‘TMNT’ Co-Creator Kevin Eastman Reassures ‘Ninja Turtles’ Movie Fans

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ninja turtles script TMNT Co Creator Kevin Eastman Reassures Ninja Turtles Movie Fans

Fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise do not, generally speaking, seem to be particularly enamoured with the details they’ve heard so far about the Michael Bay-produced Ninja Turtles movie. From the early reveal that the pizza-loving sewer-dwellers are going to have an extraterrestrial origin story, to the announcement that April O’Neil would be played by Transformers star Megan Fox, the fanbase that should have been guaranteed to buy box office tickets upon the film’s release are growing less excited the more that they hear.

One of the film’s most noted detractors so far as been Peter Laird, co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic books. Showing no qualms about criticising this latest incarnation of characters he helped invent, Laird has described Josh Appelbaum and André Nemec’s leaked script as “so fundamentally flawed … that trying to make piecemeal changes to it in an effort to make it into something halfway decent is probably a fool’s errand.” More recently, Laird expressed a notable lack of enthusiasm regarding the casting choice of Megan Fox, saying that, “there are probably hundreds of better choices for the role of April O’Neil.”

Laird has the luxury of being able to speak his mind about the film – which has dropped the “teenage” and “mutant” aspects from the working title, leaving behind just the Ninja Turtles – since he is not directly involved with the reboot and is observing developments, like the fans, from an outside perspective. TMNT‘s other co-creator, Kevin Eastman, is working on the film as an official consultant and has been making an effort to soothe public concerns, previously assuring fans that Ninja Turtles will “be well-grounded in Turtle history and lore” despite the characters being repackaged as aliens.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Eastman Laird TMNT Co Creator Kevin Eastman Reassures Ninja Turtles Movie Fans

Eastman has now communicated further reassurance in an interview with Comic Book Resources, during which he praised the film’s producers and director Jonathan Liebesman, insisting that their intentions with the TMNT franchise are pure:

It’s probably amusing to a lot of people what the press puts out there and what they say people behind the scenes really want to do with the movie, but [Platinum Dunes'] main goal is actually to make the best possible ‘Turtles’ movie with respect to the fans and the core audience as possible. We’ve learned from movies like ‘The Avengers,’ which to me was a superhero movie so good to me personally that I practically wept [...] From everything that I’ve seen in the [‘TMNT’] script and the development and everything they’ve asked my input on specifically, it’s gonna be an awesome, familiar, solid ‘Turtles’ movie. It’ll have everything that fans are gonna want and then some.

It’s important to remember that Eastman has a greater level of knowledge and insight into Ninja Turtles‘ production than Laird, since he has been directly involved in the project from the start. Fans might also take comfort in the fact that Bay has asked one of the co-creators of the original comics for input, and that Eastman seems not only satisfied, but enthused about what the Platinum Dunes team has come up with.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot Michael Bay Platinum Dunes TMNT Co Creator Kevin Eastman Reassures Ninja Turtles Movie Fans

But is Eastman’s endorsement enough to counteract the fan discontent that’s spreading with each new snippet of Ninja Turtles news? The fact that he is almost certainly receiving a consultant’s fee makes it fairly unlikely that he would openly express concerns he might have about the film’s direction.


Ninja Turtles is currently scheduled for release in 2014.

Source: Comic Book Resources [via ComicBookMovie]

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  1. personally, i am waiting for rotten tomatoes and screenrant reviews before even entertaining this movie. rather rewatch the original any day anyway and from what ive read it sound like a bunch of crap being made.

    also that TMNT movie sucked a couple years back, and i saw the midnight release

    • I actually didn’t mind that movie although I saw it years after release because I wasn’t convinced that a CGI movie would work compared to the live action ones I grew up with (although they didn’t age well at all, did they?)

  2. “It’ll have everything that fans are gonna want and then some.”

    What if they don’t want Bay to make this movie?

    • Zing!…agreed.

    • But Bay doesn’t direct this movie…

    • 1.5 billion. Billion. With a b. I’d say many people all over the world thought it was a good movie.

    • @ Dazz

      After watching TDK & TDKR a few times, it was chore watching those for me aswell.

      • Lol, this site attracts quiet a lot of children.

        • I really don’t see the relevance of your comment to the comment that you replied to…

  3. “Here Kevin, do me a favor and say some positive bullsh*t about the tmnt movie. It would help me a lot. Thanks.”

    *puts money on table*

    • You beat me to it!!!

  4. I smell a yes man just waiting for the spoils to roll in.

  5. There was nothing reassuring about that statement. He basically said “Hey… Relax… We know what were doing because We saw the avengers.”

  6. I think I decided to avoid this film since Megan Fox was casted as April O’Neil. I wasn’t expecting an Oscar winning actress, just someone who didn’t suck. I had a glimmer of hope before that, even with the whiny Michael Bay involved but now I’ll just say f*** it. Nice try, Kevin Eastman. Nice try.

    • After the comments she made about Bay, I am surprised the two are even working together again. Either he is desperate for sex appeal in this movie, or she is desperate for a job, or both.

  7. I love TMNT comic books, Bay is a great director/producer of comercial movies ,I hope a BIG movie.
    I don´t like avengers and hope TMNT be better.
    One more thing I love Megan Fox, she isn´t just a beautiful face, she is talented and is underestimated , see this is 40 , passion play and tranformres and you will see the diferent characters that she play… the press painted her like a beautiful b**** ? why? because se is pretty, God ,yes she is and now? b**** why? she was married and have a son, and date the same guy since 18 years old (26 now) , not like the other actress witch date every actor …She speaks what she thinks and the press painted like a b****… She is talented and I hope she proves that.

    • …?

    • I seriously hope that is a joke or that you are hyped on Cold medicine.

      Megan Fox is a waste of cellular tissue.

      She doesn’t come across as a b***h she comes across as a self absorbed moron that got their diploma from a box of Cracker Jacks. Crass, ignorant and completely out of touch with real life isn’t appealing at all.

      I don’t care if shes been dating the same person since she was 4. that is irrelevant to her career choice.

      As for talent she wouldn’t know what that was if you shot her in the backside with it. I have yet to see a movie shes been in that she added ANYthing to. I can name several shes dragged down.

      I was willing to take the general changes with a grain of salt, for amusements sake if nothing else. The second they announced her the movie got taken permently off the table. It is now dead to me.

      • I’ll never understand the hate mongering towards Megan Fox. April was never a central character in the 90′s cartoon, rather just a strange woman who really liked to wear white boots and bright yellow while running around in the sewers of newyork. If you ask me, the chick was nuts. I doubt she even really worked at Channel 6, seeing as she was hardly ever at all. But one thing is certain: she was HOT.
        In the early comics, April was very Butch, a lab tech, and rather idiotic. She had terrible hair, and a horse face, sort of like the cranky waitress in “Cheers”. Sorry, not interested in watching an action movie where the female lead is a nasty looking lesbian, which if you dig deep enough, you’ll find is whom Eastman had designed the character around, as there was a bar near their apartment which was a lesbian hang out, and he says, and I quote, “April kind’a came out of that”
        And if any of you kids were hoping for the 4kids April with the Maroon air from 2003, then god help you, seriously.
        Leave Megan alone. She is one of the sexiest actresses out there. She’s a great choice to play the part of the April the Gen Y’s all remember, from the TV show, not the comics.

    • I’m Sorry you lost this argument when you said she was good in Transformers

  8. HA!! This almost made me laugh, reassure us? Yeah, not gonna happen. Im pretty sure we all know Eastman is being paid off or something relatively similar (as Lakshmi hinted above)

  9. I watched the original 1990 TMNT a couple of weeks ago, and HOLY CRAP does it hold up. I started watching nostalgically – just something put on – but after about 15 minutes, was completely into it. I hadn’t watched it all the way though in maybe 15 years, so to watch it again as an adult (I’m 29), it was a completely different movie.

  10. Very sad bunch of nerds and geeks. You don’t like Megan Fox playing April because tbe cartoon April is how you think a women is. Your all in your 40s and still living with mommy and pappy, you have never had a girlfriend hence your dislike to Megan. Get a life you retards.

    • trololol

    • No we don’t like Megan Fox because she can’t act, and I’m in early 20s, living with my parents, and I’ve had plenty of girlfriends and sex

    • Um… No we have a problem with Megan Fox because she sucks at life, and most importantly she might be hands down the least fitting actress for the role.

    • Actually, I am 45, Married with five kids and one on the way. I have a very beautiful wife, I have beautiful children.

      I think Megan Fox is a horrible actress, I pretty much think she is just like every other hot actress in Hollywood, only got the job based on looks and not talent.

      And Pow, how does one call people nerds, geeks and retards from behind the safety of a computer? Does calling people names from a hidden persona make you feel empowered?

      Do you think you can sit back in your chair and come up with a bunch of put down to people you have never met?


      • Yeah kinda like Fox News

        • Fox News, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS… they’re all a bunch of corporate whores and fascist propagandists.

        • I think its been years since I’ve gotten my news from any of those networks.

    • I’m no where near my 40′s, I don’t live in my Mom’s home, and I don’t need to justify your comment with how many women I’ve had sex with. I think Megan Fox is talentless trailer trash. She needs to find a better career. when she hits her late 30′s, it will be bye bye for her in the movie field. She better enjoy it while Bay is lusting for her, cause the audience really doesn’t like her. Oh, and she barely had a part in “This is 40″, it was all visual appeal and side story with no real acting involved (well, her part was). You don’t even see her until the middle of the movie. I have yet seen a movie where she’s actually shown her talent as an actress for more than sex appeal. She should go to Playboy…but I doubt Hefner will let her in cause he has class.

    • Don’t feed the trolls everyone!

      • Troll food is cheap though.

  11. Ninja Turtles from…space? They have Ninjas in space? Uh…ok.

    • It’s cute how fans complain that Michael Bay doesn’t “respect the creators” when he refuses to bow to the will of Laird, but they have no problem insulting and slandering Eastman with accusations that he’s sold out and dismissing every word he utters as the empty jabbering of a corporate stooge.

      • First off, thank you for the support, but I, the great Michael Bay, never saw the original movies/comics/tv shows, mostly because they did not have any hot chicks running in slow motion while debris was flying everywhere and there were not explosions.

        All I need to know is that the TMNT were turtles, and where ninjas… OBVIOUSLY only humanoid turtles would come from space, and not experimented on by an old perverted rat who like to hang around half naked turtles while PRETENDING to have a limp.

        Ninja Aliens is SOOOOOOOOOOO much cooler. :D

        • Welcome back!!

          • I never left ;)

        • Then make a movie about alien ninjas. Don’t ruin my childhood. And no, these turtles were never experimented on. Shredder tried to kill them along with Splinter. Maybe the Ooze could originate from space, I mean the series does have Krang, an alien, Bucky O’hair, a rabbit from another dimension and other funny creatures.

          • Well it is said that the ooze is of Alien origin, but Bay made is sound like the Turtles themselves are gonna be Aliens

            • They will be from a different world. Do not worry, for I, the great Michael Bay, swear that it will be different then the “story”, or whatever you crazy kids call it nowadays ;)

    • Maybe I missed it where it was said the Turtles themselves came from space. That being said I may stop making sense now, but here goes anyway: Perhaps the ‘ooze’ has an alien origin, and that’s how the transformation ( Oh S#!T, :D I see now why Fox is in the movie!!) of the Turtles is explained!

      • I was kinda wondering about that too.

      • The Ooze has always been alien in origin, and it’s been debated whether or not that’s what Bay meant as he’s never come out said that’s what he meant.

        • Well I’m sure hoping that IS what he meant, it would be an epic fail if the Turtles were aliens.

  12. If i were to make a TMNT movie, I would cast Amber Heard or Lyndsy Fonseca as April, i would go into detail about their origins and lastly Krang would be the main villain in my first movie, If Nolan can start with scarecrow then i can start with Krang.

    • I actually like the choice of Jane Levy from Suburgatory, she’s both hot and talented


  14. Making the Ninja Turtles aliens is the bigger insult here. I like the picture at the top of this article. I think it would be cool to see ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ special effects bringing the turtles to life. As good as the old films were, the rubber suits made their fighting moves kind of klunky. I even don’t mind Megan Fox as April. Yes, they could have picked someone better, but I can see her playing a reporter and the turtles thinking she was hot. Changing the origin story is a bigger insult, as it would be if they made a Superman movie where he were not from Krypton. Yes, Eastman is going along with it because they are paying him. Which is sad, because he is also behind the new Turtle cartoon and the IDW comic, both of which are very good and in which the turtles are still MUTANTS!

  15. Its slightlyy irrelevent but im curiousss, but does anyone remember the TMNT meets the Power Rangers special on tv many years ago?

    • Yep. “Shell Shocked” I think…Five Power Rangers from space meet five Ninja Turtles. I thought it was extreamly weird even back then. But hey it was the 90s…

    • yes, barely, but yes. It kinda cool till I watched it again

  16. this movie is still gonna suck

  17. If all this was true Kevin, Bay WOULD NOT be directing this movie. I lost all my excitement for this movie when Megan Fox latched her self on this movie.

    • Bay not directing. Leibsman is.

  18. Watchmen. One co-creator worked with the production and one didn’t. Turned out perfect, didn’t it? Should’ve been 3 movies, shouldn’t it? Alan Moore was crying wasn’t he?

  19. Ninja Turtles were cool for a year or two twenty years ago.

    Talk about the movie no body wanted.

    • There’s quite a few that would disagree man!

  20. All i can keep thinking is… (1) Michael Bay could jump off a cliff, and (2) if he wept while watching the avengers, it makes me even more concerned with this movie. (3) most importantly, i wish someone would send Michael Bay a copy of the original comic because i don’t think he has read it.

    • Neither have you if you don’t realize that the ooze from TCRI is, in fact, ALIEN! Hence their ALIEN origin.

  21. Yes, it seems like every bit of news they release is a publicity stunt to get fans all riled up and generate press, and I’m not impressed by the headlines I read, but at the end of the day I’m still going to wait until it’s out, or at least I see a trailer before I pass judgement.

  22. The turtles are not from space. It was a toxic radiation goo from space that transformed them. Put your trust in Bay. Transformers got the same reviews before production and look how that turned out.

    • I wouldn’t say trust in Bay but trust that this film isn’t going to be a bust.

  23. I’m still waiting for someone to say that Bay somehow raped their childhood. Happens in every TMNT post. Wait for it…

    • you just did. And, no, Bay did not rape my child hood. He made it completely non-existent.

      • So you woke up as an adult because of Michael Bay? Man, he is POWERFUL!

  24. We do not care what kind of style he is going for with this movie. We care about the fact that it goes against the lore by makeing them aliens and Megan fox is a mis cast.

    They tried to defend this crap there pulling off by saying “Hey the current tv show is not exactly the same as the first cartoon. Each cartoon always went into a different route.” That is true. Each cartoon told the story of the Teen age mutant ninja turtles. In the 1980′s cartoon April was a news reporter. In the current series she is a teenage that is caught up in this mess. But when it comes down to it. It was still true to the lore. Making the turtles aliens in this movie is not true to the lore at all! If you can’t respect the franchise you are adapting into a movie then you shouldn’t be adapting it in the first place!

  25. Oh! He mentioned a movie that people loved! That’s so reassuring.
    Forget about Bay producing, Megan Fox cast as April O’Neal and the little detail that the TMNT are now from space and therefore, no longer mutants, or turtles… or ninjas. Nah, ‘Ninja Turtles’ will be fantastic… how could it not be, knowing that these guys have actually SEEN The Avengers!