‘Oblivion’ Spoilers Discussion

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Oblivion Spoilers Discussion Oblivion Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Oblivion review, this is the place where you can discuss Oblivion spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Oblivion episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Oblivion for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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Oblivion runs 126 minutes and is Rated PG-13 for sci-fi action violence, brief strong language, and some sensuality/nudity. Now playing in regular and IMAX theaters.

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  1. Btw, how many realized that the Jack narrating the movie was Tech 52 all along and not Tech 49?

    • I’m going to watch the movie again. It’ll be a different perspective now that I know that it’s Jack 52 narrating the movie. Check out the comment I just posted. Make sense to you?

    • Wasn’t there only narration at the end?

      • beginning too

        • Yeah I’ll have to watch again to hear that narration. Also just wanted to say that Harper is on the pod when she get’s out at the cabin, but when he finds her it says her maiden name of Rusakova. So that’s a genuine mistake I believe, also a little trivia I read, they actually made some type of flight pod that Tom Cruise and Olga Kurylenko sat in to film the part in the movie where they are fighting the pods in the air, and I guess it was pretty grueling, and Olga said she threw up on the first day of filming, so it’s kind of funny to watch it knowing that, if you look at that part in the movie they both look a little green so to speak and when Tom Cruise asks her if she’s okay, (which might of been ad-libbed) she says “No” and she genuinely sounds sick. I think both might of been ad-libbed. lol.

          • haha yeah it looks way more authentic in the pod they created for them. The rotations are all genuine so I can see why that’d make em woozy haha and as for her maiden name, I think they were only engaged (She only has 1 ring) so perhaps they hadn’t gotten the chance to fully marry or they wanted to keep it a secret sort of for work purposes. But he calls her his wife, so I’m not 100%.

              • Thanks for the link Roy! I loved it, I first went to 8:45 to see the Bubble ship that was really cool. Now I’m going to watch the whole thing. :) I also just noticed Tom Cruise is half laughing when he asks her if she is okay. lol.

                • Yeah, in the theater during the canyon chase scene I’m watching the belts of the seat harness move up and down and I’m thinking “they didn’t ACTUALLY flip them upside down did they?!?”.

                  Then I watched the featurette and, “huh… I guess they did”.

                  • I know right it’s pretty crazy, I just tried to find a blooper reel but to no avail. lol.

          • Julia was in Jack’s pod in the end and Beech was in her’s. Jack’s pod was left intact since there wasn’t someone in it for the drones to kill when they landed.

          • There were two sleep pods from the Odyssey which would not have been destroyed by the drones because they contained no humans — Jack’s and Victoria’s. When Jack switched pods to go up to the Tet, he put Julia in his pod (which was obviously recovered from the crash site), which would have the name “Harper” on it.

            • If I can remember correctly one pod said Julia Harper and one said Julia Rusakova, I think that might of been a blooper they didn’t realize? I don’t know.

              • “J. Harper” (Jack Harper) and “J. Rusakova” (Julia Rusakova).

                • Good Eye!

                  • Thanks! I also meant to say to LfromNJ at the top of this thread who said that “Julia was in Jack’s pod in the end and Beech was in her’s” — The pod Beech was in was numbered “02.” I believe the pods would have been numbered according to the order of command, i.e. Commander Jack Harper being 01, and Victoria being 02. As I remember Julia’s was numbered 06.

                    • I think “Oblivion” is one of the great science fiction films of all time. It’s very near and dear to my heart, and I find the dismissive lack of respect towards the film by many on that site upsetting.

                    • I couldn’t reply underneath your last comment, but I agree! I loved Oblivion, and I think they were pretty harsh with their reviews of the movie. I think they are like the Tet and we should hop into our bubble ships and fly over and infiltrate them and school them about what the movie is really about. haha.

  2. As for the people wondering about the cabin, when he first brings her to the cabin she says to him that he told he that he was going to build her a house by the lake, where they would grow old together. With the terrain of the movie, I’m assuming there aren’t many lakes left so after their fight scene, 52 realizes that he’s a clone but has all of Human Jack’s memories from before the war. So 52 sets out to find the woman he’s been dreaming of for as long as he can remember (5 years). Takes him three years scouting for lakes, in hopes that clone 49 kept his promise to Julie and built the cabin.

    ***** The other clones of Jack will not go looking for the cabin because they have not met Julie therefore they still believe that she is just a set of memories or dreams from before their minds were erased. So 49 and 52 are the only ones of the clones that knew Julie was real. With 49 dead, 52 is the only other person who could have thought to check for the house by the water(which he would have done after seeing her during his fight with 49) I would go looking for the girl I’ve been dreaming about for 5 years too if I finally found her and saw she was real. Now the only s***** thing about this is that 52 will not share the new memories 49 and Julie made (her telling him about what he told her before the war and how he proposed and when they conceived their little girl, and how he saved her life and sacrificed himself so that she could live or the painting he gave to her before he left. I’m sure she could fill him in but he would still be kind of a stranger in a way.

    About who TET is, I have no f’n clue haha maybe someone can fill ME in on that.


    Pols out.

    • WAIT A MINUTE! I just watched it again. How could 52 possibly know that Julie had a daughter, if he’d simply locked eyes with her for 5 seconds? “I wonder if you see me, when you look at her.” 52 says that at the end of the movie when he finds the cabin. Gahhh I need answers people! haha

      • He’s saying that after the fact, to sum up after finding her. A narration like that if you think about it is someone recounting what has happened and remembering it. Therefor he had already found her and knew the daughter and lived there at the cabin and then he narrates, even though what they are showing is when he first finds her. The TET are the aliens that destroyed Earth.

  3. Who is TET then? And who invaded planet Earth causing the human race to nuke itself? Why is TET draining water from the ocean (I’m assuming that’s because no other planet has H20 in a liquid state and is incredibly important). What does TET stand for? Where are all the humans? Man this movie really got my brain going haha absolutely loved it.

    WAIT A MINUTE! I just watched it again. How could 52 possibly know that Julie had a daughter, if he’d simply locked eyes with her for 5 seconds? “I wonder if you see me, when you look at her.” 52 says that at the end of the movie when he finds the cabin. Gahhh I need answers people! haha

    • Well I had read that the Tet offensive was one of the largest military campaigns of the Vietnam War, although since then someone posted that Tet stands for Tetrahedron which is one kind of pyramid, which is a polyhedron with a flat polygon base and triangular faces connecting the base to a common point, although I think it could mean both seeing as the shape of Tet certainly looks like a Tetrahedron, but they did unleash an offensive against Earth. So I think it stands for both really. The humans were being killed off by the Jack clones, at least that’s what Beecher says during the movie. The surviving humans dressed like the “scavs” to trick the Tet and the clone Jack’s. Hope this helps, and yeah the movie does get you thinking. :)

      • Ahhhh gotcha. So do you think Tet was just AI or alien or both haha

        • Yes! Also when I watched the movie I kept thinking of Space Odyssey and they have a lot of similarities. If you’ve seen that movie, the computer Hal9000 takes over (similar to Tet) so it’s like Hal and Sal. lol.

          • haha I never even realized that!

      • TET refers to the name NASA gave it at first discovery…Tetrahedron…the shape of the object.

    • Water is for fusion reactor I thought since aliens wanted energy.

  4. Movies that Oblivion borrows from:
    2001: A Space Odyssey
    Silent Running
    Road Warrior
    The Matrix
    … more?

    • The end was a copy of Independce Day :-)

      • True that.

        Movies that Oblivion borrows from:
        2001: A Space Odyssey
        Silent Running
        Road Warrior
        The Matrix
        Independence Day
        … more?

        • It had a feel of Wall-E to it, I thought, except kind of the reverse in that Jack was there, although unknowingly, to help destroy Earth and ultimately led by an AI.
          Wall-E was an AI who was there to clean up the Earth and ultimately controlled by humans.

    • The entry into the inner chambers of TET very much reminded me of Star Trek The Motion Picture

  5. can anyone explain the photo taken at space … showing in their house …

    • If you mean by the one of Vicka and Jack, the TET reproduced it to further perpetuate the lie of them being a couple while working together.

    • Oh at the end of the movie when Jack 49 is listening to the flight recorder and they are doing a flashback of what happened with original Jack and Vicka, well original Vicka leans in to original Jack and put’s her face right up to Jack’s (remember he looks uncomfortable) and she snaps a picture. Saying it’s for history or something like that, also showing that original Vicka loved original Jack despite the fact he was married, also Vicka had memories of Julia, because clone Vicka said “it’s always been her” just before Jack 49 tells her that Julia is his wife. And it’s the picture the Tet used. It’s sad that Vicka died seeing as there were a lot of Jack’s to go around haha.

      • Actually this shows that Victoria DIDN’T know Jack and Julia were married. They got married just before the Odyssey took off on its mission to Titan, and they hadn’t told anyone. Which is why it still says “Rusakova” on Julia’s pod. So Victoria still thought she had a shot with Jack. When Victoria took the snapshot “for the history books,” you can see she cares for Jack. But his reaction (repulsion after the initial surprise that in the photo LOOKS like happiness) shows he wasn’t romantically interested in her. Then later at the door her returning memory sparks the old jealousy and she says, “It was always her…WASN’T IT!!!” And Jack informs her, “Vika…she’s my WIFE…” And Vicka makes the fatal mistake of reporting to Sally that they’re “no longer an effective team.”

        • Jack was obviously torn between his Love for his Wife that became a Reality to Tech 49 and his 5 Year Relationship with Vica that seemed to be Genuine. I wonder how many other Vica’s were stranded besides 52′s Vica who obviously was “Oblivious” as well as Tech52 Jack to what was happening to the Drones and the TET plus the drone that crashed in the fake Radioactive Zone when Tech52 shows up. Why the TET and 52′s Vica had no clue and the Bubble Ship had no override by TET when Jack went off grid bothered me as well as what the TET came from and what the Aliens really were. Awesome Movie though and Great Comments here…. I watched it again just because of some of the comments here. I wish I would of found this site for The Matrix! Ha ha

          • Beech told Jack there were “thousands of you,” so the presumption is that there would have been thousands of Vika’s as well, all paired up as “effective teams” to oversee thousands of grids.

            Apparently the Tet’s system was not perfect, and Sally didn’t see everything. When Jack got captured by the Scavs in the library, for example, Sally wasn’t aware of it. Vika had to request drones to go look for him. Likewise Sally wasn’t aware when Jack and Julia crashed in the “radioactive zone.” If you’ll notice, Vika 49 had a glass of yellow liquid on the console when she got blown away by the drone. This is a device by the author to let you know which tower you’re in — i.e. Tower 52 had no glass of yellow liquid on the console. Later, when Sally finally does realize something is awry, we see her frantically reviewing the trail of events from Vika 49′s console (the one with the glass of yellow liquid) to determine what happened. Sally figures out where Jack and Julia are now the same way she determined where Jack was then, and dispatches drones to the site, which arrive just as Jack and Julia and Beech et al are bringing the reprogrammed drone out to destroy the Tet.

    • When the original Jack and Vica were going into the TET, and Vica put her face by Jack’s and snapped the picture. She said something like “this is for history or posterity”

  6. This movie was the book of revelations. Jack Harper was both the son of satan’s demon army and the second coming of Jesus. The alien ship “the Tet.” represented the son of satan. This ship was completely unmanned by the alien race as they had anticipated the uprising of tech 49 Jack Harper. The natural function of the aliens was to reverse the effects of global warming. It was not their motivation of course but natural function rarely is. When they kidnapped and cloned Jack and Victoria they created a demon army. That army then wiped out the majority of humans on the planet except a small group remained giving truth to the idea that we are the most important species on this planet. Jack began to pattern out of his programming when he found books, the elvis bobble head, his New York Yankees hat and when he built his house by the lake. This was the pattern that woke up the son of god within him and he sacrificed himself to deliver heaven on earth to the people. In the end he was ressurrected as tech 52. This movie could have been written better but it was a very deep idea. I say bravo to whoever came up with it in the first place and I spit at the writer lol ;)

    • Thanks! That is a fantastic observation that adds to the complexity of the film.

  7. I saw this movie in the theaters but was only able to get my wife to watch the DVD with me by promising her that it was really a romance. She agrees.

    Oblivion has been criticized by a lot of people who obviously didn’t consider the implications of the basic premiss of the movie. Jack and Vicka are clones created by the TET who have been programmed with the edited memories of the originals. This makes perfect sense to me because it would save the aliens the trouble of developing the equivalent of a Petabit of computer code to serve as their brains’ operating systems. Unfortunately for the TET, the editing process has been far from perfectly effective so their are frequent cases where the myriads of clone pairs fail to continue working as “a good team.”. The TET has obviously been experimenting with different versions of the editing in an effort to create clones that have adequate memories that include their advanced skills yet are reliable.

    The fundamental difference between the clones of Jack and the clones of Vicka are that the clones of Jack are dissatisfied with the alternate reality that the TET fabricated for them because they yearn for the wife that their soul desires while the clones of Vicka are content because are content because the alternate reality gives them the romance the otherwise unavailable, married man that her soul desires.

    The great irony and beauty of this movie is that once Jack understands, he chooses his wife over the other woman.

    Once you understand that the TET needed to program it’s clones with edited memories of the originals to make them functional, so many aspects of the movie that seem silly or arbitrary. Why would the TET with it’s advanced technology create something as silly as the bubbleship, a fusion rocket powered analog to a Bell helicopter? Perhaps Jack had vivid memories of learning to fly in a Bell helicopter so flying the TET’s adaptation of the design would come naturally to him. The design of his rifle, pistol and motorcycle are also intentionally familiar to him.

    Some of the criticisms of the movie are predicated on unfounded assumptions. People question how and when Jack’s wife got pregnant because the presume that Jack’s failure to get Vicka pregnant proves thatntheir clones are sterile. Perhaps the TET has provided contraceptive pills for Vicka? Alternatively, perhaps the original Vicka had been sterile or had fertility problems which explained why she had been unmarried?

    I could heap enormous criticism on the movie for technical details that are silly. The fractured moon depicted in various scenes would quickly reassemble itself under the force of it’s own gravity. Even if the fragments had been dispersed far enough to not reassemble under the force of their own gravity, the larger fragments would pull themselves intonation spherical shape. Most glaring of all is the factnthat it would take more energy to shatter the moon then could be obtained from using Earth’s oceans as fuel for fusion reactors. Of course why bother with extracting Deuterium from Earth’s oceans when the TET could be extracting far larger quantities from icy moons, comets, or the atmospheres of gas giant planets? The gas giant planets would be a source of Helium 3 which is a far better fusion fuel than just Deuterium. I will not offer these points as criticisms because these details provide visual and dramatic facets of the story.

    The fact that Jack succeeds in impregnating Julia during their one night together makes dramatic as well as biological sense to me. Jack’s new mission is to ensure that humanity survives as a species. This requires babies, something that to many modern, sophisticated people forget to justify devoting their lives to fornication rather than procreation. It is the knowledge that he has inseminated Julia and the hope that he has impregnated her that contributes to Jack’s determination to destroy the TET, even if he needs ton sacrifice his own life. I suspect that Jack is even aware of the probability that his other self will find Julia at the cabin in the valley where he left her.

    The historical reference to Horatis at the bridge was a poetic and perfect detail. Jack is Horatis and like Horatis, he was sacrificing his own life not just to protect the tombs of his fathers and the temples of his gods but his wife and unborn child.

    • Great analysis.

    • “I suspect that Jack is even aware of the probability that his other self will find Julia at the cabin in the valley where he left her.”

      When Jack 49 and Jack 52 confront one another, Jack 49 lays down his weapons and puts his hands up. Then when Julia comes down the dune calling out “Jack!”, Jack 52 looks at her and experiences the same flashback at the Empire State Building as Jack 49. Jack 49 realizes this, and takes advantage of Jack 52′s bafflement to tackle him. So in the end Jack 49 has faith that, no matter how many clones of him there are, all of them likely share a dormant memory of Julia only she (his soul mate) can awaken.

  8. I find Vicka a very sympathetic character. They managed to portray her as tragic rather than turning her into a wickedly jealous girlfriend that you could easily dislike.

    Clones and drones appear to tap into our current cultural discomfort.

    • I agree about Vicka; I felt very sorry for her when she saw Julia and Jack together. Loved the movie, inconsistencies and all. It was a very poetic movie with strong themes of love, loyalty, duty, and honor. Very visual, great music, loved the bubble ship and the flying scenes. I’m not usually a Tom Cruise fan but he did very well in this movie. I will want to own this one and watch it more than once. Bravo!

      • OK 52 was not the original Jack was he? Because when 49 went into the 52 tower there was the picture that Vicka took b4, in the shiplog flash back.

        • I’m guessing every Vicka and Jack couple across the planet have the same picture.

        • Yeah they all had the same picture, it was from when the original Jack and Vicka were heading into the TET. Also, the original Jack had died, but Julia was spared because she was in suspended animation. And so there were a lot of clone Jack and Vicka’s, scattered throughout the area.

        • Im guessing every Jack and Vicka has the same picture in their towers, because if 52 is the original Jack, he would not have to fight 49 and only realize something when he sees Julia. Im guessing that real Jack is already dead, many years ago as well as the original Vicka after the Tet took them. And that’s when the cloning of thousands of Jack and Vicka begins. The thing is, if every tower has this picture, surely, 49 also has this picture. But why does 49, when he goes to 52 tower seemed surprised when he saw the picture as if its the first time he sees it, provided with the flashback thing? :) Anyone?

          • “But why does 49, when he goes to 52 tower seemed surprised when he saw the picture as if its the first time he sees it”

            He’s not surprised because it’s the first time he’s seen it. He’s surprised to find the exact same picture in Tower 52 that he has in Tower 49.

    • What I liked about Vicka was she was jealous but not in an ugly way, it was more of a genuine love and being afraid of losing him, more than jealousy. I still liked Vicka even though she had the memories of Julia as well and wanted to keep Jack.

  9. Thousands of Clone Soldiers Designed to Kill the Humans…… Beech didn’t say what happened to the Soldiers. Probably were Nuked and that is when TET cloned the Drone Repair Jacks and Vicas and or that is why there was was a memory wipe however 50 years ago would of been the time the Soldier Jacks existed… and Beech may have been a Teenager….. Beech never mentioned Vica. I do agree there should be thousands of Grids with Vicas and Jacks as EFFECTIVE TEAMS. They should be Starvin and or living off the land if they don’t have any means of travel same as 52 who took 3 Years to find the Cabin. Unless the Motorcycle worked independently from the TET and if they can repel or base jump from the Bases! All the other Jacks should be lucky to have the Vicas who Love them although the other Jacks will all be haunted by there Dreams of Julia if they are out there.

    • “Unless the Motorcycle worked independently from the TET”

      Interesting… After Beech releases Jack and Julia, and gives Jack his bike back, it runs out of fuel on the way to signal Vika they are OK so she can send a bubble ship. All it says on the bike is “Low Fuel.” I’m guessing that, like the drones, the bike was powered with fuel cells. But the fuel cells were not independent of the Tet, because when the Tet exploded, all the drones immediately went out. I can only presume all the bikes, towers, bubble ships and hydro-rigs went out as well. In that case, all the drones should have starved to death. Which begs the question, How did 52 survive for three years? Unless 49 told the Scavs where to find 52 with his hands tied behind his back. Which would explain why they were with him when he finally finds Julia…

      • What I was referring to was 52 who was tied up left in between the time took 52′s ship to get meds and return to Julia.

        • “There is no way the Scavs aka humans could have found 52 in the time that Jack had to go get medicine and get back to Julia.”

          Well I don’t know where you get the idea that the Scavs found 52 during that time…

      • Exactly! Beech said the Radiation Zone is where you will find your Answer Right……. US TOO MAYBE?

        • God I wish there were more movies like Oblivion… It’s all going to be about your personal experience in life. I found my soul mate many years ago, who awakened the real me in me. As Julia said of Jack, I was not who I thought I was. My top two favorite movies (before Oblivion moved to Number One) were Alien and Aliens. Alien, because I was raised in an abusive home, Aliens because I understand the need to go back and recover the inner child at ANY cost. The Cohen brothers’ True Grit is Number Three, because I love chicks with balls (metaphorically speaking, of course). But to the point, I’d have to say Number Four on my list is a movie from 2005 with a very similar theme to Oblivion called The Island.

          • Inception and Minority Report were Great too! Very Cool People on this site. I have never been to a site like this nor blogged but because I wanted more from Oblivion I came across this one. I will watch the suggested movies. Thank You for making Oblivion even better with the Discussion Threads. I hope everyone finds their Julia and never loses their real inner Jack! Also, way to go Tom Cruise for really making Jack’s Character come across Authentic!

            • “I hope everyone finds their Julia and never loses their real inner Jack!”

              Amen to that. I think Knuckledraggingwino was right when he said “I…was only able to get my wife to watch the DVD with me by promising her that it was really a romance.” One of the things that sets Oblivion apart is that you rarely see true romance in a science fiction movie. I have to admit it, I still tear up every time Jack shouts at Julia, “Who ARE you!” and she answers, “I’m your wife…”

              • Ya….. I try to keep myself from going too Deep like that but it doesn’t always work and life experiences hit home hard about True Love/Loss of Love and Heartbreak no matter if it is science fiction or not… The Human Element was excellent in this Film mixed with Futuristic Situations. I believe the Energy of our Souls has existed before the here and now and will continue to exist. This Movie taps into that in a way to me. I’m going to try to get my Girlfriend (Who is an Actress BTW and how Funny is that and has met Tom Cruise.. and many others so a lot of movies she likes has people in it she worked with…LOL) to watch the film. She isn’t into Sci-Fi however I’m using KnuckledraggingWino’s Tactics to make it happen! I will probably post something about that too since I can’t seem to stop ranting about the Movie LOL :).

                • “I believe the Energy of our Souls has existed before the here and now and will continue to exist.”

                  I think this is something the Tet can’t comprehend: No matter how many thousands of Jacks it clones, each of them will contain at least a portion of his soul. And his soul mate, Julia, has the power to bring them all together in one Jack — whether 49, or 52. That represents, as Jack put it, a “MORE effective team.”

                  There’s been a lot of discussion on the web about the significance of the Tet. I’ve always felt there was a connection between the Tet and the wedding ring. Wikipedia describes the Tet as a “tetrahedral space station,” thus the name. I checked to see whether the diamond in the ring might be tetrahedral… Nope. Then I searched for information about diamonds in general. And I came across this intriguing definition: “Diamond is the hardest known natural material in existence. Formed from tremendous heat and pressure, diamonds have a rigid tetrahedral crystalline structure of pure carbon…” Like “paper, scissors, rock,” the tetrahedral crystalline structure in that ring defeats the tetrahedral space station…

        • Inception is an awesome movie, now that really needs a chat forum to discuss afterward, that movie is pretty deep. Donnie Darko is an awesome movie, also very deep. Two of my favorites, of course I to love all the Alien films. I also tend to like a lot of Tom Cruise films, especially Minority Report. Eh, there’s a few to watch if you haven’t already. :)

      • Somehow Jack 52 somehow freed himself, but they had years and years to get to the cabin, because the baby is about a five or six year old by then.

    • Well not to get all “Room 237″ on you. But if you look at the “V” in OBLIVION during the opening title — is that the Tet? A diamond ring? Or both? I don’t remember ever seeing the Tet sparkle…

      When Jack shows Julia the ring through the ESB observation deck binoculars, he says “Look through here and I’ll show you the future.” It looked like the future was going to be the Tet. But in the end it was the diamond.

      The Empire State Building is on 5th Avenue.

      The ring is refracted over the Freedom Tower — one of five buildings planned for One World Trade Center.

      OK, OK, just kidding, just kidding!

      Or am I…

      • That’s deep…! I need to watch Oblivion again, I watched it about 20 times when it first came out, haha so since then I haven’t seen it. Guess I’ll buy it. :)

        • I love this movie. I’ve been watching it pretty much on a loop ever since it came out. No one here has talked about the elephant in tne room, though — that the Tet represents the oil industry. As Beech said, “Feeding off one planet after another for energy…” Replace the word “planet” with “country” and you’re off and running.

  10. how could julia rusakova not get old after 60 years in space sleeping in delta?

    • It’s a science fiction movie… In the world of OBLIVION, if you’re in a “sleep pod” on the Odyssey, you don’t age.

    • Hi, they don’t age because they are in hypersleep or suspended animation. The pods they sleep in prevent aging. Either by chemical’s or atmosphere.

  11. I got the DVD for Christmas and got to see the movie again. Just as good the 2nd time around. the throwaway details in the movie are amazing. Noticed the staircase descending from the house to the ground and the scene at the base of the house with the massive leg anchors that appeared to have lights in them shining up towards the house. Once again I felt sad and sorry for Vicka and proud of Jack when he said what matters is how we die. That line is something that our society could use more of in these days of self-centeredness.

  12. at the beginning of the movie did anyone else see that drone 166 had a drawing of a decapitated jack on it right after the dog barks? that was weird.

    • That is just one of many dings 166 suffered when it crashed. Look at 166 after it lifts off and you’ll see many more. I see what you’re talking about… But it’s just your imagination, like seeing shapes in clouds. To me it looks more like a decapitated Scav!

      • but if you look closely youll see the person has a gun holster and the head is wearing a ball cap. trust me i paused it.

        • Dude you’re right!
          I wonder what the story behind it is.
          Perhaps years ago Tech 17 (or whatever) knew the truth of his existence and his impending fate and drew it on the pod before killing himself. A crazed kind of message to the techs to come after his demise.
          Oblivion prequel perhaps?

          • The drawing was done by one of the humans after drone 166 was brought down by them. Jack looks at the drawing and mutters ‘nice’ when he sees it. The humans in that area have been watching him for the past five years and know him well.

            My question is about the 5 year memory wipe. That implies to me that the clones are replaced every five years and the new team started up with the operational memories of the old team. Perhaps they are either only good for five years or after five years they may start to wonder what the heck is going on with the process. That is why there are so many Jack and Vicka clones back at the Tet which are seen near the end of the movie when Jack goes to deliver the bomb.

            • “Jack looks at the drawing and mutters ‘nice’ when he sees it.”

              Where do you find this?

              • Its on the DVD delete scenes – the original version of the stadium scene. He looks at the downed drone which in that scene was brought down by a shot through a port on the drone. He sees the drawing of him, headless, and mutters “lovely” (I had remembered it as “nice”). This is also where the flower comes from that he later gives Vicka. Check out the deleted scenes section.

                • Well look, if you want to step outside the finished work, I’ve got shooting scripts going all the way back, and NONE of them mention Jack seeing any kind of drawing on 166. You can find them online if you google — see for yourself. In one shooting script he tells Vika the fuel cell was taken… That’s not in the movie. And when she asks what he means “taken,” the script says: “Jack looks at the casing… beaten, pried open?” This is where the deleted scene you mention has him say “lovely.”

  13. Did anyone notice Julia’s original pod number? 60 years before she was discovered by Jack, her pod number was 08. Somehow, in her sleep she moved to pod number 06.

    • Where do you find Julia in pod number 08?…

  14. julia is put in the sleep pod with a reactor…how did jack remove it and put it in the other sleep pod with the other guy without julia waking up?

    • Good question… The only thing I can think of is that Jack was able to remove it without waking her. When Jack brings Julia back to Tower 49, it takes awhile before she wakes up after the pod is opened. It’s possible Jack attached the reactor core in such a way that he could quickly reopen the pod, remove the core, and reseal it before she woke up.

  15. Weren’t there 2 Pods that survived the Crash and Drone Ambush (OBVIOUSLY)? She woke up in one at the Campsite, the Bait and Switch occurred prior to her getting into the POD knowing that she wouldn’t have it any other way! Kind of weird that he would let her go to sleep thinking she was going to Nuke the TET! As Smart as TET was, it couldn’t Pick Up on Morgan Freeman’s Vitals!
    I would Totally Go See an Oblivion 2 or Pre-Oblivion / Other World’s Oblivion type Movie! The More I watch it, the more my imagination grows!

    • Actually three pods survived — 01, which was Jack’s; 02, which was Vicca’s; and 06, which was Julia’s. The drones were programmed to kill humans, but 01 and 02 were empty. Jack rescued Julia’s and brought it back to the tower. Actually lucy is right, you can see the reactor core fastened to the inside of Julia’s pod before Jack closes the lid. Joseph Kosinski has hinted at a prequel focusing on Beech’s character in at leat one interview I’m aware of. Here’s hoping! I love this movie too…

      • If Jack’s pod was #1, it was the first pod he reached at the crash site. Well scripted scene, having the pod door pop open after he lifted the debris from it. This open door prevented him from seeing HIS name on the door.
        Regarding Julia and the pod, I agree, Jack could have re-opened the pod (Jack’s #1 pod, BTW. You can see his name on the door when it closes) after she went to sleep, removed the nuke, replacing it with the Wyeth painting and closed the pod before she woke up. After that, he could have taken Julia in the pod to the cabin, and returned for Beech and the nuke in Vicka’s pod (#2, which you see when Jack let’s Beech out of the pod when they’re up in the TET. It’s also possible that Jack and Beech could have dropped off Julia’s pod at the cabin together, bringing along Vicka’s pod with the nuke. Beech could have then climbed inside the #2 pod, and they could have left for the TET from there. Great movie.

        • I just assume the pods were numbered in order of rank — 01 for Commander Jack Harper, 02 for Communications Officer Victoria Olsen, etc. Another intersting point I think is that, though most reviewers describe Jack and Vika as “lovers” on the Odyssey (see Wikipedia, for example), his almost replusive reaction to Vika taking a selfie with him “for the history books” suggests he actually had no romantic interest in her at all, that Vika had a strictly one-sided rivalry going on with Julia for Jack’s affections. Vika (or anyone else) wouldn’t have known they got married before the flight because Julia kept the ring on a chain around her neck beneath her uniform. Thus Julia’s wonderfully ironic laugh when she sees Vika take Jack’s hand at the table back at tower 49… Plus you’ll notice during the opening graphics, what APPEARS to be the Tet in the “V” of “Oblivion,” but is actually a diamond, using the “V” as a setting, suggesting their marriage triumphs over the Tet in the end, which it in fact did. Great movie indeed.

        • Excellent! Why wouldn’t Jack tell the others about the location of the Cabin. It TOOK them Years to find Julia. SHE COULD HAVE BEEN IN TROUBLE and needed Help! So many different Scenerios To think of! Love this SyFy! Lol

  16. It would be cool if a story began at the TET’s Planet of Origin. Also, there are still multiple Jack’s and Vica’s who are Freaking Out to what happened to the TET and trying to Survive all the Years while Julia was hanging out at the Cabin raising The Little Girl Clone Offspring! I wonder if the Other Bumble Ships and Bases list Power as well after the Nuked TET!