No Need For X-Men Origins: Magneto

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x men bryan singer No Need For X Men Origins: Magneto

Before I get into the latest on the topic of Magneto, this is what I said on October 25th in Part two of my look into the future of the X-Men:

“I’m sorry for the Magneto fans out there but I think the idea of a movie featuring a younger Magneto and Prof. X has been replaced by X-Men: First Class where they can again play with a large cast of characters to market and merchandise. If my predictions on that come true, I think it’s possible we see a younger Magneto working alongside Patrick Stewart’s Xavier in that movie to build and start the school for mutants.”

It’s not a stretch at all considering all of the talk in the first X-Men movie about Magneto helping build Cerebro and their history of being friends before their different perspectives forced Xavier and Magneto onto different paths. Then of course, the end of X-Men Origins: Wolverine which was inserted specifically to lead into X-Men: First Class.

So, now that Bryan Singer is on board and already has the story he wants to tell in mind, this is what he had to say about the story of First Class in an interview with THR’s Heat Vision Blog:

“…it’s secret. But it’s basically about the formation of the X-Men. How they began and the relationship between a young Xavier and a young Magneto.”

No surprise here. Heat Vision went on to ask about if the X-Men can become overbearing with Wolverine, Deadpool and Magneto all possibly getting new solo movies.

“This story would probably utilize some of the Magneto story because it deals with a young Magneto, so it might supersede that because this would explore that relationship between a young energetic professor and a disenfranchised victim of the Holocaust.”

Supersede the Magneto movie? How interesting. It’s almost exactly like my thoughts on this. Bryan, give me a call if you’d like an assistant on First Class. icon wink No Need For X Men Origins: Magneto

Don’t expect a Magneto film anytime soon, there’s too much potential in other X-Men properties that haven’t been explored yet and more for the title team.

For a little more detail on what we can expect, Singer also touched on the topic in speaking with Daily Variety last week.

“This is the formative years of Xavier and Magneto, and the formation of the school and where there relationship took a wrong turn… There is a romantic element, and some of the mutants from ‘X-Men’ will figure into the plot, though I don’t want to say which ones. There will be a lot of new mutants and a great villain.”

For those curious about Singer’s other projects, it looks like he may be doing Jack the Giant Killer first (possibly in 3D after he saw Avatar) and they’ve just finalized the deal for Battlestar Galactica and are still in negotiations for Excalibur.

I’m excited to see Singer back in the fold and I expect he’ll bring the franchise back to the high standards he set with his first two X-Men movies. I also would like to see McKellen back for First Class alongside Patrick Stewart, perhaps using that de-aging tech employed in the last two installments. They’d only need McKellen for the first First Class movie if this does end up turning into its own franchise of prequels as producer Lauren Shuler Donner hinted at before.

I promise that more X-Men goodies are on the way, so stay tuned into Screen Rant and follow me on Twitter @rob_keyes.

Bonus: If Ian McKellen were to have his own Magneto movie, here’s a cool fan-made concept trailer.

Sources: THR, Variety

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  1. I can’t quite see the logic of your argument about recasting to create a young Magneto being the issue with the X-Men Origins film, as X-Men: First Class will also require a younger Magneto and thus also require recasting.

    In fact, it will also require recasting Xavier, Storm, etc.

    I have the Magneto screenplay and it’s excellent, bar a few odd parts here and there. While you believe it would also have required lots of cameos (which aren’t in the screenplay, in fact), X-Men: First Class will be the exact same thing you seem to have been fearing: recasting, lots of characters!

    The issue with a Magneto movie has nothing to do with cameos or recasting, it is whether Magneto is a marketable character to the masses ie can he carry a film on his own? Likewise, could Xavier, Storm, Rogue, Mystique, etc, carry a film on their own. Possibly not, as Wolverine has been the dominant character.

  2. Just another abomination of the storyline. Just tired of seeing a name and a character being sold and rewritten. If the original characters and stories weren’t any good they would not be making money now.

  3. I agree that the franchise has other property to sell, which will give them the greatest “bang for their buck”. I could see the story of Magneto being another holocaust war movie, but with mutant powers, when already many powerful holocaust movies have been made. If anyone has read the comic X-Men: Magneto Testament, which is basically what the Magneto movie would be about, it is much more about holocaust horrors than him and his powers.

    Definitely wouldn’t be a movie for the kids, and it shouldn’t. I don’t want to see any more travesties like Terminator 3 and Live Free or Die Hard, where you needed to buy the “unrated” version!

    I’m glad they are putting it on the back burner, but not too thrilled for a teeny bopper X-Men movie…but I’ll still watch it :p

  4. I really don’t see the point of a Magneto film. Some origins just don’t need to be told in full detail to be understood. We know from the films that he was in a concetration camp, that he and Xavier built Cerebro together as friends, and that a difference in idealogies split their friendship apart. What else is there to know? It’s all been laid out for all to see already.

    I don’t truly believe that we need X-Men: First Class either. Just make X4, bring Scott and Xavier back to life and bring in a proper villain along the lines of the Hellfire Club or Mr. Sinister. Move the film universe forward, not backwards.

  5. @ David,

    I don’t fear recasting of the X-Men members if they’re teenagers. It’s already been done as we saw in Wolverine…

    The X-Men characters as a team are more bankable than Magneto on his own and that’s what I explained in the post. I also explain that the other projects they have in development are not only more marketable, but have potential to become franchises – something that wouldn’t happen with Magneto on his own.

    X-Men First Class may include flashbacks to when Magneto was young and first met Xavier but the entire movie won’t be about him – he’s a supporting character and not the title character so recasting him for that isn’t the same as an entire feature film with a non-McKellen Magneto. In First Class, he could still be played by McKellen alongside Stewart in the scenes involving the school or training the mutants. That’s not too long before the first X-Men.

  6. damn, the one character that I wanted an origins-movie for.
    Ah well, maybe…someday.

  7. You are correct. Fox is about money and not about giving us proper movies for our favorite characters.

  8. that just the movie industry in general they only like to give us what they want not what we want. case in point battleship, candyland, monopoly, and any other movie based on board games that are coming out.

  9. stupid idea from the very beginning, magneto is known for being the villian not the main character (whether he’s good or bad). honestly i think they should just leave xmen alone and continue on with other marvel movies, the fact that producers and marvel are continuously making sequels to their movies is just ruining the character and sooner or later no one will want to go and see ironman 6 or spiderman 8… get it ?

  10. anyone who wants to a 3d tim pocock, the new guy whoplays cyclops i believe, raise your hand

  11. By the time these next few Mutant films come down the pipeline I have to say I may be getting mutant movie fatigue!! Bring on the X-Force team too…what the hell..

  12. I was honestly looking forward to a Magneto movie, but I honestly think that it would be better to mix the magneto movie into First Class. A Magneto movie would be great, but it would be more of a dramatic story rather than the action packed stuff we expect from the X-Men franchise.

    heres what they do. The opening sequence of the film shows Magneto in the concentration camps as a teenager (this could give Wolverine a little cameo since he fought in WWII) From there have the opening credits show the early relationship between Magneto and the Professor. Then the real story begins with the Professor and Magneto founding the institute. as the story goes along theyre driven apart by their differing views of humanity and the final sequence of the film shows Magneto leaving the Institute. theres plenty of room for action and a good story.

  13. I’d like a dark story with the Hell Fire Club.
    Great story and characters. And how about the next one actually have the costumes, not black leather suits.

  14. I don’t think FOX studios are making the XMEN movies all that well. I’m only young and have only a few XMEN comics and so far I like them better than the movies. I’ve seen some older ones of the first XMEN in a comic book shop and wonder if they will make a movie some day.

  15. I just hope they don’t destroy the character of Cyclops again. The treatment of him was, IMHO, the worst thing about the first three X-Men movies.

  16. Anti aging technology ?

    They could use the new CGI technology from Cameron,render them young and make the whole movie with them playing in front of this new cameron technology ! would be a solution !

  17. Anti aging technology ?

    They could use the new CGI technology from Cameron,render them young and make the whole movie with them playing in front of this new cameron technology ! would be a solution !

  18. Anti aging technology ?

    They could use the new CGI technology from Cameron,render them young and make the whole movie with them playing in front of this new cameron technology ! would be a solution !

  19. Only the shallowest amongst the X-Men’s audience can’t see the potential for a compelling Magneto origin film, and even those would soon find their feeble minds won over once it graced the screen.