‘Oblivion’ Spoilers Discussion

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Oblivion Spoilers Discussion Oblivion Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Oblivion review, this is the place where you can discuss Oblivion spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Oblivion episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Oblivion for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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Oblivion runs 126 minutes and is Rated PG-13 for sci-fi action violence, brief strong language, and some sensuality/nudity. Now playing in regular and IMAX theaters.

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  1. Saw the movie on Tuesday (released earlier in the EU).

    I liked it, the visuals are very slick and futuristic (I want that communication table!!!). Sadly the end was a bit disappointing, that was VERY much a Tron (the old one) ending indeed. They could have done so much more with that, but I still enjoyed the movie a lot.

    The flight through Tet reminded me a lot of ID, without the aliens though.

    • Yes, reminded me of ID4 as well.

      One thing I did think about was, Ok, the second Jack (No 52) turned up, but after the Tet was destroyed I wondered what became of the other Victoria. Unless she was in the crowd of people at the end, didn’t notice her though.

      Thought the shattered moon looked impressive, was hoping we’d get to see at least the opening attack on the Earth, or even just the moon being decimated would have been nice.

      Still, a good sci-fi film.

    • Agree that Jack Harper going into The Tet is like Will Smith’s journey thru the mothership in ID4.

      Some comparison with other sci-fi:

      -The Tet turns out to be a Midwestern accent HAL 9000 with glowing red eye.
      -Jack Harper 49 confronts 52 just like what happens to Lincoln Six Echo in The Island.
      -Bubbleship (what is it actually called?) is a miniature Millennium Falcon complete with rotating turrets and flying by its side to escape two drones which look like Tie Fighters without wings.
      -The Skags’ (human resistance) armor look could be inspired by Panzer Cop from Jin Roh anime.

      • Just a nitpick: The Tet/Sally speaks with a southern drawl. A midwestern accent is actually closer to what Jack spoke with throughout the movie. The General American dialect you’ll often hear in American cinema and news broadcasts is based off of midwestern speech patterns.

        • The real Sally was from NASA Houston, hence the southern drawl. It would stand to reason that the mimicking Tet kept the same voice pattern to keep the earth clones compliant.

          • I live in Houston – we don’t talk like that. I was born and grew up in Alabama – THAT is where we talk like that… :-)

            I see no connection between Sally’s accent and her domicile.

          • I live in Houston – we don’t talk like that. I was born and grew up in Alabama – THAT is where we talk like that… :-) I see no connection between Sally’s accent and her domicile.

          • I live in Houston – we don’t talk like that. I was born and grew up in Alabama – that’s where we talk like that… :-) I see no connection between Sally’s accent and her domicile.

          • I live in Houston – we don’t talk like that. I was born and grew up in Alabama – that’s where we talk like that… I see no connection between Sally’s accent and her domicile.

        • What the hell does this have to do with anything?

        • Woah woah woah…. that was NOT a Midwestern accent. I’m thinking Texan. (my ex’s parents were from Texas, that accent is like nails on a chalkboard to me.)

          Also the reference to HAL is more of an homage to 2001, not a straight copy. Just look at the design of the bubble ship and the drones. (Also it’s stated on wikipedia, lol)

  2. Jack 49 is dead while Jack 52 reunites with his wife. So everything is fine in the end.

    What if 49 did not die and 52 shows up, Julia would end up with two husbands. The joke would be they end up as a threesome.

    But on a more serious note, can she love another clone who is only a genetic duplicate. What if all the rest of Jack Harpers around the world ends up in the lake house?

    • Ohh thanks for clearing that one up i got confused seeing how jack died and then came back

    • I’d take a threesome with two Victoria’s any day :)

    • The solution is obvious, they’ll just reverse engineer the cloning technology onboard the Tet and clone a billion Julias.

  3. How can possibly Julia know about the tet? she was in delta sleep and the last thing she knew was tha they were heading towards titan, there´s no way that she could know that NASA changed their mission from going to titan to investigate the tet, when she awakes, for all that she knows she is in titan..

    • Most likely a plot hole. Her character was either not well written into the plot or there is problem with the edit.

      Morgan Freeman’s character says “She is the reason” before Julia and Harper rode off with the motorcycle to the remnants of Empire States building. How can Freeman know about Julia’s importance at that point. When they come back after the encounter with Harper 52, only then Julia is introduced as Harper’s wife.

        • Sir ron, later he says he saw somethin different in this jack because of his curiosity and ulttimately because he chose to save julia, so when he said shes the reason, it wasnt because he knew they were married, infact, when tey come back to him later and she tells him his name he shows a look of surprise as if he didnt know, pay more attention bud ;)

          And yeah, that ending scene was 100% a ripoff of independence day, bummed me out

        • when “two hand Lanister” says, “why do you think he is different?” beech says, “because he does” meaning, jack 49 feels different. AND what separates him from the other clones is that he has found and taken an interest in books… learning about his own felt but unidentified human spirit.

      • beech actually said “he” not “she”. beech didnt know her (other then she was on the crashed ship.) beech said that because he had been watching jack and knew his reading of books put him in touch with his own humanity.

      • again I’m assuming here but if this nasa voyage into space was well publicized on earth. It would be in the news that jack & julie were a married couple going into space to investigate the tet.

        • Unless their marriage was a secret (notice she does not have his last name on here uniform or capsule). Or my other theory is that the human resistance was aware that they were married or together because they are the ones who activated the beacon to get Julie ship to land on Earth. Morgan Freeman says to him “I knew you were in there somewhere, I just had to find a way to get you out” and the camera pans to Julie then to Jack, meaning we used Julie to get your memories back.

    • It’s poorly (or rather not) explained, but it’s likely the entire crew was alerted of their change in directive. This is never mentioned or even hinted, but I’d think it safe to assume she along with the rest of the crew was informed of the Tet prior to her stasis. However, I will agree that the extent of knowledge Julia recollects about the Odyssey’s mission wreaks of a massive plot hole.

      • there was no change in directive. you guys missed something. I just walked out of the theatre, the odyssey’s crew was supposed to investigate the tet, not titan, they were supposed to find a way to destroy it. how did you guys not catch that?

        • The Odyssey’s crew was originally sent out to land on Titan. While floating through space, the spacecraft discovered the Tet and their mission was repurposed to investigate the mysterious tetrahedral structure.

    • Julia says early on that right before they left for Titan the Tet showed up so their mission objective was changed. Still, I think it’s pretty stupid that the first thing the earth would do is send a manned spaceship to some kind of just unknown machine.

      • Indeed, Earth would never send a manned spaceship to an alien structure in space. I mean, just look at the moonlandings and now the mars ones. Tons of rover’s are sent before even thinking about sending humans.

    • Could easily be explained away. One solution would be to note that they never said when Julia was put into delta sleep. They could easily have been given the order to detour from their original mission while Julia was still conscious. Then she was put into delta sleep…

  4. Why did Victoria not want to leave the house? Think I may have missed the reason why.

    • She did say “I am not going anywhere with you” to Harper. Maybe she was feeling emotionally betrayed after seeing Harper with his wife.

      BTW, now we know why The Tet kept asking “Are you an effective team?”. The moment you say no, both Victoria and Harper would be terminated and maybe be replaced by another batch of clones.

      • She would not leave before Julia turned up you see, I’ve looked on net chat rooms about the film and no one knows, just thought there must be a reason. She is asked several times to go ‘down to the surface’ and everything she is adamant that she won’t. Being a astronaut clone you would think that she would be a little more adventurous!!

        You are right IMO on the effective team stuff but somehow harper knew this, another thing I had a problem with.

    • None of the Victorias went to the surface because the Victorias remembered something from before. We don’t know what exactly, but Victoria showed her hand when she told Jack, “It was always her!” or something similar after Jack returned from the Empire State Building with Julia.

      • Victoria had to be scared of outside rules because of something. That is why she wouldn’t accept the plant.

        • I think that Victoria’s “job description” was to stay in the house and never go to the surface becuase it was too dangerous. her memory “erased” and “re-programmed” to do her job and nothing else, she seemed genuinely afraid of the consequences of being on the surface.

        • They hint a little about this in the scene where they are going into the Tet for the first time. Jack tells her to get back there, but she refuses. Victoria’s obviously got a ‘stick to the rules’ thing.

      • She also has a distaste for the unclean earth, shown in her dropping the flower over the rail and saying something about it being contaminated. She prefers to stay in her sparkling, pristine environment where she is in control and everything is planned and orderly.

  5. On the one hand, “logic questions” that film reviewers will not raise for fear of spoiling the film for moviegoers; yet on the other hand, they create a severe quandary for critics who refer to these “lapses” in a general way. Either way, the popcorn-eater is not being well-served.

    On a visual level OBLIVION delivers; but the issues stirred by these comments should have been addressed during the scriptwriting phase to avoid insulting the viewer’s intelligence.

    Will it hurt the box office gross? Will be looking at the box office gross…not this weekend, but the next.

    • Yeah, I was tip-toeing around the spoilers in the review (because there are a lot) but I think the point of bringing them up is to keep people’s expectations for the twists and story in check. Saying their are plot holes helps keep things in perspective – especially since, in spite of some derivative plot material, I enjoyed the character story.

  6. I liked it , but between this and Tron, Joseph Kosinski should just make a APPLE commercial and get it out of him…

    • LOL..

  7. Speaking of plot holes, how the heck does Morgan Freeman quote the exact passage from the book that Jack happened to read aloud when he was alone? How the heck does Julia have a baby on her own in the woods? If Jack and Julia make a baby in one night, why didn’t Victoria get pregnant during those 5 years alone with Jack? People are forgetting that there are a bazillion Jacks and Victorias on the ship and on the Earth. There wasn’t just a Jack 49 and a Jack 52 on the Earth – no way. I wonder what happened to all of those extra teams of Jack/Victoria once the Tet was destroyed. How convenient was it for the base’s doors to open RIGHT BEFORE the drones arrived? And how the hell did Jaime grow a new hand? }:-> I could go on and on.

    Still, I thought it was a slick movie. It really satisfied the scifi nerd in me. I just wish the movie had lived up to even 3/4 of its full potential. And I loved Kurylenko’s performance: she’s improving.

    • These are all obvious.

      #1: Morgan Freeman planted the copy of the book for Jack to pick up.

      #2: Julia is, in reality, an asexual alien.

      #3: Victoria was sterilized by the Tet.

      #4: All the spare Jack and Victoria clones serve as a food supply for the rest “scav” human colony.

      #5: Morgan Freeman is an Tet android attempting to sabotage humanity’s last safe haven.

      #6: Jaime borrowed a hand from a Jack clone.

    • I think Julia was pregnant when she was in cryo-sleep. When she was in suspended animation, so was the embryo.

      Remember CLONES ARE STERILE. So clone-Jack could not impregnate her.

      • NASA doesn’t send pregnant astronauts into space.

      • this is my favorite comment… remember: CLONES ARE STERILE! As if this is a known fact that all sci-fi movies must abide by.

        This whole thread is people reaching and REACHING to justify what is an obviously swiss-cheesed movie. None of it makes sense. Which is shocking because 80% of it was exposition.

    • @Royal

      “Victoria get pregnant during those 5 years alone with Jack”
      If Sally can figure out how to grow human clones, she can probably modify genetic structures to make sure they won’t produce babies. Incompatible genes, etc… What I’m wondering…is who built Sally in the first place? Or is she more like…a silicon based life form that’s evolved?

      “And how the hell did Jaime grow a new hand?”
      She never loses a hand…? Its bloody from touching her stomach.

      “People are forgetting that there are a bazillion Jacks and Victorias on the ship and on the Earth.”
      Probably started grieving, then eventually pieced things together…meh its unimportant to the rest of the story.

  8. Anyone else watch this and at about the halfway point go: This is ‘Moon’!!?

    Seriously though, good thing Jamie grew that hand back.

    But seriously, I liked the movie very much. The score by M83 is worth mentioning, and though maybe not memorable melodically, very emotional and lifting which worked well for the film. I think the visuals were great, acting was spot on, and the story had enough twists and turns that even if I guessed right as to what the next twist was, I was still at the edge of my seat guessing.

    • That’s no moon…

      • that’s a space station

    • Yes. The film ‘Moon’ did lend material to Oblivion.

  9. Alright so I have a question since jack was cloned after his memory of his wife is every clone able to remember his original wife? like that information is deep down inside of every clone or something?

    • Yep, but it’s okay, in the new human society polygamy is perfectly legal.

  10. Tet clones thousands of Jack Harpers to ruthlessly slaughter the human race. Permits Jack 49 and Jack 52 to possess sympathy towards other humans. Lol, stupid Tet.

    Tet deploys hundreds of drones to patrol earth and eradicate remaining human resistance. Equips each one with a unnecessarily large fusion power source capable of blowing up the entire Tet. Lol, stupid Tet.

    Tet lands and deploys Jack Harper army to wipe out human species. Completely ignores the Odyssey’s stasis chamber that’s been orbiting the earth for 60 years. Lol, stupid Tet.

    Tet is a hyper-intelligent super computer capable of mass harvesting planet resources, destroying moons, cloning human armies, and constructing elaborate conspiracy stories to fool remaining Jack and Victoria pawns. Cannot detect Jack 49 has brought aboard Morgan Freeman instead of Julia. Lol, stupid Tet.

    Tet provides Jack 49 and Jack 52 dragonfly shaped spacecraft as an assistance to their drone maintenance responsibilities. Does not include autopilot override feature to prevent Jack clones from using them maliciously. Lol, stupid Tet.

    Tet wants human subjects to clone and repurpose. Invades earth and does not capture any other human subjects for further cloning. Lol, stupid Tet.

    Tet needs to suck up Earth’s resources to use as fusion power; ignores huge massive fusion powered star at the center of the solar system. Lol, stupid Tet.

    • This! Hilarious.

    • Tet requests Jack take Julia to the Tet because she is a threat. Resists killing her immiediately instead taking Jack and “Julia” directly to her core and power center. lol, stupid tet.

      Tet is satient super-computer that builds fusion reactors and super-advanced drones. Needs human mechanics to fix them. lol, stupid Tet.

      Morgan Freeman waits 60 years to send the beacon signal for the sleeping NASA astronauts with no plans of protecting them against slaughter and apparently no idea the names of those astronauts on board. lol, stupid morgan freeman.

    • Hey, computers are only as good as their programmers. Stupid alien programmers.

  11. Tet reminded me of the portal computer

    • Tet reminded me of a lot of malevolent AI cliches.

      • ha

      • Who says Sally’s artificial? Could be a naturally evolved lifeform, just silicon based. Like the Geth.

  12. So Morgan Freeman happened to notice a dude pick up a book…
    …so he built a beacon to call a ship he couldn’t possibly know about to bring the clone’s “wife” that he couldn’t possibly know about, so that she could possibly jar his memory in the most convoluted way, in hopes that he’ll decide to help the survivors…possibly

    • “We threw the long ball” –Morgan Freeman

      “Hail Mary” –Tom Cruise

      Blindly staggering into incredibly lucky situations is clearly the impactful moral this film is trying to convey.

      • “There is only one thing left for me to do: I must have sex & wait for a random occurrence. As God as my witness, I will have sex & wait for a random occurrence!!!”

      • Also, Jack dodging lighting was pretty awesome. Top notch clone, right there

        • In the beginning I was facepalming as he flew directly through a lightning storm.

        • Need I remind you that Jack trained at Top Gun?

          • Hahaha hillarious

    • Everybody knew about Odyssey because it was a global mission to attack the tet. 60 years on earth gives you time to figure out who was onboard. just sayin.

      • Yeah. Why was everyone so surprised when they said who she was? They presumably put out the beacon signal (cause if they didn’t who did?), so they knew they were up there. did they not know WHO was up there?

        God this movie was terrible.

  13. It would’ve been way more epic if Morgan Freeman said the “F–k you, Sally” line

    • Sally was just the kind lady at mission control. Why does everybody gotta blame Sally just because the Tet decided to use her voice?

      • HAHAHA… i thought the same thing. Poor Sally. She’s dead now and her legacy is she became the name and face of Gallactic Hitler.

  14. They pitch Tom Cruise the movie and he responds: “I have some minor changes. Lets have the communications officer be in love with me. Then I meet this other woman, who’s in love with me. Then I meet Morgan Freeman…who just loves me. He needs me to fix a drone, cuz it loves me. The communications officer snaps, because she loves me. Then later, I meet a clone of her…and she loves me. So I end up flying the bomb into the tet; it lets me in because Sally loves me. The tet is filled with thousands of ME and thousands of a girl that loves me. We reveal that I brought Freeman, which makes the audience love me. Flash forward to Julia, just loving me, right? With her daughter. Then…BOOM…I walk up with a group of people who now love me, Julia sees me and loves me, then my daughter sees me and instantly loves me! Soooo…do you guys love me, er, the movie!?”

  15. Wasn’t Jack Tech- 52 the real Jack (the one that was the actual pilot of the first Titan mission)? Because that is the only way that the ending makes sense. According to the film, there were ‘millions’ of Jack’s produced as Techs, so wouldn’t that mean that more Jack’s could just show up. I’m guessing that the real Jack was undercover the whole time, and finally was able to meet with his Wife without raising suspicion of the Tet.

    • Jack 52 probably was mindwiped like every other Jack. Why else would he act hostile towards Jack 49 and Julia?

      • He didn’t act hostile toward Julia at all

        • Yeah, my mistake, you’re correct. He didn’t see Julia because she was watching from a distance with a dumb look on her face.

          • Well she was pregnant. She couldn’t involved, dude.

    • No. You’re just trying to justify a movie that made zero-f’ing-sense. You can’t.

  16. So…um…OK, I’m just gonna say it:

    Jack Harper killed the last black man on Earth.

  17. Where did the baby come from?

    • When a clone & a mommy love each other very much…

      • She was already pregnant when she went into stasus

        • What? No! They had sex in the cabin. The baby was just under 3…he said its been 3 years

        • If she was already pregnant, how could her fetus survive after she got shot by Tech 52?

          • Crazy stuff happens like this all the time in real life, check out a local hospital.

      • Clones by the machine can,t reproduce. What would be point or logic

        • So you’re assuming something and using that assumption to completely ignore a plot point in the film?

          Maybe only the female clone can’t reproduce.
          There. Now we’re both right (though righter)

        • Why would they allow a pregnant astronaut on a mission?

  18. I was ready to walk out within five minutes of the movie…not during his storytelling voiceover of ‘what happened to Earth’. I did the proverbial facepalm or ‘index finger & thumb to nose pinch & grimace’ when he said that they’re memory was wiped. Uh, why do you have your mind wiped if you won ‘the-war’ someone spoon-fed you a story of? Second, if you want to get specific, there was a lot of rubble and objects thrashed about ‘the liitle red book’ Jack stepped on for Morgan Freeman to just coincedentally place it exactly there for Jack to happen upon. Remember, Jack fell on it and other debris when falling from the opening after someone cut his hoist cabling back to his bike above. Stomping out the flame on it was a nice touch, but still. Exact placement? Oh-oh-oh, was I the only one who figured that 2nd clone Victoria would notice the FORTY-NINE embroidered on Jack’s outer jacket when he returned? And no, the strap of his weapon didn’t hide it either.

    • And the blue. He was 49 and his logo was blue. The other guy was 52 and the logo was yellow. You’d think that if your husband wore the same jacket EVERY DAY you’d notice if he changed it up. But maybe she was distracted by his broken, still bleeding nose. Or his scraped up, filthy face, which she ignored… But she didn’t seem to be too attentive to detail since she left her post and was off taking a dump or something while her real husband was tied up in the desert anyway.

      This movie was horrible.

  19. Hello all!

    I just got done seeing the movie and I am a little hazy on exactly what happend. Could someone explain the general plot line for me? Also for people who have read the book, do any of the questions asked above get answered in it?. For example is explained/ answered; Where the Tet came from? or if it has any connection to the Skags that attacked the planet? or even; are the any humans on Titan, or was it just a ploy by Tet to keep Jack busy doing it bidding?
    Thanks all and enjoy your day.

    • In the movie the “SCAVS” (short for scavengers) are not aliens but in fact a human resistance. It didn’t explain the tet’s orgings or its true motives.

      • I believe the TET is a mechanically based sentient being that is similar to Galactus in that it goes from world to world feeding off them for energy. Its only motive is survival and it rapes planets to do it.

        • Love the galactis comparison. Now now im thinking about it i’d love to see a “tet” like threat in a marvel movie. Maybe an Ultron/galactis type being to face off against “Black Panther” “Ant-man” assisted avengers in Phase 3

        • After watching the movie, I compare the Tet to Brainiac from DC comics.

    • Where the Tet came from?
      Alien sentient mechanical lifeform
      -any connection to the Skags that attacked the planet?
      There are no “Scavs”. Scavs are resistance humans fighting for survival form the TET
      or even; are the any humans on Titan, or was it just a ploy by Tet to keep Jack busy doing it bidding?
      No Humans on Titan. All BS

    • You may find it helpful to read the wikipedia synopsis of the film.

      Basically, in 2017 Jack was the pilot of a ship called the Odyssey that was sent out to explore Titan. However, the Odyssey came across an alien object known as “The Tet”. Victoria, the copilot, stays with Jack while they approach the Tet. The two eject the stasis chamber (with Jack’s wife Julia onboard) towards earth, saving those onboard. Throughout their approach, Jack and Julia keep in contact with Sally, who is at mission control. However, as Jack and Victoria approach the Tet, mission control cuts out and the two presumably are pulled into the Tet. (The Tet also has been recorded Sally’s communications with Jack and Victoria).

      The Tet, erases Jack and Victoria’s memory and begins rapidly cloning them. The Tet blows up the moon which brings forth many natural disasters that severely weaken humanity’s defenses. When the Tet lands on earth, it unleashes a limitless army of Jack clones that take over the planet. Human government and society as we know it is crushed and only a few a small colony of survivors remain. The Tet identifies these survivors as “Scavengers” or “Scavs”. The Tet sets up multiple fusion chambers that absorbs earth’s resources and turns it into energy for the Tet.

      Fast forward to about 5 or 10 years prior to 2077 and the Tet decides to utilize the Jack and Victoria clones for another purpose. It decides to utilize teams of Jacks and Victorias to maintain and repair the drones that defend its fusion chambers and hunt down remaining human rebels (Scavs). The Tet programs the Jack and Victoria clones to believe that humanity won the war, the Tet structure is a human military base, and most of humanity now resides on Titan. The Tet manipulates its recorded footage of Sally to communicate with Jack and Victoria without suspicious.

      The Tet establishes multiple identical bases across the planet with a Jack and Victoria team housed in each of them. In order to ensure no clones interact with one another, the Tet convinces the Jack and Victoria clones that outside of each of their respective “zones” lies a region of extremely high-radiation. These false radiation borders fence each Jack and Victoria team off from one another.

      Because drones will seek, target, and kill any human besides Jack and Victoria, the remaining human survivors are forced to utilize tech-armor and voice synthesizers that disguise their human identities. While this makes it more difficult for the Tet to hunt down the remaining humans, the disguises conveniently hide the true human identities of “Scavs” from Jack and Victoria.

      Fast forward to the exact year, 2077. The human/Scav colony uses a homing beacon to bring down the stasis chamber sent into orbit 60 years ago. The chamber crashes and Julia (original Jack’s wife) is rescued by clone Jack Tech-49 and she is the sole survivor from the debris.

      • I went to that last night to figure out where the hell the beacon signal came from. It didn’t tell me. How did Morgan Freeman know it was up there? Why dd he wait so long to call it down? And what was his plan with them in the first place? Just to get Jack’s attention?

        • I blame dementia.

  20. I did not see the end coming. It was alluded to slightly when we met 52, but it was not glaringly obvious. Many good points are brought up above, but for me that fact that I DID NOT see the end coming in a day when very very few films catch me off guard, is what made it for me. We can find pieces of any number of films in this one, but in the end, the end is what sealed the deal for me. I TRULY enjoyed this and will suggest it to everyone.

    • I caught on pretty early. I kind of assumed this film would by a Sci-Fi psychological thriller so I was prepared for a lot of plot twists. The conclusion to Shutter Island definitely hit me by surprise, though.

    • What didn’t you see cming? That Morgan Freeman would be at the TET (One of his 5 lines was how much he wanted to see that.) Did you not see the T52 coming? He just disappeared earlier. Of course he’s coming back. Films don’t introduce key characters and have them disappear.

      This movie was so predictably senselessly confusing. It wasn’t even that complicated, it was that Krasinsky can’t tell a story. He just gives a bunch of exposition that is all about how cool his world is and nothing about the story or characters you’re about to watch in it. He’s really really bad.

      • Do u have an insight on if theres more Jack’s on Earth? Numbers from 49 to 52. Is there Jack 50 and 51 still around?

        • Yeah. There’s thousands. If this movie does well I’m sure that will be the follow up. These guys having to kill off all the clones that are still out there. The drones won’t be a problem since apparently they die whn the Tet does. Yet another factor that makes zero sense. Because if they are reliant on Tet for life then they are communicating and dependent on Tet. So why do they need Jack to fix them, command them, etc.? Why do they have such a separate existence from the Tet.

          This movie made no sense.

    • I don’t think so. All coincidence in my opinion although i did find it intresting that they built a beacon & the ship crash lands soon after. It that was the intent of the beacon then A. How did they know it was out there and B. How did the ship locate the beacon 60 years later while the ENTIRE crew was in stasis

      • A: The launch of the Odyssey (in 2017) was presumably a huge global event much like to the Apollo moon landings. Pretty much everyone on earth knew about the Odyssey’s expedition into space. I’d imagine most people were huddled around their televisions watching the back-and-forth commentary between Jack Harper and Sally at mission control much like to the Apollo moon landings. So pretty much everyone on earth paying close attention to the television knew that the stasis chamber had been ejected and was being sent into earth orbit.

        B: The stasis chamber was constructed right around 2017. Modern spacecraft is capable of flying almost entirely on preprogramed instructions a.k.a. autopilot. Reentry is directed entirely by mission control. The Odyssey stasis chamber was awaiting a signal from mission control to begin reentry instructions. It’s an ejectable stasis chamber with not pilotting mechanism, it’s designed to reenter earth while the ENTIRE crew is in stasis.

        Stupid Writers: The writers neglect to tell us any of this and supposedly leave it up to the audience to piece together this information while trying to keep up with everything else going on.

        • I know the world knew about the intial Odyssey mission but as i saw it the communication bewtween jack & mission control was lost before he ejected the excale pod. But i might be wrong & if i am & the world was aware of the ejection why did it take 60 years & a ghetto riggrd beacon to bring tjem down?

          • My question exactly.

            My answer: a lazy writer found it very convenient. Morgan Freeman sees Jack pick the book up and read it. This, he explains, is his clue that Jack 49 is different than the other Jacks. He needs a Jack to get program the Drone and this is the Jack to do it. So he needs to capture him. He uses “the hail mary pass” in his back pocket… which is the still orbiting Odyssey mission… to do it. He sends out the beacon, which he’s presumably been holding onto for 60 years, to bring down the ship, get Jack 49′s attention and call him to the specific coordinates, where he will capture him.

            I have no idea why Morgan Freeman doesn’t realize that this woman is Jack’s wife. Or why Morgan Freeman doesn’t have a plan to save the people. But that is how the events, as they were presented, explain themselves and move the story forward.

    • Freeman and the human/Scav colony setup the homing signal at the Empire State building (remember the wires Jack cuts). The homing signal is locked onto by the stasis chamber which follows the signal down to earth.

      So, yes, Freeman brought Julia down to earth.

      • But why? Why after 60 years? My guess is he uses these 5 last human’s lives as a last ditch call to just get jack’s attention and capture him. Something he nearly did the day before, until a drone randomly showed up. him using this one-time-only call that he’s been holding onto for 60 years, just to capture Jack doesn’t really make any sense.

        • My guess is lazy writers.

        • Cause it took 55 years to get stealth equipment to do such a thing, then another 5 years to find a moment to sneak out and rig up a signaler without getting shot by drones.

  21. So what happened to the other Jack/Victoria stationed among the rest of the platforms (I assume that seed the entire planet). There must of been hundreds or thousands of them from 1 to 10000 if they were all clones of the original and fully deployed on the planet.

    Makes you wonder too where the originals are.

    • The originals were either destroyed by the Tet, or destroyed by the destruction of the Tet. I’d presume it’s unlikely the Tet deployed the originals to earth, so it’s safe to assume the originals are dead :(

      • In any case, unless they’re in stasis they’d be about 60-70 years old.

  22. *Vica. Not Victoria.

    • I think “Vica” is a shortened form of her full name Victoria.

  23. How did Morgan Freeman know that the stassis pod of Tom Cruises wife was orbiting Earth? Some above in this forum said that it had been public knowledge as Tom Cruise and crew were headed out to recon Titan. But one slight wrinkle I haven’t seen anyone mention in this forum is that Morgan Freeman’s character said that he was in the military for about a year or two when the Tet attacked. And somewhere abouts his rambling mentioned he knew of Jack going out of space. Heck, wouldn’t the world know NASA launched an inaugural recon crew to a foreign moon? Heck, we’re actually building a spacecraft to intercept a asteroid. Launched within two years; complete with crew. No lie. Public record as of this day.

    • Yea in the movie morgan freeman says “they took one of our best & turned him against us” in refrence to jack. So i guess its presumed that initially jack was the neil armstrong american hero type becore he was cloned and turned into an army of human killers!

  24. Thought I might share:

    I’m pretty sure “Tet” is an abbreviation for tetrahedron which is the shape of the malevolent AI space station.

    • HAHAHAAH… I love that with all nonsense plot holes in thismovie, you took a post to describe the simplest, most obvious thing.

      • Brian, I would love to be able to hide ALL your useless comments. Yes, we get it, you did not like the movie – please go away.

  25. Why didn’t the 2nd clone Victoria notice the FORTY NINE big-bold embroidered on his outer jacket when he went up to 52′s tower to grab med-kit. And no, the strap of his gun did not hide it.

    • Damn. Didnt even think about that. Good observation.

    • Yeah, you can tell, that exchange was intended for the viewer to have that thought. My guess (and maybe the only way for it to make sense) is that she did see it. In that moment she decided to take her concerns to head quarters after he left… we know how that conversation would have ended, “Are you an effective team?”

      • No, this chick just sits around all day while I go risk my butt out in the field. How about you send me another fricken Jack instead of this useless moron.

      • Nah… She would have no idea what that means. She doesn’t think he ( or she) is a clone so it would take a massive shift in her reality to recognize what’s happening. In reality she would just ask, “where’d you get that jacket?”

      • Which is why the drones attacked?

  26. I think Julia was pregnant when she was in cryo-sleep. When she was in suspended animation, so was the embryo. Jack did not impregnate her when the met during the movie.

    Remember – CLONES ARE STERILE.


    • She got shot in the stomach during the fight between tech 49 & tech 52 though

    • A perfect genetic clone would have fully functional reproductive organs just like any other normal person.

  27. I saw the movie in Bosnia where it was released a week earlier than in the States. I thought the visuals were fantastic. I was happy that there was a story to this movie and not just the space-age shoot-em-ups (although there was some of that as well). The cast did a fine job — although I must say I am beginning to wish there was at least one film being made that did not have Morgan Freeman in it (he is becoming a victim of over-exposure).

  28. Everyone keeps saying the clones are sterile. Did it say that in the movie and I just missed it, or what?

    • if they weren’t sterile, Jack and Vica would’ve had babies.

      • They must have used protection.

        • How old exactly MF in this movie? It’s been 60years. He was a kid…and all the resistance, they haven’t been born yet during 2017

          • Yeah i figured that too. He said he was a soldier I thought so he’s 60 plus 18 at least. About 80. Seemed weird to me too.

    • In the real world, at our present time, clones are sterile. That is just fact. Now, who knows if that is the deal in this movie.

      • There’s a lot of things in this movie that science in this day and age can’t replicate. Like a satient space tetrahedron for example.

        T 49 is not sterile. He knocks up Julia. She couldn’t have been pregnant before that because a) Vica would have noticed in when she did her check up, and b) Julia gets shot in the stomach prior to having sex with T 49.

        Apparently a 60 year stasis does not interupt a woman’s menstruation cycle.

        • Please clarify: Which Jack arrived with Morgan Freeman on Tet and was that Jack killed there?

          Which Jack shows up at the Lake House at the end.

          • You were confused by that?

            Jack T 49, the hero of the movie, he goes to Tet with Morgan Freeman. And he dies there during the massive atomic explosion.

            Jack T 52 shows up in the valley at the end. He disappear earlier after T 49 has tied him up in the desert. Apparently he has been looking for “it” (the valley?) for the 3 years since he ran into T 49. IN that time he has somehow met up with this group of humans (the Scavs) and joined their search for the valley. How they knew of the valley and why they were aware of it but unaware of how to get there is completely unclear.

            • Thanks. The problem is that Jack 52 had not been visiting the lake house as had 49, so why would he (53) been searching for it?

              • typo there. I meant why would 52 be searching for it?

                • Yeah. Doesn’t make sense. He says “i’ve been searching for it for 3 years” or something like that. Totally weird. Who knows.

                  But yes, that was 52 that shows up at the end, not 49. As to how he knew the lake existed, and that he should be searching for it and her… one more unexplained thing in this horrible movie.

              • Before they went on the mission, Jack had told her he wanted to build a cabin by the lake where they could grow old together, etc. So #52 had those memories, of that conversation/desire. So all they had to do was find the lake with the cabin.