‘Ninja Turtles’ Co-Creator Not Happy With Megan Fox Playing April O’Neil

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Peter Laird Megan Fox Ninja Turtles Controversy Ninja Turtles Co Creator Not Happy With Megan Fox Playing April ONeil

The announcement that Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes would be rebooting the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie franchise has always faced harsh criticism from those who feel the words “Platinum Dunes” and “Michael Bay” are synonymous with wholesale slaughter of sacred cinematic cows.

Even TMNT co-creator Peter Laird had harsh things to say when a supposed script for the re-branded Ninja Turtles surfaced – one in which the characters origins had drastically revised into a sci-fi opera about extraterrestrial beings. Whereas Laird’s former collaborator Kevin Eastman is supporting the Ninja Turtles reboot, Laird has been pretty forthcoming with his displeasure – including casting Megan Fox as April O’Neil the spunky reporter who befriends the warrior turtle gang.

Megan Fox and April ONeil Ninja Turtles Co Creator Not Happy With Megan Fox Playing April ONeil

Laird took to his personal blog recently, and had this to say regarding the Megan Fox issue:

“My only exposure to Megan Fox as an actress is through her role in two “Transformers” movies and the wretched (but happily forgettable) “Jennifer’s Body”. It may not be fair to judge her range of acting skills just from those three movies, but I think it is safe to say that there are probably hundreds of better choices for the role of April O’Neil. Of course, her name has promotional value, and maybe that’s what they want. Who knows? I can’t get myself too worked up about it.”

Just so we’re clear: Peter Laird has no say or control over what happens with this new film – so if you’re counting on him to be the sane man in the room who helps this project somehow avoid what looks to be impending disaster… your  faith is in the wrong place. Laird’s well-measured words DO have the power to rile up the most ardent fans – who will likely point to this case as “evidence” that the Platinum Dunes crew are (once again) ‘screwing up their childhood.’ After all, if  one of the TMNT creators doesn’t like it…

kevin eastman ninja turtles avengers Ninja Turtles Co Creator Not Happy With Megan Fox Playing April ONeil

The most interesting thing about all of this is watching the almost bi-polar divergence in opinion between the two men who first created TMNT. Between Eastman’s impassioned defense of Ninja Turtles and Laird’s figurative sighs of disappointment (see above), one begins to wonder if one party isn’t more responsible than the other for the property’s transformation from an imaginatively gritty and violent series of comics, to the over-milked, bubble-gum-flavored cash-cow it has become over the years. Not sayin’, just sayin’…

Do you agree with Laird that there are ‘hundreds of better choices’ than Megan Fox for the role of April O’Neil, or do you think having America’s premiere piece of eye candy back in the hands of Bay is match made in heaven?


Ninja Turtles flies into theaters on June 6th, 2014.

Source: Peter Laird (via CBM)

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  1. I said this when it was first announced and ill say it again. Michael bay is still mad at Megan Fox about something since she will obviously be the cause of the movie bombing. May do good in box office if it is catered towards kids though. Damn toys always sell lol

    • He’s probably upset that she pulled out (sic!) of Transformers 3 cause she was tired of just being titilation on the screen (and viewfinder, Bay your a dirty old man)

  2. Meh. She’ll be fine. He’s right though, pretty much anybody could more of less play that role. It’s a bay film, dont think april will be much more than a two dimensional “head strong reporter” and for some reason the turtles that are either mutant or aliens will find her attractive, which again makes no sense but this property never made much to start with (though I still watched it religiously as a kid! Haha)

  3. Well he’s going to have to grow some f*cking balls and man up because this decision is final. You everyone might as well deal with it. You won’t go see the movie? Okay that’s cool but that obviously won’t stop the film from making big bucks.

    • I keep forgetting you are one of those angry attention craving trolls. Yes the film will make big bucks cause it will have ninja turtles in it. Yeah I am gonna feed you troll!

  4. the film will be a hit if megan fox is bent over the turtles van in cutoff denim shorts and a tank top. it sounds like a hit to me

  5. Megan Fox is clearly a name grab for the movie, it’s not like they’re going to get a legit actress with a recognizable name to play the role and they need a recognizable name/face since everyone else is going to just have their voice applied to CGI creations.

  6. Amy Adams FTW

    • Adams? She has real talent. She’d be slumming to take this role.

      • Not really she obviously just takes fun roles, with enchanted and the muppets

    • Id prefer Rachel Mcadams, shes perfect.

  7. @ Kofi Outlaw

    Thats the same article i read from Yahoo. Did you write this article after i posted a comment about Laird’s opinion in Open Discussion? Just curious.

    • Nah, It was sitting around our bullpen for nearly 24 hours, I just wanted to get it written.

  8. Why does Megan Fox keep getting work? She’s a terrible actress who just gets thrown in for eye candy. She was better than the woman in Transformers 3, but that’s not saying much. I wish they would take this movie a little more seriously. I understand it’s probably going to be meant for a younger crowd, but c’mon.

  9. He doesn’t like Megan but is ok with Michael Bay?

    • Good point.

  10. I think the worst part is, it may do will in the box office giving the studio more incentive to make several more sequels, similar to what’s been done to the Transformers franchise.

  11. M bay is inline as being as bad as Paul WS Anderson and they should both be frozen in carbonite, which would probably just end up being silly putty.

  12. To all the people out there saying “shut up fanboys. Don’t be so harsh, wait until you see it, it won’t be that bad”. It’s one thing when the fans are hating on an upcoming adaptation of a franchise, but when the CO-CREATOR of the series has the same problems, there really is something wrong here.

    Normally creators support adaptations of their work (Stan Lee, Bob Kane) and sometimes they don’t (Alan Moore) but when they think someone is really screwing up their work, they’re normally right.

    Yeah, Megan Fox is hot, but she really is a bad actress, and doesn’t fit the April O’Neil character at all. I think it’s safe to say that the people here who DO approve of this only need a half naked girl on screen to call the film a “good movie”.

    • Laird basically got screwed over on the rights to the Turtles and rarely has much positive to say about anything to do with them, while Eastman has made lots of money from them and goes along with anything because he is a massive yes man.

      • eastman created the turtles as a joke, laird piggybacked and maybe ‘CO-CRETED” a few characters… the first comic was a highly successful spoof…. Eastman is not a yes man, just someone who didnt all of a sudden try to take his joke serious, and wwas willing to cash in as much as possible.

        kevin used his money to follow his dreams elsewhere and when he went broke he had to sell his share to Laird.

        Laird never got screwed by anyone but himself, he made more money with the 2k3 cartoona nd the cgi movie, but he ran the comic into the ground and was barely making any money with all the costs of artist and everything and the fact nobody was buying anything.

        He sold the turtles to Nick and they didnt want him to provide any direction, because HE HAS NO DIRECTION!
        they employed Eastman because he is awesome, and still in toucj with how to make things cool and interesting, and he was always the idea man behind the turtles.

        so what if the story changes, just imagine it takes place in a different world like what dc does when a story nolonger follows continuity… the way tmnt forever explained everything, all you fanboys loved that sh*t, so just enjoy a new story…you cant be fed the same old crap forever, things need to be revamped from time to time.

        and transformers movies were awesome visually and enjoyable for what they are…the cartoon was garbage in the 80′s and bay took it to an amazing new level…nobody would have done it any better.

        sure bay likes to focus on over the top explosions and attractive females, but there was a time in the 80′s where thats all movies were about, and that was a great time.

  13. @Acein210

    Lol so i’m a troll for speaking my mind? Okay then, so be it.

  14. it just keeps getting worse. they need to scrap this movie. its been doomed since michael was attached to it, and i like the transformers movies so at first i had some faith but now this movie is turning into a disaster.

  15. Yeah, Fox can’t act at all and it’s obvious that she’s used for her looks (which are actually pretty average compared to some of the women I’ve seen in the street here) and name value after most guys went to see Transformers purely to see her in as little as could be pulled off in a movie aimed at kids.

    As someone who grew up with the Turtles and had all the action figures, I wasn’t reacting angrily about this reboot until the “aliens, not mutants” thing came along and now I just think of that awesome song “End Of An Era” from Team America that has the line asking “why does Michael Bay keep making movies?”

    I’m totally with Laird on this and think that Eastman is only on board because he needs the cash to help him finish paying his divorce to Julie Strain but to give it the benefit of the doubt, Bay could’ve chosen an unknown to play April and helped shot her to stardom.

    Fox doesn’t need to be a selling point, just use the words “from the director of Transformers, Pearl Harbor” and whatever else made him money despite being crap and tickets will be sold even if you forget that this is a popular franchise.

    • Where do you live, in a fictional town of a micheal bay film? seriously, because if megan fox is average compared to the women just walking around on the street around you, i want to move there…

      • I live in a quiet town in Berkshire, England. Seriously, I’ve seen hundreds of girls over the years that work as regular people in stores, hospitals, police stations and other places around here and they’re just as hot as Megan Fox is.

        That’s why I don’t rate her much because I’ve seen too many just as attractive. It’s like when I worked in a chocolate store, I got sick of the sight of it and stopped eating it because I was around it so often.

        I’ve often looked at them and looked at professional models and wondered why these normal girls aren’t as famous for their looks as the models who really aren’t that good looking in comparison.

        • Kansas City, Council Bluffs, Des Moines, Colorado Springs, Denver. Just about everywhere. Megan Fox is an ok looking person who unfortunately is in a profession that she is terrible at. So so so many more beautiful women, and so many more lovely women who are also amazing actors.

          • Totally agree, Megan Fox, not ugly by any strech of the imagination but not “leave the wife” drop dead gorgeous like some actresses in Hollywood.
            Her selling point is that she’s a bit skanky and happy to reveal as much as possible to give those teenage boys in the audience a bit of titilation and as that’s who Transformers and most likely TMNT is aimed at.
            Us of an older persuasion tend to look for abit more than a pair of short shorts and a set of 34C’s as we’ve been there and done that.

  16. they should just cancel this movie all together its gonna be so bad when it comes out

  17. I have to agree here, this is bad casting. Putting aside her bad acting skills for a moment, what about the fact that she doesn’t even look like April AT ALL?

    I don’t understand this one. It won’t keep me from watching this movie because I love the Ninja Turtles, but I wouldnt be surprised if she was replaced on the sequel, if there is one.
    Bad casting call here.

    • If you love Ninja Turtles so much don’t go see, save your soul

      • @ Adam

        Do you think it will be that bad??
        I mean it could, but I’m just curious why you think so.

    • what april do you want her to look like? the 80′s cartoon? or the comics? the last 2 live action aprils didnt look like the cartoon or the comics and they worked out

  18. See see! This is a sign that this is a very bad idea. I know it’s not even out yet but bay and Co. always manage to ruin things. I expect lots of explosions and potty mouth humor along with Junior high angst in this film just like the transformers.

    I’m pretty much boycoting this all together , when it comes out.

    Did we not learn from Transformers?

    • Transformers unfortunately made millions so no, we didn’t learn from that by the sound of it.

      • Billions. Not millions…

  19. Hope this movie isn’t bad I don’t like Fox all that much but still hope the movie won’t be bad just because she’s involved.

  20. Here’s an idea, Cast Stana Katic as April. SHe, unlike Megan Fox can ACTUALLY act. And YES, I am biased in Stana’s Favor. But I still think I will avoid this movie and stick to the Original TMNT movies. Dude. :D

    • Stana would be great for this and looks more like April to boot.

      Kudos to you I hadn’t thought of her for it.

  21. can we deport michael bay?

    • Deport him back to Los Angeles, California, where he was born? Sounds good to me!

  22. Better choices than Megan Fox? Sure, I’ll agree with that.

    But that doesn’t mean that Megan doesn’t deserve the shot, and it doesn’t mean that she has zero acting ability, and it doesn’t mean that she will ruin the character or that she won’t do fine.

    And hell yes, she will be good eye candy, and hell yes, she will probably help the film sell. I’m okay that both of those.

    I understand the concern of fans (particularly about the alien part). But people need to lay off Megan Fox. She deserves so much more of a chance than she’s had. And I loved Jennifer’s Body, btw.

    • I was gonna debate your comment but then saw that you actually enjoyed Jennifer’s Body and remembered that we all have differing opinions and good luck to you for that.

      I just don’t think she can act at all. I’ve seen both Transformers movies that she appeared in, I’ve seen Jennifer’s Body, I’ve seen Jonah Hex and honestly, she could’ve been replaced by a chair and we’d have still had the exact same acting “abilities”.

      She – just like Rosie Huntington-Whitely – was only picked up by Hollywood because of the way she looks. RH-W was chosen as Megan’s replacement purely because she’s an attractive model and not because she had the acting talent to suit the role.

      If we were gonna base the role purely on how April looks in the source material then I’d have suggested casting Olivia Thirlby, giving her the same haircut she had in Dredd but dying it auburn and she would’ve nailed the part.

      As we know in Hollywood though, adhering to the original look isn’t that important to directors like Michael Bay because it comes down to whether a fresh audience will go see it or not.

      The complaints aren’t about the look anyway, people complain because Fox just cannot act at all. It annoys people that someone with such a lack of talent can be paid millions and be given all this attention when there are struggling actors and actresses out there who would take this role for free if it meant they got to break out and move onto other roles that can test their abilities.

      Maybe she isn’t being stretched because of the roles she gets and chooses but so far, she hasn’t been a part of a single thing that I’ve enjoyed watching.

    • She doesn’t have _Zero_ acting ability. If they were casting for a corpse, or for someone who would be comatose, or perhaps a paralyzed mime, I could totally see her fitting the role.

  23. And sorry, but – who cares if she “looks like April”?

    I think we can allow for a little “artistic licentiousness” here.

    • Its not because she doesnt look like april, its because shes Megan Fox.

  24. I’ll wait and see when this comes out then i’ll judge for myself.

    • Bay would be a great director if he wasn’t the actual director.

      He can shoot amazing scenes of explosions and firefights but that’s about it. Otherwise, forget it.

      It’d be like asking Paul Verhoeven to direct something that isn’t a subtle satirical swipe at unemployment, warfare and the degradation of society. Impossible.

    • The problem is that Bay doesn’t regret any of it. Only the people who see the movies do.

  25. Only Good Thing about Megan Fox being April O’Neil?

    She aint Kristen Stewart Being April O’Neil!

  26. How can they be turtles from Space, since Turtles are pretty much an earth based animal.

    • Probably an excuse to have their craft land in New York like a meteor impact, complete with slow motion explosions and buildings toppling while the surround sound system is popping like a firecracker in a loudspeaker.

    • Earth is in space.

    • They’ve already explained that the turtles aren’t from space. They are using the ooze that was from the TCRI lab, which in the comics is alien, to create the “outer space” element.

  27. Keep these two away from my turtles. I hate all this news.

    • Your turtles, eh? Only yours?

  28. I don’t know, I really do like Megan Fox for the obvious reason (looks), but I also find her to be a competent actress. I am one of the few I guess who loved Jennifer’s Body. I also thought she was great in her small part in Friends With Kids. As far as her playing April O’Neil, well it’s a TMNT film so who cares? Shouldn’t we as an audience (and fans) be more concerned with what the turtles will be like? Or perhaps if the story they come up with will be worth telling?

    • I don’t know man, personally I don’t think she fits the role, and I do agree that we should be more focused on who they cast as the turtles, but April is still a very important character in the franchise, she’s one of the few connections the turtles have to the humans living up top. I’m still hoping for the story to impress but judging by what we know so far, I’m not expecting too much. Since i’m a huge TMNT fan, I maybe being over critical aha.

    • I think they announced the answer to both of your questions when they said Michael Bay was directing. The turtles will be horrible shadows of the characters they are supposed to be, bland and underwhelming, and the story well the same there too.

      Michael Bay has this thing he does where he takes AMAZING IDEAS, and somehow finds the least coherent way to connect the established fan base to the material they all want to see. It’s kind of like really s***** magic, and I mean like 15 bars of ex-lax s*****.