New ‘Noah’ Images Highlight the Iceland Shooting Locations for Aronofsky’s Biblical Epic

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darren aronofsky noah New Noah Images Highlight the Iceland Shooting Locations for Aronofskys Biblical Epic

Iceland – a nordic island located on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge – is reported to be the most sparsely populated country located in Europe, with a geography that includes geologically-active regions, lava fields, mountains and glacial rivers flowing through the lowlands. It’s no wonder that filmmakers have fallen in love with the country in recent years, using it to create imaginative settings and beautiful landscape backdrops for the Tom Cruise sci-fi blockbuster Oblivion, HBO’s popular Medieval fantasy TV series Game of Thrones, and the upcoming Ben Stiller adventure tale The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, among other projects.

Next year’s Noah is yet another high-profile Hollywood feature that makes ample use of the gorgeous naturalistic visuals provided free of charge by the Iceland countryside. The Biblical epic from writer/director Darren Aronofsky and co-writer Ari Handel (The Fountain) recounts the story of Noah (played by Russell Crowe), who is tormented by visions of a forthcoming apocalyptic flood. Acting on the belief that he is doing God’s will, Noah begins to construct an enormous ark in order to preserve as much life as possible – in the wake of the world’s new beginning.

The ruggedness and brutal nature of the ancient world setting – from Aronofsky’s cinematic adaptation of the famous Book of Genesis narrative – can be observed in the Noah cast’s rough and tattered clothing, from costume designer Michael Wilkinson (who also designed the outfits and costumes from 300, TRON: Legacy and Man of Steel). In lieu of actual complete footage, we have new set photos and behind-the-scenes images captured during filming on Noah – the majority of which showcase the Icelandic scenery that will be featured in the movie.

Check out the latest Noah images released online in the gallery below (for more, head on over to




These images also provide another look at Anthony Hopkins as Noah’s grandfather Methuselah and Crowe’s A Beautiful Mind costar Jennifer Connelly as Noah’s wife Naameh, in addition to highlighting the beauty of the Iceland sets and shooting locations (which is where the majority of non-studio lot filming took place). Not pictured above are cast members Logan Lerman and Emma Watson – the former Perks of Being a Wallflower costars play Noah’s son and daughter-in-law – though, the man in the rain is seasoned character acting vet Ray Winstone (Snow White and the Huntsman) as the film’s “antagonist” (i.e. Noah’s peer, who believes he is just delusional, not prophetic).

Aronofsky has indicated that his version of the Noah’s Ark story places as much emphasis on the environmental apocalypse elements as it does on the human themes of faith and redemption. For that reason, the old world setting “portrayed” by Iceland might be as much a character in the movie as the human players. That helps to explain why Aronofsky and his production team endured filming in the unaccommodating and harsh weather conditions of the country, during production on their (estimated) $130 million religious blockbuster.

We expect to have a teaser trailer for Noah to offer in the foreseeable future – but, in the meantime, how does the film look so far?


Noah opens in U.S. theaters on March 28th, 2014.

Source: [via The Film Stage]

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  1. Great cast…and Jennifer Connelly is still gorgeous. I’m looking forward to seeing this.

  2. I really like the look. That’s one of the things that sold me on Oblivion, the awesome locales they shot the movie in. It looked beautiful and so does this.

    • Yep… both films were shot in Iceland. I just wanted to make sure before I said it haha.

  3. Nice. This is one of the upcoming films I’m looking forward to most.

  4. My only concern is just where Aronofsky is going
    with his notion of Noah as the “first environmentalist”.

    I am expecting great visuals and acting and I do hope this is
    an epic once again with Russell Crowe in charismatic command.

  5. Boring….Its just an agenda for hollywood to tamper with themes & a story they dont really believe in. I would rather see another revelations movie…ya know something in the line of the prophecy or the seventh sign…(would bother me less if they mess with revelations because its mostly interpretation, and mystery)

    I just dont know what you can do new to a story that ends with a great flood of the whole world.

    • It could feature great performances, direction, effects, make the flood very real and frightening. Plus if you’ve seen Oblivion you know that Iceland is gorgeous to look at. It sounds really cool to me dude.

      • If you’ve seen Game Of Thrones with the scenes featuring Jon Snow, you’ll know how beautiful Iceland is too.

    • If it’s a good movie, then I’m fine. The only thing that I’m nervous is how much artistic license they take. It’s certainly not one of the bigger stories of the Bible. Sure, the scene with the flood will probably be pretty epic, but other than that, I don’t really see how they’re going to make this an hour and a half long movie.

      I don’t mind them making a Noah movie, but a part of me does feel like they’re doing this because it’s one of the most well known stories from the Bible. I would definitely prefer if they did something from Revelation.

  6. this is the biblical ripoff story of one of the stories of the sumerian tale “the epic of gilgamesh” and yet people still believe that really happened. at least gilgamesh was an epic and noah is just “meh”, it’s all about building a ark and save your loved ones because one of the gods is furious with his creations! instead of trying to reason with them he just decides to kill them off! sounds “hitlerish”! oh, and the part of recruiting the animals always cracks me up. still, i have seen every aronofsky movies so i’ll probably watch this one.

    fun fact: hopkins playing noah’s grandfather when is playing Odin in Thor.

    • Lets be honest. Most of the Bible was just a reworded version of much older stories and myths (the tale of a demigod born to a virgin and sacrificed at the age of 33 before resurrecting after 3 days was also a Sumerian story that was retold by Ancient Greeks and Egyptians long before Christianity began).

      The only parts of that book that weren’t lifted from earlier stories are the coded things like Revelations, that was supposedly John taking massive swipes at the Roman Empire but being vague about it so that anyone who felt the same and were caught with a copy of the story wouldn’t be killed for being anti-authority.

      Sort of like Nostradamus coded his political teachings to avoid being punished by his king and now insane people think he was able to see the future because of them retro-fitting his writings after something happens.

      I’ll give this a shot though, mainly because I’ve tried watching the 13 hour long Biblical epics of the 50s and 60s and just can’t get through them to the end and hopefully a modern version will cut out the scenes we don’t need that go nowhere to make for a more interesting viewing.

      • Of course. Why the story of Jesus Christ is essentially a fairy tale.
        And anyone who prays to him is ignorant of history and insane.
        Someone who believes in him, like myself, is then certifiable.

        • Dazz has the right to his understanding.

          It’s a socially acceptable delusion IMO. It’s “grandfathered in” and generally overlooked because of the numbers of people and institutions built around it. Not trying to offend Robert Palmar. I enjoy your comments, but I do think that otherwise sensible people really put on the blinders when it comes to religious belief.

          Again I don’t want to offend and I won’t engage in a long debate (that I’ll reserve for issues like the ratio of red and blue on Caps uniform), but that’s just the opinion of one of the people who participates in this forum and will come across lots of pro-christian comments. I’d have bloody fingers if I reacted to every one of them.

          In short, I don’t share your beliefs on this matter, and the fact that they aren’t putting believers into institutions for treatment doesn’t provide an ounce of proof that your beliefs reflect reality.

          • You will not find me proselyting anywhere.
            Nor will you find me demeaning the views of others
            who do not share my beliefs like Dazz did and my reply
            reply was a reaction that dismissive declaration of “truth”.

            My views are not those of an otherwise sensible person
            being blinded by some kind of institutional conditioning.
            My insanity comment was directly related to Dazz’s
            and not meant as proof or validity to my views.
            Nor do I suffer any socially accepted delusion.

            Such characterizations of faith and belief
            do not prove your beliefs reflect reality.

      • Yes, let’s be honest … typing out all those assertions about the Bible and Christianity doesn’t make them true, any more than my typing “God is real and the Bible is true” makes it so … intelligent and educated people can politely disagree on such things. I’ve seen any number of movies come and go with distinctly non-Christian, even anti-Christian underpinnings, themes, or messages, and I don’t usually feel obligated to go out of my way to make demeaning comments … why can’t someone make a movie that takes the Bible seriously? Don’t like it? Go watch some History Channel shows about the Bible to get the taste out of your mouth … almost all of their documentaries essentially follow this school of thought and rarely feature scholars that actually believe in what the Bible says, even as a counterpoint …

  7. A slight correction of detail…Iceland is not near the mid-atlantic ridge. It is for all practical purposes the northern terminus of the mid-atlantic ridge. One of the very few places the ridge breeches the surface of the ocean. Inquiring minds want to know and all that….

    • What…….?

  8. Iceland seems to be the new rage. Thor 2 filmed there as well. But after seeing exactly the same waterfall in Prometheus and Oblivion, and the same rock formations in Prometheus and Star Trek Into Darkness, I have a feeling they are going to wear out the icelandic shooting locations really fast. ;)

    • I bet the Game Of Thrones cast are glad to be out of Iceland now that they’ve climbed The Wall.

      I guess movie crews could always use Greenland unless there’s a political or monetary reason they can’t.

  9. I hope they don’t shy away from Noah’s “Elvis” years when he layed around drunk and naked, and then cursed family members for noticing and talking about his being passed out drunk lying around naked. But the addition of six armed “angels” might squeeze that part of the story out unfortunately.

    • Elvis was not a drunk, did not lie around naked,
      and did not curse family members for talking about it.

      • True. Elvis got fat on fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches, popped pills, shot televisions, and partied with teenage girls.

        I’m just saying that if there was a vote to issue a Noah stamp, the stamp featuring the younger (say 300′s to mid 400′s) Ark building Noah would be voted for over the older (800-900 year old) addled Noah. (Like the Elvis stamp).

        And I’m not necessarily trying to diss Noah, or the Bible (even though I think it’s all bronze age myth). I just find all the bizarre details entertaining and worth mentioning.

        Note: Honest. I voted for the “fat” Elvis stamp.

        • You dismiss the Bible as myths yet believe
          conventional myths to fit your world view.

          • Thanks for the heads up. I’ll have my primary care physician take a look at that.

            • You’re welcome.

  10. The current trend of big block buster fairy tales continues…

    But this one looks good.

  11. I’m not a Christian but, believe it or not, I enjoy reading the bible (The Old Testament to be specific). I also love Aronofsky’s work as a Writer and Director and have never been this excited for a movie… Ever! If you’ve seen anything he’s done you’ll know that Noah won’t be as straightforward as the biblical version of the story. I hope everyone gets to enjoy it.
    Enjoy the rest of your day:)

  12. I hope that this movie is near faithful to the bible. Russell Crowe is good looking and I dont care about his wife.. She is bored.

  13. The environmental apocalypse elements ?? Hollywood stupidity at work .The reason the Earth was flood by God was not “environmental issue” .It was the great sin on the earth . Truth is offense to the perishing .

  14. I hear lot of about this movie on blog and forums and theme of movie is really attract to every person. I will watch this movie on weekend and if you have more stuff of information then don’t forget to share with me

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