Avi Arad Not Interested in ‘Spider-Man’ Joining ‘The Avengers’

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Marvel Movie Crossovers Spider Man Wolverine Avengers Avi Arad Not Interested in Spider Man Joining The Avengers

Ever since Marvel launched its shared movie universe, many fans have dreamed about seeing characters like the X-Men, The Amazing Spider-Man and Fantastic Four join Iron Man and the rest of The Avengers in various cinematic adventures. It would be great fun to see these characters crossing paths as they regularly do in the comics, but the big screen reality is complicated due to different movie studios owning the movie rights to these cash cow franchises.

The record-setting box office take of The Avengers proved that audiences crave this kind of movie team-up, and the subject of crossovers has been addressed by various parties in the past year or so. Hugh Jackman publicly mused that he’d love to share the screen with Robert Downey, Jr.’s Iron Man (and “kick his ass.”), X-Men franchise producer Lauren Shuler Donner loves the idea of an X-Men/Avengers team-up,  and while Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige essentially told everyone not to hold their breath, fans continue to wonder if it could someday happen.

If it was up to Avi Arad, however, Spider-Man and the Avengers would never meet on the silver screen. Arad is a former Marvel Studios executive and remains a producer on the studio’s various films, with a focus on Sony’s rebooted The Amazing Spider-Man franchise. Arad and producer Matthew Tolmach recently spoke to TotalFilm (via CBM) about the possibility.

No Spider Man Crossover with The Avengers Avi Arad Not Interested in Spider Man Joining The Avengers

Here’s what Arad had to say:

“I for one don’t see the value for us in it. I think we’re doing such a good job with the Spider-Man Universe. Spider-Man is arguably the number one character in the world. He shouldn’t make a cameo.”

Arad appears to have retracted his position a bit, though, having later said that the idea would be possible if they found:

“a natural alliance for some reason…I cannot talk for Sony.”

So Arad is clearly not speaking for the studio, which might mean the possibility remains alive. Still, Tolmach – who produced The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and is working on the Venom and Sinister Six spinoffs – chimed in with his point of view:

“The practical side of it is, look, how many movies have we just talked about? It’s all we can do to build that universe. We’re not going beyond that.”

From a practical, pragmatic point of view, it’s true that Sony, Arad, Tolmach and the rest of the creative team involved in developing a shared movie universe based on The Amazing Spider-Man have their hands full and plenty of characters and storylines to work with without negotiating with Marvel Studios or Fox about how and where they’ll be able to merge onscreen. Not to mention navigating the various schedules, salaries – and egos – of the stars of the franchises involved.

X Men Spider Man Avengers crossover Avi Arad Not Interested in Spider Man Joining The Avengers

As for Arad’s comment on the “value” - he’s speaking about the studio and it’s willingness (or lack thereof) to share the profits and spotlight with any other franchise or studio. There would be tremendous value for fans of the characters and movies, and a potentially rewarding opportunity for the writers and directors to explore the facets of these different franchises. It’s very clear, however, that the Spider-ManX-Men and Avengers movie universes are heading in very different directions. A crossover on this scale could happen in some form, eventually, but don’t expect it anytime soon.

What do you think? Do you want to see Spider-Man and the Avengers meet up on the big screen?


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be in theaters on May 2nd, 2014. The Avengers: Age of Ultron will be released on May 1st, 2015.

Source: CBM

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  1. I’m fine CBM separate universe, just bring back Earths Mightiest Heroes and that will satisfy my team up crave.
    I don’t ask for much.

    • Yeesss +infinity

    • I think that these directors and studios etc, bit off more than they could chew. Amazing spider man should have been the first and only spider man films done. Spiderman 1-3 have been a waste. If the Amazing spider man franchise was made when the spider man franchise was done in 2002, we would more likely see a spider man in a avenger movie. I think its all about timing and the time is very bad to even think about a spiderman team up. If they wanted money they would allow spiderman to make a cameo at least. It would pump more people up to see avengers and future spiderman movies. Sony is hurting for money. Spiderman is Sonys ticket to become a giant again with them only succeeding with the ps4 they have nothing else. Spiderman is Sonys true super hero, a hero they are not willing to lose.

  2. I think we all need to get over the fact that this is never going to happen. Sony is never ever going to let the rights to Spidey revert back to Marvel, just like Fox is never ever going to let the rights to X-Men and FF revert back to Marvel. We’re never going to see an Avengers movie with Doctor Doom or Galactus, or see Spidey and Wolvie fight alongside the rest of The Avengers. Or see a Marvel-Produced Spider-Man solo film trilogy which I’m pretty sure would be better than both the Raimi and Webb franchises (Although I do like both of them). All because of the infinite greed and stubbornness of studio execs.

  3. Could only happen as a one off do to a multiversal threat to all realities, then these different realities could join together to fight, so big thought youd need say a two parter, two films released i one year.. one in the summer and one at xmas. Then the question remains who gets more screen time? From arad’s comment that seems to be the issue.. Everybody thinks their property is the ‘big’ one the deserves more screen time and deserve to save the day type deal.

  4. I’m game for making a supreme, tag-team movie. It’d be intersting to see how the studios would approach such a big task. But I agree with what other screen-ranters have discussed and that is the fact that it is going to be difficult to get all of the studios to let go off their property rights. It’s like trying to get all the countries of the world to agree to total nuclear disarmament.

    But I would also argue that instead of doing a large, multi-character based film, try creating films that have two different marvel characters from seperate universes. For example, Wolverine and the Hulk.
    Also, I think a team up between Iron Man and Spiderman would be interesing, since they are both genuises. Plus, since Robert Downey Jr. is getting up there in age, the film, in my opinion, would do well to focus on this age disparity. It could be like Iron Man passing the torch on to Spidey. But again, it’s just a thought.

  5. Furthermore; and this idea just came into mind as soon as posted that last comment, BUT, following up with that duo approach, if the industry started with that more grounded approach, then maybe this path would breed a large team-up movie. If the Wolverine and the Hulk team up, then at the end of the movie, Bruce Banner could be like, “hey man, you’re a soldier, have you ever heard of a guy by the name of Captain America?”

  6. What the heck? Now, I love Spider-Man (he’s my favorite Marvel character) but the biggest superhero? No value? lkajgsdfpjasdghplaksjdflaksjgf

    • not exactly you could say spider man didnt have his powers yet for avengers or something but also asking where were the avengers for spiderman is like asking where were the avengers in any other solo film

      • sorry wrong comment

  7. Fact is they would have a heck of a time explianing were spiderman was during avengers? Also were were the avengers during spiderman?

    Stuff like that will be big plot holes.

    • Easy Spiderman was fighting the Chitauri in a different section of New York. Easy Hulk was still in South America, Thor was still on Asgard and Iron was fighting in the Middle East.

    • Avengers takes place before the amazing spiderman, hence the cranes all over the city.

    • Amazing Spider-Man takes place a year after the events of The Avengers, hence the cranes all over New York. So he didn’t exist at the time.

      About them not having people like Iron Man to save the day, when the answer to that is also in the MCU like when in Thor 2 that huge attack was going down and no one went to help. The “Mandarin” attacked Tony at his house. Captain America is going to be doing all his stuff in The Winter Soldier. Everyone in the MCU is too busy doing their stuff to help out each other at the moment.

  8. Personally, I don’t need to see a “team-up” film (other than the Fantastic Four with the Avengers, which may never happen but really, really should)…rather, I think that it would be nice to have Peter Parker, Logan, Reed Richards or someone like that make a brief civilian cameo in a Marvel Studios film, just to demonstrate their coexistence. I do not even think that it should be the same actors that Fox/Sony are using, but simply the characters. That’s all I’d need.

  9. I think Spider-Man is definitely ONE of the biggest superheroes and most certainly the most relatable comic book characters in the history of comic books, but I don’t think he’s the biggest. Biggest on Marvel’s side, but overall? Nah, Batman’s popularity has sky rocketed over the years, and Superman is making a comeback after he started to die out.

    I think if anything, there should be an entire Spider-Man filmverse. He may not be the biggest character, but he definitely has an extremely interesting universe in his own stories, with or without other Marvel heroes, much like Batman. You can easily keep going with Spider-Man alone because he has rich source material that is addicting even outside of movies.

  10. Hey Avi…here’s the “value” to the number one character in the world: Amazing Spider-Man made exactly ONE HALF the world wide gross of those underachieving characters in The Avengers. Maybe you’re number one guy could see some value through the exposure of twice the audience.

    By the way, maybe the reason to do the crossover is because it’s something the fans want to see. You know…the people than pay your salary.

  11. I ver liked Avi…..not that I’m interested at all in Spidey joing but having him join but a swing by would still be cool

  12. I think that spider-man doesn´t stand a chance in the movie avengers 2 age of ultron and i don´t think that we should´t bring wolverine in it also

  13. the Marc Webb Spider-Man Films are crap. Avengers and X-men would be better off not bothring with them case closed.

    • Marc Webb’s Spiderman is fantastic!

  14. Come on! Please Mr. Arad?

  15. There was a animated spider man series on television in the 90′s there was a storyline where spider man is seeking help from professor Xavier because he was mutating into a spider monster I would like to see that in a movie.

  16. I’m sick of team-up/crossover films. If you’re gonna have Spider-Man join the Avengers or occupy the same universe, then Sony needs to give the rights back to Marvel. I’m sick of all these comments/articles where people say ‘X should make an appearance in Y property!’. Give it a damn rest!

    • There hasn’t been much Team-Up films…but…ok…These are just why-not and why-so articles. Sure no meat on the bones, but these guys have a job to do. They can’t just write all good articles.

  17. I’m sorry but that is just selfish and ridiculous! For the millions of comic nerds who are just like any other book fan, would like to see everything written like it is. When you act selfish because you yourself don’t think you should write it like it is supposed to just for selfish, greedy, and idiotic reasons, then you will lose your fans real quick.

  18. Please no ridiculously unbelievable scenes of Spiderman falling to his death only for a crane to catch him. No jerky edits such as the one following his first web-swing either please, I still cringe when I watch those parts.

  19. How cool would it be if the Marvel Phase 3 plan was to connect all the movies/studios. We could have Spider-man join the Avengers and have a cameo of Wolverine and then Avengers 3: Avengers VS X-Men!!

  20. I think Spiderman should be in Avengers 2

  21. I agree, it is very unlikely, but if I were them I’d make 3 films. All in the same timeline all from each of the respective universe’s perspectives and film styles. The deal being the studio who made the film with for their perspective of the situation gets the lions share and funds most of it, thus they are responsible for their side of the big story. Small cameos for the crossover to feel legitimate. Think the civil war story line. Spiderman deals with revealing his identity for Sony’s side of the story. Xmen remain neutral dealing with the fallout from the loss of life on their side while the fantastic four grapple with the political questions for Fox’s side. And as for marvel, the focus on the devision between Cap and ironman. Have small battles within each movie but focus on the ethical desicions more, so there doesn’t have to be one big battle sequence that would have to involve all studios. Then the events only count for 1 movie in each respective franchise And they can deal with the fallout of the events on their own moving forward. This solves the profit sharing problem while still acknowledging the shared universe.

    • @jared That is actually a really genius idea. Too bad it will never happen. But from what I’ve heard ASM2 is amazing (no pun intended) and X-Men DOFP is also gonna be great and Marvel’s Phase 2 and 3 will not disappoint. But they will never join up which is very sad. But maybe someday all rights will revert back to Marvel and we will get the movie we deserve.

  22. If you ask me, Sony is being extremely bullheaded and impractical in how it talks about the Spider-Man franchise. I love the new Spider-Man movies, and I think Andrew Garfield is the the better cinematic Peter Parker, but the rebooted series as a whole isn’t as critically or financially successful as the Raimi trilogy, and you can make the case that the reboot is already going downhill in terms of revenue and critical reception. What’s worse is that Marc Webb and Sony are already overloading the third movie with too many villains and supporting characters, just like the third Raimi movie. If that thing tanks, which may very well be the case, nobody will be interested for a fresh reboot in five years, and the Spider-Man brand could be ruined. Sony has a finite critical grip on the Spider-Man franchise, so they might as well sell the rights to Disney while the product is still hot, and invest in something else.

    • And let’s be real: It’s only wishful thinking that a successful film universe can be made of just one main character and his supporting cast. Nobody’s going to see that Venom spinoff, so I don’t know who Sony thinks they’re fooling.

  23. For the the Average need more action the movie with Spiderman in the average 2 it would be lot better then having the same people from the first average I just if the put Spiderman in average 2 then more ppl would see it and make a 5 star movie

  24. I am pissed amd still am pissed but please I need spiderman in avengers. I spent my childhood reading marvels comics. Do not disappoint me.

  25. It would be amazing to see some real Team-Up movies like “Marvel Team-Up: Spider-Man and Wolverine” or “Marvel Team-Up: Spider-Man and The Punisher”. Have the studios split the profits. A Team-Up film franchise would gross billions and the story line possibilities would be endless!

    Better yet, could you imagine how epic it would be to do a multi-studio film on the civil war fought over mutant registration? In a film like that everyone from The Avengers, Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, to Dead pool and Howard The Duck could be in it! Fans would go ape lol


    if only, I wanted him to be in the first Avengers!