‘Dexter’ Spinoff Won’t Happen Without Michael C. Hall

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dexter season 611 Dexter Spinoff Wont Happen Without Michael C. Hall

Dexter wrapped its final season just last fall, and among fans, the general consensus is that the ending was long over due – and yet the series finale drew record audiences for Showtime. All the more reason for the network to be interested in a Dexter spinoff.

For some time now, both before and after season 8 was confirmed to be Dexter‘s last, Showtime entertainment president David Nevins has been reluctant to rule out the possibility of the series carrying on in some way. And why wouldn’t he be? Dexter is Showtime’s most watched and critically acclaimed original series to date – that isn’t something you just let go of lightly.

Yesterday at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, Nevins was approached for an update on the likelihood of a Dexter spinoff. His comments were reminiscent of things he’s said in the past, stressing it would only happen if there were “a very good reason” and that it would need to have “a new concept and configuration.” More importantly, Nevins made it clear that Showtime wasn’t interested in a Dexter spinoff that didn’t include Michael C. Hall as the titular serial killer.

Dexter spinoff 2 Dexter Spinoff Wont Happen Without Michael C. Hall

Said Nevins:

“It would have to involve Michael… If we were to do it, I’d only do it with Michael.”

Additionally, Nevins mentioned that they’ve had “ongoing conversations” about the possibility of a Dexter spinoff, and that he “isn’t interested in doing it if it’s just a continuation. Rather, he’d “want [the show] to feel different.”

Having just dropped the entire series on Netflix, now wouldn’t be a bad time to begin planning a Dexter revival of sorts. With Showtime still a premium network and its content not readily available to a wide audience – yes, even in this age of piracy – Dexter will likely see a surge in popularity following its release on the internet streaming  service. This new audience could be useful in spearheading interest in a new program about Dexter Morgan, whether it would be a continuation or a “new concept and configuration.”

However, since the series finale wasn’t met with universal praise exactly (read our review), waiting and giving fans some time to forget their disappointment could to be a wise move, too. A Dexter spinoff might be better served by holding off a few years until fans are more eager to revisit the twisted mind of their favorite serial killer.

Where do you stand, Screen Rant readers? Is a Dextor spinoff something you’d like to see Showtime explore?


The entire series of Dexter is currently on Netflix streaming. You can also purchase it on Blu-ray and DVD. Stay tuned to Screen Rant for more news on a potential spinoff.

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  1. Yeah a spinoff, or a movie just something to erase that awful series finale, which is sad because it was such a phenomenal show.

    • +1

  2. I never watched Dexter, but from what I understand the finale was just plain awful. Why the hell would they do a “Spin-Off” featuring the main character of the original show? That’s not a spin-off and just sounds like a horrible idea. If they wanted to keep the show going, why didn’t they just do that?

    From what I understand Michael C. Hall is a good actor…he can do better than this.

    • I know this is TV, but sounds an awful lot like the Mass Effect 3 ending debacle to me, except that was purely fan-service and this sounds like a little bit of that but mostly a cash-grab.

  3. Spin off with Dexter? makes no sense why not just bring back Dexter and have it be season 9 in a different setting

    • I agree! Just continue with Dexter. Also, I don’t see any point waiting a few years to get back to the series just because of a horribly scripted finale. I think fans would lap it up anytime Dexter decides to return. Time has got nothing to do with it! It is not as if the finale was as bad as that of LOST. Dexter and his story can still recover handsomely from that finale and there are lot of avenues that the story can take to move it forward.

      • No, for the love of God let it rest in piece…like most shows it started off great and was dragged out and squeezed completely dry. Breaking Bad is one of the few shows that actually did a respectable amount of seasons and ended while it was ahead. Supernatural was amazing for the first 5 seasons but they had to drag it out and ruin it (i know its picked up recently but it will never be as good as it was). The worst thing about these shows is that other shows that are only starting out get canceled because theres so many ‘popular’ shows that have been sucked dry and dragged out leaving no room for new stuff

    • i just want dexter back y cant they do season 9 with a different what ever i don’t care what you do i just want dexter back :(…

  4. I think they should wait. Dexter was a great series but far too often spin-offs, sequels and prequals and rushed out

  5. Well if they want MCH back for the “Spin off”, they should just convince everyone else from the cast to come back in different roles. In other words just do what American Horror Story does and make the upcoming seasons as a mini series.

    • The only way it would work is to follow him to the new setting with a new set of characters. Dexter was never the problem with the show, it was the characters around him that became boring at times. Also, less “season-long” bad guys. Make them an episode or two. That is when the show was at it’s best.

  6. Anybody know of DeathNote? I always wanted Dexter to be a bit like that. In which a chunk of the series is focused Dexter vs a competent detective and their attempts to outsmart and ultimately catch one another. Dexter needed a worthy adversary.

    • Great idea! The best parts of Dexter were where he was outsmarting an adversary (be it a serial killer or officer). And anyone who hasn’t seen Death Note should… :)

  7. How about it not happening at all. Dexter is done. Showtime made sure the ending would be lame and it was. They had some good times and bad ones, lets just let it all be.

  8. A spin off? Might be good idea to forget the horrible ending season

  9. thank you :)


  10. Well, I’d be ecstatic for a season 9 if the writers can have a few years to come up with a proper script for Dexter, based in his new location and life, that reminisces with the original 4 seasons of the series. Just like what they are doing now with season 9 of 24. They had 3 years now to come up with a new compelling story instead of just crapping out a new season for the sake of it.

  11. Not sure I want a ‘spin-off’, but I’d think a mini-series with 3 90 minutes episodes could work nicely. Beginning, Middle, End over 3 nights, I think the fans would watch in big numbers.

  12. How’s that a spinoff? The old show was all about Dexter and the new show is all about Dexter, with the same person playing Dexter? Isn’t it more like a “long hiatus” between seasons? (several TV shows have done that)

    I’d like to see a follow-up based on the novel’s intriguing premise that the stepchildren have dark passengers, and that Astor wants to be Auntie Debbie, so we have two psychos bro-sis pair cop and something (whatever Cody becomes)…

  13. The ending of the show left us with Dexter in shambles and alone in the north west in a self imposed prison sentence. If they do decide to go back it wouldn’t be “dexter”, he would’ve got a new alias by now and the man we knew would be dead and this new show would be darker and about him coming out of this prison sentence. I can see it working but it definitely wouldn’t be the same show we all knew and it could be really interesting. Needless to say of watch it.

  14. So basicly this will never happen.
    Michael C Hall has been pretty vocal about his desire to move on so unless he goes broke or something I just can’t see him coming back and I think that’s best.
    Even more than a few months after I’m still baffled by the final season. Even with Showtime refusing to let Dexter be killed off I can’t believe those 12 episodes where what they came up with. It will take something truly horrible to remove the series finale of Dexter from the #1 spot of the worst finales ever.

  15. I think they mean Dexter as the main character again but everything else would be totally different format, characters, motivations etc. At least thats what I think.

    • But Dexter would still be the “titular serial killer”? How will it “feel” different? Will his dark passenger reemerge and he’ll discover that half of his fellow lumberjacks or baddies that got away like him so he starts killing them off?

      Someone mentioned the idea of the stepkids having dark passengers. I’d be fascinated with that. If Aster has one and Dexter has to help her come to grips with it. I would watch that 100%! They teased him having a protege for a few seasons, but if it was a family affair with the Aster and Cody then that could be their angle.

        • Or, how about Dexter being the Dark Passenger? Everyone thinks he is dead, so Astor (or Cody, or Both) could be seeing Dexter.

          Then as Ryan says, at some point have Dexter find out what is going on and track them down. This could be an interesting concept that would work very well I think.

      • Exactly lol

  16. ‘Dexter: The Lumberjack Murders’

    No, thanks.

  17. Hey everyone, let’s do a spin off of X-Files with Mulder and Scully in it!

  18. Can’t ignore the awful ending but can use it. Flash forward into the future and Dexter is following reports of a serial killer in So America. Concerned it’s Harrison, he comes out of hiding to find him. Or sees that Hannah is found out and goes there to find Harrison. Otherwise they have to act like last season was a dream. I say let it be over

  19. The way I see this is that the writers basically want to continue telling the story of Dexter but in a different setting, with a different set of actors- which is 100% why they ended the series the way they did (the ending was awful imo btw)

    If you told me that Showtime was planning on doing this a year ago I’d say that you were nuts, but being that the finale ended SOOOOOO badly and the final season was a monumental letdown, I feel like the show (really the character) needs its redemption.

    Maybe 1 or 2 seasons of some mayhem with a proper ending would be good. Beyond that I just don’t see the show surviving. And of course, we will eventually see him back in Miami, haunted by the death of his sister and trying to reconnect with his loved ones.

  20. I think it would be completely unnecessary for a spin off to be made. After the first season that show started to go downhill with the exception of season 4. Making a spinoff would just ruin the show even further.

  21. A Dexter spin off? Didn’t they already stretch 2 seasons worth of ideas across 8 seasons?

  22. he will be busy doing Dare Devil on Netflix anyways


  23. If the main character, played by the same actor, is still the central point of the story – it’s a SEQUEL, not a SPIN-OFF.

    Or, you know, just a continuation. But they don’t “want” it to be a continuation, so they use this word “spin-off.”

    I honestly feel it’s due to them wanting to move the “Dexter” character away from the disappointing latter half of the “Dexter” series. But they should just own up. Seasons 5-7 were decent, with only 8 being awful. Just keep going, make it so Miami Metro FINALLY has that show-down with Dexter.

  24. Spinoff how? You mean dexter comes back and just starts killing in hte mountains with a whole new cast? Just change the setting of the show from Miami to the northwest? That would be dumb.

    What about Dexter goes and fins Hanna and his kid and he gets found out and a task force and the Miami cops he worked with are now hunting him? Turn it from him being a killer to him and his family being on the run and making it that kind of show? Maybe even turn Dexter into a stone cold killer who will kill anyone, including cops and his own friends to keep his family safe as he tries to stay one step ahead of the law as they chase him?

    I mean something like that I’d watch but if its just bringing back Dexter to do the same stuff they’ve been doing the lsat few seasons then no thanks.

  25. Networks realize when they have a hit show that brings them big ratings when they are done and you dont have another monster show that brings that kind of ratings it sucks.

    HBO is gonna realize this in 2015 after True Blood, Newsroom and Boardwalk Empire are all done. Sure they still have GOT and now True Detective looks to be a great show but its hard to replace hit shows.

  26. They completely ruined the series’ legacy and a chance for a spin-off, or a kind of continuation. As other already said, it’s not Dexter without Miami.

    They should all admit they screwed it up with the final season, and do a mini-series retconning it all; say, 4 or 6 episodes taking place after season 7 and giving us the “real” ending everyone we waited for, Dexter discovered as a serial killer (details may vary, but damn, he just had to be discovered).

  27. Just finished this series via netflix. It’s by far the best series I have ever seen. Please revive this show