‘Ninja Turtles’ Set Photos & Video: Will Arnett’s Role Revealed & Megan Fox as April O’Neil

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Megan Fox and April ONeil Ninja Turtles Set Photos & Video: Will Arnetts Role Revealed & Megan Fox as April ONeil

[Update: Scroll Down to see Video of Megan Fox on Set!]

One of the tricky parts of filming a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie in the Turtles’ native home of New York is the inevitability of being caught on camera by eager movie fans and members of the paparazzi. With Michael Bay’s recent statements reassuring fans that the heroes’ origin story hasn’t been changed and star Alan Ritchson‘s insistence that the film’s bad reputation is completely off-target, hope springs anew that Jonathan Liebesman’s reboot might make for a worthy addition to the TMNT franchise.

With that in mind, let’s talks about the recently leaked TMNT set photos that were captured during a shoot in Gramercy Park, Manhattan, which feature stars Will Arnett (Arrested Development) and Megan Fox (Transformers).

Identifying a character is always made easier when they’re wearing a name tag on a lanyard around their necks, and such is the case Arnett’s character, Vernon Fenwick.

Will Arnett to play Vernon Fenwick in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ninja Turtles Set Photos & Video: Will Arnetts Role Revealed & Megan Fox as April ONeil

Set photos published over at Super Hero Hype show Arnett in costume as April O’Neil’s scheming cameraman, who, in the animated series, frequently tried to take credit for stories in order to impress Channel 6 boss Burne Thompson. Between the two of them, Thompson and Fenwick make up the J. Jonah Jameson of the TMNT universe, often pinning the blame for crimes on the Turtles.

But really, who can blame poor Vernon for trying to grab a piece of the pie? His day-to-day job sees him relegated to lugging around heavy equipment while April keeps an eye out for the next story. There are a number of photos of Arnett in the gallery, though regrettably none of them show him sporting Fenwick’s trademark pink shirt and braces. Perhaps they’re saving that for another scene.


Megan Fox as April O’Neil…Sans Jumpsuit?

The gallery does, however, give us a first look at Megan Fox as April O’Neil in her trademark yellow – though she’s not wearing the full jumpsuit from the original TV show.




The decision to instead opt for a jacket will no doubt disappoint some of the more hardcore TMNT fans out there, but it’s understandable given that the franchise is being given a general makeover. You could argue that jumpsuits were part of the ’80s and ’90s and therefore would look out of place in a 21st century TMNT movie. Then again, this is a movie about giant talking turtles who know martial arts. Retro fashion decisions would sort of fade into normalcy by comparison. 

517773020 c 620 439 Ninja Turtles Set Photos & Video: Will Arnetts Role Revealed & Megan Fox as April ONeil

Putting the costume aside for now, let’s take a look at the logo that could potentially be gracing theater screens when Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is released. We’ve heard rumors of this new logo – and the return of the “Teenage” and “Mutant” into the film’s title that comes with – before today, but this is the first time that a photo of the logo has been published online.




The logo, which can be found in the image gallery over at Comic Book Movie, was printed on a crew member’s chair, and it seems to confirm that the unpopular title change has been redacted and replaced with the more familiar Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Aside from these points, the most notable plot point that can be gathered from the photos is that April O’Neil will, for some reason, be jumping up and down on a trampoline. It’s pretty admirable of Liebesman to dedicate screen time to showcasing his lead female actress’s, ahem, athleticism.


Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles opens in theaters on June 6th, 2014.

Source: Super Hero HypeBatman-News [via Coming Soon & Comic Book Movie]

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  1. Ok.

  2. Who wrote this article? smh. Why would Megan Fox not wearing a yellow jumpsuit disappoint die hard turtle fans? In the 1990 movie, she wore a yellow raincoat briefly as a nod to the cartoon version, but it wasn’t a jumpsuit, she didn’t wear it all the time and the movie was good.

    • agreed. plus, wernt the original comics in black and white anyway?! doesnt matter what she wears, the movie will suck :(

      • @turtleboy

        When socially inept nerds get mad at a movie not following the source material exactly, they really don’t care if a tweak here or there makes more sense for the movie adaption, they just continue to rage and threaten to boycott future works because the slightest thing wasn’t to their liking.

        Just take a look at the comments on any Iron Man 3 article over the last few weeks for proof.

        I’m starting to think that when Bruce Campbell said “run home and cry to your mama” in Army Of Darkness, he was thinking of the type of nerds mentioned in my paragraph above as he said it.

        • Hahaha brilliant, spot on! ;)

        • Nothig about the comics in “Iron Man 3″ bothered me. It was just a pretty bad movie.

          • tru n deed it sucked

          • Iron Man 3 did not suck. It was suppose to entertain and by the numbers it shows that. What did people expect from this movie, argo? zero dark thirty?

        • Socially inept nerds? Obviously u have plenty of social skills. Lot of the complaints about Iron man 3 weren’t about them deviating from the comics, it was about how stupid that whole plot point was. But obviously u cannot bear for other people to have opinions that differ from your own.

          Also, the notions that nerds are socially inept is outdated and retard#d.

  3. I’ll assume it’s an excuse to have her jumping up and down via some sort of fluff news piece about aerobics or something before the turtles make an impact and April starts investigating them to get out of the human interest stories her bosses make her do and into more serious journalism.

    • Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

  4. She just looks like Megan Fox. It would have been cool if they at least did something with her hair. However, I’m reserving any real judgement until I see a trailer.

    • ?????????????????WELL SHE IS MEGAN FOX????????????????????.

  5. I think she looks amazing as April O’Neil and i’m starting to like the look of things when it comes to this movie. Been a die hard fan since from day one and is willing to give this a chance. Even though people hate Bay, i still think this movie will have lots of kick a$$ action in it if not anything else.

    • She looks the same as always?

    • So true… I for one, have liked Bays movies… TMNT is one I can’t wait for…

  6. well, at least theyre trying. All i can hope is michael bay isnt heavily influencing the director and film.
    I really dont want to be disappointed, but I just dont find megan fox believable when acting.

  7. It’s ninja turtles for pete’s sake. this ain’t about intellect and dialogue. Megan Fox is kinda perfect for this.

    • I swear, I wish more people would realize this when they wanna spew out about “source material”. Look at the first picture of this post, fanboys. If thats the “source material”, I say give them free reign to come up with tweaks.

      • That first image is from the 2009 tv movie Turtles Forever. It was a big crossover event to end the 4Kids series that teamed the 4Kids Turtles (2003-2009) with the Fred Wolf Turtles (1987-1996) and eventually the Mirage Turtles (vol. 1 1984-1992, vol. 2 1992-1995, Image vol. 3 1996-1999, vol. 4 2001-2010) to save the Turtleverse from complete destruction at the hands of Ch’rell, the Utrom Shredder. That particular scene was poking fun at how goofy the Fred Wolf cartoon got at times. The original source material has a lot to offer that could be used to create a Dark Knight Trilogy or an Avengers style film. With April being a reporter and the inclusion of Vernon Fenwick, we’re likely not getting a Dark Knight type of film and a lot of inspiration is being pulled from the Fred Wolf cartoon.

        • Bring on the Technodrome!

    • tru megan fox is the eye candy period WE all know she cant act but the movie IS/WILL be about the turtles soooo who cares about megan fox she sucks f****it

  8. Knowing Bay they are still preparing her jumpsuit and we will be drooling when fox puts it on:)

    • True…

  9. According to this article’s first picture, I was hoping for the Bluth Banana Grabber…

    • Why would a banana grab another banana? Those are the kinds of questions I don’t want to answer.

  10. WHO IS CRYING FOR SOURCE MATERIAL? I don’t see that anywhere. The only complaint I heard about was the alien thing, which is not true now, and the fact that Bay is producing. That’s it.

  11. Lol I was suspecting to see this image of her in the April clothes:


  12. Glad she’s not wearing the yellow jumpsuit. I think the yellow jacket is far enough.

  13. It’s not the yellow jump suit that Gotham needs, it’s the yellow jacket it deserves.

    • ^This made me giggle.

  14. People will boycott superman because he’s not Wearing underwear over his pants, and his hairs not combed right, or that some other character is wearing the wrong colored boots…not out of the realm of thought that someone would be mad aprils not in her yellow jump suit

    • I’m boycotting MOS because he will have telekinesis to make him fly. Why else does stuff levitate before he flies?
      He won’t be super. He is just a science experiment his dad cooked up.

      • It’s not levitating from telekinesis. It’s because he is so powerful that it screws with the laws of physics. Have you not seen any of the cartoons featuring Superman in the past 20 years? Almost every time that he takes of with all of his might, the ground caves in beneath him, and boulders go flying into the air. A few pebbles and some snow swirling around are nothing.

        • +1

      • If you were a true nerd you’d know that Superman doesn’t have super strength or flight. He has psychokinesis which, for example, would allow him to carry a building without it crumbling or breaking in half. And due to having hyper-density as a result of being Kryptonian he can generate his own gravitational field allowing him to fly. ROLF seriously though that’s a dumb reason to miss out on MoS.

        • Nah I was just kidding guys. I’m really upset he is not wearing his underwear over his tights. ;P

  15. Can’t wait to see this!

  16. Bring on this film.

  17. Hey, it could be worse. Michael Bay could have chosen Kristen Stewart for April.

    • It could be even worse than that. He could have directed it himself!

      • :)

  18. Those puffy jumpsuits already looked ridiculous in the 80s, today they would make people roll on the floor laughing. How many reporters wear jumpsuits these days? I’d go with none. Even countries that are 20-30 years behind (North Korea etc.) know better. The giant turtle excuse doesn’t fly, because keeping the rest of the world grounded and believable is important to sell the turtle characters. When everything is outrageous and distracting people stop caring.

  19. It seems the comedy aspect is drawn from the old toon while I bet(I hope anyway) the action will be derived from the original comics a bit based on the director saying fight scenes are going to be influenced by The Raid Redemption.

  20. April O’Neil as a slut?? This’ll keep the socially inept nerds about 4 inches away from the screen right Dazz? :) This is a film that I will never see, not even in curiosity, not even because Miss Fox has her body (but not acting skills) in it. There are many women in who look just as nice as Miss Fox in porn, I’ll watch that instead. Mr Bay can ‘do one’!!

  21. Is it just me, or does the new logo look like Ang Lee’s Hulk logo?

    • I thought the same exact thing, but it kinda also makes me thing of a combination that and Transformers; but thats just me

      • I was scrolling through the comments to see if anyone thought the same. Teenage Transforming Hulk Turtles. when our logos combine we make “teenage muntant ninja TURTLES”

        • NINJAS SMASH!!!

  22. Megan Fox is smoking hot, you gotta give her that. And at least the original live action movie was a classic, if not the sequels, and for anyone complaint about Fox’s acting ability, if you remember correctly, that wasn’t Merryl Streep playing April O’neill back then.

  23. I sometimes think the Megan Fox hate can get a bit overblown.
    Yes, she has said some pretty ridiculous things and acted like a brat but IMO she’s just young and immature that’s all.
    As far as her casting in this movie is concerned ya have to figure their wasn’t going to be a bunch of A-List, Oscar nominated actresses clamoring to be in the new ‘Ninga Turtle’ movie so they cast the only real viable option and that’s a name people would recognize and a hottie the boys would love. Is that her fault?
    Also, I doubt she’s had many roles offered to her that didn’t involve her playing the hot girl or the other woman in a Rom-Com so again, is that her fault?

    • Hate is a strong word. I don’t hate her, but I do hate what she has said, and her reliance, indeed, on her body. As far as I know, she’s as deep as a puddle, so what do I have to expect? Absolutely nothing more than that. Just as another commenter here said, you could get that in porn if you wanted it. There’s an audience for Fox, so I just let them be, but I’m allowed an opinion on what I’ve seen so far.

  24. I still do not care for Megan Fox, but the jacket is better then the jumpsuit. Also I feel as in Transformers, she’ll be not much more then eye candy. Cause she’s about a good actor as a turnip is. But hey, Vernon made it into the film! I have a feeling that he’ll rat out ( no pun intended) the existence of the turtles to the Shredder in promise of an interview or something.

  25. the movie logo is from ang lee’s HULK…

    • OMG it is!!

  26. If anyone isinterested in seeing some pictures of three of the turtle actors in their mo cap suits here are links to some pics I found on google images one of them I think shows the foot they look really bad@$& enjoy


  27. Chin Han can make a good casting role playing the arch enemy Shredder like he did played Lau from “THE DARK KNIGHT”. Ken Watanabe from BATMAN BEGINS should also play Splinter The Rat, “The Turtles’ Mentor”. I have a better actress who can play April O’Neill is Kate Bosworth who played Lois Lane “SUPERMAN RETURNS” How does that sound ?

  28. Megan Fox as April O’Neil!? This movie is already going to be bad.