‘Oblivion’ Spoilers Discussion

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Oblivion Spoilers Discussion Oblivion Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Oblivion review, this is the place where you can discuss Oblivion spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Oblivion episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Oblivion for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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Oblivion runs 126 minutes and is Rated PG-13 for sci-fi action violence, brief strong language, and some sensuality/nudity. Now playing in regular and IMAX theaters.

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  1. So the original space mission was Earth’s first human travel to Titan, somewhere during the trip the Tet is detected and they are diverted to investigate. Mankind is about to make contact with an alien craft for the first time, but NASA decides that the majority of the crew should just be left in stasis? If it is important enough to change the mission, would you not want all the crew awake for the event to record the moment?

    • But they didn’t know it was an alien. They didnt know what it was. In fact they werent suppose to make contact they were just suppose to investigate but the tet started to pull the ship in

    • I’d guess they have limited resources (air, food) so would just wake up a skeleton team for an unscheduled investigation.

    • Hi, From what I understood is the trip from Earth to the Tet would take like 65 years so they had to put them in stasis.

      • Really? Wow. Where did you get that? If the travel would take them 65 years, then probably, Original Jack and Vicka would have been in the sleeping pod also to survive? How did they managed to wake up just as exactly as the spaceship is already near the Tet? And travelling 65 years would be long for the Tet not to take actions against earth before Jack and the rest had invaded it, wouldn’t it? Well, surely I guess, the Tet doesn’t have any plans until they took the original Jack and Vicka and come out a plan to make thousands of clones of them as their army instrument to invade the earth. :)

    • Agree, the last years it had being a little hard to find a half decent movie than hasn’t a superhero on it. Now I see this movie, one of the very few than I though it was Very good and entertaiment and there is critisism. And others movies than are Horrible get good reviews.

      The movie was very good from start to finish and it didn’t have, almost, any boring moment (I wish I could say the same about 85% of today movies)

  2. Maybe this was mentioned, but can someone please tell me how the flight recorder that was in the delta sleep portion of the Odyssey that crashed on Earth have information from the front portion of the Odyssey of events that occurred after both portions were seperated?

    • Ooo, good one! Maybe radio transmission, that was only cut off when the ship entered the Tet?

    • Its common to have more than one recording device in case of failure. A backup disc so to speak. Easy to assume NASA would do something like that.

    • My theory is that the blackbox recorded everything that is going in the radio chatter, When the both got seperated, I presume that there’s still some radio link between them, so the blackbox still recorded what happened on the cockpit. and besides.

      It wasn’t shown in the film that the black box actually played those sounds from the last, it could be that his memory is kicking in and hes having a complete flashback

  3. Besides this is a good sci-fi fantasy (at this point, thanks to ROB for defending this point), it made me think about the condition of the consumist capitalism we are living now. the scavs represent the poor people, living with “the rests of the table”, surviving in na underground level of existence. the “couple living on paradise”, the “effective team”, jack and vick represent the medium class, working hard for the “boss”, thinking on the promisses of a better life on Titan, promisses made by Tet. TET is like the rich companies that rule over the world, telling the medium class to avoid and even to kill the scavs (poor class), telling that the scavs are the enemy and have to be eliminated, telling the medium class to be proud on being an “effective team”. Jack harper is someone that starts to think that we don’t need to pursue the lies of the “boss”, because we have already enough to be happy here, on Earth, so we don’t need to go to Titan, we don’t need to be rich, to have a mercedes and a flat in Dubai, or drink a 2thousand dollar bottle of wine or spend or lifes and resourses on drugs, we don’t need anything of this to be happy. But the boss Tet tells “no!”, trust me, you can’t be happy in the world (with a simple life), because it’s radioactive (it is not Worth, it is not glamurous, the simple world without richness is awful), it’s better to let it go and fly to Titan (it’s better to forget the simple and good life we could have, and pursuit all these promisses of richness, all the bullsh*t). Such thing as TET, or as the rich people/companies that set the standards of what is good life, they are not human, for sure, they can only be aliens, and of the bad kind.

    the problem nowadays is that the medium class (whom have the power to overall the lies of the unhuman standards of richness, restoring the reason to the human kind and Peace to the planet) lack of jack harpers (the real human being, that thinks about what surrounds him, and are capable of doing the right thing, even giving his life if it’s necessary), we have too many Vicks (coward and blind people, looking for confortable life according what they tell about confort and good life, ready to follow rules of someone that seams more powerful). in such situation, we will continue to lose or beautiful planet for this alien force, we will let Tet wins the war, including with our help: we are trading our planet, our freedom and humanity for the promisses of better life made for unhuman beings that think they are gods.
    the movie has a happy ending, but I start to think that our reality here will not have the same destiny. there’s no Morgan Freeman to wake up the jacks of our planet. God, tell me I am wrong in my sorrow!

    • Damn right lilithxdark, this movie was absolutely dripping with social commentary, just as you say. It referenced Nineteen Eighty-Four, A Brave New World, and with Harper’s collection of forbidden books, it even referenced Fahrenheit 451.

      Like all of those works, Oblivion used the conceit of a futuristic dystopia to describe the world we live in today, in a politically satirical way.

      The film was about a soldier with niggling doubts about the orders he’s been following, and at the end of the movie he’s discovered that his real master is only concerned with using the Earth’s resources to sustain itself, even if that means the death of the remaining human population in an environmental catastrophe… That IS the world we live in. Corporate and Capitalist culture will literally ruin our world if we don’t start fighting against it somehow.

      Sadly, as you say, most people are like Vicka rather than Jack Harper. They’d rather pretend nothing is wrong, or that they can do nothing about what is wrong. Like the guy who said “ffs” in response to your comment. 😉

      Good analysis!

      • I wonder if that was the reason why Vicka had dilated pupils and Jack did not. Was it bc he could think beyond what the Tet wanted and she couldn’t? That’s really been the only thing that boggled me was Vicka’s eyes. Maybe the actress has naturally dilated eyes? Was Vicka dead inside and Jack wanted?

    • That was an awesome post lilithxdark! Thak you.

    • Your analysis is extremely fitting lilithxdark!
      Two thumbs up! 10 out of 10.
      Keep posting.

  4. ” it made me think about the condition of the consumist capitalism we are living now”

    oh ffs

    • Me too! It’s a scary thought. I think having Monsanto start controlling our food supply is just the start!

  5. plothole fill required:
    why on earth would Kosinski try and have us believe that NASA/humanity was capable of sending an “Odyssey” mission to Titan a mere 4 years from now? Additionally, we also have the capability of putting humans in “Delta” (whatever TF that is) sleep for 60 years, after which they wake up in perfect, ageless health? NASA will be lucky if they get humans back to the moon in the 2020’s! Sounds to me that Kosinsky has been in Delta sleep for 44 years.
    (factoid alert: Titan is about 868 million miles from earth. At 30K MPH, it would only take a mission about 3.3 years to get there.)

  6. Amazing how many of the so-called plot holes discussed above are actually explained in the movie quite clearly, often in heavy handed exposition by one of the characters. I am not sure what this means, but it is striking. Either the manner in which these details was communicated was much more obscure than I thought, or the audience has massive ADHD problems.

    • I know right! There really are no plot holes. Everything was explained in the movie. It’s just a very deep movie but if you think too deep for an explanation then you miss it.

  7. I have a very pressing question that no-one seems to have addressed.
    Why did it take Julia and the others in the delta-sleep portion of the odyssey 60 YEARS to reach earth from TET, whereas Jack and Beech fly there in what seems like less than a day on Jack’s mere bubble ship?

    Was the bubble ship really that advanced? But furthermore, if TET is orbiting earth WHY DID IT TAKE SO LONG for the rear end of Odyssey to get back?????

      • Tet didn’t want the Odyssey to return and left them floating in space indefinitely, until the “scavs” put out a homing beacon. Which brought it back, hence Tet sent out the drones to kill the survivors.

    • To me, I naturally assumed that the sleep pod chamber of the ship just assumed a pre-programmed near earth orbit- with NASA being able to bring it home via remote command. When the TET destroyed the moon and earth was thrown into chaos, NASA had bigger things to worry about at that point (and rightly so). Then, ships land and all these Tom Cruise supersoldiers start murdering everything along with all the drones (talk about social commentary!!!). This was clearly an anti-NWO film and does indeed have numerous nods to other anti-NWO works. I loved it immensely. The ending, where another Cruise clone states that he’s been searching for the cabin for three years, is a tad weak (however it is quite possible that the remaining male and female clones will start having memories of their pre-TET lives). I still enjoyed the film as a whole, and hope it attains cult favorite status in the future.

      • My understanding was that the original Odyssey mission was headed for Titan but was diverted to investigate the TET. My original plot hole (or believability hole) above stands. I also liked the movie, it’s just that it would have been so easy for Kosinsky to have the TET arrive in 2050 (or later) instead of 2017. Think about how far we’ve come in 44 years since the moon landings, we’re just buzzing around in near earth orbit these days.

          • If I remember right, the destruction of the moon wiped out most of humanity (quakes, tsunamis, starvation, etc) and the “Killer Jacks” were sent to clear out the few remaining humans left.

            My theory is that the Killer Jacks had all of their memory wiped and given the simple order to kill everyone that isn’t a Jack. But “Repairman Jack” needed to posses specialized skills (remember using the chewing gum to get the first drone to work). In order to program those skills into Jack, some old memories and the ability to question had leaked in.
            Two lessons: The Tet isn’t perfect and the idea that humans will always be able to out think machines and AI. (Terminator, Matrix, blah blah blah)

            • This works for me, good theory!!

            • You get it somewhat right RoyBatty! Agreed!

        • I believe that the original Odyssey mission was actually just left out in space to travel endlessly, seeing as Tet was in no hurry for them to get back. Hence traveling around for 60 years and it would of been indefinitely, except for the “scavs” putting out the homing beacon. I think the Odyssey mission was sabatoged by Tet and Tet had no intention of ever having them come home.

        • I believe them setting the fall of the Earth from 2017 was to show Jack in a modern setting during his flashbacks so as to allow the viewer to connect easier. I still think they could have moved the date a little further along, maybe to the 2030’s.

          I also think it would have made more sense to set the film a few 100 years after the Tet attackd so the level of decay on Earth would make more sense. That said, this would have led to questions about why it had taken the Tet so long to harvest the Earth.

          Here’s a question though, did humanity actually fire off their nukes? The radiation zones were a lie and since the Tet was in orbit why would humanity drop nukes on itself? By the time the Jack army turned up wpuld they even be in any shape to launch and stop him?

    • Because TET moved from Titan to Earth to destroy the world.

    • My guess, it’s because the spaceship they used to travel to Tet is a human-made and was built 60+ years ago (based on the present time when 49 destroyed the Tet). 49 uses the bubble ship to fly towards Tet in just a mere minutes or hours because, I think, the bubble ship is an alien-built ship, which provides a more advanced technology than in human several years ago. I mean, why would the Tet aliens be building a slow vehicle for thrm, right?

  8. I am 100% enthralled and obsessed with Oblivion! Visually stunning, mysterious, a beautiful fantasy. Saw it 9x and counting. Bravo Tom!

  9. I am totally enthralled and obsessed with Oblivion! Visually stunning, mysterious, a beautiful fantasy. Saw it 9x and counting. Bravo Tom!

    • ^ Wow you saw the movie 9 times?! Haha I saw it twice so far and would see it many more times if tickets weren’t so expensive. Glad to see that someone else likes this movie as much as me! Can’t wait to buy it on DVD.

      Really though, this is definitely the best film that I’ve seen this year and one that I will always remember. Honestly, Oblivion is the first movie that I’ve seen that intrigued me enough to see it more than once (in a theater) and kept me thinking after I left the theater. Beautifully done, the visuals/scenery absolutely stunning, along with the amazing soundtrack done by M83!

      I had never heard of/seen the gorgeous Olga Kurylenko prior to seeing Oblivion, but I think that she was a wonderful asset to this movie. I think she and Tom made quite an effective team.

      • I really loved her to! I thought I had read somewhere that Olga and Tom were dating outside the movie! They had great chemistry I wouldn’t doubt it! Olga was actually a Bond girl in Quantum of Solace!

      • Watched it three times this weekend on On Demand

  10. So where did they get the extra pod for Morgan Freeman? And wouldn’t there be lots and lots of Jacks roaming the planet (the two we saw were numbered 49 and 52)?

    • Morgan Freeman took Julia’s pod who remained on Earth.
      And you’re right, there were a LOT of Jacks on Earth.

      • Then where did the pod Julia was in at the end come from? Wasn’t her pod the only one that was intact after the crash and all the pods were destroyed, the one Freeman was in?

        • Correct me if I’m wrong but when Jack arrived at the crash site, didn’t he find a couple of empty pods? I assumed they were for the original Jack and Julia – who were in the command module when they ejected the sleeper section.

          • That works — thank you!

          • That is correct!

        • The “scavs” had pod’s.

  11. Thank you guys for discussing that great movie.

    • Okay, so I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed everyone’s previous comments. I found myself laughing out loud several times, and loved that most people had similar thoughts/explanations in Oblivion.

      A hole I’ve been trying to answer: Earth without moon = falling out of elliptical orbit from the Sun. Google it- the Earth is just as dependent on the Moon’s own gravity, as the Moon is dependent on ours. The two objects complement one another, and keep each other in correct position in the annual orbit around the Sun. Destroying/ altering the Moon would send Earth spinning out of orbit..

      Second hole: If Jack Harper was such a football fan (Superbowl references, hail mary’s, etc.) then why all the Yankees gear and baseball stuff in the cabin? I mean, why not an nfl cap and an aged football lying around..?

      • Its very true! The scientific theory about all the object in the universe is called “theory of perturbation” which says that every mass in the universe is interlinked with other masses making it a very complex gravitational linkage and a disturbance on a nano scale, will destroy everything but in the movie, moon wasn’t fully destroyed but was shattered into pieces. Anyways, I don’t see too much of loop holes in the film. It is a great Sci-Fi flick and please do not get too critical in your analyses.

  12. Very true about Earth’s orbit but remember that the moon is still up there – just in pieces. And in the shots of the sky, there was a good portion of the moon still intact and pulling on the Earth. I would wager that the film makers did that to argue that the Earth’s orbit could remain somewhat stable if at least part of the moon was still there. Check out the remake of Time Machine. We half destroy the moon in a mining accident and after centuries of the earth being torn apart it eventually stabilizes.

    I agree about the football stadium paired with baseball memorabilia. It should have been a baseball stadium and Jack referencing the last world series.

  13. There were no “aliens”. The Tet which is short for Tetrad, is a concept of applying technology to society. It is a self aware algorithium that constantly asks what if, then adjusts. It exists in the past, present and future as one continuum.
    The director and co-author of the novel states that organic life could not survive the millennium in space so it would have to be a digital intelligence

  14. about Julia…she was typhoid Mary to the Tet and Helen of Troy to the clones. Any clone that saw Julia would start to get their memory back. When Jack brings Julia back to the sky pad, Vicka says “it was always her wasn’t it”. Of course, When Tech 52 saw her he got his memory back and became Jack Harper. I guess there is some Scincetology in this as memoy and feelings re-incarnated from host to clone.

  15. Enjoyed the movie immensely. Sure it wasn’t perfect, but good enough to keep my suspicion of disbelief out there. Really enjoyed all the shout-outs in it to prior scifi works as well. The dialogue was usually clever, though occasionally failed in a few bits.

    How come AI are never nice and helpful?

    • …Like it a lot. Though I’m getting sick of all the pointless sex scenes in movies lately. 3 minutes of wasted plot time that could have been covered by a simple 5 second shot of kissing. Meh, guess we have to give everybody boner’s to make money.

    • If you have ever played mass effect there is a very nice AI in that game.

  16. I read a lot of comments from page 1 till page 3, I didn’t notice anyone bring this up… I could not read all comments, But here are my two cents, Incase anyone mentioned what I am about to write… I must have missed it and If so, I apologize.

    Anyone else catch the “2001 a space odyssey” reference? His ship was called “odyssey” and they were going to “Titan” just like in “2001 a space odyssey”, Also like in 2001, The crew picked up a mysterious signal that made the captain of the ship divert… Most of the crew died in “Delta Sleep” just like in “2001 a space odyssey” and finally… (Spoiler Alert) The Upside down triangle thing with the red eye, Or “Sally” I think was the TET’s name… Looks a lot like HAL9000… So I am compelled to say… TECHNOLOGY WILL BE OUR DOWNFALL :)

    Anyone else feel this way?

    • Yes!! I was just saying that in another forum about Oblivion, definitely noticed how it’s suppose to be along the lines of Space Odyssey. Also, Sally and Hal9000 Sal and Hal lol. I think that’s why people are not getting the movie they don’t understand the concept they were going for.

  17. In depth discussion??? You were so worried about spoilers that your ‘discussion’ doesn’t address the interesting details that can be analyzed about the story. Just do a spoiler alert and dig in!!

  18. This is the part that gets me about the movie, am I remembering correctly when (I forget who) refers to Julia, as “Kurylenko” which is the actresses real last name!!?? I need to watch it again to see if I heard that correctly. Anyone catch this?

    • Nope! Quantumnerd, Tom says ROSAKOVA when TET asks him the purpose of approaching it at that time Tom spells out the full name Julia ROSAKOVA.

        • When Jack first arrives at the crash site, he sees an empty, undamaged pod. That would have been his or Vika’s. He found Julia In the one marked with her name. Her pod winds up at his sky condo and the movie doesn’t show what happens to it. Later, when Jack and Julia are captured by the Scavs, you see two pods being carted back to the scav base? Those would have been Jack’s and Vika’s, unless he brought Julia’s pod back to the crash site which seems unlikely. So most likely, Jack would have put her in his pod, marked J. Harper, and taken Beech in Vika’s pod to the Tet.

  19. I can accept certain flaws within a Sci-Fi movie as there is generally a few here and there (or a whole heep). However, at the end of the movie Tech 52 finds his way to Julia as he shares the thoughts/memories of Tech 42 and they can live happily ever after. So…. what about the other 1,000 or so Jack Harpers’ watching all the other zones?? Do they all make the long trek to find Julia also and they ALL live happily ever after? I’m sure it would be slightly awkward having 1,000 husbands.

    • The memory of that cabin and that particular forest oasis was unique to Tech 49 as he is the one who found the spot and found/built the cabin. The only shared memory is Julia and the desire to one day have a cabin in the woods. Tech 52 is able to find his way to that cabin with the help of the scavs. Tech 49 probably left the coordinates with the others before he launched.

      Of course I am filling in the blanks with my personal theories but that’s one thing that I like about sci-fi. You can use your own imagination to complete the story.

      • I agree that Tech 52 has a special connection with Jack and Julia as they meet and Tech 52 is actually the one who nearly kills Julia…anyway, I still find it hard to forget that there is still 1,000 other Jack Harper’s on earth with nothing to do now the tet was destroyed. That’s my only gripe. Rant over :)

      • I am hitting LIKE button to your theory Roy!

      • mf told jack that he knows about his special place

      • Thanks for the correction Sheikh. I’m not sure I could have lived with myself without it.

    • The story shows that the Tet was perfectly fine with simply eliminating the clones whenever they got even slightly out of whack from their narrow programming. So once the thousands of killer Jacks had done their initial thing and the drones were up and running, rather than feed and house and employ the killer Jacks it makes sense that the drones would simply be tasked to eliminate them. Then the Tet could just maintain the minimal number of tech teams needed to service the drones, replacing them only as necessary. The drone being in the tech house for repair and lacking parts was a deception–its real and only purpose was to get rid of the team once they were no longer useful. Probably this had already been done many times, since it had been 60 years since the invasion and Jack was only aware of the last five. There was likely one in every house for the purpose.

      Also, the hydro things had been sucking water for six decades and there was still plenty of water, so there may not have been all that many regions. The regions would not have covered the whole land area of the planet, but only have been located in coastal areas for the sea water, and probably only in the temperate zones since those would have been much easier to establish and maintain. We know there were at least 52 but it may not have been many more. Then when the Tet was destroyed, all the drones died, so probably all the bubble ships and the sky condos would have died too, killing the Jacks that were flying them at the time, All the Vika’s would have been trapped in their homes. The barren lands and lack of transportation and tools would have quickly wiped out anyone trying to survive on their own. Jack 52 was with the Scavs so would have survived, but after three years, it’s likely that most or all of the others either died at the time the Tet did, starved to death or died of exposure, or were killed by the Scavs in their regions. Any still alive would be widely scattered and would not likely find any of the others even if they did try to test the “radiation zones”.

  20. speaking of plotholes: to me one of the scenes i had to laugh out loud was the drone-chase. tom an julia hid under a waterfall and the drones flew by (or past?…my english isnt perfect, i am from austria in europe, native german speaking :)

    i think such high sophisticated machines like the drones dont fly by sight. they have scanners and radar aso on board. so its piontless to hide under a waterfall because the drones will find you by there scanner hardware…that scene was really ridiculous :-)

    a second PH i wanna mention: the bubble ship tom and julia used for their escape from the drones is property of the tet. vicka once remote controlled the bubble at the empire state building scene. i think if mission controll wants to overrule or disfunction the use of the bubble-ship it can do this. so there is no need to chase the bubble with drones because it wouldnt have startet from the plattform if tet doesnt want it to start.

    but the master plot hole (already mentioned here) was the voice-recorder thing. beeing located in the cockpit of a space ship the VR could never be found, because it was never in the rear part of the 2017 spaceship. at the latest here the complete story collapses completely…

    But despite all theses leaks and goofs and holes, i love that movie :-) photographed perfectly, designed well in apple style (although i am a samsung/android user :-) played nicely by tom andrea and olga…and although i miss the real composeres of yesterday like williams, barry, goldsmith, morricone, horner & co, i like the soundtrack and especially the end title song by Susanne Sundfør….

    end of transmission….F-Y-SALLY

    • btw: deep respect to the awesome analysis by “lilithxdark” above…

    • actually i think it’s more of a failsafe. if any skavs and/or humans get up there somehow they are locked out and the door can only be opened from the inside.

  21. just saying here i actually prefered victoria to julia. i found that julia and jack had pretty near no chemistry together. what do you guys think? also, what happened to victoria from 52? did she disappear or what cause the jack came to the hut but the victoria is never again mentioned. i mean she didn’t die did she?

    • Agreed aglahir, I felt the same way about Victoria vs. Julia. The 52 Victoria also did not seem to concerned about tracking Jack’s whereabouts online. She just walked up the stairs as he left.

  22. Great movie IMHO. As other reviewers have said a great movie makes you think. This one does. You can also watch the blu-ray with the actor/director commentary playing and many questions will be answered.

    One quibble: How old is Morgan Freeman’s character at end? Where is he in beginning? Maybe in the background at Empire State building? I guess I am going to have to watch it again.

    • Beech said he was 18 and had been in the army less than a year when the Tet attacked and destroyed the moon. It was said repeatedly that 60yrs has gone by, so that would make Beech around 78.

  23. My confusion surrounds MF’s char as he is the one who provides much of the background and explanations: If all of this took place over the course of 60 years, how would have Beech been old enough to know the details of what was happening? If he had joined the military at eighteen (let’s say), this would make his char @80 yrs old. And even if he was 18 and in the military unexpectantly battling an alien invasion, how would he have access to classified NASA information re: the Odessy mission. And how would he have known about the pod being ejected and floating around in space in order to even know a code exisited to bring it down?
    Others had comments re: the cabin…. my take is that Jack 49 was assigned to work an area that the original Jack had actually lived. Everything about the location ended up triggering memories that most likely would have remained dormant. The cabin could have been his own vacation home and 49 was drawn to it due to residual memory, or perhaps just happened upon it during his scouting missions and the items within stirred memories. Clearly during his routine scouting he had collected items that he brought back and kept there (puzzle pieces to him perhaps?). Maybe after the Tet was destroyed and 52 was left to his own devises (and also a briefing by the remaining scavs), his memory of the cabin prompted him to seek it out, bringing along the scavs in order to ensure their survival. Clearly, Jamie Lannister knew that’s where the girl was, only they had to find the location no longer having the convenience of the tech equipment that was rendered useless after the Tet detonation. I think the information about the cabin was shared when Jack 49 and Beech departed, merely for the sake of humanity’s survival, and they were instructed to bring 52. Why it would take three years is beyond me… you would think with at least two people knowing its whereabouts, they could have provided decent coordinates. And it couldnt have been far if Beech was aware of it. But there’s nothing that leads me to assume that every other Jack replica left to wander the earth would all make a beeline for the cabin. In all likelihood, the rest all died having no clue who they were or what their real purpose was plus limited resources once their provider ceased to exsist.
    Another big gap for me was the bomb in Julia’s sleep pod. You see Jack put it in, but obviously that wasn’t the pod that actually made the trip. So did he use a fake bomb so as not to tip her off? And why did the bomb have to carried within the pod at all… simply having it in the cock pit and hitting the big red button as soon as he made it into the core would have done the trick. And for that matter, the person in the pod didn’t have to be asleep. The Tet just wanted the survivor of the crash brought back, it didn’t know who the survivor was nor that the person was still asleep in it… and I’m assuming it was thinking of having a new clone template rather than killing “her”.
    I agree in the observation that the movie serves as a metaphor for our socio-economic situation, but trying to work that bigger concept into a movie with complex details and have a plausible plot is difficult to do without leaving some holes or confusion. Yes it’s just a movie, and yes movies are supposed to be entertaining, but part of the pleasure in enjoying a good movie (or book) is becoming immersed in the story. Too many implausible plot scenarios or too much information left out leaving the viewer to have to fill in the gaps with speculation jars the viewer and defeats the purpose of captivating the audience. It would be much more fun to be reviewing this movie by pointing out the hidden references to our modern society, or subliminal clues regarding the relationship between men and women, or even technology now and in the future.. anything other than merely trying to figure out how the creator meant for the story to come together and piece together the inconsistencies. I would have been reading through this forum had I night just watched the movie last night and was left with the response of, HUH? Maybe the bigger picture was what we were meant to get and ignore the weak areas where the script had a hard time piecing everything together in a nice neat package. ??

    • Well honestly I don’t think the ship was roaming in space for sixty years, they believed whatever the Tet was telling them and most of that was a lie. I know that at one point Beech said it took them ten years to figure out the codes for the homing beacon. But I think the rest was lies by the Tet. If you remember it didn’t take Jack 49 that long to reach the Tet from Earth when he was taking the bomb up there. The whole thing about the cabin was that original Jack loved the outdoors and had told Julia that they would live in a cabin and grow old together. SO this cabin idea by Jack 49 was a residual memory from original Jack, just like using the gum to fix things, wearing baseball hats, sunglasses, all the things from “pre-war earth” see obviously the point is that the human spirit or soul is ever present and no matter what Tet did to erase these memories it couldn’t be done, as we saw not only in Jack 49, but Jack 52. If you remember Jack 52 saw Julia and had the same memories (before he shot her lol) so that’s why he searched her out in the end. He also had memories of telling her about a cabin. About the bomb going into Julia’s pod, that was to make it seem she was going, not just for Julia but for the audience. :) I loved this movie but it seems like a deep movie but when you actually think about it most of these “plot holes” are actually explained in the movie. Also original Victoria was always in love with original Jack even though he was married (engaged) to Julia, if you remember how she wanted the picture with original Jack and it made him uncomfortable. That’s why the picture was in all the towers. But Victoria also had memories to of Julia and that’s why she wanted Victoria out the next morning. Also the movie is a lot like Space Odyssey if you think about it, instead of Hal they had Sal, and also it’s odd how they referred to Tet (which was the name of the largest military offensive during the Vietnam war)

  24. Great movie. Reminded me of ‘Moon’.

    • Agreed, Gunho, I only saw Moon recently and Oblivion did indeed have many plot elements of Moon in it.

  25. I don’t think Jack could have snuck that bomb up into the Tet and detonated it as easily as he did. An AI as advanced as Sally would have many defensive mechanisms and would have been able to detect the bomb. Also, I wonder how many tech Jacks are still on Earth? What if they all find their way to the cabin? What did all those other Jack and Victorias think/do when the Tet was destroyed?

    • We’ve all gotten used to the idea that any alien who shows up on our planet has to necessarily be lights years ahead of us in technology of every kind, but I actually think the storytellers took some pains to show that the drones and the Tet, while very sophisticated in many areas, were also quite limited in others. For instance, the Tet could not communicate or control if it wasn’t in direct line of sight but had dropped below the horizon. Also, the drones relied almost entirely on visual, having to pivot toward what they were shooting at and not seeing the Scavs behind rocks and walls. They identified the techs with visual and audio. The bubble ships camera showed a heat scan, and the drone views showed some heat, but other than being able to follow the bio trail, there weren’t any other indications of any particularly sophisticated sensors. Even the Tet saw that Jack had a pod carrying a passenger, but didn’t know it was a male, or that the bomb was inside (the pod perhaps had radiation shielding for use in space?) and the Tet relied on voice analysis, heart rate and breathing to detect Jack’s anxiety, all simple to pick up with low tech video and audio equipment. I actually think it was kind of refreshing to have an ai antagonist that didn’t know everything.

    • I think most of the other tech Jacks would have died when their bubble ships crashed along eith the drones, or been trapped along with all the Vika’s in the sky condos. Any that survived the first few days or weeks after the loss of the Tet would have died of exposure or starvation, or been killed by the Scavs in their regions maybe. Jack 52 only survived because the Scavs picked him up and took care of him.