‘No Ordinary Family’ Season 1 Finale Review & Discussion

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no ordinary family review No Ordinary Family Season 1 Finale Review & Discussion

The No Ordinary Family season 1 finale, entitled “No Ordinary Beginning,” beautifully demonstrates what a superhero television series can be when it decides to replicate familiar comic book style story-arcs and superhuman reasoning.

Tasked with concluding the numerous seasonal story-lines that have been presented throughout No Ordinary Family’s initial 20-episode run, one would expect a finale such as this to convolute and/or delay the expected resolutions. Fortunately, the series continued with its proven ability to manage a string of overlapping story-arcs and was not only able to create an extremely satisfying ending to No Ordinary Family’s first season, but also foreshadowed a terrific second season that will most likely not occur.

As Global Tech’s CEO, Helen Burton (Lucy Lawless), becomes even more persistent about finding the secret to the Powell’s superpower longevity, the focus turns to JJ Powell’s genius mind for the solution. With the previous episode revealing that Dr. Dayton King (Stephen Collins) was attempting to protect JJ (Jimmy Bennett) from Burton’s wrath, the No Ordinary Family season 1 finale expanded on King’s intent and provided one of the most refreshing, least-used character elements on television: he was victim of circumstance.

This element, while present in many comic books, rarely finds its way to the television medium – especially in relation to a villain. If it were not for No Ordinary Family’s intended and continual comic book focus on the series’ execution, King’s proverbial redemption (of sorts) would have almost certainly come across as illogical and convoluted. While there’s no doubt that many viewers may still feel that way about King and his character development, one cannot deny that it fits perfectly within the series mythos.

lucy lawless no ordinary family No Ordinary Family Season 1 Finale Review & Discussion

Continuing No Ordinary Family’s season 1 finale plot of attempting to save JJ from Burton, the entire Powell family must use all of their powers together and face their arch-nemesis head on. Even though this final act of the finale is more or less a string of scenes where each family member is allowed to prove themselves with the use of their powers, something about it still feels earnest in regards to its inception, and entertaining in its presentation.

Despite the fact that its almost certain that no harm would come to any member of the Powell family (even though they series is known for killing characters off), the scenes still progressed in such a way that the lack of angst that would come from the belief that a character was in eminent danger, was replaced with intrigue about how the family will eventually free themselves.

Sure, there were moments where certain story elements felt superfluous, but again: these things are expected when one is looking for a true comic book inspired series. Make no mistake; the convenient, illogical resolutions that many view as negatives in relation to No Ordinary Family’s execution are absolutely true to what one would expect to see in a comic book telling the same story.

no ordinary family season 1 finale No Ordinary Family Season 1 Finale Review & Discussion

For better or worse, this is the reason why No Ordinary Family is not only a wonderful comic book style inspired series, but one that audiences – especially on ABC – will tend to shy away from (hence its low ratings).

With George’s (Romany Malco) plight of his new-found super powers, Katie (Autumn Reeser) and Joshua’s (Josh Stewart) super baby and the Powell’s invitation from the NSA serving to round out No Ordinary Family’s season one finale as wonderful foreshadowing for what might come, it’s extremely unfortunate that the series will almost certainly be coming to an end.

No Ordinary Family airs on ABC. While a second has yet to be announced, Disney has already removed the series’ set from the lot and placed it in storage.

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  1. I hope it could get another season, it will be more like a superteam show, I wish they did that with smallville. :-(

  2. I really liked this show. Off & on sometimes but I feel it really pleased my comic book type TV show want cause we all know The Cape isn’t doing it ! Sad they most likely not giving it a second season truly is a lost of good tv.

  3. I personally loved this show. I hope they allow a second season because I want to know what George’s and the baby’s superpowers are.
    However the whole lets give this character superpowers now thing is a bit on the nose. And they did mention the name of the show in the finale which annoyed me.

  4. I love this show so much i really wish the producers would fight for a season 2 the actors are great and the show is great. How can they give us a last episode with so many new revalations I want more.

  5. Awww… I hope something changes the fate of this series. It’s actually good, so I guess it figures they would kill it. The TV that sucks the worst, that’s just mindless dribble seems to be the stuff that gets the highest ratings. WTF? Well I hope another network picks it up or something.

  6. This is an enjoyable series and one which I enjoyed watched Tuesday nights. I missed seeing the “no ordinary future” episode on tv so I caught it online! Take a bow guys and gals of the series. You made a fine tv show. Hopefully it will be picked up for a second season.


  7. Could we move the thing to USA or SYFY…OR ABC FAMILY? I know…not likely.

  8. THey should do a second season. Its quite interesting. sucks

  9. If ABC/Disney checked out the comments to this post that would realize how stupid it would be not to return with a Second Season. This is proabably one of the best original super hero series I’ve come across and its not so corny where my gf wouldn’t watch it…Things to bring up in 2nd season…

    New Villain: CEO
    The babies protective powers against the shapeshifter
    The Powel Family working for the gov
    JJ developing a enhanced power (his powers are the only yet to evolve)
    Georges new abilities and how it would factor into his characeter (he could be a guy that controls technology, or a modern day batman )
    The shapeshifters new abilities from the plane crash
    New 80 new unique abilities from the villains from the crash
    Stephanies new place of employment, and further use of time traveling
    Now that the gov. knows about the secret will jim still be drawing pictures of bad guys as a cover
    Katies and Joshua (ordinary family/no ordinary family) and connection with powels

    • That’s awesome I’m 100% back you up on this!!! I also really enjoy the show……

  10. Just as it starts to get interesting they pull the plug? Absolute jokers. This could have ended up being great if in the next season we see the family work as a superhero team….

  11. I love this show!! I am so upset that it’s not coming back on. This was one show where the whole family sat and watched together and it was entertaining.

  12. love this show. my family and I sit down and watch it together. I really hope a change of heart comes about and gives us another season.

  13. You know who I blame for the lackluster crap we keep getting on TV? Nielsen! This show has really come into it’s own. But because these drones with the Nielsen boxes want to watch stupid cooking or old stars dancing, real people who want to see guys with superpowers have to hope that their shows get picked up by USA or Fox; because the science fiction network (SyFy), that should pick up shows like this, want crazy wrestling or quantum cooking (WHAT THE FRAK IS THAT!) or some dumb team of so-called paranormal researchers walking around jumping at every noise they think is a frakking ghost! This country is doomed! We have debt up the yin yang, an education system that doesn’t want to educate, AND JACK-WAGONS WITH THE BOXES THAT WATCH TOTAL CRAP!!!!

    Oh, and if you didn’t get it, I love this show and want it to continue. :-)

  14. They just don’t give these shows time to develop

    • Agreed, so please ABC dont cancel

    • I would of never thought this show would even been thought of being canceled. Yeah tv networks don’t give shows time to develop anymore i hated Detroit 187 and towards the end it got good and they prob going to pull plug on that to.

  15. they should deff make a second season. alot of questions were answered on the first one but they also left room with unanswered questions for the second one. what type of powers did george gain? what will the government do with the powells?? how did the government even find out about them. and if thats the case, that they did know, why did they not contact them sooner? so many different questions! you cant just cut it short! plus daphney (the sister) was just starting to learn what she could really do with her powers!!!! its actually a very good show, they just didnt market it strong enough. people barely knew about it! they need to put a new season in. DO YOU HEAR ME ABC???? PUT A NEW SEASON IN!!!!

  16. This show is amazing, better than heroes even, I need my fix of super hero/power television and this hits the spot, dont take it away so soon :( all thats on tv now a days are csi show and reality televison…..

  17. In my opinion the show took too long to build up. I watched it from the beginning but felt that the later half of the season was a lot stronger.

  18. needs diversity

  19. This show was a little slow in it’s take off, but it made up for that a few shows into this season. This is one a few tv shows I can watch with the family. It has action, suspense, family commitment, it was great. I wish there were more programs like this on television. Please reconsider canceling this G-R-E-A-T show!

  20. I’m fairly convinced that the best rated shows are just a substitute for background noise. It may be fruitless, but why not contact ABC and let them know your thoughts about this show? Not sure if I can post the link here, but you can run a web search for “ABC go contact us.” I left a brief e-mail message and provided my age/gender/profession.

  21. This show was great!!!! I could sit down with my family and we would all enjoy it…. ABC why are you guys being boneheads for!!! Give the show another chance!

  22. What the heck went wrong with this series? The culmination of the season into this finale was so horrible that I just groaned with ever supposed plot twist until the actual final minutes of the finale. How many situations can these “supers” be in and not once use their powers when it’s convenient for the plot? It’s become so contrived. The last minutes of the show were probably the only saving grace. Everything else to that point was just silly. If that’s what the writers were going for then they achieved mediocrity.

  23. i have to say….. if abc cancels No Ordinary Family i will never watch their channel again. between ABC and NBC canceling some of best shows on television i think they should have their license to stay on the air revoked permanently. they don’t deserve our patronage any longer.

  24. There are nottoo many shows out there that you can sit and watch with your kids that you all enjoy. This is one of them and I can’t wait for them to bring it back. I am shocked that they are thinking of not doing it. This is a show that every family can enjoy because none of us has an ordinary family.

  25. No Ordinary Family is the best show on ABC this season and deserves a second season. I hope ABC gives the series time to find it’s audience. Remember that Cheers was a 1st season squeaker that really took off. NOF has potential and a great story and cast. Kudos to all involved.

  26. I just went through ZEE Studio today. I watched a trailer of No Ordinary Family. I get much excited. It is coming to India. ZEE Studio make my dream true. I am just waiting for 2nd May.

  27. This was the only TV show my family watches. I am sick about the possibilities of it not coming back…It was everthing that 3 generation could dream of happening to them. All the other stuff/show with there nothing story lines and punk goof is pure junk.

  28. I believe this decision to pull No Ordinary Family is a bad idea. Finally a show without sexual endo, cursing. Why do all the good family shows get pulled from tv. It was a show that I did not have to veiw before I allowed my children to watch. Come on ABC FAMILY do the right thing. I also believe that ABC FAMILY IS NOT AS FAMILY AS IT SHOULD BE. What happened to the Christian Values or for that matter Family values. This show showed the kids what a family should be sitting down to meals, helping each other out,and a Dad and mom being a part of the kids life. I could go on but i’ll stop here get the idea. Thanks a concerned No Ordinary Mom with values.