‘Oblivion’ Director Joseph Kosinski on Tom Cruise, IMAX Early Release & More

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joseph kosinski 14 7 10 kc  Oblivion Director Joseph Kosinski on Tom Cruise, IMAX Early Release & More

Joseph Kosinski’s latest film, Oblivion, may be one of a slew of  big- budget sci-fi films to hit theatres in 2013 – a year that includes Pacific Rim, After Earth and Elysium - but after getting a first look at the film’s trailer a few weeks ago, it’s safe to say that the director’s follow up to Tron: Legacy should stand out from its competition.

Any film that offers an original take on a post-apocalyptic tale, strikingly rich visuals or Tom Cruise in the central role will generate buzz – and fortunately for Kosinski, his film has all three. The director recently talked about how the film has developed since its inception back in 2005, the state-of-the-art cameras that were used to create truly breathtaking images -and of course, working with Tom Cruise.

Although Kosinski has only made two films, he’s already being labeled by many as a “visual” director. When speaking with Collider, Kosinski talked about his vision for the film’s distinct look, which was also something he spent a lot of time nailing down with Tron: Legacy:

“In terms of the look and my vision for it I felt that I wanted to do something that I hadn’t seen in a while, which was a daytime science fiction film.  After Alien, which is one of my favorites, science fiction kind of went into a very dark place for a long time and I thought it would be an interesting challenge to bring it into the daylight.  So this aesthetic of taking this kind of very clean refined technology set against a rugged backdrop, which ended up being Iceland.  For me that juxtaposition of those two looks felt like something that could be very unique.  For whatever reason that was something that came to me very clearly and something that we stuck to and that has worked throughout the whole film.”

Kosinski was able to more fully realize his vision with the help from brand new Sony CineAlta F65 cameras, which had just come off the assembly line a couple of weeks before shooting. After testing several different cameras, the new F65s ended up being the right choice for the film. Said Kosinski:

“…I think the F65 in 4K is a huge leap forward in resolution.  So personally even if I was given the choice, I’ve always shot digital so for me F65 would be my choice now for almost anything.  For me it kind of feels like a 65mm, a digital 65mm in terms of its resolution and sharpness.”

oblivion 1  Oblivion Director Joseph Kosinski on Tom Cruise, IMAX Early Release & More

The visuals will surely be one of the major draws of the film, so Kosinski’s reveal that Oblivion will receive a first-ever full seven-day early release in IMAX is bound to get sci-fi fans psyched for a one-of-a-kind experience.

“Tom [Cruise] had a lot of success doing on Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol we had a lot of success on Tron: Legacy just in IMAX as a format because of what IMAX offers in terms of brightness, picture quality and sound.  Tron: Legacy did a lot of business in IMAX.  As a percentage I think one of the highest.  So from early on, once IMAX found out what this movie was about, the kind of landscapes and shots we were doing we all liked the idea that IMAX would be the first way to experience the film.  I think it’s the best way.  And then roll out from there.”

The other obvious draw is Cruise’s star power. Kosinski was lucky again in that Cruise loved the film from the word go, even before there was a script, so getting him signed on was relatively easy.

“There was no script, that’s kind of the amazing thing.  I showed the ashcan, which is kind of like a little eight page preview…That’s all I had.  Obviously I had the whole treatment, but in that little ashcan we just put a little opening chapter that kind of introduced the story and it had like eight pictures in it; just a little teaser pamphlet.  The day after I got back from Comic-Con I got a call from his agent that he wanted to meet, that he had seen the ashcan. Somehow he had gotten his hands on it the day after Comic-Con.  So we had a meeting out at his hanger and I pitched him the story—there was no script yet—and based on the pitch he signed on.”

oblivion tom cruise 2  Oblivion Director Joseph Kosinski on Tom Cruise, IMAX Early Release & More

Tom Cruise in ‘Oblivion’

Cruise may get his share of flack now and again, but in the industry he is known as a true team player. So how was Kosinski’s experience working with him? Here’s what he had to say:

“It was an amazing process.  I learned a lot from him.  He’s worked with all of my heroes, literally, and just is so knowledgeable and has done so many movies and so many great movies.  So through him I was learning from Stanley Kubrick and Michael Mann and Ridley Scott and Sydney Pollack.  All that advice and talks they had with him I got to get that second hand and there’s no replacement for that, it was an amazing, amazing opportunity.  So I’m really excited about the movie and really proud of it.  It was an amazing experience.  I would say any director that has a shot at working with Tom, do not hesitate.  Go immediately and you will learn, you will be pushed and you will have an experience you will never forget.”

Based on what we’ve heard and seen from Oblivion so far, it looks like it may be an experience we won’t forget either.

Check out Oblivion when it opens on April 19th, 2013.

Source: Collider

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  1. I can’t wait to see Oblivion, the next Tom Cruise movie after Jack Reacher-

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      • cool story bro!

  2. Wish Disney would move forward with John Carter 2,
    but after the box office performance it had….:(

    • You and me both.

  3. I’ve been meaning to see IMAX stuff since it was first inserted into scenes in The Dark Knight but haven’t got around to it yet.

    I hope it’s better than my experiences with 3D.

    • If you see it in true imax with the very large screen, there is simply no substitute.

      • yeah, I might have to suck it up & do this at Lincoln Square. But I hate the lines, the uncomfortable chairs, and the young crowd. [Jeez, I'm turning into the old guy from UP]

        • Nothing wrong with being the old guy… Movies are better at home, kids suck! They smell just like Alan said and they are noisy at the theater and cellular phones, don’t even let me get started. There should be theaters and apartments for the 40 plus crowd, no kids, no pets and no rude butt heads….

  4. Who on earth would think making film with tom cruise is a good idea. Tom has been failing in his personal life and his movies are nothing but box office failure. Using an abusive/criminal cult member,Tom, in a movie is like supporting the cult of scientology to continue its abuses and criminality. don’t you get it?

    • Dude, go home, you’re drunk.

    • You’ve got to be kidding me. I’ve been further even more decided to use even go need to do look more as anyone can. Can you really be far even as decided half as much to use go wish for that? My guess is that when one really been far even as decided once to use even go want, it is then that he has really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like. It’s just common sense

      • That was the hardest to read paragraph ever, well done!

      • What???

  5. Tony…Top Gun, Days of Thunder, Rain Man, Jerry Maguire, Risky Business, The Color of Money, Mission Impossible, A Few Good Men, War of the Worlds, Born on the 4th of July, Cocktail, Interview with a Vampire, Minority Report, The Last Samurai, Valkyrie, Collateral etc etc…sorry Tony im struggling to see how he is a box office failure! I totally agree with you about scientology though, whoever gets mixed up with that garbage needs their heads read, but Tom Cruise has made some awesome films, no denying that..

    • Scott Chase, I get your point. But did you know every penny anyone spend to go and see his movie is given to the existence of Tom’s cult that he is fully supporting. Tom is no longer a “super Star” that his buddy David Miscavige (cult leader) created this made up title for him. Have you read the Vanity Fair Oct 2012 issue? Why are we supporting criminals/abusers such as Tom and his cult leader?

      • Every penny? Every single penny? Stop. Seriously.

        • Well that’s like saying every penny spent on going to see a Roman Polanski movie is going towards funding child abuse?

          Same with Victor Salva who made Jeepers Creepers, another kiddie fiddler!

          Tom Cruise is awesome and generally never fails to disappoint, MI4 was awesome and did really well at the box office, he is a genuine Hollywood Legend, he’s put in the work and is entitled to believe what ever crap he wants, he just wants the truth, who are we to deny him!

          • hear hear!!

          • People dissing Tom for Scientology so I can dis dummies for voting for hope and change…. Enjoy the tax hike!

            • So, instead of simply criticizing those who attack someone else’s belief system without any provocation, you choose to do the oh-so-mature thing and add an asinine layer to the blathering? Really?

              Good call…yep…Mmhmm.


              Besides…if you’re in the U.S., won’t YOU be enjoying the tax “hike” too?

              Have fun with that…

            • Thanks for classing up this already “classy” thread with politics, that’s exactly what was needed.

      • Oh please Tony. Seriously just stop. Box office failures? Did you see how extremely well MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – GHOST PROTOCOL did at the box office? Don’t make me laugh. I could care less if Tom worships turtles.

  6. Oblivion looks great and I like Tom Cruise. Can’t wait! :)

  7. I got to see the trailer for “Oblivion” finally…It looks like it will present a fascinating science-fictional experience. Since I tend to enjoy the Tom Cruise films I watch, I’m highly anticipating this one…Tony’s blathering (as such babble always is) being a negligible factor on my interest.

  8. Tony…To be honest mate I couldnt give a monkeys what these actors do in their spare time, Im not dating them, I only care for what they do on screen really, But I do I understand your hate for the scientology cult, absolute nutbags the lot of them, but I dont think every penny will go scientology, I find that hard to believe, what doesnt anyone else get paid? anyway I cant wait to see Oblivion, Epic year for Sci-Fi.

  9. looking great. but i anticipate when this movie is abt to release we will start seeing load of paid comments and negative press in order to defame tom cruise and negatively affect the business of oblivion. these peoples are fundamentalist. i am not supporter of scientology as a religion. but there are so many other religions and paractices they are also difficult to comprehend. but its upto them whether we like them or not. persons career should ke kept seprate irrespective of their beliefs.if jack reacher did not get such negative comments which are 100 % intentional. and main objective is make jack reacher flop before its release. it would have gone to be the major blockbuster. and i am antcipate these fundamentalist will do same with oblivion.

  10. wow this movie could be really really good! I’m hoping it meets my expectations, it sucks when something looks this good and disappoints. I really liked how Kosinski referenced Kubrick and Ridley Scott (and others) and how he recognized that working with Tom was a way to get some of their genious. Thats cool. Kosinski’s got alot to prove but he can recognize a good director/actor and he gives credit where its due. Thats a good sign.

  11. I am all in! Can’t wait for April 12!

  12. Was this actually shot in IMAX, or will it just be released in IMAX theatres early in after post conversion?

  13. I look forward to OBLIVION and to see tom act alongside morgan freeman. Not to mention the cinematography is breathtaking.

  14. I watched Iblivion and really liked it