‘Non-Stop’ Ending and Spoilers Discussion

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Liam Neeson in Non Stop 2014 Non Stop Ending and Spoilers Discussion

Want to discuss the ending and spoilers of Non-Stop without ruining the movie for others? This is the place!

If you are looking for a breakdown of the film WITHOUT any spoilers, then head over to our Non-Stop review. If you’ve seen the film and want to talk about all of the twists and surprises, then head down to the comment section below.

Finally, if you’re so inclined, rate the movie for yourself in our poll below.

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Non-Stop is now playing in theaters. It is 106 minutes and is Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of action and violence, some language, sensuality and drug references.

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  1. I won’t be seeing this in the theater and I don’t care about spoilers for this one so I have to ask, Is Julianne Moore part of the twist?

    I remember the trailer and it really seemed like she had something to do with what was going on.

    • They steal the ending from ‘Scream’

      It’s Scoot McNairy and Nate Parker working as an ex-military team trying to bring “real security” to America through terrorist example.

      Oh yeah… It gets Political.

      • Oh lord that sounds awful.

        I’m a sucker for bad thrillers though so I will watch it at some point.

      • How incredibly STUPID.

        I don’t mind political, but WOW. DUMB.

    • I thought so too… You really have to watch this movie. It makes everybody seem like a suspect until the big reveal… I loved it…

  2. Yeah, I read a couple reviews. I was thinking… “hmm… I bet it’s her.”

  3. Not good enough ending

  4. “So we’re not getting free international travel?”

    • Best line of the movie

  5. It was a good movie. I had to leave just after all the passengers escaped and didn’t stay for the very end and credits. Was there any twists after the crash landing? I still think the dizzy red head was in on it.

    • Nope. She asks Bill where they were at, he replies Iceland. Bill then asks where she is headed to now, she replies that depends, smiles then they walk off. End credits

  6. I plead the fifth on this movie, i am sort of dating Julianne Moore’s asistant, lol.

  7. This was an excellent movie. The ending didn’t try to do anything crazy and off-the-wall, which I am actually grateful for. I also don’t think this movie has a political agenda at all. It just creates two realistic villains that are ex-military and anti-government. I don’t think anyone should look into too far because then they will see things that weren’t even intended by the filmmakers

    • The ending was crazy the fact no one died at all in the crash landing. The girl being the only one to almost fall put of the plane. I wish the ending was realistic instead it had me laughing which isn’t good.

      • I kind of enjoyed that it was a complete brainless ride..it never tried to be overly smart movie but played more like a harmless and enjoyable thriller where we suspend our imaginations and just enjoy what’s happening.

  8. Good movie. But I couldn’t figure out how the two guys got past the redhead in the bathroom to kill the captain. Because she was the last to be near the bathroom according to the old lady. They never explained that part.

    • That’s a good point about how the culprits could have used the lavatory to send the poisoned dart into the cockpit. It works if you assume the redhead did it, but how come she did not see either of them do it — since it was not she but had to be one of them.

      Also, how come the plane’s escort planes did not shoot it down when it dropped to eight thousand feet? Are we supposed to assume that was just a bluff?

      I could go on and on with questions but the thing is, I did enjoy the movie as I watched. Even knowing the plotholes, I would watch it again because it is entertaining.

      • I thought the same thing. Why didn’t they shoot the plane down? Also, someone should have died because of the crash. I liked it until the stupid ending.

      • The poison dart would take a while to react with the body, so the guys could have gone into the bathroom earlier and shot the captain at the exact moment when after the 20 minutes on Marks’ timer had expired the pilot would die

  9. Screw Neeson – why see any movie he’s in? He said he thought about becoming a Muslim while shooting Taken 2. He’s a hateful jerk.

    • What’s wrong with becoming a Muslim? (note: I am a Christian so, I mean besides the obvious.) If he wants to be Muslim why is that a reason to hate him. This world is pathetic.

    • Someone wants to be Muslim and that makes them a hateful jerk? So all Muslims are hateful jerks? What religion are you? Are all your people hateful jerks? Because it sure sounds like you are. By the way, I’m Christian, not Muslim. I don’t point my fingers because of religion. Your statement makes sure that no one has to point a finger at you. You just did it to yourself.

  10. hey,

    saw this yesterday and had to leave with 15 minutes to go…wha’ happened, lucy? the last thing I saw was there was a bomb wrapped in cocaine and the culprit might be outside of the plane…please someone tell the the details of the ending…thanx.

  11. I liked the movie overall. It was suspenseful. The ending plane crash/landing was unrealistic though. So it didn’t get too crazy, but it did do a little too much.

    I found it a bit unbelievable that the anti-gov dude wanted to die with the plane. I think it would’ve been better to have them both want to parachute off of the plane and frame Neeson. That way they could live to see these changes and receive the money.

    The fighting sequences during the end made me cringe a bit. People had their masks on, things were being sucked out, and yet we have a nice little knife fight.

    Would’ve been cool to have a twist end and Julianne Moore was actually in on it.

    But for 70-75 minutes, I was on the edge of my seat. I started thinking that guy wasn’t even on the plane. So overall, it was an enjoyable 3 star movie with some cringe-worthy parts.

    • Neeson explained during the movie that jumping out would be suicide. The anti-government person knew this already but the ex-military person was tricked into believing it could be done so he’d co-operate.

  12. I just saw the movie, found it entertaining enough, always have liked Liam. But for the life of me, I can’t figure out who was actually sending him the bloody texts! The black guy? Anybody know?

    • The teacher/ white anti government guy

  13. OK, first of all I can’t figure out how did “Tom Bowen” know that “Bill” was smoking inside the bathroom?

    Who killed the captain? If “Zack White” did it somehow, how could he make the captain feel nothing during injection?

    • Remember that Tom Bowen asked for a light and they smoked together at the airport.
      In regards to the captain’s death, i also wonder how they pull it off

  14. How did Neeson find out that the teacher was the killer through the video? Anyone want to help me with that?

    • He saw the teacher place the phone in the guy that died’s pocket.

      • I had a serious problem with that, could anybody actually SEE that?? I had no clue what he was looking at. I had to go online to get a complete plot of the movie to find out what the hell he saw in the video. so Jack, you are not alone. my wife couldn’t figure it out either.

        • Ok. So when Bill asks the man about the phone, he swears up and down he had never seen it before in his life then dies. Cut to later Bill is watching the video and notices that Bowen made contact with the dead guy. He rewinds the video to confirm his suspicions and sees very clearly that Bowen put his hand inside the guys jacket. That is why he kept rewinding the video. And he must have stuck the poison dart in his neck at the same time. The dart mustve taken 20 minutes to take effect which is what also happened to the pilot. Bowen must have went into the lavatory and shot the pilot in the neck while Air MarshalHammond was being killed by Bill, sent him a text saying sorry i made you do that and set your timer again. 20 minutes later pilot is dead, then 20 minutes after that the guy with the phone dies. That is my opinion.

        • I saw it, no problem. We saw when Neeson found the phone on the guy and where it came from in his jacket pocket and the guy said it wasn’t his phone, multiple times, before he died. Then when you see the video, the anti-government guy falls into the guy and grabs his jacket right where Neeson found the phone. It’s pretty easy to put it all together once you see the anti-government guy falling over the guy that ended up dying.

  15. I’m having trouble figuring out why the ex-mil guy (not Tom Bowen) let the non-flight attendant redhead sit next to Bill/Liam. If it was part of their plan for him to sit there, why did he give in so quickly? I haven’t seen the movie in a while, but I was always stumped on that one, because it seemed to slow down their plan. Anyone?

    • If he didn’t give up his seat to the redhead (Julianne Moore) it would make him look somewhat conspicuous. So instead of risking blowing his cover by not giving up his seat, and realizing he would still be close enough to Liam to pull off the plan, he let her sit there.

    • Towards the end of the movie, Bill asks him about it and he described that he was “close enough” to him. I agree, it would have been suspicious if he didn’t give up his seat.

  16. Can anyone tell me how the captain/pilot was poisoned? I searched the DVD a second time, & still couldn’t tell how or when ( forget the bathroom as we never see him use it!) he became ‘poisoned’ . Never learn of the subjects being near him. What happened?

    • In the lavatory, there was a loose tissue dispenser which, when adjusted/tilted, allowed you to see into the cockpit through a very narrow, minute space – just large enough for a poison dart to be fired through silently and kill the Captain. We don’t actually see him being poisoned but when Bill goes into thr bathroom for a cigarette, he notices the tissue dispenser is loose and then we see the gap.

  17. What I don’t understand is why the ex-military-turned-software-developer dude told Bill that he could trace the device which was sending Bill texts. I know after he traced the phone, he had planted the phone on the other guy, but why didn’t the ex-military guy just deny that he knew how to trace somebody’s phone, rather than go through all that trouble for nothing?What I don’t understand is why the ex-military-turned-software-developer dude told Bill that he could trace the device which was sending Bill texts. I know after he traced the phone, he had planted the phone on the other guy, but why didn’t the ex-military guy just deny that he knew how to trace somebody’s phone, rather than go through all that trouble for nothing?

    • It was just to make him(the ex-military) seem more reliable like he was on bills side and was helping him out. Plus it helped place the “hijackers” phone in the wrong persons hand (the innocent old guy who died ) and it was perfect timing for the 20 mins when bill carried him back and watched him die…

  18. How did Liam find out or why did he suspect Bowen after watching that video on the phone??

    • During the phone video it shows Liam pushing Bowen over the older guy. While he was being pushed around, Bowen snuck the phone into the older guy’s jacket, and also stuck him with a poison dart. So when the message went off Liam thought he knew it was the older guy for sure. Then when Liam took the guy to a private part of the plane, the older man died from the poison that bowen stuck him with. Im pretty sure this is what went on. If anyone has a different theory please let me know.

  19. I think the plane crashed and they died. The nirvana ending was Bill’s heaven.

  20. I liked the movie. But what I want to know why the “teacher” set up Bill as a hijacker to begin with. Being anti-government doesn’t cover it. Why specifically does he target Bill? I heard him say his father died…but what does that have to do with Bill?

    • His rant blamed less than perfect air marshals (or lack of security on flights in general) for being the reason the 9-11 hijackers were successful and why his father died. Hence his anger at security not being taken seriously has led to him bombing a plane and also making it look like the air marshal did it. Presumably so that future flights would have multiple more highly trained and screened air marshals. It was a really screwed up way to prevent another 9-11 by making people hire better security on flights….. At least that’ what I got from what he was saying..

  21. How did she knew the code for that mobile? She tryed 2 times and then it was right?

    • When the phone turned on, Julianne Moores character stated that she “hadn’t done anything” to turn the phone on. As soon as the phone turns on, the texts pop up that say “You have left me no choice.” Then, the countdown till the bomb goes off pops up on the screen. I think the phone might have been programmed to turn on by itself when the bomb countdown started ticking. This is the only way, considering it’s close to impossible to guess someones password after just 2 tries.

  22. He found out from video because, he saw him bump against that guy and he founf out thats when he gave him his phone

  23. What gets me more confuse is the part when bill thought it was tom to be the one who is high jacking the airplane n sending those text. But y him??? Though??? Then bill is asking him y did u lie to a federel air marshall. I just dont get it what made bill think that tom was suspecious??

      HELP !!!

    • Not sure how well the plot was thought out, but on your point of Bill being so suspicious about a minuscule thing about Tom lying etc kind of up ends Toms idea that security isn’t tight enough and the air marshals weren’t up to the job, whilst Bill is scrutinizing every tiny detail i.e actually being a “good” air marshall. Also at the airport entrance at the start Tom asks Bill for a light and tries to start some small talk saying he is going to Amsterdam when the plane was going to London

  24. OK, so I know that Tom and Zack (the ex-military man) were obviously the main culprits, but was Hammond in on it too? Is that how the bomb and the cocaine got onto the plane? Or did Tom and Zack plant them in Hammond’s briefcase without him knowing?

  25. I just watched this. What started out as a really exciting and enjoyable thriller just turned into a completely ridiculous nonsensical farce. After watching it, there were so many things that i looked back on and thought were either unexplained or didn’t make sense. And because there was so much going on you can easily forget certain scenes, especially near the beginning of the film. When you start thinking through the bad guys plan it’s literally impossible to follow.
    1. the coke smuggling air marshall – how would these guys even know he was an air marshall?
    2. how could they be sure liam neeson would end up killing him in the toilet?
    3. if the guy was just intent on blowing the plane up anyway and wasn’t interested in the money, then why did he go to all the lengths of killing a person an hour? why not just send a news station a message saying he smuggled a bomb in on an air marshalls briefcase and that security had failed since 9/11 etc etc. it seemed it was all set up as a personal vendetta against liam neeson but it wasn’t – it was against homeland security in general.

    the list goes on and on

  26. My only curiosity is what happened to the money that was transferred to Bill Marks(Liam Neeson) :p ?

    • There was no money sent anywhere. Bill knew that, and his supervisor knew that as well. They said they did it, and Liam put on speaker so the hijackers would hear. So even if they escaped and everyone else on the plane died, they’d have no money.