiding human survivor and resistance leader. I’m trying to figure out why you think his look is hackneyed or, in any way, disagreeable to you (other than personal preference, which cannot be catered to in a wide-release film)…?

  5. I’m not a fan of Tom Cruise but, after MI:Ghost Protocol I thought this can’t be too bad. I thought the movie was one of the better sci-fi movies I’ve seen in a long time. The real stars of the film are the post-apocalyptic environment and the sky-tower where the characters live. Who wouldn’t want to live in house in the clouds? If you go in thinking here’s something to tide me over until the next Star-trek or other fanboy movie comes out, then skip it. But, if you’re looking thoughtful sci-fi movie this one is really good.

    • Agree. I enjoyed it more than Prometheus.

  6. What a terrible film. All the cliches from Star Wars (anyone for an aerial firefight pursuit while flying down a deep canyon?) plus a plot so thin it had to use Tom Cruise twice, and couldn’t even make its mind up whether the baddy scavs were aliens or human.

    • Ummm…did you actually WATCH the film? It was a solid, well-conceived film…and very straightforward within the parameters of the film, itself.

    • This is the most inane synopsis anyone could possibly write about this movie! hahahahahahahaha!

  7. I loved the movie but there was one thing that just didn’t add up, please help me cause I know I am very good at over looking things
    SPOILER**** Where the hell did Julia’s kid come from? Who did she reproduce with if she was alone in Jack’s home? My friends and I first thought that maybe she was pregnant before she was put into the pod and that’s why she up-chucked when she was woken but then when she gets shot by Jack-52 then that would logically have killed the baby, right??

    • ****spoiler****
      when jack took her to the cabin the first time, they were kissing they she woke up in their bed the next morning. it was a loose allusion to the fact that they had sex. hence the pregnancy.

    • They made love – remember her in bed, waking up to find him dressed, saying he had to leave. They didn’t show the lovemaking scene but it was implied.

  8. Oblivion is a great movie-4/5 stars. The characters are well developed as the plot unfolds. The special effects are wonderful and add to the movie but don’t overpower it as in so many other empty-headed sci-fi movies. Tom Cruise is at his best- I can’t imagine anyone else in this role. All plot questions and twists are gracefully handled as the story comes to an end. The movie goer needs to be patient and just enjoy the show. Oblivion has action but moves along at its own pace;there are so many little nuances that, in the end, mean so much. Watch carefully and pay attention. This is definitely the kind of movie you can watch over and over and pick up something every time.

  9. I saw this with my wife this past weekend.

    First, I was pretty excited by the trailers, and I like Tom Cruise movies alot.

    I’d give it a 3.0, the wife was more inclined to give it a 2.0.

    The plot wasn’t bad, but there were a lot of instances where things didn’t make sense. They’re short on drones; but there are hundreds in the TET. Why didn’t the TET destroy the sleep chambers immediately when they originally encountered the NASA ship in space? Why did it take years for Jack to figure out the scavs were human? The earthly destruction makes sense if the moon was destroyed, but many items seemed to be aged more like 1000 years, rather than 60. Also, if you had thousands or tens of thousands of Jack drones standing side-by-side killing humans 60 years ago, with that level of control, why worry if a few Jack technicians spot each other now.

    The action was rather weak; there were no tense moments (maybe the cave scene). There were alot of instances where the story was rather formulaic. You knew the drone wouldn’t fire on Julia’s chamber. You knew that one of the Jacks would end up with Julia at the lake one way or another, you knew Jack would switch who was in the sleep-pod, etc.

    The cinematography was great, and I’m glad they included the pay-off of seeing what was inside the TET.

    It may have been worth the price of admission, but not by much.

    • I’m not sure why you didn’t understand so many things…the film explained practically everything fairly clearly, at least by the end (though most of the information was revealed earlier than that).

      I rate “Oblivion” at 4/5 (or even 4.5/5), easily.

  10. Someone should make an “if you like _____ then you will like _____” movie review site. For Oblivion, if you like Transformers, Star Trek, or any other typical wannabe Sci Fi/Action flick, you will hate Oblivion. Save the money and the time whining that there ‘weren’t enuff ‘splosions!’. I for one was so happy to watch a film that cared about its story that I almost did not care that it was a Sci Fi film. I have been so sick of prefab mindless, CGI to the umpteenth, ear drum busting garbage that this film was a breath of fresh air. I almost mean that literally… the scenes where #49 (Tom C.) was connecting with his home planet (not in the goofy Avatar sermon way) I felt strangely happy to live here. If you are a fast-food watch and forget it before you get home movie-goer, you won’t like this – save up for Pacific Rim, or Star Trek the Search for a Vulcan who actually is one. If you want to think, enjoy beautiful visuals, care about characters, avoid sanctimonious preachy drivel, see a plot unfold, or just can’t sit trough another Michael Bay noise-a-thon, relax and enjoy this thing. I am not at all a fan of Cruise, but just as he did in Valkyrie, he really pulls this off well. Compelling. Loved it.

    • I agree completely with your review except for one very big thing: Star Trek. I just need to point out that Star Trek is VERY different than Transformers, Pacific Rim, and other Michel Bay-esque movies. While I enjoy those types of movies for the fun action sequences, they lack the story and character development that Oblivion and Star Trek (to a point) have. As a longtime Trekkie, I go to the new movies to see the new stories about the characters I love, not the ‘splosions and action (though they are welcome).

      Anyway, my favorite part of Oblivion was the first half, before stuff went down and it was just him and her living in the pod home. Overall I’d give it a 4-4.5 out of 5.

  11. Apart from the acting, the story line was quite bland and not so interesting when I had to wait till the very end of the movie to find out what the whole thing was about in the first place and could have made a very good movie if they did more story, and less time wandering around for answers. When I first saw the trailer my “boring movie” sensors were going off. I give it 3/5.

  12. This movie was awful. Neither my husband nor myself liked it at all! Feel the reviews for it are misleading as most sites show more favorable reviews from fans compared with critics – so felt I should get on an leave a review. I saw 73% of fans enjoyed the film 53% critics. It’s bad!

  13. This film was a bit of a mess. That people think the plot was coherent demonstrates the ease at which contemporary audiences can be either placated or completely won over by simple checklist-like insertion of tropes. Sex scene? Check – characters now obviously care for one another so there’s character development done – 4 Stars!

    It is this artificial insertion from rewriting that becomes obvious. A twist is needed so a pod swaparoo is added. Only thing is, all but one NASA pod was shot up by drones. Good science fiction raises questions about the human experience and this movie begins to ask them in the third act. However, by this time it starts wrapping everything up and so we don’t get to explore them. Rather, we are pelted with revelations (most you’ll guess) and from these you will be left picking apart plot bugs rather than fascinating ideas.

    If your definition of good Scifi is “not Battleship”, then this is for you but it’s still Scifi-lite and the competent acting from the three leads (the rest of the cast is contrived set dressing – don’t believe the PR) is not enough to save the script.

    I score it accordingly 2.5/5 (3 for lovers of beautiful vistas – this movie does show a set of stunning scenery postcarded regularly throughout the film to the viewer) but ultimately mediocrity does not deserve high praise.

  14. My wife and I enjoyed the movie (3.5), but we both came to the same conclusion. (The following may contain spoilers!) This movie was a cross between Wal-E and Moon (2009) with Sam Rockwell. For the Wal-E part, Tom Cruise calls himself the cleanup crew, just like what Wal-E was doing in his movie and both Earth’s were post apocoliptic in theme. For the ‘Moon’ comparison, Tom Cruise was a clone and charged with ensuring that energy was being harvested by machines to bring to another planet (Titan). Sam Rockwell was also a clone charged with gathering energy (from the moon) and delivering it to a planet (in this case, it was Earth). Both Tom and Sam were near the end of their duties and were going back to join the human race. Tom Cruise maintained machines called Drones, Sam Rockwell maintained machines that were the harvesters. In Moon, Sam discovers he’s been cloned thousands of times and that his memories and just implants by the company he works for, in Oblivion, Tom finds out he’s beened cloned and that his true memories have been erased.
    I can go on about a few more things, but you get it. Overall, Oblivion was not a bad film. We liked the acting and the cinematography. It got a little slow in some parts, but overall it came out on top. The only thing that really annoyed us were the Scavs. In many parts of the movie, they seem to move very alien or animal like but it turned out they were humans all along. Very misleading acting.

  15. Saw the film 2 days ago. Had read some poor reviews, and spoke to an usherette at the cinema who just didn’t get it, though watched it many many times. My expectations were low.

    Ensured I had an empty bladder before the film started, and hadn’t drunk fluids for hours. I made I saw the whole film.

    I’m old enough to have watched the original Planet of the Apes weeks after it was released. I saw Alien three times at the London cinema it had be premièred at, by the time it went on general release. That and Bladerunner, are still in my top 5 movies of all time, as is Logans Run.

    I was keen to see Oblivion, despite the mixed reviews. I wasn’t disappointed. I go to the cinema to be entertained, and I want value for money. I got both.

    Everything is acceptable and generally believable. Acting is good. In places, thoughtful and thought provoking. In one or two places events were a little difficult to accept (would that ‘decision’ really have been made?) But it all fitted, and it’s a story after all, not a historical representation of fact. ;-))

    Some of the scenes would have benefited from 3D, and I would see it again if that were possible.

    If any reader is looking to go see a ‘shoot-em-up’ sci-fi movie, probably best you wait for something else. If you want to be entertained for 2 solid hours and get lost in a full-breadth story of how people might react in a uniquely adversarial position, go see Oblivion.

    I rated it 5 stars. It’s a film, and it definitely entertains.

  16. OMG the plot of the movie was very boring. I watched this movie because the trailer made it so cool and also there was Tom cruise in it but its actually a big disappointment . A sci fi movie should leave the people think what will happen every next scene and not full and boring. Even prometheus is better than oblivion. Atleast it leaves the audience thinking .

    • “Even prometheus is better than oblivion. At least it leaves the audience thinking.”

      It certainly does. In my case; What did I just waste my money watching? As we all now know, Prometheus is Part 1 of a 3 part prequel. It made no sense at all as a stand alone film, even forgetting the story it precedes. [Knowledge of which explains *some* of the story-line of Prommie.]

      As I mentioned before, Oblivion (spoiler alert) is thought provoking in the same genre of The Matrix. Is what you see, the truth? Sure, it’s possible to get there before the plot does, but that’s called anticipation ….

      I got hooked on the story, so wasn’t at all boring to me. Those wanting lots of shooting and screen gore, should stick to Starship Troopers.

      • yeh, the thoughts it provoked in me was ‘ive seen these scenes before in other sci fi films, and they were written much better than this tripe’.

        this cannot be possibly compared to matrix 1.
        at least Prometheus, with its many ridiculous plot holes, left me wanting more, made me want to go on the net and find out all the meanings.

        for oblivion i came on the net just to make sure that other people agree that it was an awful film, because i could not believe that i’d watched a high budget high production value tom cruise film which put me to sleep, ive liked all his other films.

        how could you possibly have got hooked on the story? it was one of the dullest scripts ever and killed the film.

  17. I liked the movie, even though it was predictable at times. Special effects were great, good music. Cruise IS a good actor no matter what, and in general the movie was entertaining.
    Things I didn’t like – Kurylenko’s terrible acting (beautiful woman, but that’s not enough), and all the tacky love dialogues. They were so bad that I actually laughed several times.

  18. The entire effin movie is wasted on the crappy bubble ship that no one even gave two sh*ts about. After having seen the movie your left in a delirious state of wtf as it has no moral, no nothing, the future it created is platonic and uninspiring. Worst of all its a complete rip of Portal the game, those annoying robots. The post Apocalypse as it stands tells very little to nothing about the story, it just effin happened. On top of that they f**ked up allot of things in the movie, like for example Morgans character knows everything about everything. The slice of information he could have provided the main character would not only have saved his life, but would have saved him from the trouble of becoming a rinse repeat zombie to make things right. The ending was the worst, who the hell makes a super intelligent alien life form, that destroyed humanity, built a f**king object in space and mines the planet for resources for absolutely no damn reason. Turned out to be super dumb ai that for whatever f**ked up reason just wants to understand Jacks betrayal, but has very little to say about anything regarding its origins or why the f**k it even exists. While we are at it why the hell did Jack even bother entering the Tet just to explode it from the inside? Why not explode it from outside from a safe distance?…Why the f**k even bother exploding a space object that acts like nothing more than a long range communications array?! Who knows why people live on Titan anyway, it was a scene more like Jack vs the cable tv network. No it doesn’t really matter pondering the infinite time space question of “whodunit” when we can have a cloned Jack back from the brink of death to end it all.

    • It is very obvious that you completely did not understand this movie. With that in mind, you should not be commenting on something you have no clue about…

    • Some of the questions you raised are explained in the movie:
      1) There are no people living in Titan, the NASA original mission was a research flight to Titan, but they picked up the TET approaching earth and were dispatched to intercept
      2) Who or what is Sally? We don’t know, it is an AI (artifical intelligence) not an organic lifeform… we can especulate that some alien rase built it to gather resources for them or they were eventually wiped out by it… we don’t know
      3) the AI, Sally, convert sea water into fuel… it does not care about anything else but its survival. Humans or anything else are just resources for it. Why? You can ask the same thing about Humanity, what’s our purpose, why do we kill a cow to eat?
      4) Jack didn’t explode the bomb from outside because it would not have been powerful enough to blow up that huge space station… now from the inside, a totally different thing. In Space you have no air, so you don’t have explosive wave amplification you would have detonating it on the ground.

  19. They should rename this movie.

    “Oblivion: Quest to Kill a Droid Phone”

  20. This was absolutely TERRIBLE

  21. yes

  22. I am in shock at this review. I saw the film last night and thought it was one of the worst films I had ever seen. These are spoilers so if you haven’t seen the film don’t read. There was so many moments of confusion throughout the film due to poor writing. You would watch a scene in complete confusion, only to have the source of confusion explained, very briefly and clunky, in another scene 5 or 10 mins later. From the instant the film began anybody who has seen Sci-fi films, and I am not particularly a sci fi fan although I will watch a good film, can project large chunks. The scav’s will be human is insanely obvious, however their bizarre interactions with Cruise after his capture make no sense at all, and Cruise’s reaction to suddenly being surrounded by humans when he has had only contact with his female partner is just dumbfounding (he shows no particular interest or shock at all). The clone part is explained in one bizarre sentence by Freeman, and smacks of the film Moon. There is nothing original or clever in the film, it is rehashing old sci fi tropes and doing it in an incredibly poorly written fashion. Just astounding anyone could give this film more than 2 stars. The only thing I found not terrifyingly bad was the notion that the aliens seemed to be so separate from us they didn’t exist in a form we could understand. A bit Whyndamesque. I am not saying this for a fight so no need to reply, I won’t be checking it. Just very disappointed at the film and surprised by the review and positive comments

  23. Just saw this movie .. I am on the side of liking this movie. Yes it dragged for first almost two thirds of the movie but definitely ending makes it up for it. I would think second viewing would definitely help one appreciate this movie more. I like this movie! Great review.

  24. BTW, LOVED Andrea Risebourgh in this movie.. awesome!!

    • That.

  25. is this review honestly some sort of sick joke?

    this was the first tom cruise film ever where i felt bored and started falling asleep. There were about 2 action sequences which were excellent – but that totals about 10 minutes.

    it was full of generic ‘seen it before’ story arcs. Yes the visuals were fantastic, the cgi was faultless, and the soundtrack was epic (im glad i watched the film for the closing credits song) but everything else was a huge dissapointment.

    the pacing was snail like, they could have chopped 40 minutes out the film and it would not have made any difference. i thought screenrant was a website with good reviewers but im not coming back here again after reading this, lol.

  26. I don’t understand the negative reviews for this movie?! Better than average sci fi film that keeps you guessing and it gets all revealed at the end. Whats there not to like?

    • There seems to be two types of people that did not like this movie:

      1 – those that did not “get it”
      2 – those that were hoping for a slam bang action alien war movie

  27. The script I think would have made for a better movie without the melodrama that Tom Cruise slathers this movie in. He’s no Will Smith in regards to being able to carry that much of a movie on his own. A lot of this movie was predictable and done before but the world that they created I felt was compelling and is what kept me watching until the end. I feel like this movie was written in part by Tom Cruise (regardless of whether it was or not) in the fact that he’s trying to glorify himself as this awesome action hero with sex appeal (the sex scene at the beginning). For me the movie was a huge advertisement of Tom saying “here I am world, don’t forget about me, I can still act”. I think I am generous with 2/5

  28. How does jack survive? They lost me at the end but I enjoyed the movie-

    • are you for real. you honestly dont know?