Nolan To Take On Catwoman?

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Catwomanb3 Nolan To Take On Catwoman?While we barely know much yet about next year’s The Dark Knight, the rumor mill appears to have started for the third – and presumably final – film in Christopher Nolan’s Batman series. That’s right, in spite of the miserable Catwoman starring Halle Berry, Nolan is reportedly toying with the idea of featuring the sexy cat-burglar in the final instalment.

Can anyone gimme a yee-ha?

From the moment I saw Batman Begins, I hoped we might see Catwoman in one of the sequels. Watching the brilliant take Nolan had on the characters of Ra’s Al Ghul and The Scarecrow, it seemed like a no-brainer to feature such a complex, real-world character like Selina Kyle. However, the rumors were that Warner Bros were reluctant to use the character again so soon after the shameful flop of 2004.

Thankfully, if the rumor proves true, the studio will have come to their senses and realized that the failure of Catwoman had very little to do with the character. Rather, it was simply a shocking interpretation and an embarrassingly bad script.

I don’t wanna get my hopes up but… man… if this turns out to be true… I’m one excited little bat-fan right now! Heck… I still hold out hope for a Tim Burton-directed Catwoman film with Michelle Pfeiffer. What can I say? I love her.

Oh, yeah… and The Joker may return, Two-Face will be a major player, film may be out in 2011… yada, yada, yada. Who cares? Catwoman, people… Catwoman!

Source: Cinema Blend

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  1. I hope this is true. Catwoman is a good character, and interesting love interest if they must have one. Anyway, the Catwoman film actually earned more money than it should have considering how awful it was.

  2. Rumors say Christmas 2009, but what about the potential actor, director and writer union strikes next Spring? Plus, these movies take a while to shoot.

    If the rumors of 12/09 are true, my theory is, they’ve been shooting two movies in secret.


  3. Well maybe Christian Bale will get his wish and there will finally be a sex scene in a Batman movie…

    I *would* love to see Catwoman in the Nolan-created Batman universe.


  4. Oh come on you guys! You really want to see Catwoman in another Batman movie already? Fer godsakes,she’s been in Batman Returns and that horrible Berry starring one and you guys really are that anxious to see her in another film? I would much rather see Nolan use a bat-villain that hasn’t been used already like Scarface, Blackmask,Killer Croc,Mad Hatter,even recylcle good villains made infamous by that @#%$! Shumacher like Bane,or Riddler. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing his version of Penguin either,as Burton’s was as far from the comix as you could get. Anyone but Catwoman fer godsakes! It’s like Nolan’s going out of his way to use villains from Burton’s series. I was partially skeptical when I heard he would be using Joker for TDK when I first heard,but Catwoman? Come on. Let someone else have the spotlight for a while,guys. And is there anyway that Nolan might consider making the batsuit a LITTLE closer to the comix for a sequel? Add the grey chest and leg area,and you won’t hear a complaint from me.

    • Edit Delete
      (Thanks dancingmonkey08!)

      Here’s what Nolan SAID he WON’T do because he doesn’t like the character:

      Cat Woman.

      Are you KIDDING ME?!? Cat Woman (Done Christopher Nolan style, of course) would be the absolute BEST character to have in BM3. I can’t believe that a director and writer as brilliant as Nolan would rule out Cat Woman as a major character. She would be PERFECT for BM3 and here’s why:

      Remember the scene in Dark Knight where Bruce Wayne is stitching himself up after getting bit by a dog and he’s talking to Alfred? I can’t remember if the line is “Bat Man has no weaknesses” or “Bat Man” has no limits” but either way this is a perfect setup for what should happen in BM3. Obviously, when it comes to money Bruce has no limits, he physically has no limits (he kicks the crap out of everyone) and he mentally has no limits (he is ninja trained after all), so what is Batman’s weakness?


      (They even mention CATS in that very scene!!! Go back and watch it again!!!)

      LOVE. Love is Batman’s ultimate weakness! He would give anything to have his family back, but he can’t, and he’d have given anything to save Rachael, but he failed and now she’s dead. He sacrifices “Batman” as an icon of justice in order to protect the integrity of Harvey Dent in the public’s eye at the end of the Dark Knight because having people retain “hope” is more important in the long run than Bat Man. He’s lost EVERYTHING that was important to him.

      So we get to episode 3. Batman is on the run, he is vilified, and he is hated. He is all alone, he has lost everyone who is important to him – save maybe Alfred. The psychological and physical challenge for Batman is to somehow clear Batman’s good name, but at the same time his past is driving him mad because what he would really like to do is retire Bat Man and just try and have some kind of a normal life. But, doing so is a next to impossible task with criminals like [insert your favorite bad guy here].

      Now, along comes Cat Woman. She may be on the wrong side of the law, but she is much like him in many ways, and he can’t help but be attracted to her. She is beautiful, powerful, sexy, smart as hell, and there really isn’t a ton of difference between them except that crime forced him to become an agent of justice, but crime forced her to take care of herself.

      That’s his downfall, or at least the challenge he needs to overcome in order for him to defeat whatever “bad guys” are in BM3 and restore his name.

      The ONLY weakness Bat Man really has is fear of being alone and without a family. It’s what made him become Batman in the first place, and if he had a temptation to fall in love and find a way OUT of that fate, even if it’s with the wrong woman, I’d say that would be the hardest demon for him to fight.

      Cat Woman would be Bat Man’s “last temptation”, and I couldn’t think of a better way to REALLY put Bat Man in peril than to fall in love with a dangerous woman.

      We’ll see what Nolan does, but if the “Cat” reference in Dark Knight was an “accident” and he doesn’t pick up on that in BM3, then he has totally missed the boat – in my opinion.

      Somehow I think Nolan’s got a plan up his sleeve, but, we’ll just have to wait and see…

      Come on! I don’t want a really good Bat Man 3, I want an AWESOME Bat Man 3.

      Cat Woman is the way to do it. Totally.

      Peace. Louis.

  5. Kel, I hardly think Nolan’s ‘going out of his way’ to use Burton’s villains. Did he not use two obscure characters in Batman Begins? Is he not now making a big part for Two-Face?

    Perhaps it’s simply that The Joker and Catwoman are two of Batman’s most famous and popular adversaries. Why wouldn’t you use them if you could?

    Besides, as far as myself and many thousands of fans are concerned, the Halle Berry film was Catwoman ‘in-name-only’. Why should that even come into it? If you ask me, the last ‘true’ appearance of Catwoman on screen was 15 years ago – or 19 by the time the film may come out.

    Oh and, Heath, I doubt you need to worry about writer/director strikes too much in the case of a passion project like Nolan’s. Even if he’s part of the union, I’m sure he wouldn’t resist working on the third film in his private time… regardless of politics.

  6. Oh I *hope* this is more than just a rumour. If anyone can rescue that character, Nolan (or Joss Whedon) is the guy to do it!

  7. Yeah,I get what yer sayin’ Kane. Joker and Catwoman are in the top 10 most recognized bat rogues. I guess it’d be like doing a new Spider-Man series and not having Doc Ock or Green Goblin. You’ll have to forgive some of my hasty comments about Batman,he is my favorite and I’m always very picky with what they do with him. I think Catwoman’s not that bad an idea after all,and I totally agree with what you said about that Berry cat flick. Begins only featured the Scarecrow because Warners had this deal that after Batman and Robin,the next Batfilm had to have Scarecrow in it,so they had to get him in there somehow,and they did a pretty good job,minus Crane’s laughable exit. So yeah,you’re right,they did use lesser well known villains in Begins,and it would be nice to see some familiar baddies again,like Joker and Catwoman. I just want to see Nolan use them AND other lesser well known villains,or ones that need to be put back to A-list status like Two Face and the Riddler,even the Penguin as I mentioned earlier. This movie will be awesome! I just wish they’d add the grey chest and leg areas to the bat-armor,along with the black leotard. (I know you’re tired of me saying that Vic,LOL!)2008 is going to be the best year for comix yet guys!

  8. I must admit… I’d be interested to see Nolan’s take on The Penguin over Catwoman, although I much prefer Catwoman. My only concern with her is that she’s got such a complexity to her that she couldn’t really work as a background player, ala Scarecrow. She needs a very complete role, which could result in the third film having that cramped Spider-Man 3 feel.

    As for Joss Whedon, Marina… really…? Serious? I swear I must be the only guy on the planet who doesn’t see that guy as the saviour of the world. Everything I’ve seen of him just reeks of ‘television’ – and I mean that in the pre-Lost, pre-24 kind of way… when the difference between TV and cinematic vision was vast. Even what I saw of Serenity had a look more reminiscent of Charmed than a sci-fi blockbuster… but, hey, that’s just me. Let’s just say I was the one who was stoked when his Wonder Woman was cancelled. As a character writer… sure… I liked his X-Men comic series. As a director… no thanks.

    Oh… and grey Batman? I can’t imagine anything cheesier in a live action film. Hey, maybe you’ll get your wish in JLA, since the whole point of Bats is sure to be diminished to some extent anyway.

  9. Umm cheesy? Exactly how would making Batman have his costume from the comix be cheesy? Blue and red don’t make Superman and Spider-Man cheesy,so how would black and gray make Batman cheesy? The Batman suit is just as iconic as the Superman and Spider-Man suit,and you never hear people saying that Supe’s and Spidey’s needs to be changed,so why do you people always feel that Batman’s suit needs to be screwed with? If it’s because people are worried that gray would make Batman too noticeable,then why do they still keep the yellow/gold utility belt on the all black uniform? In the comix whenever Batman felt like he MIGHT be to noticeable he’d pull his long black cape over himself. That’d look fine on screen as well,and let’s face it,if Batman doesn’t want to be seen,no matter what he’s wearing,he’s not going to be seen. If he were wearing an orange jump suit and he wanted no one to see him than he wouldn’t be seen. Your probably one of those guys who don’t read many Batman titles,aren’t you Kane? You only like Batman in the movies right? Hopefully they will get a costume closer to the comix in JLA. I agree with what you said about Whedon though.

  10. You make that presumption as though it’s a bad thing… but you’re right: I don’t read Batman comics. In fact, I barely read comics at all.

    Then again, this site is called Screen Rant, not Comic Rant.

    I’m not saying it’s anything more than my personal opinion – after all, that should go without saying – but the idea of a mostly grey Batman just reminds me too much of the camp TV series. I like Batman in black – it just makes more sense to me, that’s all.

    I agree about the bright yellow/gold accessories though.

  11. LOL! That’s so funny that you say that! I think a lot of people think of the campy TV show when they talk about the gray and black batsuit from the comix. I think that’s part of the reason why Burton removed the gray areas from the costume for his film,so people would get the idea that his take on Batman was completely different from the TV show. But even the TV show costume has tweaks that weren’t in the comix,namely the utility belt and the cape and cowl,but then that stuff isn’t even in my top 10 complaints about that show,considering it made Batman into a complete joke,in essence it did to Batman what Smallville does for Superman. BTW,in the comix the batsuit is more black than gray. Only the shirt and pants are gray,while the boots,gloves,leotard (I always feel funny writing that),cape and cowl are black,not to mention the symbol on his chest. I strongly recommend that you check out the online Sandy Collara fan films Batman:Dead End and Superman/Batman:World’s Finest,along with some Alex Ross Batman pictures,and lastly,I don’t know how big a cartoon fan you are,but I strongly suggest checking out Batman:the animated series and Justice League/Justice League Unlimited. Oh,and if you ever feel like readin’some Batman comix you should check out Batman:Year One,from writer Frank Miller’s better days. Those things may or may not change your opinion on the batsuit from the comix being cheesy.

    Your right,it’s Screenrant,not Comicrant,but we’re blogging about a movie that’s based on a comic,and as a hardcore/longtime fan of that comic I want the film to be as close to it as possible.

    I see where you’re coming from though,being mostly familiar with the Batman movies you find it strange that Batman would wear gray and black instead of just your familiar black. And that’s OK,I respect your opinion,but you have to understand that a lot of the comic fans (myself included) aren’t gonna take kindly to a costume that doesn’t reverence the source. The way I see it,this debate can be compared to the Hal Jordan VS John Stewart for Green Lantern in the JLA film. On one side you’ve got the people who are only familiar with the John Stewart (the black GL,not the comedian) GL because their only exposure to GL and JLA is through the cartoon,and on the other side you’ve got the longtime fans of the JLA and the real,A-list Green Lantern Hal Jordan (he’s caucasian) and those fans (myself included) want to see him as GL in JLA because:

    A: he’s the best GL in every sense of the word
    B: he was the original GL to in the JLA
    C: because he’s the most well known and remembered to comix fans
    D: he’s the current GL in the comix
    E: well,just see A

    So anyway..You see what I’m say’n,man? If you look at the most sucessful comix films of all time,you’ll see it’s always the ones that are closest to the comix. So if they aproach these films with more of a fanboy mentality,then everybody wins!

    Now back to the batsuit,I’m not sayin’ to put Batman in tights,but I don’t wanna see him in black rubber either. I guess what I’m sayin’ is that they should make the armor more flexible and that they should make the chest,arm,and leg armor gray,and leave the leotard (there’s that word again!) area black. Now the gray doesn’t have to be a real light lookin’ gray,but rather a darker looking gray. If you look at some of the T-shirts from the Dark Knight and Batman Begins,they have the exact costume I’m talking about on them. So if your only exposure to the batsuit from the comix is the one on the campy Batman TV show,then you’re always going to think the comix costume is cheesy.

    Oh,Kane Adrian,I wanted to ask you who your favoritre superheroes are. I like Batman and a couple others.

  12. Here’s my list of favorite superheroes in the order I like them:

    3.Iron Man and Captain America (I like them both the same
    4.Flash (Barry Allen) and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
    6.Fantastic Four
    7.the Original X-Men from the Stan n’ Jack days

  13. Wow, Kel. You’re passionate… but I’m afraid I don’t have quite as much time on my hands as you, so this is goin’ down in point form:

    - I totally respect where you’re coming from. Never questioned that.
    - I love the animated Batman. Big fan of Justice League, in particular.
    - I don’t think the grey costume is cheesy in the comics or in cartoons. Never said I did. Oh, and I never said my only exposure to grey was the ’60s series – just that I think of that in terms of live action.
    - Personally (I repeat… personally), I prefer black on screen. Yes, Bats is a comic property but he also has a five-film history in black that works as well.

    You do know I have absolutely no influence whatsoever on the production, don’t you? I’m a film fan who lives in Brisbane, Australia. Perhaps you can redirect your argument to someone associated with the film. Challenging me to some kind of blogging duel over it is a bit silly when all we’re doing is sharing opinions about a shade (it’s not even a colour!) and… frankly… it just doesn’t interest me all that much, at the end of the day.

    As for my favourite superheroes… (not sure why it’s important) …they are:

    1. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
    2. Iron Man
    3. X-Men
    4. Batman
    5. Superman

    Throw in Spider-Man, Flash… whatever… no particular order… yada, yada, yada…

    Who cares, man? Seriously?

  14. Kane Adrian,
    because I,like you,don’t have as much time on my hands as I did the other day,I’m breaking this down in point form,like you:

    -Thanx for reading my uberlong comment. Sorry it took me a couple days to get back to you,I’ve been kinda busy. Most readers would take one look at the size of my rant and get intimidated and ignore it,so kudos to you for reading it. I didn’t post it for nothing hehehheh.
    -Not challenging anyone to a “blogging duel”. I almost cracked up when I read that (LOL).
    -In your comment when you originally mentioned that you thought nothing would be cheesier in a live action film than the gra(e)y costumed Batman,you never really spececified what version of the gray suit you were talking about,therefore I assumed that you were talking about the one from the comix. My bad,sorry I jumed the gun. And I assumed because of your opinion on the batsuit from the films that the onfilm batsuit was your first exposure to any batsuit of any kind,considering most people who were exposed to the Batman comics first usually prefer the comix suit over the onscreen one.
    -I totally know that you have absolutely nothing to do with production on the film,and that you’re just a guy who helps get news for the site. Sorry if you thought that I thought you did.
    -I would love to talk to someone in production,not to complain,but just to talk.
    -You live in Australia! Cool! I now have 4 net buddies (mind if I call ya buddy?) who live there! I live in Pennsylvania,U.S.A.
    -In regards to my asking who’s your favorite superhero,there’s no particular reason for it. I just usually ask that to whoever I’m blogging with. Don’t know why.

    So there. You’re right. Debating over something as trivial as a shade is rather silly. Ultimately,as you said,it’s just my opinion against yours. And at the end of the day,when the chips are down,what ultimately matters with these movies is that the essence and character of the said person are successfully translated to film. Costumes and accessories are always secondary,and with the same team working on Dark Knight from Batman Begins we have little if nothing to really complain about. You’re very well spoken Kane,hopefully this sums up our discussing the batsuit,because I’m rather tired of it,LOL!

  15. Catwoman is a “must have”

  16. I agree, Catwoman is a must-have! There are so many possibilities for Catwoman in the script. I know Megan Fox and Jessica Biel would just NAIL the part!

  17. hey, screen rant .com
    this is your friend brandin lee detroy
    from desoto texas , and i just want to say please put halle berry as catwoman in batman and superman world’s finest the movie thanks so much,…..

    • i think that halle berry would make a great catwoman villan with bale as
      batman joining forces in the movie world’s finest 2011 movie,..
      but how about with tails tailsko, female sonic.., and with female knux,
      and with big breasted sally acorn,grown squirrel girl, and with
      all marvel characters,…, against crispin glover joker and with aaron eckhart two-face,… in the movie,….

  18. i think that halle berry would love this,bale as batman and halle berry as catwoman teaming up in this movie world’s finest that would be so fantastic , says, brandin lee detroy, says, bring it, and i think that the movie needs more characters like the arkham inmates, and with arleen
    sorkin as big grown big breasted harley quinn, in the movie, yes, do it, nolan, and with crispin glover as the joker in the movie, and with thomas dekker as robin in the movie, yes, do it, and with the blackgate prisoners in the movie, yes,do it, nolan