‘Ninja Turtles’ Poster Gives Us Clearest Look Yet at the Characters

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 Movie Logo Ninja Turtles Poster Gives Us Clearest Look Yet at the Characters

After months of silence, the discussion surrounding the reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has finally begun to heat up. Just days after word of drastically re-imagined turtles had fans outraged, followed by gritty, traditional ninja designs that swung the pendulum once more, another image has entered the fray.

Concept art and scale models can be set aside for an actual piece of promotional material: what looks to be an official poster for the upcoming reboot. There’s no doubt it will prove divisive among fans, but at least it puts some questions to rest – while raising even more.

The poster in question has surfaced via Reddit, and proves that much of what has been reported about the Turtle designs is accurate. Leonardo’s bamboo armor, Raphael’s sunglasses, Michelangelo’s puka shell necklace, and Donatello’s technical-looking goggles are all intact. Some fans had voiced their concerns that the Halloween costume designs were too childish, others that the mock-ups seen in set photos were too dark or adult. In the end, the most official look at the designs sits somewhere in the middle.


Ninja Turtles Movie Official Poster 570x760 Ninja Turtles Poster Gives Us Clearest Look Yet at the Characters

What jumps out immediately is the title in the top right-hand corner: ‘Ninja Turtles.’ Those who have been following production will recall the first time the film was revealed to be dropping the ‘Teenage Mutant’ portion of the name, a move which made more sense once word spread courtesy of Michael Bay – whose production company Platinum Dunes is handling the reboot – that the characters were being re-imagined as alien warriors.

Bay later refuted those claims, promising that nobody involved was looking to enrage the existing fanbase. Bay had claimed that the change in title was a decision of Paramount’s, favoring a simple name. Rumors later spread (whether related to fan outcry or not) that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles name had returned, but this image implies otherwise.

At the end of the day, if every other aspect of the fiction is honored, fans will likely get over the shortened title. What we can say about the Turtles themselves is that it’s fairly hard to design a Ninja Turtle without keeping at least some tradition intact – they are humanoid turtles with martial arts weapons. Their faces are confirmed to be humanlike, but we’d remind everyone that real-life turtles and tortoises are blessed with ‘lips’ too:

Giant Tortoise Lips Image Ninja Turtles Poster Gives Us Clearest Look Yet at the Characters

What you take away from the poster depends largely on your feelings about the reboot as a whole, not to mention the abilities of director Jonathan Liebesman. If cynical, then the use of Raphael’s sunglasses (he’s the cool one!) and Donatello’s glasses (he’s the nerd!) fits perfectly in line with producer Michael Bay’s often pandering, on-the-nose sense of humor (we won’t even mention Michelangelo’s necklace).

If you’re optimistic, then the designs are, actually, fairly fresh ones. It’s just a poster, after all, and the designs certainly have what it takes to offer a more faithful depiction of ninja clothing and fighting styles. But until we see the Turtles in action, debate and opinion is all Paramount is giving fans to go on.

What do you make of the image? Is it more promising than you were hoping, more worrying, or exactly what you’d expected? Hopefully, this leak will urge the studio to provide more details – even focused on that painfully small toy version of Splinter in the bottom corner – soon.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will open in theaters on August 8th, 2014.

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Source: Reddit, Maikel Vargas

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  1. Looks cool to me.

    • What struck me about the miniature sculpts was the variation in size and costume design. Each turtle had a different body type, and then a modern design aesthetic was married to an Asian theme that was very different from turtle to turtle. They aren’t all homogeneous ninjas with primary colors.

      Unfortunately, the poster design eschews that in favor of brightly colored, garbled shapes and what I can only hope is a temporary and subpar logo design.

  2. Looks like it has potential

  3. Of course I was the man who brought this pretty little poster to Vics attention lol

    • You want a cookie?

  4. I looks fine to me. They seem a bit more realistic and with attitude. Each design for the turtles give them their own personality. They dont look the same as they did before. I love the old ones (except for tmnt 3 that design was awful) but now it isnt just the same turtle with different bandana color

  5. When will we see a trailer!?!

  6. Hmm…mostly ambivalent to.. cautiously optimistic now…

  7. Love the designs, but those lips are peculiar looking. Regardless, I’m hyped for this movie!

  8. I don’t like the poster. The turtles are fine (except for Donatello’s nerdy glasses). But the poster seems rushed. So for now, I’m going to with that it isn’t the final main poster.

    • Hey, if those goggles are good enough for Dr Ray Stanz in the Ghostbusters movies, they’re good enough for Don.

  9. The turtle designs are just alright. But man o’man, that crap poster design.

  10. The models looked really cool, but I don’t really like the poster. I don’t think this is the final poster. I really can’t see them sending this out.

  11. I like the designs. Looking forward to seeing them in action.

  12. Whoever came up with the idea of Donatello’s glasses needs to be fired!!!!!!!!!

    • Dan Akroyd wore them in Ghostbusters 1 and 2 though in the 80s so yeah, it’s not like someone designed them exclusively for this movie.

      • Dude, I am guessing here, but I think both the people you replied to were not talking about the goggles, which do actually look pretty cool, but the stereotype nerdy glasses with the tape in the middle that Donny is actually wearing on his face in the poster.
        I love the goggles, I kinda wish they’d kept it at that.

  13. I AM THAD!

  14. I hope the title renaming into “Ninja Turtles” is true…
    Cause I said earlier, those are definitely NOT teenage.
    I’ll watch Nickelodeon for my share of ‘Teenage’ Mutant Ninja Turtles instead…

  15. Shame the models leaked from the earlier article were removed from CBM after the studio requested they take the pictures down.

  16. i am happy with this looks Raphael in the first leaked script was supposed to be the comedian of the batch and Michelangelo the bad but this looks confirm that they haven’t executed the plan and yes i think we don’t have to worry about poster have having only ninja turtles to it because i think this was made on the time of casting when the name was still ninja turles

  17. Ugh. Shades? Gold chains? Seriously?

  18. I like the designs but really don’t like the poster as a whole. Just seems like it’s lacking any real idea. It’s just throwing all the characters on it lol. Either way, with the leaked designs, I’m really looking forward to the trailer now.

    • I think this poster is from early production considering the logo at the top and overall unfinished look. Lets hope anyway. So ready for a trailer as well. Could be any time now.

  19. donatello with eyeglasses?

  20. I get that giving them flesh lips makes it more believable for them to speak normally, but at least don’t make their lips look so human-like. Their “lips” should have been very thin lines, not these luscious Angelina Jolie lips.

  21. Too much gear/outfit for each of them. I hope there are periods of the movie where they are wearing their traditional style outfit. All that detail -like raphael with sunglasses above his eyes-is too much, and looks like poor styling

    • There is a lot of tmnt concept art with alternate costumes/looks and this seems reminiscent to that only this is like a specific alternate style and look was chosen for each of the characters to be used for the movie and I think that is a bad move for fans unless you’re not using that look for the whole movie but only for part of it (I.e. Everyone likes tmnt original character style- not everyone likes surfer style michaelangelo)

      • I think this happens a lot in movies where characters are redesigned to be more realistic, but in this case it doesn’t work. Don has way too much gear to be agile – it looks cumbersome. Leo has bamboo chest armor? To protect him from what? Miley has a sweater tied around his waist…because that was stylish in like what the 80s? They all have weird gauze wrapped around random parts of their bodies -for injuries I guess? That’s much different than elbow knee foot and wrist wrappings for protection. Too many movies redesign characters and it doesn’t appeal to fans. Xmen is a main offender. Dark knight trilogy got it right though Christopher Nolan wrote only two batman rogues into tdkr when he could have easily included others in minor roles like he did in the first two movies, which fans would have loved and because he didn’t I don’t think the movie was appreciated as much. It’s a bummer. So much potential, but producers get caught up on stuff that, in Hindsight, I think they would have done differently after movie previews and or reviews come out. I see that happening the future of this movie. I’m sure the cgi and action will be cool but I doubt it will be better than the old turtles movies in terms of aesthetic.

        • I think the main purpose of them wearing random things is that they live in the sewers collecting junk and wearing them. they are hobo mutant ninja turtles. which is logical. since junks are the only possible source of clothing they have.

    • Oh wow, I never even noticed until you pointed it out.
      Man, people love to nit-pick these days. Too much entitlement attitudes in people nowadays.

  22. I’m fine with the Ninja Turtles name. That’s what my friends and I used to call them as kids for short anyway. You never wanted to say the full name again and again.

    BTW, is it just me, or is Raphael’s bandanna more on the burgundy side?

  23. I don’t timagine there are fans out there who won’t go see the movie even if the character designs – shredder included- or story structure or script are poor, but I think it is unfortunate that fans may be less enthusiastic or nostalgic about the movie based on issues that the producers could have taken more time to address (I.e. What kind of tmnt story do people want to see? Or has been most popular in the comics? What do fans like or dislike in the character designs? Which vallains are popular?). I am not bothered by the characters’ physical body design/look (I.e. Their lips and noses) as much as others seem to be though I do think there are other designs that may have looked better. The tmnt concept art that came out a long time ago and has popularly been associated with this film looked really cool. I wish the designs were closer to that. I think that’s the type of thing a producer should pick up on

  24. This terrible poster makes the design of the turtles look really bad after some cool pictures of the miniature models.
    Shame on whomever sent this out.

    On the plus side, awesome picture of those real turtles.

  25. couldn’t have said it better!

  26. They look all right.

    Still going to wait on the word of mouth, but these designs look like more articulated takes on the classic design, which is okay by me (Do your thing creatively, just don’t ride rough shot over what came before in a lame attempt to reinvent the wheel, … is my thinking :P )

  27. I love it

  28. Sorry for being a smartass, but real turtles don’t have lips (including those in the article picture), they have beaks. Lips are soft tissue and movable, while the turtle’s mouth edges are a rigid part of the skull.

    That doesn’t matter for the movie design, though. They need to have lips in order to articulate.

    • real turtles arent ninjas that run about with weapons either.

      • That’s what I’m saying, if you read my last two sentences. Just correcting the false information about the real world animal.

        • Real Turtles don’t have teeth either. You can’t have beaks and teeth.

  29. really dont understand why they have not released any promo stuff officially with all of these leaks… unless they are planning a super bowl trailer