‘Ninja Turtles’ Villains and Synopsis Revealed?

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ninja turtles reboot villains Ninja Turtles Villains and Synopsis Revealed?

Paramount moved back its planned reboot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise (retitled Ninja Turtles) to Summer 2014, in order to undergo additional development and script rewrites. The official reason given for the delay is budget concerns – which is understandable, in the aftermath of rapidly-rising costs for the studio’s World War Z adaptation and G.I. Joe sequel (due to reshoots, 3D post-conversion, etc.).

However, as any member of the movie blogosphere worth their salt can tell you: producer Michael Bay’s public confirmation that the Turtles are now aliens from another world/dimension – and the massive outcry from fans in response – must have contributed to the project being bumped back (to some degree).

Latino Review’s El Mayimbe reportedly got his hands on a Ninja Turtles script draft penned by Josh Appelbaum and André Nemec (Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol), before the news about release date delays and rewrites broke. Mayimbe is renowned as a credible source of information (see: his multiple Marvel movie scoops), so it’s surprising that his Twitter comments about Ninja Turtles haven’t been picked up by most sites (hat tip to CBM).

Skimming through [the 'Ninja Turtles' script], I see KRANG and THE TECHNODROME… I also see BEBOP and ROCKSTEADY and see something called DIMENSION X.

Needless to say: those names definitely mean something to TMNT fans.

ninja turtles krang beebop rocksteady Ninja Turtles Villains and Synopsis Revealed?

Krang, Rocksteady, and Bebop

The Turtles franchise as a whole has been heavier on sci-fi elements in recent years, and Bay’s comments about the alien origin storyline suggested that Ninja Turtles will not buck that trend. Moreover, that line of thought fits with previous rumors that Krang could be the film’s central villain – and explains the presence of both Dimension X (Krang’s home) and his Technodrome subterranean fortress.

Similarly, it stands to reason: in a movie where extraterrestrials can resemble anthropomorphic reptiles, the origin story for Bebop and Rocksteady could easily be tweaked so that the pair are also aliens from another world (traditionally, the duo are street gang thugs, mutated into a human warthog and rhinoceros by the Shredder). It’s also possible the two will simply be monsters created by Krang.

That would also fit with a Ninja Turtles synopsis currently making the rounds (which CBM claims has been confirmed as legit by “a very reliable source”):

After their planet’s destruction, four turtle-like alien warriors and their master come to Earth, where they join forces with reporter April O’Neil to prevent the extradimensional conqueror Krang from enslaving the human race.

Bear in mind: that logline could be the handiwork of someone unaffiliated with the Ninja Turtles project, who has connected the dots between the Krang rumors and Turtles’ re-imagined origin story (translation: take it with a grain of salt).

michael bay teenage mutant ninja turtles reboot Ninja Turtles Villains and Synopsis Revealed?

The divisive issue with Ninja Turtles relates to the decision to take the Turtles “into outer space” (as TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman has put it). Many fans seem to feel it’s an unnecessary change to the series mythos, motivated foremost by a desire to cash in on Hollywood’s extraterrestrial fad. It could conceivably make the characters more palpable to moviegoers beyond the fanbase – or, conversely, fail in that attempt, and thus leave just about everyone unsatisfied.

Ninja Turtles is being actively reshaped, so the final film could take on a different form than that from the earliest stages of development (for better or worse). As always, we’ll keep you updated.

Source: El Mayimbe [via CBM]

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  1. Hopefully with this rewrite they will listen to fans critiques and make the movie right (without Bay).

  2. you guys ever heard the phrase ” IF IT AINT BROKE, DON’T FIX IT!”

    You suck BAY!

    • You can’t tell me you wouldn’t want to see BLAM BLAM BLAM, (mimics spaceship crashing) then “AHHHH!!!!” followed by the (Mimics the transformers sound) the (mimics lightsaber sound) the explosion, then “the world is gonna end!!!”, but is saved at the last second by the most unlikely of heros… Finally, the end credits have the linkin park song.

      Who says I don’t care about the plot? ;)

      Signed, Michael Bay

      • LMAO

      • Dear Michael,

        I am glad you took the time to reply here.
        My Wishlist for any future project of yours..learn how to film a real action scene !
        Don’t put the camera so close,and try not to many shaky cuts in the action.
        Link takes..would be great !


        • I am an artist!

          Like a two year old that likes to finger paint!!!

      • Transformers 3 made 1 billion dollars
        Transformers 2 made 836 million
        Transformers 1 made 709 million

        If you don’t like his movies so much…why don’t you stop watching them??

  3. i think people need to cut bay some slack. he isnt the writer.

    • True, he’s the producer, the money man. He should have no say if they are aliens. But oh, what’s this? Bay wants them to be aliens. Hmm..

      • The audience, the viewer is the “money man” – financier of sequels! – producer of more Michael Bay movies.

        There won’t be another John Carter movie….. Why not? Because nobody watched it!

        Don’t like Bay?? Don’t watch Bay movies. It’s not that complicated… How many times are you going to go back for more of these “terrible” Michael Bay Transformer movies???

  4. Guess I’m the only TMNT fan who doesn’t want to see Bebop or Rocksteady in this movie?
    If it were me making/writing the movie, I’d keep the origin the way it was (mutated from a TCRI canister), introduce the turtles, master Splinter and April O’Niel (she would be our “in” – the character the audience would relate to) and maybe give Casy Jones a cameo or something. Have Shredder (in actuality, Krang in a suit) and the foot clan as the major villains. Include a few hints about the Utroms (and Krang) and the big conspiracy (them being on earth, developing the goo that mutated the turtles, etc.) for a possible sequel.

    These guys should just take their inspiration from the 2003 tv series IMO.

    • Basically a samurai-esque epic set in New York with a twist at the end… that everything isn’t at it seems.

    • I agree with you I don’t want to see Bebop or Rocksteady in this movie. But I don’t want Krang in the movie either. April should work for Baxter not be a reporter, and as much as I love the 2003 tv series I would rather Shredder be human.

      • I think they should stick to the original story as much as possible but with Shredder being human. I don’t think Krang would look right in the big screen but who knows. The more I hear about this reboot the more I want this movie to go away. TMNT aliens? Wow

        • Do you live in a cardboard box? Have you been to the movies since the advent of color???

          Krang won’t translate to the big screen? Have you ever seen AVATAR? Have you ever seen District 9??? Krang is a chewed up piece of gum with a face! It ain’t that complex my friend.

          You clearly have no concept of what technologies exist in today’s cinematic universe.

          • I mean, sure, Bebop and Rocksteady might not have been as impressively rendered on film as Tokka and Rahzar at that time, but “that time” was 1991. …we’ve come just a little further technologically since then.

      • You lost me at “I agree”

    • Yes. Yes you are. Please be quiet. Bebop and Rocksteady I scream!!! You are clearly not a child of the 1980s who watched the original series. Shredder is SHREDDER, KRANG is KRANG!!! These two individuals are NOT one and the same! No! NOT AT ALL!!! This is the worst idea ever! Go watch the 2003 dvds and keep to yourself!

      • Keep to myself?
        Oh sorry, I didn’t realize I’m not entitled to my freedom of speech.
        From now on I’ll be sure to keep all my ideas and opinions to myself… like the rest of the people on the internet.

        • LOL…That last sentence is a great comeback.

  5. I find it hilariously telling that the acronym for Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles is only one letter away from Taint.

    • Grow up.

      • Really? I’m sorry you didn’t understand my comment, in the future just refrain from reading them.

      • You’re actually saying that in a thread dealing with turtle martial artists…really?

        • LOL – exactly what I thought Archaeon…

  6. “It could conceivably make the characters more palpable to moviegoers beyond the fanbase.” This makes sense to me. Because giant alien turtles from Dimension X are so much easier to believe than turtles mutating from radioactive ooze. That’s just crazy.

    • My meaning’s that some non-TMNT fans might be more willing to buy into a “These turtles are just crazy aliens” angle (or not, of course).

  7. The X-Men should be aliens, too. All that crap about anybody suddenly becoming a superhero might work in the bush leagues, but this is Capital City!
    TMNT comics actually had a bit of a cyberpunk vibe the way it was (if you use the hi-tech/low-life definition) even with much snazzier sci-fi elements than this movie may contain. That’ll be lost. Bebop’s mohawk will be lost, alas. I’m happy about Krang and the Technodrome, but too jaded to geek out at this point. They’ll probably be regular citizens on planets teeming with their bored, unremarkable kind. There could be a planet of technodromes, right?

  8. Well, I think the movie should be like, (mimics spaceship sounds) and then, (make a explosion sound) and then (mimics transformers sounds) but then (BLAM BLAM BLAM) then “OH NO” but at the last second, the world is saved.

    Signed, Michael Bay.

    • haha

    • You forgot the rotating shot of the hero and a plane flying through smoke while rock music plays. And a hot chick, explosion, fire, & mass death that nobody cares about, end scene…..

      • That was the BLAM BLAM BLAM… and the “oh no”, I forgot to put down the “linkin park song at the end”

      • And as for “the hot chick” I would rather have BLAM BLAM BLAM CRASH EXPLOSION KISS BOOM…

        But hey, since I am the real Michael Bay, (and therefore, totally unable to do anything that involves what you call “plot”) would you like a job? :D

    • Hahahaha!!
      Funniest thing I’ve read all day :D

  9. Anyone who thinks the whole alien origin is a good idea isn’t a true Turtles fan. Bay is an overrated hack that needs to get off the whole alien kick. True he isn’t the writer but with a snap of his fingers he could have a rewrite. They need to take the Turtles back to what made them so great and special to so many fans over the last few decades. Blend the gritty original run with the fun loving cartoon and make a good movie. Not a quickly forgotten and hated alien flop film.

  10. People are beginning to come to the earth shattering realization: Megan Fox was right, Bay’s a hack that cares more about special effects and explosions than story and acting. Maybe the girl’s smarter than we give her credit for.

    • Megan is a good actress, and I felt I was holding her back. It was fine with me for her to go, I don’t feel like sharing screen time with a hot girl and two hours of special effects, but you know how the studio is.


  11. OH AWESOME… Transformers with Turtles… you suck Bay.

  12. Who cares?! I’d rather see a Thundercats movie!

    • I have been waiting for that movie since I was six

      • Ho!

    • Im still waiting on news on the He-Man film.

      • I’m waiting for both of these. It’s only a matter of time though if the current trend continues.

  13. This alien s*** has got to go. Just let them be mutated turtles. For goodness sake how could he change that!!!!! I hope they go with the traditional origin. Something’s you could change but making them aliens c’mon now!

    GO TO HELL YOU SON OF A b****!

  15. Ima take a guess n say linkin park music will b in the end credits

    • Yes, I was thinking the song at the beginning too, but they are a big rock band and I don’t want to spent that much money on them, if I did I would have to cut out some special effects.

      Signed, Michael Bay.

  16. Not sure about this plot, hopefully this undergoes some serious changes cause right now it sounds awful

  17. Sorry…This look about as bad as Biker Mice from Mars. And I worked on Biker Mice from Mars.

    This property has seriously outlived its’ shelf life. Case in point, the “re-imagining” of it. I love this term. Re-imaginging. There is no such concept. One either imagines something, or they don’t. Its’ a bit akin to taking credit for someone else’s idea, and not having the cognitive resources on your own to come up withhhh…what’s the word I’m looking for, oh…ORIGINAL.

    TMNT was original. Trying to “expand on the mythology” with your “untold story” (where have I hear that one before?)is a weak attempt at best at doing something worth it’s’ salt.



  18. Krang is cool but we’ve already had four Turtles movies. How about something new? I’m still waiting to see a Magnus Robot Fighter film. And a Solar Man of the Atom movie. And a Turok Dinosaur Hunter movie.

  19. we should all be thankful that michael bay is only the producer. not the director

  20. Why not just blend the first cartoon, (ALL villians, heroes, and anyone else) and the original comic books from before the first cartoon, cut the bull remakes, and make an awesome movie with perfect choices of charactors, not the most popular actors currently, but the right people for the job. Remakers are spazzes.