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Now You See Me Trailer 2 Now You See Me Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already discussing their feelings towards this film in the comments section of our Now You See Me review, this article is the place where you can reveal and analyze Now You See Me spoilers without having to worry about ruining the film for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, you may assume that anyone participating in the conversation has seen the film. If you haven’t seen this film yet, we would suggest that you don’t read any of the comments (included below) ahead of time.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Now You See Me for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprise twists and turns!

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Now You See Me is 116 minutes long and Rated PG-13 for language, some action and sexual content. Now playing in theaters around the U.S.

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  1. good movie… not great.. just good. ocean’s eleven was way more better interm of story and cast

  2. I came here, after watching this movie stoned. I tought to my self maby i missed something and actually i did…

    After reading these posts and seeing how stupid most peapole are… yes even the ones who think they are smart and posted some crappy insight before me. I realizd that i realy im freaking smart comapared to most(99%) of the people i have ever met.

    The guy who posted about traffic helicopter!!! WELL DONE MAN!!! Not quite like i tought it went but pretty close, after i realized what i missed when i saw the movie! Thank you! You are in the 2%(see what i did there?)

    Maby i go 2 deep but i realy feel actors were allso chosen so real movie fans have hard time to get the ending before it happens.

    This is my only insight (have alot about storyline that no one here have said about) il give:

    The actors

    When u have seen them in the movies you have certain oppinion of them.
    Most unlike guy to be THE GUY was Mark. Even the girl Mélanie was in [Obviously her character had intrest in magic and myctic as a hobby and thats why she WANTED to get on the case and thats why it was her first time she went to a mission in the field(and ofc it was easy because people in Interpole took it as an joke of an assignment)] the movie to distract true movie fans.

    I gave film 4/5 before reading this forum. Now i have to give it 5/5 and say i was not smart enaught to realize how amazing it was before realy thinking about it.

    • but apprently that smartness didnt come handy when learning how to write english….

    • your retarded

      • It’s ‘you’re’ not ‘your’

    • Sweet jesus thank you man. You have proved to everyone that people are just straight stupid, especially the ones who think they’re smarter than everyone else. Or should I say peapoles as you so eloquently put. Thank you genius, maybe (or as you prefer, maby) you should teach people (or peapole as you like). Maybe you just realized (or realzd) that you are in fact really (or realy) smart and you thought (or tought) you would share that amazing insight. Thank you so much, retard.

    • You must still be stoned!

  3. When Ruffalo drops himself trough the Vent at 1:19:18
    he looks something…wtf?

    • He was looking at the safe underneath the mailbox which said the last name of his father- Shrike

  4. sorry…”AFTER” the drop

  5. Quick question here; if the eye is only a secret society for magicians, does the magic really exist? Like, is it powers they get after joining? I know I sound like a naive idiot who missed the whole plot-line but there is one event that has made me doubt myself. When they put their 4 cards together and they merge into one glass card in front of Ruffalo’s dad’s tree.

    • Personally, I don’t think the writers had it so that the magic really existed. However, I feel like a certain amazing quality of the movie is that they never really leaned entirely toward either side, and while you’re watching the movie and clapping in astonishment at the trick they just performed, you maintain the mentality of knowing that it’s only a trick, but at the same time, a small part of you in the back of your mind keeps wondering, “But what if it’s not just a trick? What if it’s REALLY magic?” So yeah, I don’t think the magic was real, but I could definitely be wrong. After all, the closer you think you are, the less you actually see, right? As for the four cards and the tree scene, that happened at the climax of the movie (well, shortly after the climax, if you want to be specific), so I think the writers were relying on the audience being so wrapped up in the movie at that point that they kind of just overlooked it and went along with it in a state of suspension of belief.

  6. So many MAJOR plot holes. Firstly, the FBI KNOW that these guys are gonna do this not once, not twice, but THREE times. And yet, for some, inane reason they decided that they wouldnt shut down the venues? It wouldn’t have been hard, especially when you consider the fact that other venues have been shut down for less than INTERNATIONAL ROBBERY?! Secondly, the bridge chase. There is LITERALLY a helicopter following the chase, as it happens. For some reason, the FBI dont know this. Anyways, whats to stop the chopper from noticing the really obvious car swap? Also, how come these guys have an unlimited to access to costumes, and no one seems suspicious theres one of the Four Horsemen in an outfit, taking their position for the day and stealing their equiptment? This film is insulting to watch, it relies too heavily on chance to work, the plot is abysmal, and the cheap twists are too cheasy to work. I suppose the acting was good, which you’d expect from the cast. But really, this film is an insult to the intelligence. There are so many other gaping loop holes i just cant be bothered to right about now, and so much of their “master plan” (which is never really properly explained) is complete luck. Finally, who the HELL takes the time to break into a ban and install a giant mechanised screen, just so you can break in again half an hour later and smash it?

    • The FBI cannot prove they did the first robbery, so they needed to catch them in the act, which is the reason they are ‘allowed’ to do the second show.
      The helicopter chase scene I agree with you, but remember the first rule of watching movies is and has always been to use your ‘Suspension of disbelief’
      Of course if you think every scene was ridiculous, this cannot be done, but I managed to and was greatly entertained :)

      What I don’t understand though is the real ending, out in the desert, can anyone explain that to me or link me where I can find it, thanks.

    • -It doesn’t even matter if the venues are shut down the tricks are already done. And the last venue was supposed to be a trap so why shut down your trap.
      -The helicopter you’re right kinda a stretch there
      -you are right about luck but the point is this was supposed to be risky. They even mentioned it in the movie about risking their lives. BUT the plan was calculated enough so that risk is reduced.
      -I dont remember the screen in the bank
      -Lastly just to pick on you a little cause you are too smart for this movie. Nvm I dont want to right what i was gonna say.

      • clearly the only one who noticed what you did to write the wrong in the grammar. that joke flew right over top of everyone else and hit me write in the forehead. i do not even need to right to you how i feel about the problem at hand. write hand not left hand.

        • wright rite write right lol…

          • which ones are real and which ones are fake, the world may never know

    • the FBI didn’t act as well as they should have to cut the operation down, bc the head of the FBI operation and magical operation had make sure the plan was carried out…and you’re very short sighted if you can’t see why all the other events took place, even if they were extravagant and very detailed. The whole point was revenge on the man that drove his father to insanity and death, to frame him, and give him a similar, but yet worse fate…

  7. Guys, Ruffalo gave himself away a number of times to the audience, but the most blatant one was when he yelled FREEZE at the second act.

    • My wife thought the same thing, but personaly I think they deliberately sloweddown the trigger word scenes so that the audience could understand what happened.

  8. 1- congrats on helo conscious post. The helo looking at a fake-chase on another bridge while the action is on different one.
    2- anybody have any idea on repeated scene of Las Vegas show where the thief talks to ping pong ball selection person as “Elvis”? Is that guy also at the same time one of the FBI agents that let him escape just before the car chase, delivering FBI car to the thief?
    3- apartment’s name (just as they fall off the chute to the wastebins) as printed on the Wastebin in big capital letters is “SHRIKE” . Probably his father’s and his childhood house.
    4- I expect (spoiler) the father Shrike to be alive. no body or grave mentioned. And also mentalist mentions “Father seperation problems” which can point that they still see each other. And I presume he is alive, active member of the eye and organizing the entrance of the other 4 horsemen to the club.
    5- desert visit after the “so-believed” end of movie points to sequel continue. I guess the FBI resigned Mark Ruffalo and French lady could also be member of the game and it could turn into an ocean’s 12 and 13 series.
    6- another post mentioned that the security worker at the 500 M USD safe’s location just appeared as they probably approached the critical distance on the mirror. Great catch. Congrats.

    • also another issue I want to mention is that in the movie we always see years long sleeping tricks, like

      - the card planted on the tree and discovered at the last day of work of the park carousel worker (which should also be the person that runs the shrine of the eye)
      - the french lady mentioning in New Orleans (quoting from the book) that a chinese learned english,never talked and kept it secret for 20 years to unveil it at a show so that the audience would believe he did not know english

      these all seem to point to us 1 fact accepted by everybody
      - Mark ruffalo is a sleeping agent that planned and kept on sleep mode in the FBI
      and another probable idea (maybe just to me) it might point to :
      - that Shrike did not die and he saved himself from the river, but understood that Morgan Freeman was trying to dynamite him, and wanted revenge not for himself but for the sake of all the other magicians that needed to keep the magic tradition secret. So I believe the father Shrike is alive, and member of Eye.

      Also to note
      1- Mark Ruffalo is a lot better than the 4 horsemen (he was able to trick the thief and slide the card, he was able to trick Morgan Freeman and pass out of the bars
      2- the moment when they say on the youtube video “this is something bigger than us” is for the sake of all the magic tradition. They have to stop and put behind bars the person (Morgan Freeman) that is trying to undermine all their tradition, secrets and other capabilities by the use of unlimited resources (funder by tressler) and unlimited technology. Therefore they have to stop him because if successfull, he might unveil all the tricks in the magic tradition and put an end to magic. That was the “something bigger” that they had to accomplish and stop, because otherwise it would risk their existence.

    • Another point to mention is that in the last scene on the bridge the French lady is reading the newspaper about shrike it has a small headline saying something along the lines of “body not discovered” or something to that effect

  9. I saw the movie today and consider myself pretty observant. I needed to watch it twice b/c there are so many lues early on in the movie. Very one has their own justifiable reasons for. The move and significance of the eye, my question is at what time was commons character (Evan) they called him captain wen discovering the empty room where the safe actually still was, when did woody (McKinney) ever around him to hypnotize him? Remember he started playin he violin le the French guy did in te 1st act?

    • The helicopter team clearly says “we will get you coverage when we can see whats going on” the bridge design blocked them out not to mention the big ass bus, answering a few here one, when they got brought in for questioning if you watched it twice and are quite “observant” then missing the FBI agent saying you can “even hypnotize people over the phone” and the worker loading the safe said “you were on the phone and told us to load it up” also when he gets out of the bars that is suppose to be real magic not a “trick, the eye is were people who are that good get real powers. You guys need to stop i felt as though I got 10000000x more stupid reading 80% of theese post, and the apartments they state at and went down the trash vent were both the FBI agents dads apartment & his old mailbox. It was a good movie though, btw when their on the bridge, the news clearly says we will show you whats happening as soon as we can get visual so go rewatch it please

  10. I watched the movies yesterday. Though I got it all, but was left not quite sure what the “eye” was. (I have small children who kept interrupting, so thought I missed it) Thus searched the internet for the answer. Get it now, and really getting the fact that I may have missed alot. But found theses posts helpful. Thing is, to those who were negative, dont forget the BIGGEST answer of all, it WAS just a movie. Sure there were “holes” in it. But on a basic level, it wrapped alot up. I liked it. It also consistantly refers to “distracting” ones attention. Mabye the whole idea was to confuse us, make us question. Who knows. Like I said, after all, it is just a movie. (even though I missed parts) It was good entertainment.

  11. forgot to say, according to Wikipedia ….. there is a sequel.

  12. Questions: What did the lock and key at the end of the movie symbolize that the “ring leader” gave to the French Interpol agent? And why was the last seen a flashback of him attempting to get the papers out of the burning car? And what was written on those papers anyway?

    • I am wondering the exact same things!!! But I know on the papers were a blue print to the warehouse where the safe was locked. I just want to know why the last scene was that flashback…

      • He says “heres this locket, to lock away one more secret” and then it flashes to that scene because he knows she saw it

    • Doesn’t the lock and key symbolize the secret she is going to keep because she now knows that the FBI agent is actually the “ring leader”

    • That’s from a glitchy version for a torrent. It’s not in the proper version of the movie.

      • HAHA… busted!!!

  13. Loved it. I gave it 4*. I would’ve given it 5, but it became too convoluted at the end. And whatever happened to Michael Cane at the end? And where did the 4 pals wind up? Too many unanswered questions.

  14. Wouldn’t the safe company have gotten all their money back?

    • Yes they all would have recieved all of there money back. Big holes in the “heist” parts. Each robery was done in plain site of everyone. In the first heist, noone one the audience would be allowed to leave the theatre with the money they had collected. Nor exchange it for dollars. If the euros were freshly printed, as the movie says, then they would know every serial number on each bill, proving it to be stollen. Secondly, the new orleans heist, was asked to be filmed and brodcast buy the audience so the whole thing is on camera. It was all done electronically so there is a very obvious paper trail. Easy fix on this one.and last, the physical money was obviously confiscated and return. So with all this takeing place, the only person who was actually punished was morgan freemans character who was physically put behind bars. Who I personally think deserved the least amount of revenge seeing how he never physically did anything to the dad, other than threaten to exspose him. The father is the one who took his own act to the extreme. So to wrap it up, the basic plot was revenge, write? Well the three most important things contributing to the fathers death only suffered a minor set back

      • No but you see, Morgan Freeman’s character was on the verge of exposing magic to be nothing. He forced the “dad” to actually disappear and cease to exist (as no body was ever found) to regain the illusion of magic.

        I feel as though Shrike was never dead, he was actually the mastermind behind all of this, he is the one that gave Mark all the instructions etc etc. He is alive and will appear or make an appearance on the sequel or maybe not till later

        - Might I add, it seems as if no one on this post can spell ‘maybe’ and also, does no one know the difference between right and write?

        • I am here to correct my mistaken first paragraph.

          I believe now after watching a second time that Shrike is in fact dead.
          Dylan wanted to frame Thaddeus because he made (well not made, but pushed) his father into doing the safe trick which ended up getting him killed. The main reason he died was because of the safe. It was made faulty like all the other safes from that company and caused his dad to die which is why he got revenge on the safe company too.

  15. what was the bubble trick about?
    every other trick was at least shown again.

  16. Great movie, I read all those posts. A little sum up:
    1. first big trick was explained in the movie so no need
    2. second big trick: how they make transfers for all accounts? Remember they had all instructions for everything, so Ruffalo as an FBI agent has all data of person on show (after tragedy) and as was said all tickets were “sold” in 35 seconds read “they were distributed to correct people”. Than, how they get to Cain’s character account? Simple.. probably in his bank there were 2 stage verification with passwords, so in the plain they were “playing the came” in “guess what is the name of my pet, and the name of my closest family”.. Look at the scene when Cain goves last answer, everyone are happy and are gasping eachother… well done!
    3. Car scene: Ruffalo knows that TV is monitoring radio so he gives “bed position” by saying they are gowing west (or east?) and is corrected by french girl that’s it’s south… the heli is going somewhere else, but going back on track too late.. after everything is done
    4. The very ending, after credits was explained here: Ruffalo steals cards from 4 horseman using illusion with carousel, its kind of projection there, we can see different light. That’s why at the end they have no cards and mentalist is smiling.. he knows :)

    One more little thing, whole movie is done to watch it again, closely… there is even a little scene before second show and french girl says “nice watch” and Ruffalo nervously looking at it says something not to get too much attraction… Have to watch movie again, it’s better every time

    • Youre the only person who mentioned the scene after the credits so I’m directing this towards you! The version I watched didn’t have the after-credits bit…Can you give a somewhat detailed description about what happened after the credits? I’m dying to know! Thanks!!!! :)

  17. sorry for mistakes in writing.. english is not my first language, tragical “bed” instead of “bad” ;)

  18. I also am wondering why the last scene was a flashback…we’d seen that scene twice already, so what was the point of showing it again at the end of the film? And maybe it was just to show how everything that happened up until then was now a secret, but I feel like there was more than that…maybe we will find out in the sequel?

    • You probably just watched a broken illegal copy of the movie.

  19. even im a chinese ~i know that this is a nice movie i ever seen b4…got a strange feeling after watching this ~the scene probally live in every day of our life. dun believe what we seen in the first time ….u will never know what”s the real thing behind the lies~try to think twice for everything~look far and wide and u will discover more secret inside everything ~~in this reality world ~sometime we get blind if we look closer as the they say…i agree the word they say in the begining ~i hope to see more movie like this .

    • The flashback of the car explosion was the last scene because it has an unresolved “secret”. I mean how Dylan (Ruffalo) could get so close to the car and leave just at the right time so that he would not die in the explosion. It doesn’t make sense that after planning everything, he would risk his live at that moment. I’m watching the scene as I’m writing this and it looks impossible that he could have manipulated the fire and gasoline to explode when he wanted.

      (Also, since a lot of people are saying this is a plot hole: the helicopter guy says he can’t get a good view of the chase just before they make the car change. So there’s that.)

      • The reason he went into the fire is that without the papers describing the moves of the next robbery he would have had no reason to suspect where they were going, despite already knowing but he wouldn’t have been able to just pull that out of thin air as a lead

      • He tugs on the seat belts which ignites the fire because the car is rigged. The gas canister started leaking as soon as the car flipped which meant the gas would leak all over the car. If you watch closely, as soon as he tugs the seat belts and the fire ignites to the engine he gets out. It was all planned, as was everything else

  20. Here’s an issue I have with Ruffalo’s actions. What was his motivation to accuse the French agent of working with the horsemen after Morgan Freeman’s character warned him about her? I mean that would make sense if Freeman was in attendance. Otherwise the only purpose served is to fool us, the audience unless he just enjoys making women that he’s attracted to feel like crap. This is a flaw in my eyes, that ruins the reveal of Ruffalo being the mastermind.

    Any one want to address this?

    • Sure, its easy…ill address it.

      Its a movie. Enjoy it, otherwise get a life and move on.

      • its a valid question, jerk

    • I think he was either trying to keep her safe (I imagine a lot of the police/FBI working on the case aren’t going to have great careers after that fiasco) or testing her — did she believe in magic enough to take the leap of faith she kept telling him to take?

      • Great points, I hadn’t considered the latter. You’ve been much more helpful and poised then that idiot Damien above you. Cheers!

  21. Just watched this! From start to finish I was hooked! I was thrown off my train o thought when they framed Morgan freeman that’s when all twists started happening and I didn’t expect them! I believe they tried to steer out thoughts into the “typical” twists e.g the French lady being a magicians assistant. I thought she may have been in on it a while before Morgan’s character said it! Anyway it was a great movie I came here looking for the answer to the flashback ending, my opinion is that it was put there to remind us of the act the guy in d crash did not really die it was an illusion and if there are talks of a sequel it leaves it open for me to believe that shrike is not dead ! Now when the credits ran and the secon ending in the carnival place where was suppose to be “the eye” I have no clue about! But I will be watching it a second time just because its that good! As someone mentioned already they constantly reminded us in the movie that the closer you look the less you will see! So my advice to those that try look too closely at it won’t get anywhere. They probably haven’t left the answers for you to find. Just enjoy it! Hope for a sequel!

  22. This movie goes on my top twenty worst. Terrible story line, poor acting, and overall a really painful movie to sit through. On the other hand, my wife liked it and her sister recommended it as a very good movie. The only thing I enjoyed was my wifes’ company.

    • we all enjoy your wife’s company…

      • Lollllllll. Daniel: I literally fell over laughing at “we all enjoy your wifes company” loooool

  23. The movie was made great but like in all movies there is going to have some flaws.

    A lot of people are questioning about ruffalo as an federal agent

    He stayed as an federal agent so he can get them misdirected and stay ahead of them,he risks his life in the burning car to fool everyone who has suspected him.

    The bridge sequence the chopper crew are out of range to see whats going on

    The four horsemen don’t know what the plan is so ruffalo has to fool them as well,and for the bubble scene in the extras the explain it all and it was use in the effect that they can make the impossible possible.

    I don’t think the father is alive because at the end of the movie the female interpol agent says he was your father he had a look of agreement and says the safe warped and he was trapped and she said he died and ruffalo agreed by his look.

    I thought the movie was great it gets 5/5 stars from me and the reason it got five was because it was an interesting concept of a heist.

  24. Only one question…
    How on Earth did the 4 horsemen get admitted into “The Eye” if Mark Ruffalo’s character was already in it and they only recruit new magicians only once in 2 centuries???

    • They said the Eye accepts twice a century not once every two centuries

  25. I didn’t understand the significance of the card saying, “Now you don’t.”
    Any ideas?

    • It continues from the movie’s title, as in: “Now you see me, now you don’t.”

    • now you see me..now you dont…FEEL ME BABY!

  26. So why did agent Rhodes give the police false directions while chasing Jack? He says East. Then wrongfully corrects it again to North. (Bad hint)

  27. the movie was damn good. And you know you wanna see the sequel.

    YOU comment because you care!!! so stop crying and give it a friggin 5*

  28. I understand everything except for why rhodes wants Thaddeus in jail so bad!!! Can someone tell me why? The only conclusion I got so far was that Thaddeus ruined his fathers career by debunking his tricks, but that’s no reason to go to prison!!!

    • he made his father do the safe trick which ended up getting him killed. he also died because of the safe he was in. it was made faulty and caused his dad to die which is why he got revenge on the safe company too.

  29. I’m surprised with the majority of comments here regarding The Eye. After watching the movie, I was sure that the Eye is actually just mythical organization used by Dylan to get revenge. The 4 horsemen were basically deceived to think that they were part of justice league sort of thing while in fact they were being manipulated for Dylan’s personal agenda. And at the ending scene I’m sure the cards were missing because Dylan stole it from the mentalist. The boxes are actually empty. Dylan just used it as trick so that the horsemen don’t realize that they are being tricked all along.
    Or maybe I’m wrong? What makes you think that The Eye is a real organization and Dylan is part of it?