Nolan Returning To Batman And Bringing Catwoman?

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christopher nolan batman Nolan Returning To Batman And Bringing Catwoman?

Earlier this morning I read a comment from a reader begging for an update on the follow up to The Dark Knight (Batman 3? Not sure what to call it…), so here you go.

Despite the fact that director Chris Nolan has been making some noises indicating he’s not sure he wants to do a third Batman movie the rumor mill is saying that it’s a done deal and he will indeed return.

A while back, in regards to a third movie Nolan said:

“Maybe there’s so much expectation to them. But I wouldn’t want to do one if it weren’t going to be as good as the first or second. That’s not respectful to the fans.”

This was in reference to the fact that generally speaking, the third film in a series (the second sequel?) is quite often inferior to the first two films – and he is leery of going there.

However according to E! Online the next film in the series is definitely on track:

“Despite some recent interviews in which he down-played the possibility of returning as director again, Christopher Nolan (who helmed Knight) will for sure be back directing the third flick, we’re assured by a production mole. Christian Bale will obviously rejoin his director pal, and we’re very pleased to report that he’ll be playing a ‘sexier’ Bruce Wayne. This is heaven-sent news, as, let’s face it, Bale couldn’t have looked any more constipated in that last flick.”

I love that last bit. icon smile Nolan Returning To Batman And Bringing Catwoman? However considering how they left off The Dark Knight (with Batman on the run from the law), I don’t know how “sexy” Bruce Wayne will be feeling. Then again if the next bit o’ news turns out to be true, it’ll go a long ways towards explaining just that:

“…certain Warners sources are leaking to us that Rachel Weisz is being considered for the Catwoman role”

This seems to be more certain than some of the other rumors that have been flying around like Angelina Jolie as Catwoman or Johnny Depp and Philip Seymour Hoffman as Riddler and Penguin in the next flick. If you can’t place her, Rachel appeared in the first two Mummy movies with Brendan Fraser.

What do you think? Would you like to see Rachel Weisz as the next Catwoman?

E! Online via Batman-on-Film

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  1. Mmm.. Catwoman. :D

    Catty and Batty always did have that sexual tension thing going on eh? Comics, Cartoons, hell, even in the dodgy old TV series.

    Good stuff. It should be fun.
    I would have liked to see Bats take on Killer Croc though. Ah well.

  2. With all due respect to those who maintain my favorite hang-out…
    I’m pooped and don’t have the energy to read every post just now ( and it’s killing me!), so I scrolled wayyyyy down here to plant an idea…
    Lets not be super judgemental at WHOMEVER is cast in the next film, shall we? It seems Mr. Nolan is VERY capable of bringing the best out of his cast, and I for one am just fine with sitting back and watching the rumor mill spin.
    I beleive that whatever happens, Batman is in the right hands, so enjoy the ride! :)

  3. @KEL
    How about a new batmobile, one that actually looks like a batmobile?

    Why don’t we just re-hire Joel Schumacer for the next sequel, LOL
    I agree with The Riddler, Penguin, and Catwoman thing..
    It will get along with Nolan and Goyer vision about Batman..
    I’d like to see realistic and believable character in the next movie, exactly like BB and TDK..

  4. Weisz doesn’t do much for me. Just doesn’t have the right look.

    I’d like to see something radical done like maybe an asian actress for Catwoman.

    Maybe Lucy Lu or Michelle Yo or Kelly Hu.

  5. Rachel Weisz is one of the best actresses working today, so i faith that she will be good in the role. And to Monkey Fan, Ted was not the one who spilled the beans about Sin City 2, it was another web site. Do a little research before you make accusations.

    You sound like a angry Angelina Jolie fan.

  6. Now, in The Dark Knight Bale and Freedman where discussing his new armor and how it would do against dogs. Freedmen then kind drop a possible but very vague hint that “it will do well against cats”. Maybe Nolan and the writers are massing with us, kinda like what they did with captain Americas shield in ironman. Well anyway it just something i pick up on while watching it last night, what do you guys think?

  7. @Tiny
    I have heard about that line many times since TDK was released thatrically, my own belief is that, people are reading too much into it. Everyone is clammouting for something for a next Batman flick, when all it really was was a simple nod/reference to Catwoman, nothing more nothing less. It has been somewhat frequent in other Comicbook films, in the first Spiderman Dr Conors was referenced, and was shown in the second and third, we still have as of yet seen him turn into The Lizard. in X2, Gambits name was seen on a computer screen, and we still have yet to see him on screen, though he will be on Wolverine. Everyone just needs to sit back and relax, and see it it for all it is. A reference, nothing more nothing less.

  8. sorry i didnt mean to repeat myself. I really need to read what i am posting before I post.

  9. @Meta

    I agree with you about everyone “clammouting for something for a next Batman flick” But,It’s all in good fun. People just want to speculate. As for my post i saw the topic of discussion so i figured i would comment on something i noticed last night. Who knows if there will even be a third. While i’m not surfing the web day and night on info about a next possible movie, i do enjoy the thought that there might be another. Just let us fan boys have our fun lol.

  10. P.S. I love Sideshow Bob

  11. @Tiny
    And Sideshow Bob Rocks, I was pissed when he was cut out of the movie. How can you make a Simpsons Movie and not have Sideshow Bob, That really ruined the movie for me.

  12. I’m still pissed off that they killedd off Maude Flanders in the 11th season.

  13. yeh, But sadisically, her death was awesome, killed by a Shirt Cannon.

  14. We seriously need a simpsons discussion thread lol.

  15. Maybe we ask Vic that for chrismas?? haha

  16. @ Metallicat79

    Lots of love for Robert Underdunk Terwilliger, he’s a classic character and one the best with a recurring role..I mean who could forget him in Cape Feare on the Thompsons… :) Love that show

  17. @Mich,

    You disagree with “everything” I said?

    So you don’t think Nolan will do the 3rd film? lol ;)

  18. I like Rachel Weisz, i think she’s a great actress and she would do well in the role.

  19. Rachel Weisz is one of my favourite actresses, so I’m more than happy to see her as Catwoman.

    I also have full faith in Nolan. After turning me into a Batman fan, I’m sure he can deliver the goods for the third film.

  20. I doubt that Nolan will ever do a thrid film because if he has spent quiet some time trying to find a story that can keep him emotionally invested, and till now has not found that story to keep him emotionally invested , then there is no way he can go for a thrid one. He still has some material for the next Bat flick, such as depicting Bruce Wayne/Batman at his prime, make batman solve crimes despite the fact that he is branded a villian, and somehow, if he wants to, make this Batman compatible with the Justice League by giving Batman a supernatural foe-if Nolan ever decides to give him a supernatural foe-which he will most probably not-then this foe should still have a stigma of realism. A good supernatural foe would be Dracula, because even though we all know that Dracula is fictional, we are still aware with all the folklore of dracula, thus there is still that air of realism. From this point , Dracula can be someone who can actually treaten Gotham city and can be seen as a perfect Batman in a sense while at the same time, Nolan can be portraying a Batman at his prime. Now I know that Nolan would be steering away from this angle as he wants to keep a realism theme of Batman maintained, but I am am pretty sure, with all the lack of material, that this would have crossed his mind. I still like the Rupert Thorne angle running for mayor angle – which I have in my fun script that I will post on here shortly – with Deadshot being a supporting villian.

  21. @ Fred

    Dracula dude? That would be so far outside the realm of credibility and reality for this franchise I can’t even take that comment seriously.. Have you seen the first two films? You were joking right?

  22. Bring in Bane for the main villian. Bring in Tailia al Guhl as a villian teamed up with Bane seeking revenge against Batman. She could also play the love interest for Bruce Wayne w/o the knowledge of him being Batman. Bring in Dick Grayson (not Robin) to keep him honest. With Batman on the run from the law and villians he is going to need someone who loves him unconditionally and looks up to him like a kid would his father. Someone to keep Bruce grounded. His love for this kid and wanting to be a solid mentor (Batman) and father figure (Bruce)will keep him from killing Bane after he heals up from that broken back.
    As for the Catwoman …… NO!!! Shes been done and quite well in my opinion in Batman Returns. Good enogh for me.
    I would like to see this story span two films with Bane killing Tailia and breaking the Batmans back at the end of the first installment. And in the second introduce Dick Grayson and drop the names of numerous villians,(even if they dont show them on screen) that have run rampant since Bane has taken over all crime in Gotham with Batman nowhere to be found.

  23. Besides I think Nolan has to do a third film even if its a couple yrs from now. We still havent really seen the Batcave and the stories still feel incomplete without that.

  24. @greenknight333
    Of course I was joking, and I have seen the first two films. Next time I will mention the sarcasm or times I am joking. But the point of that post is that there really is not much Nolan can do for a Batman Three unless he had full freedom to make up his own villians-LOL, just joking. But seroiusly, It will be tough, even for an awesome creative mind like Nolan’s to be able to stick to comic book material and present a good story for realism. I mean what is left-King Pin from the Marvel universe-LOL, just joking. By the way, there is no way in hell this Batman would work in a Justice league movie. What will happen is that Nolan will end of his trilogy with a Batman 3 or decide to declare that he has ended it with The Dark Knight, then someone else will take up the Batman film francises and make a completely different Batman storyline who will deal with Supernatural threats. And this Batman will serve as one that will fit into the Justice League movie. The reason I will say that is they are not going to just make a Green Lanturn film and Superman film, and not have a Justice League idea in the back of their minds. Anyway I am of topic here, but Rupert Thorne and Deadshot for Batman 3 if Nolan decides to make a thrid film, with Sal Falcone(son of Carmine Falcone in Batman begins) as the main mobster. If Nolan goes For the Riddler, then he is definetely taking a risk as he cannot make Riddler have a too similar feel like the Joker asthe Riddler wants order and The Joker wants chaos. What I find funny is that Nolan said that he was not using Catwoman , yet
    there have been two Catwoman rumours already. I do hope that Nolan has considered Hush and Black Mask-he is super-dark and a cool calculating mobster.

    The Batcave was seen in Batman Begins. And there is no need to reintroduce it now.

    If Nolan goes for the Riddler in Batman 3, then he is definetely taking a risk as he cannot make Riddler have a too similar feel like the Joker asthe Riddler wants order and The Joker wants chaos. What I find funny is that Nolan said that he was not using Catwoman , yet
    there have been two Catwoman rumours already. I do hope that Nolan has considered Hush and Black Mask-he is super-dark and a cool calculating mobster.

  25. @FRED
    Since the mansion was destroyed in BB, and Alfred saying there would be modifications, I think a look at the new batcave is something Nolan should think about.

    I would like to see Azrael introduced in #3. The conditioning aspect of Azrael can be used but I doubt the gene splicing with animals would be used by Nolan. He could also introduce Bane, since Azrael took Bane down. I doubt if Bane would be a guy souped up on some “super soldier”-type drug; Nolan would probably make him a guy like Andre the Giant, just naturally strong.

  26. Actually, I was hoping Nolan might use Maxie Zeus in the third Batman film .
    He has no powers ,
    But his penchant to use to use clues with a mythological motif might be fun for the audience.

  27. @John “Kahless” Taylor
    Yes that is true, I guess a new batcave is in order. Perhaps Nolan will actually include the Bat-mobile in Batman 3 since the Bat-tank was destroyed.