‘Now You See Me’ Sequel to Begin Production in September

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Jesse Eisenberg in Now You See Me Now You See Me Sequel to Begin Production in September

In a time when sequels and reboots rule the roost, it’s somewhat gratifying to see an original film do well at the theater. One of last year’s successes was Louis Leterrier’s flashy, showbiz heist movie Now You See Me, in which Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco and Isla Fisher played a group of magicians who uncover the secrets to pulling off shows so incredible that they seem almost impossible.

Now You See Me was a modest success at the box office, grossing over $350 million worldwide, and Lionsgate has taken this as a sign that moviegoers are eager to see more fresh new properties and ideas.

Just kidding. A sequel to Now You See Me was announced shortly after the release of the first film, and Deadline reports that Lionsgate is wasting no time getting it into production. Now You See Me 2 (not the official title) will begin filming in the US, Europe and Asia starting in September 2014. The diverse range of locations, in addition to providing plenty of interesting environments to work with, are also intended “to capitalize on the property’s international appeal.”

now you see me ruffalo laurent Now You See Me Sequel to Begin Production in September

The report promises that most of the original cast – which also included Mark Ruffalo, Morgan Freeman and Mélanie Laurent – will be returning, and that there plans to include some “exciting new additions” as well. Eisenbergwas recently cast as Lex Luthor in Batman vs. Superman, which begins filming this summer, so there’s a good chance that he will move straight on to the Now You See Me sequel immediately afterwards.

Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer added that the studio sees Now You See Me as a potential franchise, along with upcoming titles like Gods of Egypt, Mordecai and Chaos Walking. It was announced in August last year that Leterrier will be returning to direct the sequel, but there’s no news yet as to who’ll be penning the script.

Now You See Me had a pretty ambiguous ending that left plenty of room to expand upon the mythology that the movie had already built up, and there’s always room in the world for a few more magic tricks.


We’ll keep you updated on Now You See Me 2 as the project develops.

Source: Deadline

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  1. This movie was one of my favorites of 2013, so I’m glad we’ll see more. I thought the original film itself felt more like a sequel, given its reliance on back story that was never fully explored. Having Elias Koteas appear in little more than a newspaper photograph suggested a bigger universe.

    • It was just okay to me. The ending was anticlimactic. Although the reveal was cool, it went nowhere.

  2. I think the obvious name for the sequel is “Now You Don’t”.

    • Thats was my thinking from the start

  3. I liked the movie, but what will be the point of a sequel when we already have had “the big reveal”? Making up an elaborate justification for a new mystery is when things tend to fail: not a movie but case and point the recent Scandal season.

    • It could be like Ocean’s 11.

      • Well, I don’t think the cast here has the same caliber. The plot will have to pick up the slack.

  4. Oh please, I want Jesse Eisenberg again.

  5. No Lex Luthor jokes?

  6. Just saw the first one last week. Was rubbish; dull, flashy, predictable. I think a sequel could have some potential if they got a better director coz its a potentially fun premise, just badly executed. its a shame theyre going with the same hack again, leterriers not got a good track record of movies so far

    • “Was rubbish; dull, flashy, predictable.”

      Good one.

  7. My favourite non-superhero movie of last year! I’m thrilled to hear that they are doing a sequel! I started liking Mark after this movie.

  8. The first one was fun, the cast was good, even though many of them were just phoning it in.

    The twist at the end was kinda lame though. I guess it matched the rest of the movie in its sloppy execution. But it felt really slapped on. It was like when they changed the ending of I Am Legend like a few months before the release and didn’t fix the rest of the movie to match it.

  9. Which means someone is gonna be BALD in the sequel! Hahaha

  10. A very weak movie, especially with the class of 2013 to compete with. It was probably one of the worst I saw in 2013 and that twist belonged back in the early 2000′s.

    • Pretty much this. When I saw the cast and heard the word of mouth I was super excited, then after watching it, definitely one of the worst movies I saw in 2013.

      Now, the worst thing about the movie was its script. Plot holes upon plot holes. I mean, when you take away all the gimmicky CGI shots and famous actors, you are left with a story that doesn’t make any sense. It’s several months now since I’ve seen the movie, so I don’t remember the exact things that didn’t make any sense, but I believe there was one of these “Everything wrong with …”-videos on Cinema Sins, which pretty much sums up my opinion. The two things that I do remember were M. Freeman’s character and his fate (I don’t want to spoiler anything, so I will just say – I didn’t agree with it) and the disappointing ending, which somehow made the film so much worse.

      Not to mention the sloppy acting of the actors concerned. I mean, M. Cain and Freeman, two of the best actors of their generation, one would thought that at least in the acting department, this movie would be a delight, but no. They turn out just their generic stale acting. Had they put Ch. Tatum or T. Lautner instead, it wouldn’t diminish the quality of movie a single bit. Harrelson, Eisenberg and company were at least trying, but there wasn’t much to work with. Very disappointed.

      • If all you cared about was what actors were in it then you shouldn’t have bothered watching it. Films aren’t about whose in them or if they are famous it is about the message that they want to put out and that was the point. The actors suited their characters perfectly if anything they were slightly stereotypical but that doesn’t matter. Jesse Eisenberg is normally pinned as the control freak that keeps everyone in check and has a crush on some hot girl. Woody Harrelson is normally pinned as the growing old yet staying young. Dave Franco is normally pinned as the bad-ass, picking locks, immature kind of kid. So all of those guys fitted their characters perfectly. All you care about is whether they are hot or not.
        When you watch Dynamo or other famous magicians you don’t go on about loop holes, you don’t go on about how it must be CGI or that it isn’t possible because it just happened. It doesn’t matter if they used CGI it is the fact you are amazed by it none the less. You wonder if that would actually be possible. But obviously you didn’t listen to what everyone was saying throughout the whole film. You weren’t looking at the big picture, the marvel at how everything actually work. The more attention you pay on one area(characters) the more of a chance you will miss what is actually happening. The closer you are the easier it is to fool you.

      • Are you retarded? The acting was great..to even mention that punk kid tatum shows your ignorance and age. That kid is thee WORST actor EVER.

  11. i loved the first, its one of my favs last year and regret not going to the cinema to see it. it would have been great in the cinema. not to mention jesses stock jusr rose with the man of steel announcement

  12. Loved the first one! I’m excited to see what direction they’d take a sequel.


    Now You See Me was just an average film for me. It started off with a great premise and exciting events, but from the middle of the film, it went to cliche territory. As usual, it was all just a set up to extract revenge and one person whom no one expected was the mastermind…come on, that’s just lazy storytelling.

    Unless, they can make a better film for it’s sequel, I am not interested.

    P.S. Are they really shooting Man of Steel 2 early next year? Can they release it on time?

    • I thought filming was going to start for BVS in July. This is going to be interesting

      • BvS are currently shooting as we are typing.
        They will shoot it back2back with the JL movie. Like LOTR & Hobbit trilogy to save time and budget.

    • Apologies, mix-up of dates. The article’s been updated now.

  14. Horrible movie that doesn’t deserve a sequel. So much of what happened made no sense and many characters received fates they didn’t deserve.

    And why the heck did everyone keep pretending that the other 3 magicians were on the same level as Woody Harrelson? He had actual abilities that walked the line of “superhero” while the others were glorified con men. In this movie’s universe, Harrelson was like Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Cap rolled into one while the rest of the group is Hawkeye’s 10 year old niece.

  15. What? That movies as horrendous. They were supposed to be real magicians, with clever illusions to fool the public. Instead we got sequences that were straight up CGI segments with no explanation. Also, the most retarded reveal of all: the main character, the hero, is the boss of the bad guys he was chasing. That insults my intelligence.

  16. You relize gadot is going into filming bvs in may?
    Cavil is on scene now.
    Afleck is going in july.

    Wtf are you saying its been delayed to next year? There are a ton of articles on this very site condridicting that statement.

    Also if filming starts in 7 to 8 months that’s time for eisenberg to film in bvs. Cavil says he’s in detroit for the rest of the year.

    Just saying the facts are there in other articles your site published.

    As for this movie? Idk I’ll wait to see a.trailer before I judge.

    • Apologies, mix-up of dates. The article’s been updated now.

  17. I hope Hulk ( Ruffalo) will kick Luthor’s butt this time.

  18. I LOVED IT…it was fun, cool, slick & such a great group of actors cast together….really entertaining movie…with a bi
    t of reality and a bit of make believe….MAGIC….can’t wait for the sequel on this….support it 100%

  19. This is getting a sequel but Dredd and Chronicle 2 never see the light of day? Pitiful.

    • Well, Now You See Me did a good job at the box office, made around 300 million dollars with a 75 mil. budget. Dredd (as much the movie is so good) did horrible at the box office. There is a sequel to Dredd but as a comic book.

  20. But I thought Batman vs Superman film would start in the Summer?

  21. I can’t believe so many people liked it !
    Movie is pure insult to cinema and to intelligence.

    • Insult to cinema? How so? Haven’t seen the movie though..

  22. i enjoyed it, but i thought they tied it up at the end?

  23. H-Shaw Williams, I thought you should know that after the second picture there is a spelling error that says ‘Eisenbergwas’.

  24. I thought this movie was so amazing! I am SO happy they are going to be doing a sequel and I cannot wait for it! This movie was hands down best of 2013 in my opinion. I can’t not keep rewatching it it was so good! Great job!

  25. Opinions are like, well you know what & in my opinion this was a fun movie to watch & one of my 2013 favorites.

  26. Modest success my ass, according to BoxOfficeMojo.com, Now You See Me made a 351Mi on a 75Mi budget. Even if you make the crazy assumption that they spent additional 75Mi on marketing, they still doubled their money.

  27. SOOO very glad the sequel will be made – this was an awesome movie and I’m really excited there will be a 2nd one. Thanks so much!!

  28. I think this movie was interesting…I hope part two title will be the eye indicating of the film at the end of the movie. I give Now You See Me a standing novation…this was an outstanding film of interest!