Nolan Returning To Batman And Bringing Catwoman?

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christopher nolan batman Nolan Returning To Batman And Bringing Catwoman?

Earlier this morning I read a comment from a reader begging for an update on the follow up to The Dark Knight (Batman 3? Not sure what to call it…), so here you go.

Despite the fact that director Chris Nolan has been making some noises indicating he’s not sure he wants to do a third Batman movie the rumor mill is saying that it’s a done deal and he will indeed return.

A while back, in regards to a third movie Nolan said:

“Maybe there’s so much expectation to them. But I wouldn’t want to do one if it weren’t going to be as good as the first or second. That’s not respectful to the fans.”

This was in reference to the fact that generally speaking, the third film in a series (the second sequel?) is quite often inferior to the first two films – and he is leery of going there.

However according to E! Online the next film in the series is definitely on track:

“Despite some recent interviews in which he down-played the possibility of returning as director again, Christopher Nolan (who helmed Knight) will for sure be back directing the third flick, we’re assured by a production mole. Christian Bale will obviously rejoin his director pal, and we’re very pleased to report that he’ll be playing a ‘sexier’ Bruce Wayne. This is heaven-sent news, as, let’s face it, Bale couldn’t have looked any more constipated in that last flick.”

I love that last bit. icon smile Nolan Returning To Batman And Bringing Catwoman? However considering how they left off The Dark Knight (with Batman on the run from the law), I don’t know how “sexy” Bruce Wayne will be feeling. Then again if the next bit o’ news turns out to be true, it’ll go a long ways towards explaining just that:

“…certain Warners sources are leaking to us that Rachel Weisz is being considered for the Catwoman role”

This seems to be more certain than some of the other rumors that have been flying around like Angelina Jolie as Catwoman or Johnny Depp and Philip Seymour Hoffman as Riddler and Penguin in the next flick. If you can’t place her, Rachel appeared in the first two Mummy movies with Brendan Fraser.

What do you think? Would you like to see Rachel Weisz as the next Catwoman?

E! Online via Batman-on-Film

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  1. I just read on IMDB that Eddie Murphy and Shia Labouf have now been attached as The Riddler and a young Robin respectivly.
    Anyone else belive this?? I certianly dont, bunch of BS.

  2. The Murphy/Labouf rumours are total B.S. Harry Knowles at AICN went on a major rant about all the Batman 3 rumors.

    The only reason I posted this Weisz rumor is because Jett over at Batman-on-Film posted it, and he’s pretty hooked into what’s going on with the Bat-films.


  3. Thank God for that, i didnt think Nolan (though he still not attached Yet) would be that stupid.

  4. IMDB is the best place to post BS. Eddie Murphy is the last person Christopher Nolan would put in his films. He hates the idea of Robin-I think it could work if done well. But Lebouf is definitely not the guy. And I would welcome Nolan’s take on the classic Batman villains. That’s what makes these films so fun to watch-is having him give more depth and reality to my favorite characters. He made the supporting cast so much more identifiable,(like Lucius Fox) and I hope I get to see Nolan’s Riddler, Catwoman, and a very realistic Penguin(say what you will but he’d easily fit into the films. I mean, its Batman for God’s sakes!) As far as other villains that haven’t made it to the screen-they haven’t made it yet because they suck or aren’t that integral to the Batman mythos. Some of them both.

  5. I am gald that someone else believes that the Penguin could be a plausable villian in Nolan’s Batman iniverse, all it takes is a little tweaking on the Origin story. My idea would be to make him into some form of mafia crime boss, Oswald “The Penguin” Coblepot running for DA, after the dissapearance of Harvey Dent,though unfortunetly, the mafia may be a bit much in a third film centered on Organized Crime. Phillip Seymour Hoffman would be perfect as a crime boss, whether it be in batman or another film. I do relize the the PSH rumor as the penguin is just a rumor and nothing more.
    I still maintain that they should create another Batman Villian just for the film, which can be used later on on the comics.

  6. The Penguin was never intended to be a mutant bird man freak the way that Devito and Burton portrayed him.

    If anyone can do him justice it is Nolan. There were rumors that The Penguin was going to have a cameo in TDK as a British arms dealer but was cut because of time. Though if you followed the viral marketing his club The Ice Berg lounge was mentioned a few times.

    Who knows they may have him in it next time.

    We’ll see

  7. @ImJustaFan,

    “Why don’t we just re-hire Joel Schumacer for the next sequel, LOL
    I agree with The Riddler, Penguin, and Catwoman thing..
    It will get along with Nolan and Goyer vision about Batman..
    I’d like to see realistic and believable character in the next movie, exactly like BB and TDK..”

    As if Shumacher’s batmobile was a faithful adaptation of the comics batmobile? It was too bombastic, even for his films. The keaton car is the REAL batmobile as far as I’m concerned. I’d like it if the next Batman film had a batmobile closer to that. I like the sleak, streamline look (very similar to the comics batmobile). I think they can do that look and still make it “believable”/fit in Nolan’s U. :-)

    I’d really like to see the Riddler or The Penguin in the next film. The Bruce Timm Penguin in the New Adventures of Batman cartoon is the best alternate media interpretation of the Penguin to date, IMO. It’s closest to the comics. I like The Penguin as a club owning mob boss, that would fit great into Nolan’s Batman films. For the Riddler, I’d suggest they take a look at Alex Ross’ “Justice” series’ Riddler. He’s very cerebral (as he should be) and “real world-ish”, and would fit perfectly into Nolan’s U. No Catwoman again tho. I’m just not that interested in it.

  8. Ahhhhh I dunno.
    I love The Dark Knight’s take so much that I’m dying for Chris Nolan to find a Catwoman and get started on a third—
    but it must be perfect!

    None of this Jolie/Halle crap. Even Rachel’s a little too mainstream.

    Selina Kyle needs an actress that’s good at being edgy and broken- talent that’ll do justice to the character.
    like Saffron Burrows. :]

  9. Has anyone considered Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett or Anne Hathaway? I think they each have potential for Catwoman.

  10. vic holtreman; did you like catwoman (2004); you dont have to answer my question if you dont want to ofcourse. i thought it was a fairly good movie. do you know anything about a script for catwoman 2 or the status of the pre-production process. i hope catwoman becomes a trilogy.

    i cant wait to see nolan take on catwoman. i think it’ll be some awesome and unique.

    vic are you familiar with
    im a member on that website. i’ll try to post comments on screenrant daily.i love this website a lot. tell your creative team about me.

  11. LOL, I hated Catwoman. Thanks for the compliment and I appreciate your enthusiasm. :-)

    Always nice to have another passionate movie fan on the site!


  12. @Jody

    I own and run the site.

    We don’t really keep track but we feel like we get to know the folks who come back day after day.


  13. thanks vic.

    yea i know many people didn’t like catwoman.

    i love this site very much. are you one of the moderators on sreenrant. did you start off as a comment poster (posts). because i would like to be an editor on; or sites like this one. im trying to get my post count up on that site and this site as well. if ofcourse you and your creative team keeps track of that sort of thing.

  14. We need exactly TWO more Bat-movies after BB and TDK.

    The Third Part should show The Bat in his prime with whatever villain the BB/TDK team thinks is fit enough.

    Also, any Character is always bigger than the Actor. So the Joker should return if Nolan thinks so.

    My favourites :
    1.Penguin from ‘No Man’s Land(1998)’
    2.Hush from ‘Hush(2002)’
    3.Deacon Blackfire from ‘The Cult(1988)’
    4.The Joker from an ‘n’ number of classics: The Killing Joke(1988), Arkham Asylum – A Serious House on Serious Earth(1989), The Long Halloween(1996), Dark Victory (1999), Mad Love(1994), A Death in the Family (1988), or The collection of ‘The Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told’.
    5. Too Bad, they had to kill Two-Face/ Harvey Dent.
    6. The Bat-n-Cat saga (yes, sexual tension and all…) is too long to be included and then concluded in a two-n-half-hour movie. And Catwoman is not exactly a villain. So she is not fit to be placed as a well-defined villain in the third part.

    There is NO doubt about the source for Fourth Part. It should be based on the classic: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS(1986).

    …Waiting for Bat-3, whenever it arrives. Until then, I will enjoy the upcoming ‘Angels and Demons(2009).

  15. I truly enjoy the direction that The Batman Franchise is going and I think that it is test comic franchise because Batman will be looked at as the Franchise that got DC running again and now I hear of Clark Kent having a possible Cameo in The Green Lantern I I love it. Christian Bale is the Batman and Chistopher Nolan is on of the Best Directors to day and of our time I pray they will be on this on Batman for a while and God bless them

  16. eva green would be my first pick for catwoman. otherwise, rachel would be fine.

  17. I read a crazy rumor somewhere that Rachel Weisz would be playing Ra’s al Ghul’s lovely daughter Talia. To be honest, I think that would be a better fit for her than Catwoman. Rachel has kind of an exotic look to her which I think would work well for Talia. Unfortunately, they already killed Ra’s, and I highly doubt Nolan is going to go anywhere near the Lazarus Pit concept, so Ms. Weisz would have to fill the role of both genuine love interest and dangerous villain. In terms of story potential, I’m thinking she either wants revenge on Bruce Wayne for the death of her father, or she wants him to take her father’s place as the “Demon’s Head”.

  18. Rachel Weisz and Eva Green would be better for the role of Talia.

    THEY DO NOT NEED TO MAKE A SEQUEL TO CATWOMAN (Halle Berry). Let’s just leave that at a one time debacle.

  19. i think that anglina jolie would make a great catwoman in the batman 3 movie with crispin glover as the joker and with aaron eckhart as two face, and with robin williams as the riddler, in the movie, and with hugo waving as the riddler in the movie, and with bale as batman in the movie, and with the gotham city thugs in the movie, and with black mask in the movie, and with jack ryder as the creeper played by thomas dekker in the hit movie batman 3 the killing joke,