No! not Troy!

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I’m totally bummed about Troy getting fired from The Apprentice by Donald Trump. Truly bummed. I wanted him to be the guy that proves the you don’t need no stinking degree to make it in the business world.

Unfortunately, he kind of showed *why* you should have a degree. Wait a minute, back up the truck… didn’t psycho Sam have a degree? So much for THAT logic.

Anyway, it was a risk taking Kwame into the boardroom, but IMO it was the right one, as Troy would have gotten creamed if he went up against Bill. Speaking of which, here is my prediction:

Bill is going to be “The Apprentice”.

Don’t forget where you read it. simple smile No! not Troy!

Also, what the hell is up with bringin Omarosa back? I can only assume that it’s some sort of flashback thing and that the preview is totally misleading.

Please, God, make it so….

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  1. I’m with you 100% on this one. Kwame deserved to go more than Troy did. What I liked about Troy was that he was cool under pressure, he was a great seller/closer and his friendly personality made it almost impossible for people to hate him. Plus, he was always coming up with ideas for his team. They weren’t always good ideas in retrospect, and they didn’t always help his team achieve victory, but the guy was always thinking outside the box. For him, there was no “box.” If that’s what makes Trump call him a “loose cannon,” he probably doesn’t want to be working for Trump anyway.

    Trump made a big mistake by letting Troy go. By keeping Kwame, whose leading and following skills have always been underwhelming, Trump is sending the message that education matters above all else. As someone who has a master’s degree, I think that’s hogwash. Troy possessed all the necessary attributes to lead a company, education or not. Are we to believe that mediocrity is acceptable, as long as a degree from a well-known school is there to override it?

    I think it’s a foregone conclusion that Nick and Kwame won’t win this, so it’s down to Amy and Bill. I agree that Bill deserves to win, but in the end, I think Amy will win because she’s far more cutthroat than Bill. Trump recognizes that a cutthroat nature is ultimately the deciding factor in choosing an executive. The edge that Bill has over Amy so far is that he has his temper under control. If Amy can tone down the crazy, she’ll win hands down. Otherwise, Bill will win.

    If I’m wrong, I’ll step up and admit it. I gotta give you props, Vic, your predictions are hardly ever off the mark. As for the upcoming Omarosa episode, that’s obviously a ratings ploy. I don’t know how she’ll factor into the episode, and I don’t really care. The fact that she was already fired means she can’t win this, and that’s what really matters.