No Chance of ‘Planet Hulk’ in Marvel’s Phase Three?

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World War Hulk vs Iron Man No Chance of Planet Hulk in Marvels Phase Three?

Three weeks ago we learned of a rumor of epic proportions regarding The Avengers franchise and the future of Mark Ruffalo’s role as Bruce Banner AKA The Hulk. We knew that if The Incredible Hulk 2 were to ever become a reality it wouldn’t be until after The Avengers 2, and with a lineup of six non-Hulk films officially scheduled with release dates up until the end of 2015, we wondered if Banner would ever get a headlining role again.

Ruffalo will be back for The Avengers 2 and after that – according to the earlier report – that story would setup a new Hulk standalone movie, one based on the Planet Hulk Marvel Comics series and animated feature. That film would in turn pay off with a World War Hulk story that would factor into The Avengers 3. New sources claim this is entirely untrue.

Latino-Review, who continue to prove themselves as leaders in dropping accurate Marvel Studios exclusives, gave us the Planet Hulk/World War Hulk news and with Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige previously name-dropping both of these in an interview as Hulk stories of interest, it seemed plausible, however unlikely a World War Hulk story on Earth seemed to be.

More: Read how we think Planet Hulk & World War Hulk could work in the Marvel cinematic universe.

According to an “extremely well-connected source” of Beaks at AICN, verified by a second source, the Planet Hulk rumors are not true (the words “1000% inaccurate” were quoted) and such a film is simply not in the cards for Marvel Studios in Phase Three. This doesn’t mean a new Hulk solo feature isn’t coming after The Avengers 2, it just means they won’t be launching big green into outer space and having a film with him entirely in monster mode. The selling point on The Hulk is Ruffalo and Planet Hulk features no Bruce Banner. There’s also the problem of the obvious John Carter connection which Disney lost a lot of money on, a film which is eerily similar, not just in visuals to Planet Hulk.

Happy Hulk Mark Ruffalo The Avengers No Chance of Planet Hulk in Marvels Phase Three?

So, two conflicting reports from two trustworthy publications. Someone’s source is not telling the entire truth, or simply doesn’t have the legitimate info. There’s also the possibility that Marvel is putting out misinformation to derail media. There are elements of Planet Hulk and World War Hulk that can absolutely work their way into the upcoming films but seeing Banner completely lose control or separate himself from the Hulk entity seem unlikely after the character developments in Joss Whedon’s The Avengers script. Whedon went on record this week saying he does believe a Hulk film can be done well, but explained that it’s extremely difficult.

It may be a while until we know for sure. Phase Two begins in two months as Iron Man 3 kicks off the summer 2013 movie season, with Thor: The Dark World coming later this year. Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy both shoot this year for releases in 2014 and we wouldn’t be surprised to see a Banner cameo somewhere along the line.

Should Hulk get another chance after two mediocre box office performances or is he better served as a key supporting character in the franchise going forward, leaving Phase Three films to new characters like Ant-Man, Doctor Strange and (hopefully) Black Panther?

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Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015 and Ant-Man on November 6, 2015.

Source: AICN

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  1. Dammit.

    • No more HULK but you want Ms. Marvel? WOW… that has to be some GOOD SMOKE YOU HAVE!!
      I want a Ms. Marvel too, but ot before another Hulk movie!
      FYI Planet Hulk Is an Awesome story! Buy it on DVD and you will see! I do think it would cost Marvel WAYYY TOO MUCH $$$$ tho. and they are not about to put $250 millioin (that may be too low) into making a PH.

      Too Confusing?? How hard is it to understand that he gets sent into space by the other Avengers or the Illuminati (I think that is what they are called) because the hulk is too uncontrollable and lands on an alien planet (Sakaar) where he is made a slave fighter, he kicks everyones arse, eventually the kings arse as well, he becomes the king of said alien world!! TOO CONFUSING??
      World War Hulk he comes back with an alien army to get revenge?? and I never read comics either!

      • I agree Planet Hulk is not too confusing. In fact if you go watch John Carter, you’ve basically already seen Planet Hulk. I am a fan of the hulk, but Planet Hulk is plagaristically similar to John Carter. I would much rather see the Hulk in an earth bound story before he becomes Flash Gordon. I would bet 90% of the normal movie going audience would rather get an earth bound story as well.

        • Plus why would Marvel want to make Planet Hulk AGAIN. They already have the animated version (which I enjoyed), so I would love to see a whole new Hulk story in a new film.

          • I guess to get it out for those who would probably prefer a live action version and don’t know there’s an animated version of it out there. Plus it isn’t tied to the MCU.

            I’d rather see what happens next with The Leader though in all honesty.

  2. Hulk already had too many times on film. he is great as a suppoering character imo. Marvel just fricking make Black Panther and Heroes For Hire movie

    • Exactly!

      • So Hulk, a globally known comic book character fondly remembered thanks to the 70s tv show somehow doesn’t do too well in the movies (especially that incredible 2008 movie with Norton) yet you wanna see movies with characters that the public don’t know at all instead of another Hulk solo film?

        • i pretty much agree with you but that black panther could work IMO…or will they follow the ultimate marvel version of his story?…i mean makin cap black panther in disguise as part…

        • so your comment is flawed Iron Man, Thor, Cap was not popular characters to the general public now they successful characters. so yes i rather want to see movies with characters that the public don’t know at all instead of another Hulk solo film. look what Marvel is doing GOTG and Ant-Man are next new fresh characters to be on film.

  3. I think that in the right hands another Hulk movie for phase 3 could be very cool. If you add to that AntMan (Nathan Fillion) and Dr Strange (Nicholas Cage) then Phase 3 could really rock.

    • Ruffalo, Fillion and Cage doing science together? that sounds.. different.

      • Don’t forget Downey if Tony is still around. That would be a hell of a poker.

    • No!! Do not let Nic Cage anywhere near this!!!

      • +1,000,000

        • +100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

    • look just expect that Nathan Fillion will never be hired as a leading man in a comic book movie. hes name been thrown around by fanboys for so many years its getting sad to be honest. i like the guy and all but i know he aint getting cast for Green Lantern, Ant-Man, Nathan Drake, etc.

      also Nic Cage for Dr Strange, WTF are you on.

      • Nathan said it himself that he wouldn’t play as Ant-Man.

    • I see that the people here don’t like Cage as Strange (IMO it would not be that bad of a choice) so.. what about Michael Fassbender?

      • Fassbender is Magneto and possibly The Riddler if I had my way.

        We need someone like Viggo Mortensen as Doctor Strange. I did have someone else in mind but while I can picture his face, I can’t remember the name. Hate when that happens.

        • Yes, Mortensen! Or someone like him.

          Fassbender is Magneto and it would be strange to have him as Doctor Strange, especially with the new X-Men films coming out.

          This is not like Evans with the Fantastic Four, because he won’t be going back playing that role again.

          No Nic Cage… no.

      • Johnny Depp.

  4. I know that Cage for Strange sounds really creepy but I have to admit that he looks the part. Also Johnny Depp does.

    • the only reason u guys saying that cause he starred in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

    • Cage is not very popular these days but I think that maybe Ghost Rider was the wrong part for him. I could give him a chance with Strange.

      Depp wouldn’t accept unless there was a lot of makeup implied.

      • You need to watch blow or the tourist. Johnny Depp does so much more than just heavy make up roles and he is good too.

        • Secret Window is the definitive “normal” Johnny Depp movie. And it’s amazing.

      • Screw that, Nic Cage for the one and only MODOK! Lol come on a giant Nic Cage head going bananas all movie long, I would pay alot of money to see that

        • Lets cause mayhem here and say: “Nic Cage for Mr Fantastic”

          • Haha yess!

        • Then as modok, When he says “nooo not the bees!!” It would be so meta lol how could people not get behind that?

    • If you’re going with actors of that age (upper 40s) then I’ve always felt Timothy Omundson looks like Dr. Strange. However, I feel as if they will cast someone much younger.

      • ^what the professor said.

  5. Latino Review are always lying. I’ve believed that gossip site (Yes, gossip).

    • Thank you!! I always say that

  6. Umm. Norton’s Hulk was a damn good film. Mediocre my azz!!

    • He was talking about their box office performance. And yea, Norton’s hulk was a fun film. Though I’m also the one guy that enjoyed Ang Lee’s hulk movie.

      • I enjoyed it as well. I thought it did the best job so far of capturing the Banner side of The Hulk. And Jennifer Connelly was much better as Betty Ross.

        • Everything you wrote there is utterly wrong. That film was terrible.

    • Ed, I loved The Incredible Hulk. That came out just before I started working for the site and I remember bugging Vic who reviewed it to give it a higher score from 3.5 to 4.

      I was specifically referring to mediocre box office performance ($).

  7. Just give us an animated World War Hulk and I’ll be happy.

  8. Oh damn. That’s terrible news.

  9. There IS NEVER going to be another HULK movie! I just have that feeling.

    OF COURSE someone HAD to bring up NATHAN FILLION…AGAIN, The guy is a wreck FACE IT PPL, FILLION IS GONE! and good. I am so sick of hearing that clowns name! Attached to EVERY character! WHAT has he EVER BEEN IN? THAT WAS A BLOCKBUSTER? or VERY GOOD? Firefly was OK but NOWHERE NEAR WHAT YOU PPL MAKE HIM OUT TO BE! IT WAS a decent B Show maybe a C so HE will never make it into a marvel film as a leading man EVERRRR!

    SO PLEASE STOP IT with that train wreck..

    Also I hope Nic Cage NEVER makes it past Ghost Rider for Marvel, another one that is NOT cut out for the MCU

    Lately eveytime I listen to LR iam just PLAIN DISAPPOINTED! especially after SOMEONE said there was something big coming from DC all over twitter and it was that not so good (fan made) WW trailer, I admit could not do it! BUT I would NOT want to do THAT!! MORE WWII with WW that sucked, If at least it was in MODERN TIMES it may have been REAL GOOD, but that KILLED IT FOR ME!

    • Don’t like Fillion? Fine. But saying he’s a train wreck and Firefly is overrated? Might as well be mouthing off saying Nolan ruined Batman. Just because someone’s work or style isn’t too your liking doesn’t stop it being good. Nerds don’t get together in secret to discuss which actor to continually name drop. They actually like him, probably cause in reality, he is a damn good actor.

      • Equally, just because someone’s work or style is to your liking doesn’t make it good. I like Nathan Fillion, but I can also read box office and rating reports. I have grown to understand that my tastes reflect a small choir to which I like to preach. But beyond the choir sits reality.

      • Nolan ruined Batman. ;)

        Well not ruined but (depending on MOS outcome) may have killed the chance to see JL.

        as for NF. Sorry he is a great ranged actor.

        • Don’t know if Nolan ruined Batman, but he definitely wiped his a** with it.

    • Nathan was the ONLY reason I even WATCHED Serenity, which btw he was the best actor in the movie, and CERTAINLY a better actor than the woman who gets shows Cancelled, Summer Glau. As far as being a wreck for an actor, Maybe you should watch Castle, see how much of a Wreck he is. And while I agree with your assessment of Nic Cage as Johnny Blaze (Someone ELSE should have been cast) Cage is a decent actor, (Face Off. Con Air) and AS for Wonder Woman. Not going to happen. although if “Amazon” is a hit on CW then WW has a shot. NBC Totally Messed up Diana though in that God Awful unaired pilot that I have YET to see(Thankfully)

  10. while i think world war hulk would be a cool way to close out marvels films in phase 3, the more likely scenario is that phase 3′s villain is going to be Ultron, judging by the introduction of Ant-Man into the films and the fact that ultron is playing a pretty big role in the upcoming marvel crossover event.

  11. Doing a WWH film would just cost too much. Shame really but I really do hope that we get an IH2 in phase 3.

    Speaking of which, phase 3 is looking fairly full now: Ant-man, Dr Strange for sure, I’m assuming Thor 3 and Cap 3. If there was to be a IH2 then what else might they put in. IM4 looks doubtful as does a full on shield film, which I think would be awesome with the shield cast they have assembled. Guardians 2, but that will depend on how well the first one does. Apart from the obvious Avengers 3 what else could be in this phase? Do you think that they would have a sort of extended phase with maybe 7/8 films leading up to A3. I only had this thought as if they don’t battle Thanos in A2 and save him for A3 then they will need a mega team up to take him down, meaning more films to introduce more new characters whilst continuing the story of current established ones and fan favourites. Also an extended period between A2 and A3 could maybe ensure general movie goers do not get sick of it. Just typing as I think of stuff really

  12. They never said ANYTHING about Phase 4 or 5!!! Don’t think Disney plans that far ahead? Maybe you should ask them about Star Wars.

  13. I think it comes down to both Superman and The Hulk, their powers are so unreal that it makes it hard to humanize them.

    I had friends who weren’t questioning or excited that Thor smirked when he got in a fight with The Hulk but it goes to show how powerful he really is and obviously by extent how powerful Thor is for even moving him with punches.

    I think The Hulk really comes back to his back stories in the comics and with all this history I’d hope they didn’t get to Planet Hulk so soon. Just the same way I’d hope they don’t get to Civil War so soon neither.

    If they do a WWH however it should be pointed out that it’s in the future

    • “I think it comes down to both Superman and The Hulk, their powers are so unreal that it makes it hard to humanize them.”

      Why are we concerned with humanizing them? They are larger then life characters that come out of a comic book. People have no issue with them in the comics why would that change if they suddenly appear on the big screen?

      Daredevil and a few others are the only type of characters you can even remotely humanize.

      People (not you just people in general) need to stop attempting to make something out of something that it is not.

      From jungle women, to ghost and the dead, to wild west stories, Science Fiction and finally superheroes comics have never been related to real life. They were a way to get away from real life. They are fantasy. they are made up stories and characters to elicit a reaction, fear, love, excitement, wonderment, etc.

      They were never real/human to begin with why start now?

      • “They were never real/human to begin with why start now?”

        I’ve been wanting to ask Chris Nolan that very question for some time now…

        This is what us geeks are referring to when we say “Nolan ruined Batman”… because he did. He didn’t ruin Batman as a symbol or a franchise, but he certainly ruined a shared universe Batman any time soon.

        • Uhh… because these movies are made FOR humans. You have to humanize heroes to some extent or the audience won’t really care about them. That lack of human qualities is what made the Terminator so successful, he looked human but had no human characteristics beyong appearance. Superman is lonely- he grows up believing he’s the last Kryptonian in existence. Hulk is the emobodiment of rage, losing control, becoming irrational. Making character TOO powerful and perfect just makes them absolutely boring. The protagonist(s) in any story need a challenge to overcome. Giving them internal conflicts along with big external threats is what gives their stories depth.

          • Sorry I was more relating to :”their powers are so unreal that it makes it hard to humanize them.”

            And just because they have challenges to overcome does not make them more human or human like nor do you need to make it like that.

            With great heck even good story telling you can relate to human emotion within the watcher without having it to humanize the character.

            Im not reading/watching Sense and Sensibility. Im reading/watching a man being hounded because he can not control the rage that lives within him which turns him into 1 ton of uncontrollable mass.

            I could never relate that to anything in my life nor would I ever want to. I go see these things so I can get away from things in my life and the stuff around me.

  14. “And possibly a Black Panther film”

    Black Panther is one of my favorite characters of all time but I don’t he will get a movie. Hollywood isn’t ready to portray an African-American in a positive light.

    • Its because Black Panter isnt African American because he isnt American. And thats why there cant be a African Amerian model. He is black from Africa so African would be correct

    • I don’t believe that exactly. The first African-America superhero was Falcon and Anthony Mackie is playing him in the Captain America sequel.

      I still have faith Black Panther will get his time to shine. They can make such a cool and unique Marvel film for him and he’d be a great future Avenger.

      • Blade, Rhodey, Falcon, Storm, John Wraith, Darwin, Spawn were all negative portrayals of black supers? And can we retire the whole African American thing? Most of my black friends really dislike it.

        • Oops… I forgot Frozone from The Incredibles. My bad.

  15. i really dont mind as long as the actors stay the same. NO MORE SWAPSIES!

  16. Considering Whedon just said the main benefit of the Hulk is having Mark Ruffalo, it doesn’t seem likely that they would make a Hulk movie where they wouldn’t need him.

  17. We need Doctor Strange, then Heroes for Hire and then with Hulk in the mix do a Defenders movie.

    • A Defenders movie would have to be altered big-time since the rights to the Silver Surfer (one of the original four Defenders) are still with the Fantastic Four reboot. Still, I agree, that would make an awesome movie. I think Planet Hulk is a great idea on paper, but just isn’t practical for Marvel right now, especially since the end result is vilifying the Hulk. Although it worked in bits for the Avengers, Ruffalo as a full-on antagonist is probably not the direction Marvel wants to go.

  18. @Digimass That’s what i meant

  19. In my humble opinion, I feel that they should wait on the Planet Hulk/WWH storyline until after the Civil War movie thats how the comics timeline works, why cant we just follow that?

  20. I am not a fan of Planet Hulk, the John Carter comparison is extremely apt. For me the most interesting thing about the hulk is the dynamic between Banner and the Hulk. He is his own nemesis. The Hulk is not a Character he is a narrative device. He can’t carry his own movie (or comic book for that matter) without Bruce Banner. Plus Mark Ruffalo is awesome. Why would you want to get rid of him?

  21. They need to do a series of Hulk Vs movies.

    • Leave those for shorter animated releases.

  22. I think another Hulk movie after The Avengers should be done, simply to break the barrier between people thinking the Hulk is just a mindless monster that smashes everything and people thinking Bruce Banner actually having issues both mentally and physically with controlling his inner demon. It just needs a great story, while I did really like The Incredible Hulk from 08, I felt the story left a lot to be desired, but it is still a great starting point for a chain of future hulk films.

  23. Civil War is where this is all headed (at least I hope). I’ve given up on seeing what would be an EPIC “House of M” adaptation for obvious reasons and settled for what will be a diminished Civil War arc; diminished because the super-hero registration act affected the X-Men, Spider-Man and Fantastic Four as well and the likelihood of them appearing in a Disney/Marvel joint is just too unlikely to hope for. Also, it’ll be diminished because a Civil War arc that involves the government’s distrust of super-powered people without introducing a wide slew of heroes, actually a world of heroes, would make little to almost no sense in a reality with only a handful of super-powered people.
    Also, NICOLAS CAGE needs to STAY AWAY. Just slap a goatee on any young, popular, talented, actor. There. Casting finished. That way, you get a decent performance and an audience draw. As for Ant-Man… why not Armie Hammer? He’ll have gained a larger fan base after playing the Lone Ranger for Disney and he’s got the look and talent. Keira Knightley as Wasp. (A blonde) Allison Williams as Ms. Marvel (or, off-topic, Wonder Woman). Tina Fey as Jennifer Walters, then a CGI-altered Jennifer Garner as She-Hulk. Spider-Woman. Heroes for Hire. Daredevil reboot. Electra. The Skrull. The Watcher.
    Finally, BLACK PANTHER PLEASE!! Jamie Fox. Idris Elba would have been awesome if he wasn’t already playing Heimdl (a huge waste, IMO). Derek Luke. The guy who played Early in the last episode of Firefly. A CGI Black Panther. I really don’t care. He’s a central, interesting and valuable Marvel character.
    Not asking much, right?

  24. david strathaim as drstrange

  25. Dam thats a bummer that we wont get to see a solo hulk film

  26. After finally nailing the Hulk in the Avengers , Marvel should not change much about him after so many changes since Ang Lee’s Hulk – If that means he stays as a supporting character to the other heroes – then so be it !

    Saying that – Mark Ruffalo may get bored if no character developement & we don’t want to lose him.

    I love The Hulk & would’ve loved to see much more of him on the Big Screen – but if Marvel are not sure about what do do with him – then just forget solo movies for now.

    • doesn’t matter how bored Ruffalo gets… he signed a 6 movie deal following the success of the Avengers.

  27. Thank goodness… Planet Hulk – and particularly World War Hulk – sounded like very bad ideas for the movies.

  28. All that needs to be done is to go back and READ what was said.

    ” ’Planet Hulk’ is a cool story. ‘World War Hulk’ is a cool story… I think there are pitfalls of continuity-overload, and mythology getting so dense that it almost collapses in on itself. It happens every few decades or so in the comics. Apart from that, I’d say everything is on the table.”

    “Do I think Hulk can carry a movie and be as entertaining as he was in ‘Avengers’? I do believe that. I do believe he absolutely could. We certainly are not even going to attempt that until ‘Avengers 2. So there’s a lot of time to think about it.”

    There is no mention that the story would be done. There is no mention that a Hulk solo movie will (or will not) be done.

    • I just don’t see why they can’t leave the Planet Hulk/World War Hulk storyline alone and focus on a Ultron storyline. Which would be perfect for The Avengers 3 since they’re introducing Ant-Man in Phase 3 it would be a perfect setup to bring him into The Avengers 3 along with the wasp and black Panther and have the Black Panther shoot off from the Avengers 3 or create a solo film right before A3 and then bring him into the fold. Ultron would be a perfect villain for A3 considering the technology world we live in would be a good plot line to work from.