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Now You See Me Trailer 2 Now You See Me Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already discussing their feelings towards this film in the comments section of our Now You See Me review, this article is the place where you can reveal and analyze Now You See Me spoilers without having to worry about ruining the film for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, you may assume that anyone participating in the conversation has seen the film. If you haven’t seen this film yet, we would suggest that you don’t read any of the comments (included below) ahead of time.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Now You See Me for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprise twists and turns!

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Now You See Me is 116 minutes long and Rated PG-13 for language, some action and sexual content. Now playing in theaters around the U.S.

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  1. It was entertaining overall, but there was little character development. Dylan having another persona as an FBI agent was pretty far fetched.

    Also, there wasn’t much payoff for the Horsemen at the end. They get on a carousel (I just got the HORSEmen reference as I’m writing this!), but we never see what the Eye was about.

    • You’re NOT suppose to know what the EYE is exactly. They had already said in the movie that the EYE was a brotherhood that giarded magic and made sure it was used to balance/serve justice and not to benefit eveil or the rich and powerful. The entire story was about setting righty several wrongs done to the father of Ruffalo’s character.

      • And ensuring that his next leap would be the leap home?

        Sorry, that last line of your comment reminded me of that.

    • I think Dylan having another persona as an FBI agent was precisely the point. Just like his Dad set up the card in a tree illusion 18 years in advance, Dylan planned everything in advance so part of the plan was putting himself in that position which he needed to be in order to control the illusion.

      Now, is it far fetched to believe someone has enough foresight to do all of that? Yeah, but I’m ok with it. Great movie.

    • Actually, there was a scene after the credits, showing the horsemen as they arrived at what seemed to be a sort of graveyard for old amusement park rides in the middle of nowhere. Anyway, they go to a room of some sort and there’s boxes and crates with the Eye symbol on them, however we never find out what they contain seeing as how McKinny (the mentalist) forgot the glass card they got after merging all 4 of their old cards. The glass card was what was going to open the crates if you didn’t get that.

  2. Many plotholes.. but still I enjoyed it very much as some of the plotholes were the ‘magics’..

    and I shouldve seen why they cast Ruffalo who famously played another double-identity in the Avengers

    I guess it would be too obvious if Edward Norton who play the FBI agent instead. Ha

  3. This was such an amazing plot line! I did not expect the ending twist, and I loved how they incorporated the little lines that the four horseman used through out the movie. Ex. how in, the second act I believe, how Jesse Eisenberg tells the audience how instead of it being 100 different tricks, it was just one big illusion. The WHOLE film was the one big illusion. I just loved the whole story line all together!!!

    • Me neither!! i was waiting to see who would be the 5th horseman and so did not expect Mark Ruffalo to be the one behind all of it. Loved the twist

  4. There were a couple of things that didn’t make sense, like would Ruffalo’s character have risked his life by going over to the burning car to rescue a cadaver? And would he have reacted to Morgan Freeman’s suggestion that the interpol agent was involved the way he did (in private one-on-one encounters with the agent?)
    That said, those were minor issues, and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

    • I don’t find that to be just a minor issue. You could look at multiple moments in the movie that just flat out prove that he actually cares about stopping them. For example, his one on one encounters with the interpol agent and after failing to capture them he went alone to a bar to drink away the problems. Who is he trying to prove himself to? The audience? that just does not make sense to me. If i watch the Sixth Sense again (spoiler alert.. i guess) its pretty obvious that he’s is dead the entire time. Not in this movie. Only issue with the ending. Enjoyed the movie very much otherwise.

      • Who was he trying to fool during his one on one encounters with the Interpol agent, who was working the case and if she had found out his identity earlier, it would have destroyed his entire case? Hrmm.. I wonder?

        Who was he trying to fool when he went to drink away his “problems” in a bar that he knew that the same Interpol would find him doing just that? Her… Obviously.

        The fact that he kept the persona of the FBI Agent that he worked his entire life to become in order to pull this entire thing off, isn’t a plot hole imo. He didn’t know who was watching or when, and he didn’t want give away his cover by letting his guard down at the wrong time.

        When Freeman contacted Ruffalo and informed him that the Interpol was a plant, if he didn’t act the way he did on the phone, Morgan would know something was up. If he didn’t treat her the way he did afterwards, and it turned out that she was actually working with Morgan, they would confer and again, he plans would be ruined.

        Can you make the argument that he was too into the character to make it believable that he was working against the FBI the whole time? Sure. But you can also make the argument that he was so believable because he was planning this performance his entire life.

        Great movie… I highly recommend.

        • If you’ve set up 18 years of planning do you think you’d just dissappear and not stay in your FBI character it’s just like acting he’s not coming out of character till the final act is over does that mean he had multiple drinks at the bar not necessarily we only saw him drink one so how do you know he wasn’t sitting on it in case he needed to play it off. I knew it was mark ruffalo after he tried to shout them when they were running off the building. Because why would you shoot someone who’s going to fall over ad to their death no point.

      • Nothing wrong with going to a bar in the French Quarter and hoisting one…he knew someone might come looking for him. As has been said, don’t read too deeply here-just enjoy it. His failure to catch them would easily lead to a drink. And, as we realize later, he’s starting to have feelings for Ms Interpol.

    • He WASN’T risking his life going after the cadaver. He knew exactly how the car was rigged and how it was going to go up. It was part of the illusion. Fire is a VERY good misdirection used by many magicians.

      • I think u are spot on and he needed to get the papers to lead the others to to safe.


    • Absolutely. Remember Freemans character is the one of the guys he is trying to set up all along so he had to keep the charade going with him. As for the cadaver, he did what any cop would do in that situation, and if he didn’t there would be questions. No one would question him if he ran to a burning car that was about to explode.

      • But at the same time, noone was questioning his validity as an fbi agent at the same time. You say that he did what any cop would do in that situation yetvhe was the only one to run to the burning car. Noone would have thought any diff if he didnt run to the car. And the knowledge of the safe could have come from anywhere, if he was such a master mind who planned all this out over 20 years. He put his own crew in danger too many times, which could have destroyed his plans. My bigest question is where all this highly advanced technology, which has also got to be insanley expensive, came from, and why none of the horsemen seem to notice how far advanced the tech is. Also one more. If the final show was all a hologram, then why did the horsemen even need to be present? Couldnt they have done there part buy satilite?

    • Maybe due to the fact he states at the end, that he created and lived as his alter ego, the FBI agent?
      A little far fetched, but his character sure did play the part well to fool the whole bureau.

      Great flick, highly entertaining.

    • When the guy reaches in to save the cadaver I think this is the part of the movie where the lead character fools morgan freemans character this is why it is shown again at the ending. this is also the secret that needs to be locked away a crytical moment in the plot :-)

  5. Illuminati = the eye

    • the eye= l’occhio.
      illuminati= illuminated.
      and it’s a hole different thing. i am positive that ‘the eye’ was not a reference to the medieval secret society. there is quite a difference between magic and science, you know. why on heart would the director make a connection between those two? it would be counterproductive.
      next time, before you say something, count to ten and check Wikipedia, please.

      • i think i fall in love
        good point

      • You are a jerk. It’s easily thinkable that they might have been in some way alluding to an elitist society. I think you’re being too harsh, and all of the things you assume are obvious are rather reaching. You should try again

  6. Considering the talented cast, the movie was average at best. I did not enjoy Ruffalo’s dual identity thingy and the fact that he went so far didn’t seem justifiable.

    • “…and the fact that he went so far didn’t seem justifiable?

      Thats how real conmen and women work and its what seperates the true talent from the wanna be’s.

      Ruffalo’s character had to sell his fake identity to everyone even himself. He was dealing with very rich and very powerful people that he was going to hurt in some way so you can bet he was going to be sure he stayed in Character 25/8 (An exageration of 24/7 so as to make a point)

  7. OK, I loved the movie. completely entertained the entire time, and I liked that it wasn’t violent, cussing, or sexual in any way. Now here is my question… Guess I missed it in the movie somewhere. Why, in the end did mark ruffalo want morgan freeman to sit in jail? Was there a vendetta against him, or just because he was trying to debunk the entire trick? What.. ??

    • Morgan Freeman’s character debunked Mark Ruffalo’s character’s dad, which drove him to do the fatal safe trick. Michael Caine’s character’s insurance company and the French bank also refused to pay Mark Ruffalo’s character’s family their insurance benefits, so he had that vendetta with them. Hope this helps!

      • ahh gotcha. I understood the insurance scam with caine… I didn’t get that freeman was responsible for his dads fatal trick.. now it all makes sense.. Thank you so much. :)

        • But freeman wasnt responsible for the fathers death. The father pushed his own stunt too far. Would have made more sence if they wrote in a backstory that said freeman taunted his father to do the trick. Instead the father takes it upon himself to try and stump freeman. Also the other three companys never realy suffer. Each one of there “heists” are very easily traceable and the stollen money in each one is very easily recoverable. Hell the 2nd show is robbing an insurance company, hello, insurance.

      • Thank you, I finally got! :)

  8. ‘Splain something. First, I missed the whole “warped safe” thing, went by too quickly. Second, what would keep Morgan Freeman from spilling everything? Third, so now what? Where does everybody go off to? They are all felons, so can no longer be in public.

    • The halfhearted billion found in morgan Freeman’s car was the money from the safe which was owned by the steel company who built the safe that killed his father. There’s no evidence it wasn’t morgan freeman so there’s no reason to take his side over an FBI agent. And the scene where they dissappear is symbolic in that the never resurface.

    • Morgan Freeman didn’t KNOW the whole truth to spill it.

  9. OK totally didn’t understand the care with the cadaver in it..I can see the issue of having the 3 horseman driving a similar car but how does cadaver drive a car??????

    • Remote Control.

    • when they were flashing to each of the horsemen driving the cars, and bus. notice there is a shot of remote control for like an rc car.

  10. The cadaver doesn’t drive the car. That is why it crashed.

  11. I don’t get the whole Eye thing. I understand what it is supposed to be, and the Horsemen did this amazing trick and get invited in… OK. But they are invited in by someone who should not be in the group to begin with. Ruffalo’s character is not some amazing magician who would have been in the Eye. His dad was a mid level illusionist who died in while trying to pull of a trick that was over his head. The revenge aspect is all fine, the long con, setting up the trick long before the payoff… that is all OK. But why would the FBI get into the Eye in the first place?

    And it really is not needed. He could unveil it at the end and there could be no Eye. The four said ti was worth it even if there was no Eye. They were all being played. I guess it would suck that the four of them are all international criminals and celebrities, so their lives are basically over, but they had a good ride.

    • Ruffalo’s Character is a magician,it is through his and his fathers use of forethought that gets them into the eye, both he and his father set up tricks that took years to play out, tricks most people couldn’t even imagine.

    • Better yet what if you got it backwards? What if rufallo is a master magician who is a member of the eye, and used his skills to infultrate the fbi useing mentalism to make everyone belive he is fbi. This can be an amazing movie and story if in the sequel all of this is expkained.

  12. Ok, I have a couple questions I would LOVE some answers to, or at least suggestions/ideas to:

    1. Someone else asked this, where do the magicians go? Where is this eye? I mean is it just magic and they disappear, or was the merry-go-round a metaphor for them going off on their merry way with a “fraternity” like group having their back and supporting them?

    2. Also, were there ANY hints throughout the movie that I could have picked up on that the FBI agent was the 5th horseman all along? I’m hoping there were because it would make me appreciate him being the 5th.

    Thank you for your help. I did enjoy the movie, but def. am a lil confused with some things.

    • Hi Joe

      First of all I loved this movie, I haven’t enjoyed watching a film this much at the cinemas in a really long time!

      Here’s my thought on the eye and where the magicians go at the end of the movie…On sub level I thought it was all an extended metaphor that derives from mysticism. The eye being the ‘third eye’ that only the enlightened soul has opened and can see through.
      ‘The closer you look, the less you’ll see’…it reminded me of how people rarely think of the bigger picture or the big questions of life, because they are so caught up in the details of everyday. But if we actually stopped and took a step back to really see the bigger picture then it would amaze you. So I think the 4 horsemen were invited/chosen into this inner circle with those tarrot cards at the beginning of the film which represented the different pathways people can take in order to open up their ‘third eye’ and really see the bigger picture.

      The hermit- someone who is free from attachment and does not care for the materialistic world we live in, it is somewhat easier for a hermit to excel on the mystic pathway and reach a different and much higher astral plane.
      The high priestess- a woman with powers of the heavens in her hands, someone who has spent their lifetime in a good and honest fashion who prays and gives to charity, from these acts this person is given the gift of gaining access to the higher astral plane
      Death- is not a destination, but merely another part of the journey. By freeing yourself from this life and body the soul has the opportunity to rise upwards to the higher astral plane.
      The lovers- complete absorption in divine love is another way of opening the third eye…

      So these were the given pathways and the magic trick show downs were their ‘tests’ to see if they were worthy of being initiated into the inner circle of the third eye…each one of the horsemen were special people, different from others and had their own individual gift so they were ‘chosen’. By the end of the film once they had passed the tests and everything was revealed, getting onto the merry go-round was just another part of this metaphor, it was finally time for them to move onto the higher astral plane and leave this world behind.

      As to your second point…I didn’t notice anything throughout the movie that gave away that the FBI agent was the 5th horseman…but he was kind of the ringleader who held the key into the inner circle of the eye, and the fact that we didn’t notice or realise or that they the movie makers didnt give any hints, kind of supports the idea that we never know who is a truly enlightened soul, they may be hiding in plain sight and it is only until the very end that we may be lucky enough to really know the truth.

      This is just my interpretation of the film, for all I know I’ve just read way to much into the whole film and the writers and directors of the movie probably had no intention of this message, so I could be completely wrong…but that’s what I took from it, so I hope it sheds some light on your own thoughts of the movie and helps a little :)

      • Good views.

        But what is your take to the real ending, out in the desert?
        I have no clue and can find nothing nowhere online.

        Any thoughts would be appreciated, thx.

      • This must be one of the best explanations and it makes so much sense. Didn’t Dave Franco’s character also get the death card? Because that is a funny coincidence (probably very thought out) I think. I did not either think anything gave the agent away. I actually assumed Melanie to be the contact and became a little bummed (like this is too obvious). Then of course she wasn’t, which was great.

        Amazing movie btw with so many good plot twists. Can’t wait for the sequel!

  13. i kind of deduced that mark ruffalo was the 5th by elimination. by halfway, it was kind of revealed that michael caine and morgan freeman weren’t the 5th one. it was down the french girl and mark. being the bigger star, it has to be mark.

  14. i honestly thought that Thaddeus Bradley was the 5th horseman… oops! amazung storyline overall….

  15. There could also possibly be a sequel about there lives after and the mysterious eye

  16. One hint at Mark Ruffalo being the 5th horseman throughout the movie was when Woody Harrelson brought up that he had abandonment issues from his dad which supports the idea that Ruffalo is doing this because of the loss of his dad

    • And him shouting “Freeze!” at the second show, to be sure he would be tackled and prevented from catching the 4 horsemen
      (read this somewhere else, so cant take credit for this view)

      • I actually agree with you there. When I saw Mark Ruffalo running up to chase after the Horsemen I kinda realized that, “Oh, he’s gonna say freeze and then they’ll tackle him”. But I also got a strange feeling he hesitated for a moment before saying “Freeze”. Is that weird?

  17. Ok so let me get this straight: Ruffalo’s character made the plan for his farhers vengence and got the magicians to help him restore justice. Since they helped them they were initiated into The Eye secret society. What i dont get is this: Was Ruffalo already in this society? Is it even real? Did Morgans character truely long to be in The Eye? Why did the card in the tree glow? Is it REALLY magic? (Not in real life but in the movie?) Can someone just explain the WHOLE ending for me? I dont get the card in the tree story or anything else.

    • I can only use my intuition here, but okay, here is my opinion:

      I believe The Eye is real. It really looks like Ruffalo was something like a co-founder, or even the founder of The Eye in America. He invited the main characters in the first place, he supported them with plans he must have worked hard to create and all-in-all it looks like he brought the legacy of The Eye to the world again. Consider how every character reacted when they received their invitation. They all somehow knew what that meant. It means The Eye was something they really wanted to get into.

      What is exactly The Eye? I don’t know. It’s been said, it’s secret organization that guards the magic. Magic, as said in the movie, “is deception. But deception used to delight, to entertain, to inspire….” It continues, when they say that if magic is used for evil purpose, it’s crime. And since they do not want to be criminals, they do the final act, which is just a targeted revenge against people who defiled the magic – especially a single Magician, Ruffalos dead, called Shrike. So they targeted everyone who has fingers in Shrike’s death. Morgan was the one who made Shrike try that hard trick. Micheal Caine character was the one who should pay for the insurance to Shrike’s family, but he didn’t. The french bank had to do something with that insurance too, I forgot what it was. And they’ve stolen the safe with 500 million dollars from a company, that started as building cheap safes, that were unreliable, and caused Shrike’s death. The Horsemen did not steal anything for themselves. Instead, they framed Thaddeus (Freeman), and purified themselves in the act when they could have been caught and sentenced, but they “took a leap of faith”, and they’ve been accepted to the Eye. We can assume, that The Eye now consist of these five horsemen, maybe someone more, but it is an organization that stands to ensure that magic is used for those noble purposes it should – to delight, to entertain, to inspire.

      Morgans character really wanted to get into the Eye, but he wasn’t invited, so he turned against his fellow magicians and started exploiting them online, leading to a death of Shrike.

      The card story: Ruffalo’s dad, Shrike, pulled up an amazing trick in his days. He put a card with someone’s signature into a tree as a child, then, he waited twenty years, he asked the same person to sign a card (that person forgot about that trick 20 years ago), and he cut the tree, showing that the card was in the tree 20 years old. It was an amazing trick, and it only make sense from the “greater perspective”. Ruffalo was inspired by his father and did everything he could to create even a better trick. He prepared his whole life for something that was the best show this world has ever seen. I don’t think the card in the tree was the original one. Ruffalo’s character could just easily change it. Considering the light show they’ve put up in their last act, this shining cards was surely just another clever electronic show, to make it looks like magic.

      The rest of the ending is kinda up to you. What happend when they get on the carousel, and wha exactly is The Eye, that is not for us to know. They’ve become part of it, and they are the protectors of magic now.

      • And sorry for my bad English 😉

  18. I think The Eye was an old society that is now considered myth. But since the Horsemen and Ruffalo did magic that balanced justice and righted the wrong, I think maybe its the start… No a REBOOT of The Eye. Maybe Im wrong, but they did what they were supposed to do and now they can call themselves the greatest magicians EVER

  19. Since they nabbed Morgan, won’t the 500M be returned to the company which made the safe?

    • No. If I recall correctly, the agent who took over the investigation told Ruffalo’s character that the steel company was hiding 500M. Therefore, that money would probably be confiscated and the company will face tax evasion and laundering charges.

  20. Did I hear it correctly: Morgan Freeman’s character was the guy who built the faulty steel cage that caused the magician’s death (that turned out to be Mark Ruffalo’s dad)?

    • No. Morgan Freeman’s character debunked Shrike’s great tricks, driving him to attempt something even more impressive; something that was over his head and ended up killing him.

      • The magic trick wasn’t over Shrike’s head. He could have done it if the safe hadn’t been faulty.

        • So i dont get it…

          They fight for justice and want Morgan Freemans Charkter in jail for lifetime for spoiling tricks? It wasnt his fault, that the safe broke…

          • It wasn’t his fault that the safe broke but it was his fault in exposing Mark’s father. This pushed his father to the edge during his comeback by performing a very dangerous trick which ended up getting him killed.

          • Have you never heard of the Magicians code? Your not suppose to tell how a trick is done.

  21. Great having all the comments here as I just saw the movie and loved it.
    One question, how,why, would the French woman be reading the book on the “eye of horus”? Was she already fascinated with magic and perhaps why she came to the US to help the FBI.
    And, I wonder if indeed there are locks and keys thrown over the bridge on true the Seine river?
    Hoping the writers will create a sequel on the Eye..

    • The locks are real! I just got back from Paris this weekend and saw the bridge for myself. It’s actually very beautiful!

    • They Might need to come with a prequel to show who else is in the Eye

    • Yes, she was and therefore she got the case, as no one else probably wanted it.

  22. The Eye is all knowing and all seeing. The phrase commonly said throughout the movie is, “watch closely” when actually your supposed to watch everything. The Eye is knowledge and wisdom. The Four Horsemen were ultimately not after money, but rather the infinite information on magic that together, they wanted to learn from the fifth horseman. “The Four Horsemen” in the movie is in reference to the four horsemen of the bible. The fifth horsemen – I don’t think he was actually ever called that in the movie – is in reference to Christ, who lead the four horsemen into battle against evil.

    As for what happens to The Four Horsemen after the movie ends, I think that further federal investigations will prove that their accusations towards the insurance company and safe manufacturer are true, and they will be charged with much lesser crimes or acquitted all-together.

    • I am a christian but those four horsemen refer to the egyptian religion of ra. Horus (the book the french chick was reading) Is suppose to be his son and the horsemen guard the dead or something like that

  23. What were the names of each tarot card given to each of the four horsemen?

    • Death, High Priestess, Hermit, and Lovers

  24. how did they get the wire account numbers of the audience in New Orleans? They would need at least the account numbers to transfer the money. I was thinking that free tickets were sent to all of the people who were cheated out of their insurance money and that their financial information was gathered from the insurance company. And maybe that is true as all tickets were sold out in 35 seconds. thoughts???

  25. In the last heist of the safe, is where I have a problem. As the agents storm the room, they view it as empty. Safe gone!
    Then the reveal, that much like the rabbit in the box trick, it was a mirror in front of the safe to keep it hidden.
    So if it’s a mirror, why didn’t the agents see their reflections in it as they entered the room?
    Surely if I stood in front of the box with the rabbit I would have seen my reflection. As Atlas thru the hammer at it shattered like any mirror would.
    Plz splain to Lucy

      • Ruffalo led the charge into the room and stopped, so he was able to limit how far others came in before they all ran back out.

  26. I enjoyed the film. I also have read all the comments above. However, I still can not understand what the F* happens with the four magicians in that merry go round. It seems that they kind disapear and go to another “dimension”? Or, this part is just those things in movies that was not made to fully understand, I mean, they disapear for us, but in the movie, for real, they did not disapear, was just to make a beautiful scene. Oh my.. even myself got confuse with my attempt to explain my own doubt! anyway, if someone got it, please try to explain! Thank u, and excuse the (awful)english.

  27. So how do the cards given relate to the characters- obviously the death card for jack wilder hints to the car crash but hermit? High priestess? And lovers? I would guess lovers is for atlas and Henley but that storyline is never developed.

    • someone earlier in the forum explained what the cards meant in terms of gaining enlightenment. Woody was about Money, but he wanted to make sure the guy at the beginning wouldnt cheat on his wife either. When the fbi found the bug in his phone then the scene went to the horsemen, woody was saying how he just wanted the money. then at the end by the merry go round he was saying how he tried to keep the on track. the cards were symbols of what they had to overcome to be enlightened. the dude with the death card had to get over his fear of death cause he was scared and was thinking of quitting and didnt want to get caught. Atlas was proud of himself, that was used by the fifth horseman but he had to get over the fact that he is not better than the others just useful in a different way. the chick i thin had an inferiority complex, for lack of better words, the high priestess card is about having divine power. Thats all i got for ya hope it helps

  28. SPOILERS —> 1) They never recover Shrike’s body.
    2) The safe warped underwater and Shrike couldn’t get out.

    How can they not find a body that is in a shut safe?
    If they never find a body (stuck in a warped safe), how can they know the safe warped and the door got stuck?
    If the ‘never found the body’ story is false, why the attack on an innocent safe manufacturer?

    • Finally! A real plot hole!

      • Not necessarily. In the few decades since it happen. To prove it wasn’t the fathers fault to insurance company, another safe could of been purchased and sunk in river. When it was pulled up it was warped, not total full proof way to prove anything but possibility.

    • But did they recover the safe as well?

      I think both safe and body (of course) never have been found

      • So if the body and safe are never found, how do they know that the safe warped and the door got stuck?

        • If the safe was recovered by Shrike’s familly in their attempts to raise the insurance for Shrike’s accident they might have found and hide the body, the only character knowing of the safe malfunction is Ruffalo.
          Therefore, no plot hole?

          • dad is in the eye he disappeared from in the safe he took a leap of faith in the safe. but never came up. Thats why they dont have to worry bout gettin arrested the have disappeared also. I think once your gone your on another level, or different plane so to say.

            • They show up in the desert in the real ending, after the end credits. So it’s not like they have physically disappeared.b

              • Possible answers:
                1) IF he didn’t manage to escape maybe the insurance company and/or the safe company took the body to hide evidence of the magicians death (no body = no proven crime)
                2) IF he did manage to escape, maybe he didn’t managed to come to the surface, so he was drowned and his body was drifted away / lost
                3) maybe he did manage to escape, let’s all welcome him in “Now You Don’t” hahaha

  29. These comments have been so helpful. Just an additional thought on the controversial ending about The Eye. When Ruffalo’s inside Morgan’s characters jail, mid sentence he does a clear illusion when Freeman realises what he has done where he makes himself invisible, then reappearing outside of the bars. This shows he too is a magician/illusionist so it makes sense that he could be the leader/ a viable member of The Eye. It could possibly be a legacy thing of his father also? Just suggestions, let me know what you think

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