Nolan Returning To Batman And Bringing Catwoman?

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christopher nolan batman Nolan Returning To Batman And Bringing Catwoman?

Earlier this morning I read a comment from a reader begging for an update on the follow up to The Dark Knight (Batman 3? Not sure what to call it…), so here you go.

Despite the fact that director Chris Nolan has been making some noises indicating he’s not sure he wants to do a third Batman movie the rumor mill is saying that it’s a done deal and he will indeed return.

A while back, in regards to a third movie Nolan said:

“Maybe there’s so much expectation to them. But I wouldn’t want to do one if it weren’t going to be as good as the first or second. That’s not respectful to the fans.”

This was in reference to the fact that generally speaking, the third film in a series (the second sequel?) is quite often inferior to the first two films – and he is leery of going there.

However according to E! Online the next film in the series is definitely on track:

“Despite some recent interviews in which he down-played the possibility of returning as director again, Christopher Nolan (who helmed Knight) will for sure be back directing the third flick, we’re assured by a production mole. Christian Bale will obviously rejoin his director pal, and we’re very pleased to report that he’ll be playing a ‘sexier’ Bruce Wayne. This is heaven-sent news, as, let’s face it, Bale couldn’t have looked any more constipated in that last flick.”

I love that last bit. simple smile Nolan Returning To Batman And Bringing Catwoman? However considering how they left off The Dark Knight (with Batman on the run from the law), I don’t know how “sexy” Bruce Wayne will be feeling. Then again if the next bit o’ news turns out to be true, it’ll go a long ways towards explaining just that:

“…certain Warners sources are leaking to us that Rachel Weisz is being considered for the Catwoman role”

This seems to be more certain than some of the other rumors that have been flying around like Angelina Jolie as Catwoman or Johnny Depp and Philip Seymour Hoffman as Riddler and Penguin in the next flick. If you can’t place her, Rachel appeared in the first two Mummy movies with Brendan Fraser.

What do you think? Would you like to see Rachel Weisz as the next Catwoman?

E! Online via Batman-on-Film

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  1. I wouldn’t want to have her as the Catwoman, she would be almost as bad as Halle Berry. I just hope that it is as god as the second.

  2. I don’t know if Catwoman would be a good villain, but if they can find a great story, then, yeah. Redemption for Batman.


  3. I like it.

    Rachel Weisz is probably one of the best actresses working today. She has great range and versatility and would be an asset to the franchise and the character of Cat Woman. she’s definitely a much better choice than Angelina Jolie.

  4. “I wouldn’t want to have her as the Catwoman, she would be almost as bad as Halle Berry.”

    For one, Rachel Weisz is a much better actor than Halle Berry and second, no one could be as bad as Halle Berry was in “Catwoman”. I think Rachel would be do the role justice and be a great acting counterpart to Christian Bale.

    Its the best casting rumor i have heard so far for this film.

  5. I didn’t think Halle Berry was the problem with the first Catwoman movie; I thought the writing and direction were the problem.

    Anyway, I can see Rachel as Catwoman, and it would go along with the “sexier” Bruce Wayne story. But will Catwoman be a meta-human or just a regular human woman who has been trained, like Bruce Wayne? Knowing Nolan, it would be the latter, which is fine with me.

  6. I like the idea of Weisz as Catwoman. She’s a good actress, she’s about the right age and she’s pretty damn hot.

  7. “And I heard something about Robert Pattinson for the role of The Joker, but this is only a rumor -maybe not the only one-.’

    I think that was a joke written in the gossip columns on E! Online.

  8. And that poster is fan-made.


  9. After casting Bale as Bruce, they are going to have to step it up a little. Rachel is just a little too easy a casting decision. I don’t like it. Anything’s better than Halle Berry, though.

  10. I would love to see Rachel Wiesz in anything shes great.

  11. I’m totally against Rachel Weisz for the role – for me personally, she would be a little unbelievable. Maybe it’s just me but she seems the same in everything that I’ve been watching her in so I just can’t buy it at this time.

    I actually prefer Rhona Mitra to Jolie or Wiesz personally as she looks better for the part and isn’t a big a name as the other two.

    Without a doubt, Nolan will do another – billion dollars revenue? Sure buddy, I believe you, lol. He’ll have the biggest budget ever for the next one and the freedom to do whatever he wants with whatever cast he wants – half of hollywood would beg to be in it and he’s saying he’s not sure about it? C’mon.

  12. Sorry Rob but i have to dissagree with everything you just said. I think Rachel Weisz is a great choice if the rumor is to be believed. She’s great actress with tremendous versatility and a great beauty as well. A rare find indeed. she would fit in the Nolan’s Batman world much better than Angelina Jolie and be more believable as well.

    As for Rhona Mitra, are you joking? She can’t act with a damn.

    Take care:)

  13. I’d watch her eat plain bread.

  14. I have have to say that i am gald that the catwoman thing is just a rumor. Because this is a revamped Batman, they should go with newer, fresher Villians, not something that has been overdone in my opinion. Of all the Batman villians (Joker aside) she is the most used. And didnt Goyer say yhat if they do a third Batman, they would use a a villian not yet portrayed on film? Using Catwoman is a step backwards. I would love to see Deadshot, i thouroghly enjoyed him in the Gotham Knight anime.
    As for Nolan returning, One Word : DUH!
    I do hope that they find some way to bring closure to The Joker, I felt that there was still something more we needed to see from him. The trick is hopefully there is some unused footage of Ledger’s Joker that can be used, because recasting The Joker would be disrespectful to the charactor and to the actor. If anything, bring closure by doing it offscreen some how. I dont really have any ideas for how to do that though. They should aslo with Batman 3, Close it up and leave it at three, and if they wish to go further with it, introduce it somewaht similiar to Indy, and have Bruce Wayne hand over the mantle to some one else and build it from there.
    Those are my two cents.

  15. I shall take all these rumors with a considerable grain of salt.
    This production “mole” could be an attempt by WB, spreading these rumors to put pressure on Nolan.
    Or it could be just total BS .
    It might be interesting to see if E! reported any of the other recent bat rumors that turned out to be wrong.
    Believe NOTHING until it comes from a official source .
    Especially casting rumors
    How many Catwoman rumors have we had now?

  16. I think Catwoman would be an interesting character if done the right way like what they id with the Joker and if the casting of Rachel Weisz is in anyway true, then they are doing it the right way. Rachel bring depth,intelligence and heart to every role she has every role she has ever done and she would be a perfect Catwoman for Christopher Nolan.

  17. I think Catwoman would be an interesting character if done the right way like what they id with the Joker and if the casting of Rachel Weisz is in anyway true, then they are doing it the right way. Rachel bring depth,intelligence and heart to every role she has ever done and she would be a perfect Catwoman for Christopher Nolan.

  18. (I wonder if all you fanboys would be saying “she would be just right for catwoman….” if we were talking about an Oscar-winning dramatic actress)

    Rachel Weisz is an Oscar winning Dramatic actress.

  19. @Charles Darwin

    As far as I can recall there is a history of sexual tension between Batman and Catwoman in the comic book versions of the characters.


  20. First of all, take the EOnline report with a grain of salt because it came from the world’s worst gossip – Ted Casablanca. That man has ZERO reliable sources and pulls stories out of his butt. I can’t remember the last time he was right about anything. He’s gone from on-air personality to dumpy little blog, so how much could he really know?

    The main reason Casablanca is claiming Rachel Weisz is because of a previous rumor that Weisz was going to replace Jolie in the Sin City sequel as Eva Lord. And THAT never came to fruition either. Since then anytime Jolie is rumored to be interested in a role Ted Casablanca comes along with his fictional “inside sources” and claims Jolie is being replaced by Weisz – or when that doesn’t pan out another actress of a similar age. Casablanca hates Jolie and spends an inordinate amount of time coming up with fake stories about her. He’s almost as obsessed with her as Jennifer Aniston is.

    Secondly, Jolie never expressed interest in the role. Julie Newmar was the one who said she thought Jolie would be the perfect Catwoman. All she had to do was say Jolie’s name and the media immediately turned it into “Jolie seeks role as Catwoman”.

  21. If Nolan is going for a real take like all his other Batman movies and also intending to use other lesser known villians, then these are his best options:

    Rupert thorne(main villian)
    Deadshot(side villian)

    Black Mask(main villian)
    Scarface(side villian)

    Now Nolan should focus on a Batman at his full prime-thus being lees reliant of Fox for help and doing everything on his own. After all, Batman likes to work alone and
    an underlined theme in the bat comics have shown a trait of independence within Bruce Wayne / Batman.

    I’ll post up the first part of my fun script once I have cleared out all the mistakes. It will be based on:

    Rupert thorne(main villian)
    Deadshot(side villian)

  22. Say it with me…

    Wrath, Wrath, Wrath, Wrath…