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Now You See Me Trailer 2 Now You See Me Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already discussing their feelings towards this film in the comments section of our Now You See Me review, this article is the place where you can reveal and analyze Now You See Me spoilers without having to worry about ruining the film for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, you may assume that anyone participating in the conversation has seen the film. If you haven’t seen this film yet, we would suggest that you don’t read any of the comments (included below) ahead of time.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Now You See Me for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprise twists and turns!

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Now You See Me is 116 minutes long and Rated PG-13 for language, some action and sexual content. Now playing in theaters around the U.S.

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  1. These comments have been so helpful. Just an additional thought on the controversial ending about The Eye. When Ruffalo’s inside Morgan’s characters jail, mid sentence he does a clear illusion when Freeman realises what he has done where he makes himself invisible, then reappearing outside of the bars. This shows he too is a magician/illusionist so it makes sense that he could be the leader/ a viable member of The Eye. It could possibly be a legacy thing of his father also? Just suggestions, let me know what you think.

  2. I think I found a plot hole (if this can be defined as one). So when they placed a giant mirror at an angle in the room (much like they did in the rabbit box trick), it made the room seem empty. However this would only work if there was nothing on the other side of the box which the mirror is reflecting off of. That being said, when the people rushed into the reflected part of the room, they would have been able to see a reflection of themselves, allowing them to know that the room was not actually empty but there was just a mirror; without even fully going to the back of the room.

    • THe point of the mirror is that it is angled down so it has the reflection of the floor, making it seem like it’s the back wall of the warehouse. The point is that the cops would have had to go right underneath the mirror to know that it’s the mirror and the warehouse was big enough that it wasn’t necessary for them to go that far back.

    • Watch the scene showing the mirror being installed (It’s shown during the jail scene between freeman and ruffalo. Prepare to pause as the mirror is lowered. When it’s all the way down you’ll see jack reflected int mirror because he’s close to it but you don’t see the reflection of the two actors standing about ten feet from jack and closer to the entrance end of the room.I think the whole purpose of that scene was to fill that particular plot hole.

    • the thing is when they enter the room they see a empty room with no safe cause the mirror is reflecting the side walls image not the front , u see the room was long enough and a mirror have a particular radius of reflection so if the fbi guys got close to the end of the room then they wuld have seen the reflection of themselves but instead of that thir gaurd(agent) suddenly arrives and the head ask him where the safe is and he tells its in outside the truck they all just move out and rush towards the safe in this i’ll u see the in that room shouts where’s the safe to distract their attention away from the mirror as he knew there’s a mirror there ,,.

  3. They went to great trouble to fake Jack Wilder’s death…. for no apparent reason. Why couldn’t he leave behind the important papers for the FBI to find and escape like the others did (and then crack the safe)? He didn’t need to be dead to break into the safe. The odds of their very elaborate car accident going as planned seem small (and risked burning the very papers they needed the FBI to find)…. why take such a big risk if it isn’t critical to the plot? Did I miss something? Was Jack being dead critical to something?

    • They did need the FBI to think he was dead otherwise when they were doing their speech at five points the FBI guys would have started thinking where is the other guy, which would had drawn a fraction of their attention, and the whole thing required misdirection in order to work
      Jack could work on the safe with no one even thinking that he was alive (or looking for him) while the others had the undivided attention the guys they were trying to trick

      Plus by having the elaborate chase the FBI thinks that they had earned those papers and ‘beaten’ them and they would be so sure that they would continue to charge head long into the situation, if it had been to easy they might have started to ask themselves ‘why did they want us to have this?’
      It the ego thing there, they thought they had the upper hand at that point, when actually it was all part of the plan

      • I’m still not convinced… so many things had to go exactly right for that whole car accident to work (the timing of the cars + bus on the bridge + chase vehicle with Ruffalo in it), and if they’re off, the papers burn. They could have achieved the same thing by having Jack attempt to make off with the papers and fail (i.e. when he and Ruffalo were at the bottom of the duct in the building and they both go for the papers) – the FBI is going to comb through all the papers anyway and leap at anything that looks like a lead. You don’t need to risk the lives of several people (plus innocents on the bridge) to get the FBI interested in some papers. It’s a bit over the top.

        It’s just too much risk for a slight misdirection that doesn’t appear to really accomplish anything. While Jack is cracking the safe, what are the others doing? They’re hiding out and making a video for youtube. They could have done that with Jack just as easily. They key to cracking the safe without police attention was the midirection with the safe filled with balloons…. no need to think anyone is dead for that.

        • It doesn’t really matter. They chose to do it this way and in this instance everything did go as planned. That 99% of people would have chosen to do it a simpler way and 99% of the time this plan would have failed is irrelevant. In this story, this is what happened. Enjoy it!

        • Come on dude!!
          Everything doesn’t need to have the reason for ‘Plot’.
          It was to misdirect the viewers to make the climax really unexpected.
          Because . . . the closer you the you are, the easier you are to be fooled.

          • What you guys are arguing about, that’s magic. I have seen shows online where a trick goes wrong and the secret is shown but for professionals the trick goes right 99% of the time because of their practice and skill. Remember, they had a year and a detailed plan to practice all this.

            • If you had watched carefully when ruffalo was in the burning car there were no papers at first. the papers did not appear till he says”wait the papers and reaches back in” now knowing that ruffalo is the ring leader. you know the papers are planted by him

        • If you had watched carefully when ruffalo was in the burning car there were no papers at first. the papers did not appear till he says”wait the papers and reaches back in” now knowing that ruffalo is the ring leader. you know the papers are planted by him

          • You don’t see the papers before he grabs them because that’s the first shot you see of that angle (showing the ceiling of the upside down car, where the papers are lying).

            • Actually, Ruffalo probably did plant the papers, as the papers that Jack had would have stayed with him in the car that he drove. Of course, copies of the papers could have been placed in the dummy car, as well.

        • Dude you have to remeber they said that to get into “the eye” or whatever they have to complete these “challenges” to prove themselves worthy. Initiation is not meant to be easy.

        • I’m not sure what you are not satisfied about. Jack’s death was absolutely necessary so that he can work on the safe without raising suspicion. Why would the ‘four horsemen’ suddenly do their last show as a team of three? The only way that can happen without suspicion is if Jack ‘dies’.

          How the papers were found are less relevant than the fact that the papers needed to be attained in a manner that shows that they were ‘important’. Hence Jack trying to run away with them.

          The car scene you say is unnecessarily risky with so many things having to go right but the fact is that most big magic tricks are things that ‘look’ unnecessarily risky but the best magicians have practiced over and over where every angle is covered. I’m sure that unless someone makes a mistake, there were no innocents that were really in any danger. They probably even calculated the exact manner in which the car was going to flip over. You say everything had to go right. But that is actually just the standard of a top notch magician’s act. That through hardworking practice, they become ‘perfect’ in their craft so to speak.

          • I agree. If you notice at the end it shows all the players, woody was driving the bus and had cut off traffic and the other two were in a car very close where traffic was in front of them, the bait car was behind them and the FBI, so really the other cars were being blocked if you want to look it that way. Any people like action in movies and it was there to put on a show in the MOVIES! It was very entertaining.

        • Another thing that resulted from Jack being supposedly killed, is an increase in popularity. It’s like when a famous musician dies; his sales suddenly go through the roof.
          Also, they think they’re applying for membership of some exclusive club, they have to prove their cleverness and their ability to pull off those great illusions.

          Of course, none of these reasons make it worth the effort and high chance of failure, so the plot hole stands. Honestly, there were too many plot holes and exaggerations for me to be as immersed as I should be. But maybe, just maybe, the only reason I see these things and am bothered by them is because I’m a magician myself.

        • It was not only about giving the papers to the FBI making them think that they didn’t want to, but to test one of the hourseman. Remember all before that he was afraid to do it, because he knew it was only a test.

        • The papers would not burn if they were off because Dylan set fire to the car so he had control over the car. As for everyone else, they have instructions that they follow.

          The main reason for the chase is not only for the papers but for Wilder himself. Dylan planned it to well and he would have been able to set back the police as he was a part of the chase.

          While Wilder is cracking the safe they are not “hiding out making a youtube video” they are standing in front of the projectors, projecting their image onto the NY building. No one suspects the safe being broken into by Wilder because it was announced he was dead. Therefore they see the 3 of them there all at once in one place not even thinking about Wilder

    • Im pretty sure Jack’s death was not crucial to the plot, but as a teenage girl I can tell the amount of excitement it created for the teenagers watching. The girl next to me started crying when he died, and then started screaming with pleasure when she saw that he was alive. So im sure it was just for that extra drama for the viewers

      • I am sorry for the poor English but i would like to give an explanation to the chase scene it is clear that they had to fake wilder’s death in order to steal the money from the safe the question is why they needed such an elaborated chase, what about the safety of others as so many things had to go exactly right for that whole car accident to work the timing of the cars + bus on the bridge + chase vehicle with Ruffalo in it

        for this to work perfectly as planned they had complete 1 year and detailed plan to execute it and if you watch close u could find that they ensure that there is no other vehicle nearby the crashed car so ensuring that innocent people doesn’t get harmed.

        but the plot hole was they had a chasing helicopter all the time during chase why the helicopter crew couldn’t noticed the switch.

        and another thing which i would to get the explanation on was during the second trick how cud they just transfer such a big amount without the consent of the account holder i think if i have to make a transfer of such huge amount the bank would certainly ask for my approval plus who was transferring the money as they all were at the stage?

  4. The safe with the ballons led them away to the light show, but then it was the other 3 that held them there, otherwise the FBI would have gone ‘hold on where is the real safe’ and sent someone back to check, catching jack in the act of breaking into the safe and moving the money
    The light show started as freeman was asking the question of where the real safe was

    The YouTube video could have been made ahead of time and just released when the time was right, they opulent even have needed a computer to release said film
    The light show with the holograms is what the others were doing while jack was cracking the safe

    Woody (the hermit) was driving the bus so they just needed another vehicle in order to block the other lane they didnt need to be in controll of said vehicle it just had to be there, chase vehicle with ruffalo (who was in on the plan)
    How many innocent were killed during the chase? We are not told any are

    Yes they could have end the chase pretty much after the duct bit, but the FBI weren’t the only ones whose attention they wanted remember, they needed to create a big enough scene to get the attention of the news crews, but most of all it had to trick freemans character (previously a magician) he was waiting even after the other 3 left
    Sure the four horseman weren’t after freeman but it wasn’t their plan it was ruffalos (who even gave him a look as he got into the car for the chase), the horseman were hesitant before the FBI arrived cos they didnt come up with the plan and yeah it was risky (a leap of faith was required)
    but also as far they knew they were trying to bring a little magic to the people of NY (FBI were just props, remember the film wasn’t lots of little tricks be one big illusion)
    Overall though
    The film does mention how some things are best left unexplained (cos the explanation tends to be dull, like the card in the tree trick, wasn’t a trick he just waited for the right time its not a great explanation for the trick and it was more fun before the reveal, the explanation takes away the magic)
    The whole bringing magic to people is a metaphor for trying to bring a little magic back to movies (remember when people didnt picked apart all the little details of a film and were happy to be fooled or just have a fun ride)

    It’s a movie and a good fun one at that
    The explaination is all there in the film for those who choose to see it, other people might have done parts of the plan differently but the 5 horsemen did it that way, and it worked a treat

    • My biggest problem with the chase is the traffic helicopter. That helicopter would have had a clear view of everything that happened: Jack’s real car changing lanes in front of the bus and then the car with the cadaver in it being unhooked and crashing into the barricade, while Jack’s real car drives away.

      Having just watched the film a second time, there were multiple lines of dialogue from the helicopter crew complaining that they couldn’t get a clear shot of Jack’s vehicle. But how could the magicians have predicted that would happen? It was just sheer dumb luck that the helicopter wasn’t flying right over the bridge, filmed exactly what unfolded. There needed to be some sort of indication that the magicians had bribed the helicopter crew (or something similar) in order to explain away this plot hole.

      Another thing I don’t really understand is why they needed the elaborate car chase diversion in the first place. The safe is being protected FBI agent (Evans) that the horsemen have hypnotised, and it’s apparently being housed in such an unguarded, insecure location that the horsemen can sneak in, erect a massive mirror and plant a truck carrying the dummy safe without anyone noticing. So, why didn’t they simply get Agent Evans to call off his team and then just steal the money that morning? There is no reason whatsoever to waste time hauling in a massive mirror and planting the dummy safe, then come back in the evening for the money.

      Even if for some unspecified reason the safe can only be cracked into that evening, there’s still no reason to use the car chase scheme. The only reason that the other FBI team, lead by Dylan Rhodes, shows up that afternoon is because the horseman planted the paper in the exploding car. If they hadn’t given the FBI that explicit clue, the FBI would have had NO IDEA the safe was the target and would require NO MISDIRECTION to divert their attentions away from it long enough for Jack to crack it. What’s more, the end show is done mostly via hologram, so if they thought the safe-cracking could be time-consuming enough that Jack mightn’t make it to the show they could have PRERECORDED his performance.

      Basically, if the magicians had simple NOT BOTHERED to do the car chase, the end result of the movie is exactly the same. There is no need to fake Jack’s death to explain his absence, because his absence is simply not necessary.

      • yes his faked death was necessary! They made the FBI think that there were only 3 horseman left, so that Jack could go and bust into the safe without being suspected. If they believed that only 3 horseman were alive and that they were all at 5 point, then why would they go back to the safe room they thought was empty to catch a horseman who they thought was dead? It was all part of the trick, it all comes together if you stop picking apart the movie scouting for something wrong.

        • No, Jack’s faked death was not necessary. Here is the Horseman’s day:

          Morning – Horsemen sneak into warehouse with giant mirror and truck carrying dummy safe. FBI agents are either hypnotized, or have no idea the safe is the target, so don’t notice.
          Midday – Fake Jack’s death via elaborate car chase. Horseman plant a clue to the safe, which alert the FBI that it is the target.
          Afternoon – While the FBI are occupied with the dummy safe, Jack sneaks back, cracks the real safe and steals the money.
          Evening – Jack’s absence is not noticed during the live performance because everyone assume he is dead, so he can plant the money in Morgan Freeman’s car.

          Why not just have:

          Morning – Jack cracks the safe and steals the money. FBI agents are either hypnotized or have no idea the safe is the target, so don’t notice.
          Midday – Horsemen relax.
          Afternoon – Horseman chill out.
          Evening – Jack’s absence is not noticed during the live performance because it is pre-recorded, so he can plant the money in Morgan Freeman’s car.


          • I like your style! You should be invited to The Eye.

          • Jack dying was essential for the FBI to think that they bested the Horsemen in SOME way and managed to get some information on them. That paper contained the safe they were going to target so they headed there immediately. They find out the fake safe was being delivered to somewhere and “realized” that by going to where it was supposed to be delivered they could find the Horsemen, when in reality they had planned for this to happen. On the off-chance that they will still find out where the Horsemen were ’cause of the Youtube video, they would kinda be late ’cause of people traffic and would miss the Horsemen leaving, thus heading back to the warehouse to search for more clues, and they MAY see Jack leaving with the money and follow him back to the Warehouse (cause, really, getting that much money into a transportation vehicle and planting it inside a car would take a lot of time, magician or not, practice or not)

            And besides, they planted the mirror to make it look like they stole the safe AND at the same time hypnotized the FBI guy. Anyone wondering why they used “b*******” of all words as a trigger when I’m pretty sure they know a lot of policemen would say that cause they think magic is “b*******”? It means that they wanted them to realize sooner what they had done and because of this the FBI’ll think, “Oh, they went through all this trouble to do this, so that probably means that the safe is important” and blah blah blah.

            FBI run out cause they think that the safe in the truck is important, hypnotized FBI left alone so Jack doesn’t have to worry about squabbling with them any time soon, plant the money in Thaddeus Bradley’s car, and boom. A rather elaborate but still pretty effective misdirection magic.

      • I don’t know if this has been said before, but this ties into both the traffic helicopter, and the apparent lack of any hints of Ruffalo’s involvement.

        During the car chase scene, Ruffalo calls on the radio to dispatch and tells them that the suspect is headed east on the FDR, to which the interpol lady responds “what..?” An explanation is never really given, and nothing is elaborated upon. I think that was intended to be a clue, that Ruffalo was intentionally giving his dispatch confusing information, since news stations will listen to police radio broadcasts to determine where they can find big stories. Since the accident was orchestrated so well, it would have only taken a delay of a few minutes for the choppers to miss the action. When the news story is seen broadcasted later, the only footage they have is apparently taken by a chopper which seems to be approaching a smoke plume on a bridge.

        I remember watching that scene and thinking, ‘there has to be some importance behind him giving bad directions to his dispatch, otherwise why bother filming it?’ and it didn’t even occur to me until after I read this comment. I don’t know if I’m right or not, but it’s certainly worth thinking about.

        • I forgot to mention, it’s my opinion that it would be rather important for not just the FBI to be fooled by Jack’s death, but also for any fans to be fooled (for instance, Morgan Freeman’s character, who would watch the broadcast.) Any skeptics with any sort of drive to solve the mystery of the greater trick would have questioned Jack’s death if they hadn’t apparently seen it with their own eyes via news broadcasts. The only thing I can’t account for is how the four horsemen, who were mostly just following instructions for this elaborate trick, could possibly know in this case that news helicopters would not be able to find a 5 cruiser car chase until their deception was complete.

      • Good points! And I didn’t catch the Ruffalo character’s last name – Rhodes – until I saw your post. Rhodes… Rider… 5th Horseman clue.

        Another clue is that in the vault, he cries “No!” after “b*******!” but before his boss starts looking funny and playing the violin.

        About the car chase, I’m disappointed to watch it in slow motion and see that the bus pulls over directly behind another car – there is definitely no black car attached to the front in the original scene.

        • Uhh. How is the “No!” a clue? He knew not because he’s on the inside, but because he experienced the hypnotism when he was interrogating Woody Harrelson.

      • You missed the point entirely. Dylan misleads the helicopter with wrong directions so they are heading into a different direction before Laurent corrects him. Therefore they could not get a clear visual because they went the wrong way

        • The wrong direction is honestly a split second. It wouldn’t have made a difference.

  5. Hmm, opulent? Auto correct that was meant to say ‘wouldn’t’

    Auto correct is right though opulent is a much more common word :-)

  6. One other point, remember how freemans character told Michael Caine that he was the distraction while they set up the really trick and Caines ego prevented him from seeing that
    The FBI was also a distraction while the real trick done, freemans ego didn’t allow him to consider for a second that he was the real target, he has happy to have a chuckle at the expense of the FBI (thinking that they were the fools)

  7. Seriously to everyone that commented on this explaining there thoughts and views on this movie were just amazing you all opened my eyes to better understand this beautiful film like it was just amazing. I was stock but you all helped me see the better picture I’m only 15 and i barley understood some stuff but as i was reading all the brilliant comments everything is just clicking together this movie really needs all the awards a movie can get it was wonderful. This movie inspired me to become a movie writer so serious i want to be able to have my audience thinking just how this movie had all of us thinking thank you to everyone who helped me understand.

    • This movie was one of the WORST movies I have ever seen. Horrible character development andjust did not care at the end. PLEASE do not write anything as crappy as this movie. IT WAS HORRIBLE!!

    • Dear Thomas:

      If ypu think this was a great movie and that it should win all of the awards that exist you need to watch more movies.

  8. Hi guys,

    I have 2 questions that wasn’t fully answered in these comments (or I may have missed them).
    1) How was the second act done? How did they manage to transfer money from Michael Caine and give it to the audience at those moments.
    2) Why was Shrike’s body or safe never found? Where was it then?

    • Imrano – In reply to your question 1
      1) They transferred the money from Tresslers account (using the info they got from the plane trip) to each persons account using their insurance claims which were denied and you can specify certain times to transfer money.

    • To the second question. He was in a river notorious for its current and erosive power. But then how would dillon have known the steel failed? Perhaps the body and safe were found but the insurance, bank, safe companies and freman character never released it for then they would have been liable for the payout. They could just then claim he disappeared, and didn’t die. Then no payout or accountability.

  9. Hi!

    I´m just wondering something about the third act. The horsemen installs a giant mirror in the room so that they can hide the real safe. But would not the people that runs into the room see themselves in the mirror then? Because that is how a mirror works. They should have seen themselves and understood that it was a giant mirror.

    • The mirrored was angled so you would only be able to see yourself if you went right up to it. If you watch closely nobody actually goes more than halfway into the room.

  10. Hi there. Does anyone knows if the sequel of the film will have the same cast? i’m dying to know… I want to see more advances in the four horsemen relationship, especially danny and henley. Sorry about the grammar errors

  11. Hey!
    Just wanted to say that when the main characters entered the apartement in the beggining of the movie, next to the flower there was a note saying “Now You Don’t”. I am pretty sure that it was a reference to the title of the movie, “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t”.
    I don’t know if this was super obvious, but I just wanted to get it of my chest.

  12. I don’t get a few things about the ending…
    The 5th Horseman- how is he a member of the Eye? What’s he done to make himself a member, let alone decide who joins?? Surely he would be known as a magician if he’s “great” enough to be in the elite circle? Also the first show they give away Euros to the crowd, the second show they transfer money to the audience, but the third they shower people in fake money? A bit of an anti climax for their final show :/
    I really liked the movie up until the ending.
    Am I being to harsh?

    • well his status as the son of a member probably got him some props. Also if you look at the fact that he planned a 2 year long illusion, giving insurance settlements to hurricane and storm victims, hypnotizing one man in France into “robbing” his own bank, then stealing a fresh printed set of euros and replacing them with flash paper. THEN, robbing a treasury and at the same time gaining revenge for his father and the eye. ALL while posing as the lead FBI agent on the case, then he really does have all the qualifications of an illusionist who could protect the secrets of true magic. Also if they only take new members twice every century, then he was with the last set of people to be initiated, his father being a member likely had him on the short list for initiation.

    • First of all he is not the 5th horseman, there is no fifth (the four horsemen is a passage from the bible, the four horsemen Conquest, Famine, War and Death are the bringers of the apocalypse). Second of all when you ask “what have he done to be a member of the eye?” to answer that would probably take whole movie, and at the end of that movie you would be able to ask the same question about the guy who “invited” him. Too answer your third question “wouldn’t he be known?” has a very short answer: the greatest illusion is the ones you don’t know about.

      • They aren’t actually the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, and the term “5th horseman” was used throughout the movie to refer to a potential 5th person collaborating with the self titled “4 horsemen”. So while you are correct that there are only 4 horsemen in the bible, he was still the “5th horseman” in this movie.

      • The four horseman is a reference of an egyptian myth. The story written in the bible was probably a variant of that same story.

    • I don’t think you need to be a ‘famous’ magician to be in the Eye. I don’t think that this particular group cares about notoriety as it does about skill or talent or intellect or certain other characteristics which Ruffalo’s character certainly was portrayed as having. Also, unless I missed it, there wasn’t too much insight given of this elite circle so it could even be that Ruffalo’s character decided to use this groups name for himself in order to gather the members that he needed. Create into reality the Eye which had prior been only a “myth” or something.
      The fake money bit was necessary as they had to plant the real money in Freeman’s car. They were only giving away money when it served a purpose. The first act (euros) in order to set the stage and get the FBI involved and what not, the second act (insurance money) because of wanting to right a wrong. In the third act, there was no need to actually give the audience members real money.

    • Totally agree with you! The concept of magicians vs police was well thinked, but the inspector as the “bad” guy, what a awful ending!

  13. Does the secret order of the eye exist? I have to believe it must. How else could an FBI agent come up with the money needed to buy the holographic
    equipment and the massive stage props and light displays used to put on shows. These were huge setups, especially the last one. The would have require a large staging crew, lighting technicians, production staff etc.
    The French bank job would have been costly to set up and carry out. They would have needed to print the flash paper money themselves. They made it clear that the weren’t stealing for themselves. Why would Micheal Caines character sponsor their act. Would he have had some part in the french heist just to watch the money be showered on the audience. Why didn’t the FBI just “follow the money” . It’s usually the first thing they look into in cases where lot’s of money is involved. And why didn’t they look a Caine as a major suspect in the french case. They made it clear that he was the benefactor. Every thing they did would have to require major financing . FBI salary? No. Caines character? Possibly for some things like first two shows but not the holo stuff or final show after being robbed. Only other possibility, in my view would be a very old secret society with lots of money and manpower to call on when the cause is justified. The Eye of Horus were refered to as “the protectors of REAL magic”. At the merry-go-round, Ruffalo said “The REAL magic was bringing together four… and getting them to work together…

  14. Great move but one thing is bugging me. During certain parts of the movie, they cut to different scenes for no apparent reason (that happen at different parts of the timeline).

    One of them is the 5 points scene where the french chick tells Mark that he’s being mis-directed, and his boss says they need everyone inside. They showed that at the start of the movie for some reason.

    The second one was the very final scene where they showed the car crash again. Does anyone know why the ended the movie with this scene? It’s not like they showed any new information?

    • Get a re-rip. The film doesn’t really end that way.

      • hi ,

        yes, as Steve just say, I did not get why at the end of the movie, they show the car crash scene , just as if some new information would come along but nothing came up and it just ended that way .
        Please may I have some explanation about it ?

        also I did not quite get how come Ruffalo as the FBI could have cover all the cost for all the show obvious costs ?

        thanks a lot

        • the end was i think when ruffalo says, one more secret, she never knew Jack had lived, its the only explanation that points to another secret.

          • hahaa you guys complaining about the car crash in the end. I guess it was the ‘putlocker’ link you were streaming. It was the fault of the stream. It was switching to parts missed before. In the end Dylan throws the lock into the Seine river and thats it. The car scene was just repeated in the end by mistake just like several other parts

            • Hah, that explains it then!

            • Guys, the movie isn’t ending when Dylan throws the key. There is one more scene, and that’s the reason I found this site. After the titles there is a 2-min scene. Where the guys travelled somewhere and lost their cards. What happened? I guess they all got fooled by Dylan!

              • I saw this too and that is the real ending of the movie, not the carrousel scene. Is also why I came to this site, as I cannot find an explanation to this scene anywhere :/

                • it might be for a sequel…

    • I watched the same one. I assume it doesn’t actaully end like that. And you should have skipped a bit of the credits. There’s also a post credit scene I didn’t quite understand.

      • I believe this scene was an easter egg to prepare you for a sequel…as many movies will do nowadays.

        • So what’s the meaning of the missing card line that Woody’s character ends the movie with?!

    • The torrent that you illegally obtained was uploaded by a mentalist using a teleportation helmet (a gaming headset with blue LED’s) while smoking massive quantities of high grade chiba.

  15. I loved this movie but am so confused about the end. One more secret? Then just the car explosion. I feel as though we should have learned one more secret but I got nothing from it. Please help me understand.

  16. This movie was awful on so many levels. Awful character development. far fetched and the ending is one big…who cares. Im surprised so many people liked this movie so much. Im also surprised that I watched it to the end. One of the worst movies ive seen in awhile for sure.

    • and yet you seek out a forum discussing the “terrible” movie

      • Oh..sorry. I didnt know I had to like every movie. You know it is possible to come and discuss why a movie was bad.

  17. Why does the car crash scene play at the end of Now you see me? Is there something hidden in that scene im missing?

    • a lot of people are talking about car explosion at end but i dont see it


  19. How put the card in the tree 18 year in advance?

    • Explained in the movie, watch it again ,)

  20. I think the post credit scene was kind of a joke when they needed the card from central park to open the boxes then woody (cant remember character) said “what card” which could suggest he must not have it after they drove all the way out into the desert? also repeating the car crash scene at the end also happened when i watched it and i did notice that he looked at the body and there were no papers there but then they misty cloud sorta thing blew through then the papers appeared, not sure if this is done deliberately or if its an editing fault in the movie or something? watch the scene again and see if you notice.

    • man u must have watched the putlocker version…it has some faults, it randomly repeats some parts:P…so that was not the last seen.at the end he throw the key to the river and thats it.

      • Nope! There is another scene (not the car crush). The guys are travelling threw a desert and find a new place for them. But they are missing the cards??? :)

        • Through* looooool

        • What is your thoughts on this end scene in the desert?
          And the comment about the card?

  21. How did mark ruffalo get into the eye society when earlier in the movie interpol girl says something like “people are only inducted into the eye once every 50 years” so not being over 50 years old he could not already of been in the eye..?

    • they didn’t say every 50 years, they said twice a century, if a group of truly remarkable magicians comes along then they initiate them, but they can only do it twice every hundred years. so if they take in new members in 1905 and 1910, then they cannot initiate new members until 2010

      • Twice a century. So, 1912, 1990, 2012, etc. That’s twice in the 20th century and once so far in the 21st,

        • 1912 – 1960 / 2000+ – <2100 ;)

      • *then they cannot initiate new members until the year 2000


  22. Hey can someone explain to me the scene shortly after the credits roll. I don’t really follow. So they joined The Eye, and found chests at a junkyard that needed their cards to unlock. So… what does that mean? Pls help, sooo curious

    • Actually it doesn’t mean anything. It just shows that they are members of the eye now – judging by the symbol of an eye in every boxes, so in order for them to open those boxes they need their respective cards which unfortunately woody forgot to bring and that’s a big deal because they drove a long way to get to that destination. I hope that helps.

      • Jack says : What cards? (Hypnotized)

  23. Okay, here’s just some things i noticed that haven’t been written yet, as far as i’ve seen, plus my interpretation of the after credits scene (which people should watch!)

    1: At the after credits scene, the “junk yard” scene they arrive to is shaped like the eye-symbol if you view it from above. There is never a true shot from above, but the camera is raised so that this can be seen if you look closely.

    2: When they get into the place with all the boxes with eye-symbols in the end, i just find it very ironic that Jack Wilder then says “It’s locked” as he kneels down and looks at a box. This is of course ironic since his catch phrase in the movie has been “Nothing’s ever locked”.

    And at last, my interpretation of the after credits ending:
    Somewhere in the carrousel, there were some coordinates or something like that, telling them to go to the scrap yard with all the old vegas signs. As they get there, and ask about the cards they need to open those boxes, they are reffering to the cards they were handed at the beginning of the movie. But they realize that the no longer have them. And THIS is because Dylan Rhodes stole them back from them when they met up with him in the end!
    As he revealed himself, he turned into the distraction, while the carrousel was serving as yet another distraction. Henley (who was holding the horsemen’s cards at the time) stands there in awe, as Rhodes then goes to shake her hand. As he does so, he steals back the cards without anyone noticing. (before shaking his hand, she is holding the cards in her right hand. After shaking, they are gone.)
    And why did he do this, you might say? Perhaps to show the horsemen that “they are not the smartest person in the room”, and also to make the locked boxes work as a metaphor, saying “never reveal your tricks”, as they will never be revealed since they can’t open them.

    Well, that’s what i had to offer that hadn’t been written, but i also liked a lot of the other interpretations.

    • Great explanation!

  24. Excuse me, I’m kinda dense. Why did they go after Morgan Freeman?

    • He made his dad do the safe trick causing him to die.

  25. What was the whole point in the movie? (spoiler alert)
    Mark Ruffalo spent 30 years working his way up in the FBI to exact revenge on some people who were in no way responsible for the death of his father. Is it just me that thinks it stupid that mark ruffalo wants to put Morgan Freeman in prison for simple telling people how his dad did a magic trick, how all of Micheal Cains money is stolen because he didn’t pay out on an insurance claim and how they stole half a billion dollars because the company made a safe below standard?
    And as for the ending……
    So mark ruffalo was part of ‘the eye’ and the four horsemen for no apparent reason put themselves into the public eye as wanted criminals to become part of a secret society. The four horseman have given up their whole lives to help Mark Ruffalo for no reason at all apart from being initiated into a secret society, again which they will gain nothing from.
    So in conclusion: incredibly far-fetched and far to complicated for no reason, there was no character development and in my opinion one of the worst and most pointless movies i have seen in years….

    • Well, what would you do if the people responsible for the tragedy surrounding your father’s death were multimillionaires who were above the law?

      • what does their wealth matter?

    • why is everyone saying there is no character development??

      the first 10 minutes is character development.

      Young guy, does card tricks, good at deception
      Chick, good at making things different than they appear.
      Woody’s character is a mentalist, he reads facial expressions etc to uncover info
      and the guy in the crash is a thief.

      so, Deceiver, illusionist, mentalist, thief.

      • Character development is…developing the characters. That means that they change and evolve over the course of the movie. In this movie the characters were static and the same people by the end as in the beginning.

    • @ matty m:
      First off, Morgan freeman’s character is blamed by Dylan (Mark Ruffalo) for being responsible for his father’s death. Quite well explained in the movie, actually.
      Second, in the elevator scene, on their way to the roof top for their final show, the three remaining horsemen agree that the past year is worth spending 20 years in prison for, if they should get caught.
      Remember, they are entertainers and magicians and their ego’s would go to jail or even kill to be performing tricks no one have ever done or could do.
      So, it’s all about the ego in this great movie.

  26. I don’t understand a few things.
    1- Is the magic real?
    2- The FBI agent (forgot his name) was basically the leader of all of this?

    • not very bright r u? … 1.the eye is some kind of a secret society, not magic just secret, what they are all doing are well planned tricks and schemes. 2. dylan rhodes (the fbi agent) IS the leader and also the 5th horseman

  27. I thought the film was just a try hard Oceans full of fail. I picked the 5th horseman straight up as some kind of amazing twist. yawn.

    The reason for revenge was thin and stupid and seemed more in line from a teen with personal responsibility issues than a “mastermind’.

    - Morgan freeman shows other magicians tricks?! hardly an evil doer worthy of punishment
    - Bank safe company made a sub standard safe? Unless it was rated for “escape artists at the bottom of the river” then the blame for stupidity rests with the dead dad.
    - Insurance guy…not paying out premiums?! hardly a darth vader of cinema for ruthlessness. I mean the money went into each persons account…and guess what the next day they money leaves the account and goes back to the company stolen from.

    To sum it up he steals and tries to ruin people because someone exposes his dads trick…so his dad tries something stupid using something never intended for that darwinistic display in a poorly thought out idea and dies. Then because the insurance company wont pay out for acts of fatal stupidity he targets them as well.

    Bad story…with a bad ending full of sugary filling

    • -to Spiv

      About: Insurance guy
      Hence how he was able to offer Morgan Freeman 10 million dollars after he had been robbed blind by the magicians

  28. I found this site when searching for “now you see me ending” simply because I wondered I’d I’d ‘missed’ something because I really didn’t “get it”. And I watch a fair few movies.

    I’m reassured now that there was nothing to “get”, it’s just a terrible movie. It is a failure to blend “suspension of disbelief” with “magic” mixed with a terribly implausible plot.

    • “If I’d”…

    • not very bright r u? … the eye is some kind of a secret society, not magic just secret, what they are all doing are well planned tricks and schemes. this whole movie is about revenge and a passage way for the four horseman to join the eye

      • Because someone thought the movie was stupid, they must not have understood it. Of course.

  29. I’ll be “The Hermit” here and speculate about the people who came here to post that the movie was horrible, etc, etc, etc.
    #1. I see a state or government job….possibly within the FBI itself, or even the post office. Law enforcement of some sort is not out of the question.
    #2. Doctors, and lawyers.
    #3. Clergymen of the Church.

    In summary: Any type of position that absolutely obliterates any and all imagination of the probable, however improbable it might seem. Perhaps you were denied this imagination when your dreams were smashed as a young child by a family member or role model. Perhaps even bible thumped into your current state of having absolutely no personality.

    • Haha. Good one.

    • I hated this movie and I’m a college student majoring in film. People can have a very wide range of reasons for disagreeing with your opinion, so attributing the source of their reasoning to a specific failing of character is just ignorant and small minded. If you were impressed with the “twist” ending of this movie, maybe give The Usual Suspects a try to see something like this done right.

      • x1000 about The Usual Suspects…