‘Ninja Turtles’ Co-Creator Not Happy With Megan Fox Playing April O’Neil

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Peter Laird Megan Fox Ninja Turtles Controversy Ninja Turtles Co Creator Not Happy With Megan Fox Playing April ONeil

The announcement that Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes would be rebooting the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie franchise has always faced harsh criticism from those who feel the words “Platinum Dunes” and “Michael Bay” are synonymous with wholesale slaughter of sacred cinematic cows.

Even TMNT co-creator Peter Laird had harsh things to say when a supposed script for the re-branded Ninja Turtles surfaced – one in which the characters origins had drastically revised into a sci-fi opera about extraterrestrial beings. Whereas Laird’s former collaborator Kevin Eastman is supporting the Ninja Turtles reboot, Laird has been pretty forthcoming with his displeasure – including casting Megan Fox as April O’Neil the spunky reporter who befriends the warrior turtle gang.

Megan Fox and April ONeil Ninja Turtles Co Creator Not Happy With Megan Fox Playing April ONeil

Laird took to his personal blog recently, and had this to say regarding the Megan Fox issue:

“My only exposure to Megan Fox as an actress is through her role in two “Transformers” movies and the wretched (but happily forgettable) “Jennifer’s Body”. It may not be fair to judge her range of acting skills just from those three movies, but I think it is safe to say that there are probably hundreds of better choices for the role of April O’Neil. Of course, her name has promotional value, and maybe that’s what they want. Who knows? I can’t get myself too worked up about it.”

Just so we’re clear: Peter Laird has no say or control over what happens with this new film – so if you’re counting on him to be the sane man in the room who helps this project somehow avoid what looks to be impending disaster… your  faith is in the wrong place. Laird’s well-measured words DO have the power to rile up the most ardent fans – who will likely point to this case as “evidence” that the Platinum Dunes crew are (once again) ‘screwing up their childhood.’ After all, if  one of the TMNT creators doesn’t like it…

kevin eastman ninja turtles avengers Ninja Turtles Co Creator Not Happy With Megan Fox Playing April ONeil

The most interesting thing about all of this is watching the almost bi-polar divergence in opinion between the two men who first created TMNT. Between Eastman’s impassioned defense of Ninja Turtles and Laird’s figurative sighs of disappointment (see above), one begins to wonder if one party isn’t more responsible than the other for the property’s transformation from an imaginatively gritty and violent series of comics, to the over-milked, bubble-gum-flavored cash-cow it has become over the years. Not sayin’, just sayin’…

Do you agree with Laird that there are ‘hundreds of better choices’ than Megan Fox for the role of April O’Neil, or do you think having America’s premiere piece of eye candy back in the hands of Bay is match made in heaven?


Ninja Turtles flies into theaters on June 6th, 2014.

Source: Peter Laird (via CBM)

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    • The only thing missing is your hard to pronounce name and the name of your terrorist cell. If you don’t claim credit early then how do we know who is responsible when all the infidels suffer? If you are waging cinematic Jihad, or even tossing out a casual Hollywood fatwa, it’s nice to know who is speaking. Have you considered stopping the Twilight saga? It’s probably too late now. Never mind.

      • Hey hey, no one said they would die, just suffer.

        I could like… pee in their Cherios or something…

        • Did someone say cheerios?

          • Mmm, quite right. Mmyes.
            *puffs pipe*

            • Commander McBragg…

              Where the hell you been?

              Yeah, That is right Michael, only old heads would get that.


          • I heard someone say Cheerios!Can I have some??

        • Lol

      • I get what you’re trying to say, but must you really automatically sterotype a “terrorist” as a Middle Easterner? Seriously? I hate to nitpick about little things because I understand the metaphor, but needless to say its a very insensitive one. Well, actually, it’s just plain stupid.

        • Well since you’re being so sensitive about it I’m going to have to be blunt and say that 99.9% of all the terrorists we’re dealing with these days (and since the 80′s) have been Middle Eastern…

          • You just peed in his cheerios, alright!

  2. Michael Bay comes across as an inconsiderate d0uche. How can someone be a director and dismiss or devalue powerful insights and opinions? Especially the opinions of those brilliant minds that created such great works…the works that give Mr. Bay a job.

    If anyone could destroy the longevity of a revered canon, it’s Michael Bay.

    • What are you talking about? You think Michael Bay owes his job to Laird? LOL – Michael Bay was doing just fine before he was attached to this movie. That’s like saying Liam Neesoon wes his job to the guy who designed the game ‘Battleship.’

      • I believe Bill’s point was that Michael Bay should have more consideration for the source material as well as respect for the TMNT franchise’s fans and not make drastic unnecessary changes to the characters’ origins or casting a poor actress as such a crucial character for only mere eye candy, a la “Transformers”. Basically, no one likes Michael Bay, he is becoming synonymous with M. Night Shyamalan

        • I call this the Nolan Factor. Why? Because the studios saw what he did (box office wise) with the Batman.

          So now studios that only have half a brain (or less) think that model of allowing the Director to run rampant over an established character and its many years of history will work.

          You want to change the turtles to all females? Sure go ahead.

          You want the turtles to be REAL turtles from the Archipelago islands that were mutated from an Atomic Bomb from years gone by? Sure go ahead.

          It is quite sickening.

          • It has nothing to do with Nolan. Studios give directors leeway to reimagine the source material because they’re smarter than the ultraconservative fanboys. TMNT wouldn’t even be a viable franchise today if it weren’t for the popularity of the 80′s cartoon, itself a massive reimagining of the orginal comic book. The only way to do a “faithful” adaptation of Ninja Turtles would be to do an R rated grim n’ gritty noir movie where the turtles all wear the same color headband and they stab all the bad guys to death. Of course, that would be stupid and not at all financially viable.

            • I would have to disagree.

              I find it hard to believe that the Avengers were re-imaged to a degree that Nolan’s Batman was. So how do you compare when on one hand you have the success you have with The Avengers that hardly any re-imaging was done and another (lets get funky) Steel it was?

              Even some of the ones that were re-imaged (Thor, Cap, Blade, Watchmen, Burtons Batman, Kick-A$$) were not re-imaged so far out of their history and was still a success.

              Stupid maybe to you. However can you think of any financially viable movies that pushed the rating to the limit or even went R? I can.

              However a smart person wouldn’t feel the need to push it to R, as much as you THINK an R rating would be needed there are quite a few PG-13s that push those boundaries.

              In closing you also would need to remember the people that read those comics and saw those cartoons are adults now. There was a resurgence of the Turtles but I dont believe it ever caught on.

              So a PG13 Turtle movie in the same vein of the books originally were with a spattering of the cartoon is viable (this is taking into consideration of the source material). There is no NEED to change anything. You either know the Turtles (comics, cartoons, movies) or you dont. No amount of leeway from a director (IMO) will change it, so why do it?

        • His point was to insult Bay for not bowing to the will of the fanboys who want the movie to be exactly like the 80′s cartoon they grew up with. It has nothing to do with respecting the creators or their opinions. What about Eastman who actively supports Bay’s development of the new movie? Eastman changed Shredder into an alien “unnecessarily” in the 2003 cartoon because he likes to keep the franchise fresh instead of repeating the same thing over and over. I guess it’s only important to respect the creators Brasky agrees with.

      • He does!

    • Agreed. Michael Bay is a disgrace. But since so many people went to see Transformers he thinks he can do whatever he wants and the Bay-sheep will still flock to his movies. Which is what will happen because they just want to see more explosion-porn like transformers.

    • Your last sentence is more important than the bible.

  3. Laird is right. I feel Eastman is only saying yes for the fat paycheck. Also there are way better actresses that are more talented, and not a simple piece of eye candy. April is supposed to be a reporter, not a hussy.

    • So says her tight clothes and low cut shirts! ;)

      • Sorry Aknot, to be honest I haven’t picked up a T.M.N.T. comic in a while. But April O’Neil probably wears more than Megan Fox. (Yes, I know April isn’t a real person.)

        • Same here but I could have sworn after her introduction in 2 and after Casey she started wearing more revealing outfits to include tank tops.

          Its been awhile also and the cartoons may be clouding my judgement not to mention all the Aprils in the jumpsuits when you pic Google April… :D

    • Laird is the guy that kept bebop and rocksteady out of tmnt 2 making kevin forced to create tokka and rahzar which basically killed the movie fanchise.

      so all you cartoon fanboys can stfu about how great laird is.

      and if tmnt was made like the first comic book i would love that, but with an r rating it would make less money than punisher warzone

  4. Lest we forget the turtles were originally a parody of Frank Miller’s ‘Ronin’ and we know how dames is in his universe.
    Wasn’t April turned from a lab assistant into a living cartoon at one point in the comics? Sounds like Megan Fox, meow!
    This movie never had a chance of capturing the important part of the franchise, which was the family vibe that somehow grew out of it.
    Enough bickering about trivialities and tell us Shredder is now a witch based on Hannibal Lecter who can start revolutions with memes.

    • Interesting stuff! Sadly I think that many film makers who get a chance at a franchise make little or no attempt to get the flavor of it from creators or previous stewards. They generally want to do whatever the hell they think would entertain them to create, and no amount of fan outrage over sacriligious reinvention will deter those egos from rewriting anything and anyone. Doesn’t sound like this began with a conversation with the creators, and that figures. Typical Hollywood jive. Hope the movie doesn’t suck. I haven’t enjoyed a Turtle movie since the first one. After that they went for the kid audience and took away all their weapons! Duh!! I remember one of the only times a weapon came out, and it was Leo putting his katana into the ceiling so he could pull himself up… Nonsense, and not really what big fat knives are carried around for. I think Henson and co did the suits, and they still make me smile. Outside of Dark Crystal and Labrinth there just aren’t many impressive live-action creatures out their. Puppets and live actors with puppet parts can convey great fantasy, and yet they are almost nonexistent now. Even Yoda went digital. Sad.

      • Very well said, as for puppet Yoda, that’s why I enjoy watching Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi for puppet Yoda!

  5. I’m totally against using Megan Fox for market value and radically changing the Turtles origins, but I just can no longer respect anyone who cries “raped my childhood” anymore. Grow. Up. If your childhood is that easily rape-able than I guess it wasn’t much of a childhood anyways. If this movie shows signs of being another soulless cash grab than DON’T WATCH IT. Seriously. We could all end these s***** movies together if we refuse to watch them. Its like people like Bay are drug dealers and we’re junkies who complain but can’t quit. Bay isn’t even the problem.
    Anyways, I think Bay needs to listen to Peter Laird if he wants to avoid criticism. Bay seems alittle sensitive.

  6. There are hundreds of actresses who could play MEGAN FOX better than Megan Fox.

  7. Fox id the worst actress I have ever seen RECAST IT BAY

  8. Probably an excuse to have their craft land in New York like a meteor impact, complete with slow motion explosions and buildings toppling while the surround sound system is popping like a firecracker in a loudspeaker.

  9. Good lord. I don’t understand this Megan Fox hate at ALL. She’s attractive, has a cute voice, sounds like she knows what she’s talking about in movies, AND is a video game nerd to boot. Literally nothing to dislike. I don’t get it..

    • And did I mention she has tattoos?? So much win there. The only thing that could POSSIBILY make her more attractive would be if she had biga$$ plugs haha

      • Plugs? You mean hair plugs? Probably not… Anyway, she does appear to exude an attitude or a vibe like she is every boy’s dream come true, made powerful and arrogant by her implied withholding of affection to the drooling masses. Not a great rep as a human from what I gather…

    • well, there is the small factor that she isn’t any good at the job she gets paid millions of dollars to do, but I guess that doesn’t matter because she’s hot and likes video games, right?

  10. This movie will be so spectacularly crap-tastic that a hole in space-time will open up and swallow Michael Bay and his minions, which will then transport them to another dimension where they will be punished for all their indiscretions.

    Well, hopefully anyway.

  11. Gemma Arterton would be good

    • I first I kind of dismissed your comment, but after thinking about it for a few seconds, that is definitely a casting that I could get behind.

    • *At first

    • #BOOM! Nails it!! Gemma Arterton! With the strawberry blonde/red hair she sported in Quantum of Solace!

  12. I’m against Michael Bay making this at all, does he really need another beloved cartoon to butcher? I mean you can argue back and forth about the transformers movies but NOBODY can say that the dragon ball movie was anything but a horrible abomination.

    Adding Megan Fox to the mix… I had about the same reaction to it as I had when I found out they were replacing Angus Jones with Miley Cyrus, its just such a bad idea I have to ask if even the director has any faith in the project

    • Bay had nothing to do with Dragonball Evolution though. If he did, it would probably have had more explosions ;)

      • The Kamehameha would’ve been much more incredible.

      • Believe it or not but I think the Dragonball movie would have been better if Bay had been involved and yeah to what the other guy said. The Kamehameha would have been incredible. This kinda makes me want another Dragonball movie done right! Include Vegeta and his Saiyan cockiness and now we’re talking.

        • Weirdly, I agree. I’m not a Bay fan, but the dragonball movie would definitely have been better off, if only in terms of spectacle, with Bay attached.

          • Michael Bay to the rescue! BTW… I miss his posts…

  13. Michael Bay, Destroyer of All Things 80′s and Good with his paramor (your telling me SOMETHING hasn’t gone down between these two???)Megan, “needs a wash, looking a bit sweaty” Fox are planing to obliterate another beloved nostalga property

    Please someone stop this man from remaking my childhood BADLY.

    Wouldn’t mind if the end product was any good, maybe TMNT will be but based upon Michael’s track record I really doubt (I still stand by a previous comment of mine, last GOOD film Bay did was The Rock)

  14. Remember that one time when someone said “Michael Bay raped my childhood” or something of that matter? …Man, that person was awesome. =0\

    • I think that was me ;) Although if memory serves correct, what I actually said was “Michael Bay is raping my childhood heroes”.
      Thing is, I wasn’t being that serious. It was more of a joke (kind of a reference to the South Park episode where George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg rape Indiana Jones).

      I got a lot of flack for saying that though.
      Obviously, rape is a serious issue and in retrospect I do feel bad about comparing a director messing up a group of fictional characters to a horrible, sick act that ruins actual human lives.

      • LOL I saw it somewhere a long time ago when Bay was first attached to this project. So my comment wasn’t directly pointed to anyone in this forum. It was a generic smart @$$ comment because in reality, no one can rape your childhood.

    • He hasn’t raped my childhood, I’m sure I would of remembered any specific penetration.

      The comment was used more over to illustrate my age and that everything that Michael appears to be involved with at the moment steems from the 80′s and specifically 80′s cartoons.

      He’ll be doing Thundercats or Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors next I’m sure.

      The fact that alot of the programmes I watched when I was young are being mined by a modern Hollywood is not surprising as they’re awesome creations, much better than the standard fair that kids and young teenagers get feed to them these days (although I’m partial to a bit of Ben10) which is why they are held in such regard by fans and protectively defended when abused.

      I would loudly sing the praises of such ventures if they were done well and regardless of box office results, in terms of cinematic quality, Bay has a poor track record and Megan Fox for all her physical attributes that appeal to all the pre-pubescent members of the audience has not shown any acting potential. (Not seen Jeniffer’s Body, opinion based on Jonah Hex and Transformers 1 & 2)

      It’s the poor quality of the finished product that I dispair against and no it hasn’t coloured my opinion of the source material as I’m mature enough to seperate the two, it’s just disappointing to see material that has so much potential squandered for the sake of some shakey-cam close ups, a bit of toilet humour and what the japanese call “Fan Service”, oh don’t forget the HUGE but generally pointless explosions.

      Sorry I’m a bit old to find that interesting but there’s the answer these films aren’t ment for me, a fan of the original, just like Episodes 1-3 weren’t, there aimed at the new breed of young fan who likes all that superficial stuff

      • Again, the comment wasn’t directed to anyone here at SR. I probably read it on Facebook. I just think its silly how SSOOOOO many people can repeat the same disgusting comment that has zero relevance to the topic. BTW… I’m 27 yrs of age. It was my childhood as well.

      • Everything Bay is involved in stems from 80′s cartoons? Wow, I had no idea “Pain and Gain” was based on a cartoon, thanks for the info. You’re completely misrepresenting his career; that’s like saying “everything Nolan is involved in is DC comics related – I’m sure he’ll be doing Swamp Thing or Aquaman next.”

        • I’m all for the Aquaman attachment, but explosions don’t look that good under water. But if anyone could do it, its Sir Michael.

  15. Hopefully now is the time that April O’Neil finally has that nip-slip I’ve been waiting for since 1989…

    • YES!

  16. Think about it this way; Nobody wants Fox as April O’Neil and nobody wants Bay to do the reboot, so wouldn’t it be fair to say that no other actress was willing to do the part on the basis that Michael Bay will destroy (once again) a once loved character based story?

    There are bound to be a number of Hollywood sources, actors etc. who feel the same way the fans do; it wouldn’t surprise me to find out in the future he casts Mark Wahlberg as “Casey Jones”.

    • That would be awesome….

    • Yes, I’m sure that the thousands of actresses looking for a big break in Hollywood all turned down this career-making role because they didn’t want to “destroy” a franchise best known as the basis for an 80′s children’s fad.

  17. Peter must have missed Jonah Hex otherwise he would have said four horrible movies Megan Fox has been in. As someone else said Kevin is just saying yes just to get a big fat paycheck. The Nickelodeon series is way better than what this is shaping up to be. Can we just go ahead and rename Ninja Turtles to Heroes in a Trainwreck?

  18. I’m sick of the phrase “screwing up their childhood” get over it. I was a kid in the 80′s and I loved all those cartoons but I’m not gonna complain cause they decide to change the origins, that’s ridiculous. I don’t remember anyone complaining when they decided to alter the turtles story from the original comic-books. Although I do agree about the Megan Fox casting, she left a bad taste in a lot of peoples mouths after the Transformers movies, which I loved. Why can’t they just cast a natural red-head, we’ll just have to wait and see.

    • No one complain about the comic to cartoon cuz we didn’t have the internet then to complain about movies n watch porn back then

  19. I agree they should’ve looked harder for an actress that LOOKS CLOSER TO APRIL’O but Megan isn’t going to get better if she’s not given a chance too.
    And besides this Reboot was already screwed up before Megan Fox was even a thought, so don’t blame her for poor writing & bad ideas.

  20. looks to me like a broken record fox and bay on an 80′s classic and childhood dream for most in a way i can hope sombody can fix transformers in the future and repair what bay has done but tmnt don’t deserve this bay needs to be fired along with fox and never work in hollywood again he is an idoit who is only looking for the money to be made and if we let him get away with this again he will do it again do we really need 4 more tmnt movies with his dumb ass behind them or even another like him doing g.i. joe next with fox or some other show this needs to end now.

  21. I loved the turtles growing up. I’m 23 and my 1st birthday party was ninja turtles. This movie is going to blow. Turtles from space and Megan fox as April oniel wtf? Just cut out a turtle change there colors or even change it from turtles and give it a different name since they’re obviously changing everything else too. I mean damn how is the shredder even gonna play into this. I’ll be happy with never watching this film and sticking to the original 3.

  22. Michael Bay, haven’t you learned anything? Everybody hates her. Not the just the fans, but the respected film community! For God’s sake, Steven Spielberg himself told her to get the %$#& out of Transformers 3 after she did nothing but whine and moan about everything.

  23. Its a horrid idea and i wont have anypart of it

  24. Yep, still glad I decided not to put any stock in this project from the beginning.

  25. Michael makes movies for teenage boys. Oh, no. What a crime.

    The Michael Bay hate-wagon gets a bit old.

    And, no, I don’t think he’s the greatest director of all time. Nor should he be.

  26. It’s funny how they went out of their way to bad-mouth her when things got nasty with the Transformers movie, but now think adding her to this project will draw in audience members.