‘Now You See Me’ Sequel in the Works; Production May Begin in 2014

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now you see me movie sequel Now You See Me Sequel in the Works; Production May Begin in 2014

Earlier this week, we provided our readers with five different reasons that help to explain why a significant number of Summer 2013 blockbusters have under-peformed at the box office. While a handful of the cast and crew who produced said “bombs” have pointed the finger of blame at movie reviewers (who they claim are biased and have unfair expectations), the healthy profit margin for Now You See Me – a movie that generated a lukewarm general critical response – suggests that maybe it has more to do with the reasons we’ve listed (see: the over-inflated budgets, relying on unfashionable properties over more original content, etc.).

Now You See Me has grossed over $233 million worldwide on a $75 million budget, with slightly more than half that amount coming from moviegoers outside the U.S. Here in the States, the magician heist thriller is joined by movies like The Heat and The Conjuring as the non-sequel Summer 2013 releases – each costing less than $100 million to produce – that’ve managed to break into the Top 20 of this year’s U.S. box office.

So… naturally… Now You See Me is getting a sequel (just like The Conjuring).

now you see me movie cast Now You See Me Sequel in the Works; Production May Begin in 2014

The Four Horsemen from ‘Now You See Me’

THR is reporting that Lionsgate has begun development on a followup to Now You See Me, but has yet to indicate whether there is already a screenwriter in place; not to mention, if any of the original film’s cast members or director Louis Leterrier is lined up to return, at this stage. Nonetheless, Lionsgate executives are claiming to have already penciled in a (tentative) 2014 production start date for principal photography to begin.

The (mini-)studio made the announcement, in conjunction with official confirmation that it has put together lucrative foreign pre-sales deals for the film. Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer released a statement, saying “This is a perfect example of how we’re benefiting from the unique international infrastructure of output deals, joint ventures and self-distribution we’ve set in place to maximize value and minimize risk.”

Now You See Me follows a group of extremely-skilled magicians – played by Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco and Woody Harrelson – as they perform a series of extravagant crimes disguised as tricks, but with a much loftier motivation than the desire for wealth. However, the true protagonists of the film are an F.B.I. agent (Mark Ruffalo) and Interpol agent (Melanie Laurent), who are forced to work together, so that they might take down the slippery illusionists. Personally, I was a fan of the movie – and in my review for Screen Rant, I even noted that certain half-done mythology elements felt like they could be “sequel fodder.”

now you see me sequel ruffalo laurent Now You See Me Sequel in the Works; Production May Begin in 2014

Mark Ruffalo and Melanie Laurent in ‘Now You See Me’

Having said that, there are multiple directions that a screenwriter and director could take with a sequel to Now You See Me; that includes, which cast members to bring back (if not all of the talented actors and actresses that were mentioned before). Presumably, the next installment will at least dive somewhat further into the mystery that is “The Eye”: the rumored secret society of masterful illusionists that has existed going back to ancient historical times (as is discussed in the first movie).

If you want to discuss your own theories about what will happen in the Now You See Me sequel – with those who’ve already seen the first movie – feel free to head on over to the film’s spoiler discussion thread.


The Now You See Me sequel (Now You See Me 2… Now You Don’t?) does not have an official release date yet. We’ll keep you updated on the situation, as more information become available.

Source: THR

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  1. Yay!

  2. I felt like the first movie left a lot of unanswered questions so hopefully the sequel could make things clear.

  3. I was pleasantly surprised by the first, so i am optimistic about the sequel. i hope they bring back the cast, or at least most of them. they can do without Dave Franco, though his fight scene with Ruffalo was pretty cool.

    • I agree dwarf fighting is pretty awesome…


    • I think Dave Franco did very well, his role as the new comer and kind of the innocent one of the group. He did great, hell they all did great and I think he can and will add depth to the sequel.

  4. I never got to see this movie, bc I was saving up my dough to see Despicable Me 2 (in IMAX 3D is not cheap, it costs $20 a ticket). But I really wanted to. Since it comes out on DVD next month, I will certainly check it out. I think Jesse Eisenberg is a great talent. Even though he does come off as a dbag. I liked him in Zombieland, and in the social network. I even liked him in 30 Minutes or Less (his performance, not the terrible movie).

    • It was a great movie. Kept me guessing the whole time and was interesting. It wouldn’t be the same without every one of the actors and actresses back, but I’m still gonna see the sequel. Jesse Eisenberg is such a great actor. Especially with Zombieland, Adventureland, The Social Network, and now this. He is one of the best actors around today.

  5. I really enjoyed the first film
    Thought it was one of the more enjoyable films that I have seen this year

    But I am not to enthused by this news – IMO the ‘mystery’ of the eye is better if it remains a mystery and that a sequel could end up essentially undermining the metaphors and messages of the first film
    Felt the first film kind of made the point that sometimes the mystery behind a trick is better than the reveal

    Prefer the idea of the first film being standalone
    Hope they can make the sequel as good as the first but I think that by they may be reaching to much – if the eye isn’t as amazing as people want or think it is then the film will fall flat and feel like a repeat of the first (similar to the hangover 2)

  6. Sandy,

    I put NOW YOU SEE ME in the same category with PREDATORS, movies made for under 100 Mill that are at least monetarily successful if not also critically successful.

    When it comes down to brass tacks its irrelevant whether a film is critically successful so long as it is financially successful. This notion of chasing critical fame (in as far as movie making geos) should always play second fiddle to the goal of ticket sales; making something that will put people in theatres seats and ideally get them to rent or buy the DVD/Bluy-Ray 4-8 months later. Both PREDATORS and NOW YOU SEE ME prove that you can still make a successful full theatrical release without big budgets or even big names. I for one would love to see Hollywood move to more movies like this and less high stakes “throw-the-dice-and-cross-your-fingers” ranging in the 200Million+ price range.

    In the modern day cinema the formula of

    1 parts Big Name Actor(s)
    + 1 Parts Big Name Actor
    + 1 Parts Gimmicky Storyline/Script


    Big Summer Hit

    And its time that Hollywood woke up to this reality. Currently there is better story telling on TV then in most cinematic releases.

    • Predators has a 64% rating on RT while Now You See Me has 48%. So you can’t exactly say NYSM was critically successful.

  7. Name of sequel:

    Since You’ve Seen Me…

    • I think it will be called “Now You See Me 2″

      But I like the idea of calling it “Now You Don’t.” But Now you see me 2 would be the smart choice.

      • No. The whole thing with the movie and its title was that its there to fool you. And it did. You saw this law of “the closer you’re looking he further you’re from truth” in action. Now if they will go with the same protoganists it won’t be the same. And if there will be new ones we’ll try to look harder and they’ll need some hell of a script for it to work.

        • No

  8. But Mark Rufallo is shooting the Avengers Age of Ultron in 2014 right? So if they intend to bring him back for this movie (which IMO, a definite must), the shooting date will have to start after he finish the Avengers.

    • well it said production would start in 2014 maybe, it didnt say when, and i think Avengers 2 starts filming in the spring, so Mark could start filming in the summer if they decide to keep a summer release day again for NYSM 2 if they want roughly a year between production and release. so itll work out fine.

  9. ‘… Now You Don’t’ would be a great title to the sequel. Personally, I don’t really think there needs to be a part two, but I would definitely watch it as ‘Now You See Me’ was a pleasant surprise.

    It would be nice to see the full cast return, considering their great on screen chemistry. Hopefully this property wraps up with a second installment, and doesn’t drag on and on for the sake of creating a franchise.

  10. I agree with other posters:

    “Now You Don’t” would be the perfect sequel title (or you could use “Now You See Me 2: The Second One”.) :)

    But… what would you do for the 3rd one (if it’s a trilogy?).

    “And Now You See Me Again”?

  11. Now you see me had a compelling trailer. First time I saw it several people in the theatre were saying to their friends they were going to go see it.

    I enjoyed the ride but the payoff was not up to the set up. Perhaps if we had seen what Morgan described as he explained earlier that set up the pay off but I found little emotional connection when the end came.

  12. The girl who was at the start of the movie watching the card trick was totally smokin. Who is she?

    That he blew her off in his hotel room was completely unbelievable.

  13. It was a great movie. I feel like the sequel should be called Now You Don’t.

    • yes, the tittle should be Now you dont and they should bring back the full cast but you see the main magicians of Now you see me like they did of the fbi man. But instead of him recruiting them they should recruit new magicians. Now that is what Id be looking for in the sequel. Also a little insite to why it should be called now you dont is because you saw the four magicans throughout the whole movie(Now you see me) get it and in the sequel you dont see them but you will towards the middle or end because the tittle is now you dont.

  14. I really enjoyed this movie! I thought the cast was great & they had really good onscreen chemistry. The storyline & different arcs kept me entertained & guessing! I thought critics were to harsh on it & I wish it would have performed better! (I told every1 ignore the reviews & just go give it a try) with all that being said I def welcome a sequel & look forward to seeing what they come up with! :)

  15. Bah, I want a Dredd sequel! C’mon Lionsgate!

  16. This is what I think should be in the sequel. In order for the first four to be official members of the Eye they need to recruit a member of their own choosing. To make this story different from the first, instead of all four recruits coming together they have to do it separately and in succession. That way the movie doesn’t have same plot fall as Hangover 2 but still has the mystery the first one gave us. They can bring back the original cast but it won’t be about them, they will just be guides.

    I do like the concept of the title being Now You Don’t though.

  17. The best movie I have ever seen. I was astounded and will definitely be preordering tickets to the sequel. I really hope they keep all til actors. It won’t be as good without them.

  18. The best movie I have ever seen. I was astounded and will definitely be preordering tickets to the sequel. I really hope they keep all the actors. It won’t be as good without them.

  19. I’m pretty sure thr sequel is gonna be called “now you don’t” cause “Now you see me, now you dont”

  20. I really liked Now You See Me and thought it was a movie that deserved being seen twice (in the theater). I think sequels are not needed for most movies, but Now You See Me kept me wanting more of the same. I can’t wait to see more of the same from lionsgate and hope they at least have the Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco, and Mark Ruffalo as returning cast. Mélanie Laurent Wouldn’t hurt either.

    • When you got the right actors and actresses too, at least for me I never want the sequels to stop.

  21. As an avid movie watcher I believe that Now You See Me was a great movie with the twists that you look for. I love that played on the whole Lionel Shrike mishap that left a boy without a father “in the story line that is”. How it took years of planning to make the insurance company, the bank and the manufacturer of the safe, oh and the man trying to discredit magicians pay for there wrong doings. Bring on the sequel and I really hope the original cast to bring life to the movie as they did in the first one. Thank you to those actors and actresses who really made me believe in magic and that this movie is great to watch more than once, twice. Ive watched it 8 times and I enjoy it each and every time……. Thank you

  22. Can’t wait, this movie was great. I pray they bring back the same cast!

  23. I thought the first was great and hope for a sequel – because I didn’t want the movie to end.

    My son went to this movie with a friend. I was a little uncomfortable not knowing the content – it was the most adult-like movie he had ever seen (we’re really conservative). He liked it so much he later rented it and wanted me to watch it with him – I loved it. I wish they would have left out the semi-nude scene toward the beginning and it would have really been appropriate for any kid who was sharp enough to follow along.

    • They didn’t want the movie to be rated PG – people just don’t take a real life movie like that seriously. Much like George Lucas always had someones arm cut off in Star Wars to get the PG-13 rating.

  24. I have really mixed feelings about this movie but I really appreciate all the comments I’ve read.

    I suspect at face value to most this movie (as quoted earlier), is a just a mix of “suspension of disbelief” and “magic” and a totally implausible plot line.

    Fair enough. The first time I watched this movie I was flabbergasted, confused, and fell asleep. I don’t watch very many movies these days, mostly documentaries, but gave it another shot knowing I would need to suspend disbelief.

    Watching again from that perspective, this is a really entertaining movie. All the crazy details and intentions people are reading into the movie are simply not true…this was not that good of a script. And the minutia involved producing a movie on this level on that budget highly limits the plot and character nuances perceived and being discussed post-film. But perhaps the fact that people are trying to figure little details out speaks something. Perhaps that is good.

    Certainly, a fine brush could be taken to Oceans 11 and crack all the plot holes in that movie. For me with “Now You Can See Me”, I spent 2 hours suspending disbelief, and enjoyed the ensemble cast and story-telling. Although I wouldn’t suggest “Now You See Me” is in the same caliber as “Ocean’s 11″, but it’s basically the same idea, just not nearly as well executed.

    Am I going to poke holes in everything to discount the writers, producers, director, and actors did to make a personal statement, like I could’ve done better? No.

    Am I going to read so far into the movie that I inference all sorts of tangents, imaginary backstories, and basically project my own subjective thoughts into the movie? No.

    But I like magic, I liked the production sets, I *loved* the building projection mapping in the 3rd act. I liked the ensemble cast. I liked the premise. Character development for the magicians was good enough that they were distinguishable. I’m a little lost of Freeman and Ruffalo. But Freeman is a master at exposition and that was his primary role in this movie. The end twist was a little ridiculous but if I came this far I’ll just have to accept it.

    In the end I think it’s fair entertainment, better than some, worse than some, at least original. And worth my DVD rental and time for sure. I’ll probably look forward to the sequel.

  25. If there were to be a trilogy:

    1. Now you see me
    2. Now you don’t
    3. You’ve seen enough

  26. The score by Brian Tyler also made this film great. He’s gone on to score a lot of Marvel movies including Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World. I hope they bring him back too.

  27. I think the sequel will be awsome I think they should call it now you dont

  28. I hope they have the original cast. I’m so excited i to hear about the sequel one of the best movies I have ever watched. Can’t wait for the sequel!

    • I really enjoyed the movie! I don’t know y people didn’t like it, specially the critics. It was very very unusual and extremely surprising. Definitely want a sequel because I want to see more!!