‘Ninja Turtles’ Poster Gives Us Clearest Look Yet at the Characters

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 Movie Logo Ninja Turtles Poster Gives Us Clearest Look Yet at the Characters

After months of silence, the discussion surrounding the reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has finally begun to heat up. Just days after word of drastically re-imagined turtles had fans outraged, followed by gritty, traditional ninja designs that swung the pendulum once more, another image has entered the fray.

Concept art and scale models can be set aside for an actual piece of promotional material: what looks to be an official poster for the upcoming reboot. There’s no doubt it will prove divisive among fans, but at least it puts some questions to rest – while raising even more.

The poster in question has surfaced via Reddit, and proves that much of what has been reported about the Turtle designs is accurate. Leonardo’s bamboo armor, Raphael’s sunglasses, Michelangelo’s puka shell necklace, and Donatello’s technical-looking goggles are all intact. Some fans had voiced their concerns that the Halloween costume designs were too childish, others that the mock-ups seen in set photos were too dark or adult. In the end, the most official look at the designs sits somewhere in the middle.


Ninja Turtles Movie Official Poster 570x760 Ninja Turtles Poster Gives Us Clearest Look Yet at the Characters

What jumps out immediately is the title in the top right-hand corner: ‘Ninja Turtles.’ Those who have been following production will recall the first time the film was revealed to be dropping the ‘Teenage Mutant’ portion of the name, a move which made more sense once word spread courtesy of Michael Bay – whose production company Platinum Dunes is handling the reboot – that the characters were being re-imagined as alien warriors.

Bay later refuted those claims, promising that nobody involved was looking to enrage the existing fanbase. Bay had claimed that the change in title was a decision of Paramount’s, favoring a simple name. Rumors later spread (whether related to fan outcry or not) that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles name had returned, but this image implies otherwise.

At the end of the day, if every other aspect of the fiction is honored, fans will likely get over the shortened title. What we can say about the Turtles themselves is that it’s fairly hard to design a Ninja Turtle without keeping at least some tradition intact – they are humanoid turtles with martial arts weapons. Their faces are confirmed to be humanlike, but we’d remind everyone that real-life turtles and tortoises are blessed with ‘lips’ too:

Giant Tortoise Lips Image Ninja Turtles Poster Gives Us Clearest Look Yet at the Characters

What you take away from the poster depends largely on your feelings about the reboot as a whole, not to mention the abilities of director Jonathan Liebesman. If cynical, then the use of Raphael’s sunglasses (he’s the cool one!) and Donatello’s glasses (he’s the nerd!) fits perfectly in line with producer Michael Bay’s often pandering, on-the-nose sense of humor (we won’t even mention Michelangelo’s necklace).

If you’re optimistic, then the designs are, actually, fairly fresh ones. It’s just a poster, after all, and the designs certainly have what it takes to offer a more faithful depiction of ninja clothing and fighting styles. But until we see the Turtles in action, debate and opinion is all Paramount is giving fans to go on.

What do you make of the image? Is it more promising than you were hoping, more worrying, or exactly what you’d expected? Hopefully, this leak will urge the studio to provide more details – even focused on that painfully small toy version of Splinter in the bottom corner – soon.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will open in theaters on August 8th, 2014.

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Source: Reddit, Maikel Vargas

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  1. Leo looks like he has some ink on his right forearm

    • Michelangelo has some on his shoulder as well. Its hard to see with the skin markings, but its there.

  2. To me, this looks like a crappy TMNT Japanese release poster. Very unofficial looking…very..very…unofficial and the miniature design turtles didn’t have lips so…I’m waiting for the trailer.

    • if this was japanese it will be a great poster, this one’s probably china, since you can also see the merchandise they are going to sell from toys to masks.

    • Except the miniature models did have lips…

    • Turtles don’t have lips. Why are lips even being brought up.

  3. If you look closely on the bottom right you can see he new Leonardo Halloween mask

  4. just noticed now that they have already made a prototype of the toys, anyone know whose making this toys?

  5. The models looked great. This poster looks horrible.

  6. Doesn’t look that bad!

  7. I don’t think they look that bad. But their noses look really weird to me. Leo and Donnie look awesome regardless. But I still need a trailer.

  8. some serious blowjob lips there, Leonardo also has the bedroom eyes :D
    go sexy Turtles go!

  9. Zoom in on Donatello’s head band. What are those symbols?

  10. obviously it’s just an older poster from before they changed the name back to Teenage mutant ninja turtles. Isn’t that hard to figure out.

  11. Still better than Singer’s Quicksilver design

  12. It looks like a rip off from Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation by how the turtles sorta look.

  13. why the fugg is raph wearing a do-rag?why?

  14. The designs look good , I am suprised. Shredder no pics here but seen in a previous images looks amazing!

  15. They don’t look as bad as I thought they’d be. But still this could’ve been better. Leo and Mickey look very “female” in fact all of them do but Donnie. Their outfits for the most part seem ok, except Donnie’s goofy glasses, Raphe’s “cool” shades, and Mikey’s “totally hip” chain.

  16. Michelangelo’s head in this poster looks almost exactly like the Halloween costume’s head.

  17. Its not too bad. They’re less cartoony looking, and more turtle looking, but still unmistakenly Ninja Turtles. Makes for a some real world based characters. Yes, turtles don’t have lips, but neither did the original TMNT. You must have lips though for the sake of facial expressions and being able to speak words.

  18. did they really have to give the turtles the eyes of a transexual prostitute wearing bad contacts. i dont think we needed feminine uncomfortable eyes on ninja turtles, im so tired of bad cgi, bring back practical effects!!!!!! we know practical effects arent real, but they are retro and loveble in their limitations, cgi makes me want to flush a toilet.

  19. teenage mutant transexual turtles. jerome, you sir took the words out of my keystrokes. this is bad, make the eyes black, take away the pig like snouts and keep this film dark. Bay is the master of crap, lets hope this is less crappy than usual. I actually think transformers 4 will be epic, but this one, another TMNT that will never get my money. When they reboot it again give it to a director who does dark comedy, not cgi diarreha orgies of stinky.

  20. This is just fake…. it doesnt have the real “teenage mutant ninja turtles” logo.

  21. This is a joke, right?

  22. Raph. looks amazing in this poster. It speaks worlds of his character by combining his look over the years with that of a biker/underground fighter.

    Don. also very well planed and speaks of his intelligence amongst the four, did anyone notice the odd gear attached to his back?

    Mike… I see what they where going for but it doesn’t seem right. Kind of throwing darts blindy at their target for his design, a surfer bum.

    Leo, his design is interesting. Have a love hate with his. On one hand I like the “clean” look of him… then there’s that silly bamboo armor. Kind of ruins it. However if they give a good reason in the movie for why he’s wearing it. Then all is forgiven… but after watch a few Bay movies I doubt we get a good reason. If any is given.

    As for having Megan Fox as April (not depicted) Mr. Bay you are a gluten for punishment… might have been better off getting Milia Jovovich for the roll. Unless April is going to be the weak feeble version then all power to you for bring back that garbage into one of your movies.

  23. Panos says:

    December 20, 2014 at 6:42 am

    Hey Loading Artist.. I showed this comic to my girlfriend the other day as i was wrapping her presents cause i found it really funny.. But as it turns out it sparked an argument.. I thought that at the last panel the couple says “Ugh” with love and happiness cause their loved one got them a present.. that’s why i thought it was funny (the twist of the negative “ugh” in the end).. My gf on the other hand thought that they continue the negative “Ugh” from the previous panels and that they are fake laughing for receiving a gift they didnt like.. please tell me who is right..