Megan Fox Cast as April O’Neil in Michael Bay’s ‘Ninja Turtles’ Reboot

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Megan Fox Cast as April ONeil Megan Fox Cast as April ONeil in Michael Bays Ninja Turtles Reboot

Megan Fox became something of a household name after playing Mikaela Banes in Transformers and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Unfortunately, she had a very public falling out with director Michael Bay and was immediatey replaced by Rosie Huntington-Whitely in Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Well, it looks like the two have finally made up, because Megan Fox has been cast as April O’Neil in the Bay-produced Ninja Turtles reboot.

Michael Bay made the casting announcement on his blog, saying simply:

TMNT: we are bringing Megan Fox back into the family!

Michael Bay

Let no one say that Michael Bay doesn’t have a way with words.

Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter has laid out the details of the reconciliation between Michael Bay and Megan Fox and confirmed that Fox will be playing April O’Neil, the tough-as-nails redheaded reporter and best female pal to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Apparently, director Jonathan Liebesman won Fox over with his awesome storyboards, which probably means she didn’t join the cast because of the screenplay’s complex character development.

Megan Fox and April ONeil Megan Fox Cast as April ONeil in Michael Bays Ninja Turtles Reboot

It’ll be interesting to see whether or not TMNT fans embrace – or reject – Fox being cast as April O’Neil, especially after the very negative reaction to the leaked script (which Bay claimed was merely an early, terrible draft). She’s certainly not the first actress who springs to mind when thinking about the April O’Neil of the comic books, the cartoons, or the original movie series, and not just because she’s a brunette either. Is Fox’s casting further confirmation that Ninja Turtles will be a major creative departure from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles of yore?

Last we heard, the titular turtles would be aliens instead of mutants, and the antagonists would be a covert military group led by Colonel Shredder. There’s no telling if that’s what we’ll end up seeing when Ninja Turtles finally reaches theaters, but you can probably expect a certain “Bay”-ification of the source material if Fox as April O’Neil is any indication.

The Classic Ninja Turtles Megan Fox Cast as April ONeil in Michael Bays Ninja Turtles Reboot

In other Ninja Turtles news, the filmmakers are apparently testing actors for the roles of the Ninja Turtles (Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael), who will be motion-captured for the big screen. There’s no word on precisely who was tested, but according to THR, they’re “mostly relative unknowns” – which I suppose leaves room for all the Corey Feldman fans out there who are hoping for his return as Donatello.

What do you think, Screen Ranters? Are you happy with the decision to cast Megan Fox as April O’Neil? Drop us a line in the comments.

Ninja Turtles is expected to hit theaters on May 16th, 2014.


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Sources: Michael Bay Dot ComThe Hollywood Reporter

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  1. I don’t mind Megan Fox as April O’Neil. Just as long as Optimus Prime is Casey Jones.

    • And don’t forget Bruce Willis and Ben Afflack as Raphael(Ben) and Michealangeleo (Willis)!Lol!Will Smith could be Leonardo!Lol!COWABUNGA DUDES AND DUDETTES!

  2. She will be an awsome Shredder

  3. I was excited back when it was first announce that Bay would remake the turtles movie. The he changed them into aliens then I read the leak script which bay swears wasn’t legit. now megan fox. As a huge fan if the turtles I’m disappointed with the direction this film is going in. After hearing all this I wish the studio would scrap this film and go back to drawing board with someone who cares about the franchise and not michael bay

    • My face is literally in my hands over people who get excited or have optimism for ANYTHING M.Bay is involved in. I can’t say it’s completely their fault, these generations have had little to work with. This movie will be a disaster, but it will make Millions, lol *cry :(

  4. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

    …mike mike mike…megan fox will be the hottest oneil if this doesnt work out you will have blood on your hands…the blood of the TEENAGE MUTANT Ninja Turtles!

  5. awesome, I really like April O’Neil’s porno movies

  6. Megan Fox just CAN’T pull off playing a smart person. She complains about being case as eye-candy all the time, but just look at her photos above!?!

    Even the photo of her in the dress..her stance is designed to make people think of her as a clueless sex symbol.
    Feet pointed in and head tilted to the side like an idiot, but her chest thrown out and arms back like she wants you to play with her breasts.

    Definitely the stance of ‘serious actress’
    …like porn actress maybe…

  7. This is going to be the worst movie ever made. Michael Bay is a disgrace to hollywood.

  8. I think I just puked pizza in my shell.


    -shakes fist-

    I thought we won this war? The fans I mean.

  10. Motion capture? So they aren’t even using CGI-assisted animatronic suits, like they said they were going to? Forget this movie. There’ll be better flicks coming out in 2014.

  11. While Bay is dialing up the great cast let’s get Shia to play Shredder. SPPPPLINNNNNTTTTTEEEEERRRRRR!!!!!!!

  12. Groan…. This doesn’t even make sense. I call BULL on this whole article. NOT REAL!!!

  13. So Much Hate

    So much hate for a movie that hasn’t come out yet which makes all negative comments towards it pointless & unnecessary.

    So much hate towards an actress that has more talent in her fingers than any hater has in his/her entire body.

    So much hate for a director that has made MILLIONS off of films that many people claim were(and even still are)garbage works of art. Which makes absolutely no sense since people keep flocking to the theaters to go see them. That makes all Michael Bay haters & their negative comments as irrelevant as the Megan Fox ones.

    • @Broadway.

      Where ya been buddy? Have not seen ya around these parts lately?

      • @Jeff

        HAHAHAHA!!!! I know man it’s been awile. Had other things on my plate to take care of but let me just say it’s goooooood to be back! It hasn’t been that long since we last communicated(I think)but I’m not surprised that the level of HATE on this website towards things that aren’t even that important in life still exists. Jeeeeeeez!!!

        • If I was a betting Man, I would say you probably watch the Yankees Spring training truck roll out down to Florida!

          • @Jeff

            Funny thing is I’m not a fan of the majors. I do watch little league every summer though. If your comment is directed towards my avatar then let me just say that it has everything to do with my hometown & nothing at all with the team it represents.

            • @At Broadway.

              Dang it. I have been snookered by another Avatar.


              My avatar best represent me…Horrible accident when I was younger.

    • Megan Fox has more talent in her fingers than the haters do in their bodies?

      I think she’s proved that sometimes, it doesn’t matter if you can’t act, as long as you look hot, you’ll find a career in Hollywood. You do realise she was picked for Transformers purely because of her looks, right?

      Also, you don’t have to be a good director with movies full of great dialog and well acted scenes and stories if the mindless masses will throw money at explosions.

      Michael Bay isn’t a great director at all unless it’s an action sequence and sure, he’s made millions but that’s because he’s milked the explosions and CGI for all it’s worth and people still flock to it anyway because that’s how we are. It’s like those times you’ve looked online for Faces Of Death or craned your neck as you went past a car accident trying to see something nasty. What you see might not be good but you still wanna see how much of a mess it is anyway to quench your curiosity.

      • So let me get this straight. According to your terminology people are just mindless simpletons who can’t think for themselves & would go see anything as long as they see a large group of people doing it? Even though they are fully aware of the negative reputation a person has making these types of films they’ll still go & waste their hard earn dollars like that? Is that the message you’re trying to get across? If so you really have a low opinion about how human beings really are & you sir should be ashamed to even call yourself one. Oh & before I forget…………..I sincerely hope that you weren’t speaking about all human beings in general for I certainly know that there are individuals who can think for themselves & make their own decisions on whether they should go see a film based on their personal feelings towards it, or anyone that’s involved with it.

        • ^Yes, to all of the above. If a movie attracts a large crowd, people will want to see for themselves what all of the fuss is about. Individuals, the people you know who like to think for themselves, don’t disprove the trends of the average person. Now, thinking for yourself and keeping an open mind is fine, but boy does it have its draw backs. But the fact of the matter is, I’ve now seen enough of Bay’s repertuar to know exactly the kind of movie this is going to be, and I know that I’m not interested. I was curious when they said they were going to be using animatronics again. Now they’re saying motion capture. I was forgiving when Bay said that the leaked script involving a teen-aged Casey and April was a draft scrapted before he was attached. Now they’ve cast Megan Fox. The point is, for all of their reassurances that the movie isn’t going to be what I think it’s going to be, it certainly looks like it’s going to be what I think it will be. The first turtles movie was fine as it was, and I don’t need to see the new film to know that the original was better, and that this one would only disappoint me, because if there were even the slightest hint Bay was going to break his traditional form, this casting negated it.

    • “So much hate towards an actress that has more talent in her fingers than any hater has in his/her entire body.” um… I think you mean thumbs.

      • If I even felt that supposed “joke”(or you for that matter) was anywhere near relevant I would respond alot more harshly than I am now.

      • Leave her thumbs outta this!

  14. I sincerely hope this is bogus… Because otherwise HELL NO!!!!!!

    It’s already an insult that Bay is producing what is clearly and rapidly becoming an enourmos pile of S**T…

  15. You people are ridiculous. It’s pretty embarrassing how all of you are reacting to a children’s movie. I grew up with the cartoon in the late ’80s and early ’90s and I could care less who they cast as April.

    She will do a great job.

    • @Tim

      You my friend are the smartest person to leave a comment about this article so far. Besides me of course.

    • I grew up with the 80s cartoon too, had all the action figures etc but honestly don’t care for them much now. I just have to laugh when a woman known purely for her looks and lack of acting ability is put into a role to help bring in the Bay fans who are there for explosions and hot girls and nothing more.

      I think Bay knows that the movie will suck so he’s putting Megan is as a distraction.

    • Because clearly no thought or effort should go into a “children’s movie”, and it’s okay that this movie will be stupid because all of the other movies were stupid.

      Yeah, that sounds like an intelligent rationale. Also stroking your own ego is pretty good on you.

  16. As long as the Turttles are not from space…

    • @Jordan

      You have something against extraterrestrials?

  17. Scarlett Johansson would have been wayyy better. Missed opportunity….

  18. This post gave me cancer

  19. This post gave me cancer…

  20. Somewhere, Megan got those compromising pictures back.

  21. This post gave me cancer….

    • No spamming on this website please. Everyones’ point(irrelevant or not) can be made in one comment at a time.

  22. Not sure if this will be good or not, depends on the whole tone of the movie. I don’t understand though why everyone is ripping on Michael Bay so much, he isn’t directing this movie, he’s just producing it. At least if you’re gonna hate, point that hate in the right direction.

  23. not sure how she would do for this role…..i like her as an actor…but im not sure about her being april o’neil….but i guess i’ll have to see the movie before i make an opinion about it lol

  24. Everything Michael bay touches explodes and dies. ever since the second transformers film everybody got to see his true colors these colors were that of a dumb drunk fratboy I thought it would of been over right there buy no everyone is just as foolish as they always are.

    I beg anyone that reads this don’t go and watch the teenage mutant ninja aliens abomination that Michael bay as twisted and disfigured by his horrible mind, Stay home, watch a different movie, be with your family, give money to starving orphans. Please do anything else by going to this travesty not only will it be bad but it will do more damage than just “it only cost me $8″ no it say to the guys in charge that we want to see more and Michael bay will ruin something else!

    Please do anything else. Do Not Go Watch That Movie.

  25. The only ones that are happy about this are males that don’t have a girlfriend. April was never a prostitute, until now cause she’s totally going to look like one. Nor will she look good if they try and dye her hair or put a wig on her to match comic book April. And since when was Shredder in the military??? Oh and the first fact of this “film” we were told about… aliens????? So is Shia going to be Splinter too?? I think I’ll wait for this thing to come to red box before I waste my money on it. Thanks Bay for a very poor choice.

  26. Oh f you all!, u all know this movie will be a hit. U all know u will watch it. Just like how u all trashed transformers! So shut up and enjoy the freaking movie. Megan will be awesome in it!! All u complaining r just a bunch of pimple faced nerds who have ugly girlfriends!,

    • As I said, I’ll watch it when it hits red box. Cause it sure ain’t gonna be worth the 3D ticket price. Not even regular ticket prices. It’s just getting too far from the source material. Oh and the Transformers trilogy did suck.

  27. This is really bad, really really bad. Imagine A TMNT poster with Megan’s phony-fake face as the header.


  28. I reserve judgment on the final product .
    Glad that Megan Fox and Michael bay are no longer fighting.
    LIfe is too short.

  29. Booooooo.