Nightmare On Elm Street 2 Is Coming, Likely In 3D

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a nightmare on elm street 2 Nightmare On Elm Street 2 Is Coming, Likely In 3D

The final box office figures are in for this past weekend and they show that Platinum Dune’s A Nightmare On Elm Street remake grossed $32.9 million in its first three days of release – that’s just about enough to cover production costs on the new Freddy Krueger flick.

Needless to say, Warner Bros. is already looking to develop a sequel that would see Jackie Earle Haley back as the metal-clawed Krueger – and yes, there’s a good chance his next killing spree will be in 3D.

You might recall that Nightmare On Elm Street producer Brad Fuller was hesitant last week to start talking up a sequel – especially given the recent death of his Friday the 13th: Part 2 3D project.  Now that his new horror remake is a hit, however, it’d probably be a safe bet to assume that Fuller will be onboard for another venture down Elm Street.

Warner Bros. distribution president Dan Fellman certainly is, having already announced that – although there is neither a story nor the beginning of a script for A Nightmare On Elm Street 2“[the Nightmare On Elm Street opening weekend] is the largest horror opening in the April-May corridor, and it just proves there’s a lot left in the franchise.”

A Nightmare on Elm Street Rooney Mara Nightmare On Elm Street 2 Is Coming, Likely In 3D

It looks like Nancy and Co. won't be living the quiet life anytime soon.

For now, Nightmare On Elm Street scribes Wesley Strick and Eric Heisserer – who will also pen the upcoming Final Destination 5 – seem all but set to pen the sequel as well.  Director Samuel Bayer – who made his feature-length directorial debut with the remake – has in the past claimed that would not be back for another outing with Freddy Krueger.  Of course, as he admitted to Dread Central last week, “Don’t rule me out just yet if there is a sequel.  You never know how things work out. I’d love to do it again.”

So at last we come to the million dollar question – will A Nightmare On Elm Street 2 be in 3D?

Well, producer Brad Fuller has already spoken on this matter and has insisted that he believes “3D movies have to be designed and written as such… I don’t want to shoehorn the story just so we can use 3D technology.  I do really think [a Nightmare On Elm Street] movie and the visual style would work well within a 3D environment, though, so you never know.”

freddy krueger freddys dead 3d Nightmare On Elm Street 2 Is Coming, Likely In 3D

Hopefully, a 3D 'Nightmare On Elm Street' sequel would look better than this.

Of course there is one other question – do fans want to see A Nightmare On Elm Street 2?

The Nightmare On Elm Street reviews seems to be mixed at best – you can read our review HERE – as the flick has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of only 16% and an IMDB average around 6.1, currently.  The biggest issue that a lot of moviegoers seem to have with the film is that it’s simply unoriginal, unimaginative, and lacks the charm of previous Freddy Krueger films.

But what do you think?  Are you psyched for the Nightmare On Elm Street sequel?  Do you think the 3D factor could solve some of the problems that the remake suffered from?

We’ll keep you posted on the progress of A Nightmare On Elm Street 2 as more information comes in.

Source: Dread Central, The Wrap (via Collider)

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  1. I’ve heard that they are going to be taking elements from Freddy’s revenge and Dream Warriors, ie Freddy taking over a kid’s body and featuring a mental hospital etc. I’m actually in two minds about this news, on one hand I am disapointed because as I have said in a previous comment, this was there opertunity to leave the old Nightmare behind and really show us what they can do. They had established the characters and the new Freddy, that was all done in the first film. They could’ve them gone forward with a fresh perspective and created some new dreams, new nightmares, new kills etc, but instead they chose to go back to the old films and used what’s already been done. But, on the other hand, I am optimistic. Freddy’s revenge was s***, we all know it’s true. It had no place in the Elm St story because you can go from Part 1 to Part 3 seemlessly without there being any feeling that you’ve missed some immportant plot or character development. So this is their chance to give us a “Freddy’s revenge” that will actually take pride of place in an Elm St collection. But as s*** as Part 2 was there was one moment I did like, and that was where Freddy comes out of that kid’s body (I forget his name) It looks s*** by today’s standards but for when it was made, it was very effective. With what they can do today, they can really do that scene justice. So that’s my 2 cents, I remain disapointingly optimistic :)

    • You know what would be a pretty cool and important thing that they should try to explain in the next nightmare is how Freddy became the dream master after he died. I never really got the theory behind it, I think the freddys dead movie the three worm gods/demons turned him into it but I’m pretty sure they can think of something better. I’m pretty sure if we brainstormed we could think a possible(believable too!) way that he became a dream demon

      • I would imagine it would be a combination of Freddy’s anger over being told on by the kids, and being burned alive as a result, and the fact that he was a sick human being to start with. These two factors together could, in the movie verse could give Freddy the power to cheat death, to cross boundaries, to either avenge his death or to carry on his twisted ways. Or possibly a bit of both. I’m kinda thinking outside the box here lol

        • does any one when the next elm street 2 coming out

          • as far as i know tere are no plant to make nightmare 2 :( but hope tey will soon!!!

        • I really like this! It would be an interesting concept to see the first kids dreams he invaded and how the fear they had actually empowered him to attack them!

      • Ok first, Robert Englund is not coming back to the Freddy franchise, get used to it, move on. 2nd Jackie’s Freddy is based on what a real burn victim looks like, sure it’s not as gross and therefore “scary” as Robert’s look but it’s not his look that makes the new Freddy scary, it’s his personality. I know some of you will say “what personality?” But fact is a child molester (which Robert’s Freddy is, Wes Graven confirmed this fact) is probably the scariest person you’ll ever likely to meet. And the fact they they brought that element into the story, (again, something Wes Craven intended for the original) makes this Freddy pretty damn scary. Add the fact that he cannot die to that and you have a person who is the persona of pure evil. Sometimes the scariest person is the one that looks the most friendly.

        • Freddy was supposed to be a child molester originally yes, but as Wes Craven stated, he made him a child killer instead, because of some child molestation cases that were floating around in news papers and the news at that time he wrote the movie. He didn’t want to offend the children and parents involved in those cases. In some sort yes he was a molester but that was not the case when the movie actually started production.

        • I agree with you about Englund, but the description of the new Freddy you gave is simply not correct. Fact is, the Freddy you described is what you mind WANTS him to be. What was portrayed on the screen was a white wash of the villain. He was all back story and no action. Yes, the CONCEPT is scarier by a degree, but it wasn’t developed on screen so it has no impact on the film what so ever. This was a whole sale failure to recapture the horror of the first and sadly turned out to be a “Freddy Remastered” flick more than a reinvention.

          That is something no one asked for because no one wanted it. Then to add insult to injury, they failed to pull off their rotten idea.

    • I totally agree with everybody. Yeah we have to get rid of the idea that Robert England is coming back. Yes we do need to go a whole different direction because face it the two Freddy’s are different as night and day. What I liked about the original NOES is that Freddy used your own weakness against you and that was cool to see throughout the series. Come on you know we all loved it when Freddy used the power glove. I like the mix of horror and comedy and Robert England had a lot to do with that because he gave his input on ideas that the directors liked and used. Now days horror makers are just trying to get by with special effects. Yeah cool there is a lot of blood and guts but no scare. Lots of times when I go to a movie heck the suppose to be good scenes are to dark to make out what’s going on. NOES 2 did suck because they went with a different director and wanted to rush it out because of the popularity of number 1. I’m sorry the updated NOES just didn’t do it for me at all. To be honest I think they should just take out the whole child molesting of it because he was a child molester yes fact but ever since he became a dream demon all he is now is a teenage to adult killer. If they changed him to be a killing child molester and start having him kill little kids again then it would be scary to the mind because more parents would think about their children. I know we live in a sensitive world where no one wants to see children getting killed but if we are suppose to accept this new NOES as a realistic child molester than hell lets really do it. The original had the freedom to change up because they didn’t focus on the child molesting much,when it was all said and done it was more like Freddy just getting revenge on teenagers in humorous ways so now they say they want to make it how they wanted it in the first place well if they did what I just said, I personally believe it will make it scarier.

    • I’m a huge horror fan of the A Nightmare On Elm Street movies. I truly hope they change their minds on doing
      A Nightmare On Elm Street 2 in 3D. Please make it 2D. 3D movies are just nauseating and it gives you a really bad
      headache. Trust me I know. I saw The Adventures of Shark boy and Lava Girl in 3D. It was a big pain. I’m telling you I am one of the biggest movie fan and horror fan of all time. I say no there’s no need for an Elm street movie
      to be in 3D. I mean seriously who loves 3D? The first film in (2010) was pretty bad. It did everything wrong.
      The worst part was the makeup. I can’t remember the names of the make-up department employees who worked on the make-up for Freddy Krueger. But seriously this is just plan bad. They should’ve stayed with the classic look of Freddy Krueger and not try to go off and redo the make-up. You’re remaking the movie isn’t that enough to worry about. I mean for one thing- they already ruined the story/the film. And they ruined the whole point what Wes Craven was trying to accomplish in his movie.
      Overall please do not do A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 in 3D. If you’re gonna do it do it in 2D and then be done with the Elm Street films.

      Note: Hollywood we are all fans and we’re giving you advice please listen.

      • Most theaters have a 2D version available. Besides, most people don’t get those nauseating side effects, that’s only a minority of people. My mom was always like that, but I have no problems with it. The only problem I have with 3D is that they never use it right. Never enough pop-out scenes.

    • I think with them paying homage to 80′s Freddy gives us original fans a new but familiar Freddy. I love the idea I would love to see it on screen. Bring it on already

    • it was Freddy’s humour and comical ways that was the reason Freddy had to be re-invented. That is the reason he was no longer scary. That and familiarity of cause. Having his image on lunch boxes, t shirts etc didn’t help him maintain his “boogie man image”. Wes Craven compares fans love of Freddy to stokholm syndrome, the an apparently paradoxical psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and have positive feelings towards their captors. If they understand Freddy, they no longer fear him. This new Freddy is as close to Wes Craven’s original version of Freddy as we have seen so far. Because he is now a child molester (like Wes originaly intended) the whole “If they undertand him, the don’t fear him” doesn’t applie here, because the more you understand this Freddy the more you hate him. Or at least you’re supposed to. The back story alone had enough creep factor to make your skin crawl.

  2. I’ve recently purchased every Nightmare movie made, just to contribute whatever I can so that I can witness Wes Craven’s redemtion. I’m very optimistic about this next one. However, as far as the most recent installment to the Nightmare franchise, I was let down. I couldn’t have cared less what happened to those teens on elm street. They annoyed me. In the end I was wanting Freddy to kill them. I wanted to kill them! However, there was one scene in that movie that let me know there’s an upside to the future of the franchise. When Freddy took that Jesse kid to the boiler room, killed him and, Freddy Krueger: [to Jesse] “Did you know that after the heart stops beating the brain can function for well over seven minutes? We got six more minutes to play.” Jesse was the only kill that I felt was Freddy worthy. That scene was worth the price of admission. However, the rest of the film I felt was just cheap thrills. The one thing I want from this next film, is for it to aim for the heart, not only that, but aim for the soul. Give me more character development. I don’t care if it’s the longest horror movie ever made. I will sit there, in that theatre and watch that movie from beginning to end, if I can relate to the victims. I actually felt bad for Fred last go round. What? That should never happen. Originally he was this psychopath that tortured kids. Now he’s a child molester who needs therapy. And yes, I am aware that it was originally intended for him to be that way, but wasn’t, because of some epidemic in the news of some child molestation scare at that time. But come on. Freddy is the devil! And no, it’s not just because of his creative kill tactics, or even that he kills you in your dreams. But Freddy is truly evil because of who he kills. Lets focus on the victims. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. I felt so bad for that wheel chair kid in Dream Warriors. In his dreams, he could walk again. I cried because, I know how it is, not having the capability to walk. ANd the kid was just so happy. You had to love him. Each kid in that movie found confidence in themselves when they discovered their own unique gift. They gained courage. But that scene where Freddy killed the kid who just gained his legs back, the scene where Freddy killed the girl with the drug addiction, who was truly trying, the scene where Freddy killed the little girl who wanted to stay awake by watching television, and the horror I witnessed on Lawrence Fishbourne’s face when he discovered that child with her head smashed in the screen, these are some of the classic scenes that not only terrified me, but made me feel powerless to help them. I wanted to help them. But not nearly as much as the kid in the puppet scene, where Freddy slit the kid’s wrists and used his veins as string to puppeteer him right off of a ledge. I forget, wasn’t that kid deaf? Freddy is truly evil because of who he targets. I’m optimistic about this next one. I’ll definitely be in the theatre, looking forward to it. BTW, this scene’s dialogue was awesome: (Jesse Braun: “Oh God.” Kreuger: “No just me.) Yeah, I’ll definitely be there for the next one.


  4. You should make a part 2!!! I wanna see more of this new freddy!!!! He was awesome and more scary than the origanal

  5. damn i want the sequel with nancy!!

    • i do to , nancy back in a sequel and wouldnt it be cool if tey brought other chracters from the old movie into the sequel too :)

  6. ok well all people that love the originals should be begging for things like this why get it canceled when we can enjoy freddy one more time, even though the originals were better i need this, stop canceling wicked ideas for horror movie, i almost hung myself when they canceled freddy vs jason vs ash, for me i would have died happily why are they doing this to real horror fans like myself, just get it done plz and stop canceling my favourite movie sequels prequels and remakes.

  7. ok well all people that love the originals should be begging for things like this why get it canceled when we can enjoy freddy one more time, even though the originals were better i need this, stop canceling wicked ideas for horror movie, i almost hung myself when they canceled freddy vs jason vs ash, for me i would have died happily why are they doing this to real horror fans like myself, just get it done plz and stop canceling my favourite movie sequels prequels and remakes.
    Why dont these fuking things let me write is it because im fuking right and they are fuking retarded

    • freddy vs Jason vs Ash was released in comic for I believe.

    • *comic form*

  8. I enjoyed the Nightmare remake. Obviously it can’t be the same without Robert Englund, but that is part of the point-the franchise needed a fresh coat of paint, and I would say they did a good job. I actually like what Jackie Earle Hailey did with the character; his version of Freddy was not “cool” or funny like Englund’s ended up being-Haley made Freddy a much more angry and methodical character, a very fresh take. It actually amuses me to hear people rag on how Freddy was changed to a child molestor in the remake, because that is what Was Craven originally intended Freddy to be from the start. To be fair, there were some drawbacks: for anyone who has seen the rest of the ANoES films, it wasy perfectly predictable, and the whole sublot where they tried to confuse the audience into thinking Freddy might have been innocent was pointless because EVERYONE knows who Freddy is and what he does. But overall I say they did a good job taking the franchise back in a more pure-horror direction, removing the cartoony humor, and messing with the audience’s sense of reality through the dream sequences. Now, the proposed sequel is not a completely bad idea-Freddy’s Revenge was easily the worst of the films for many reasons (not the least of which was the rampant homosexual innuendo), but the concept of Freddy trying to take posession of a kid’s body and forcing them to do horrible things is not a completely bad one to start with. I wait eagerly to see what they will do with it.

  9. I so wanted the new movie to be great and although it started well for me it just wasn’t good enough. Nancy really annoyed me to the point I just wanted her dead,the tablets to forget, the whole child molester angle was just off base/distracting and I never felt truely scared like I still do if I watch the original.

    I do think they should do a remake because there were some great touches i.e. Jessies death scene was peobably the only real creepy one(great dialog), the micro sleeps were a great idea and the effects were good.

    In the sequal i’d love more real dreams turned into horrors, characters I want to escape and remember sometimes less is more – the fact we didn’t see a lot of freddy in the original made him really unknown and scary.

  10. Let me start by saying I sure hope they’re not gonna make
    A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 in 3D. I hope they change their minds about that. Hollywood needs to consentract more on what their fans want. They make the same crappy mistakes over and over again with not just horror films but other films as well. Like the last mission impossible movie. After like the first two it was terrible. The 21st century now can do way better than what they’re doing right now. Me and my family go to the movies to watch a great movie with a great storyline.
    The casting for stuff like this gets really bad or at least decent.
    The remake of A Nightmare on Elm street had big problems.
    They did pretty much everything wrong. The make up was terrible.
    It looked like whoever was the make up artist for Jackie Hurley did a terrible job. If that’s their best worst on a film like this then sorry bmainly a make up artist is not for you. Okay now lets focus on the cast. The acting was descent at times. But there was some weak points to it.
    I can’t give any examples right off the top of my head but there was some parts that were weak. Like when Nancy is at the drug store looking for Quentine. She looked more like a lost puppy. Not scared.
    Now storyline. Pointless nothing relating to the original film except a few couple of scenes. The costume designs and production designs were good. Very descent. It looked real. The way the film was shot though was in a dirty way. Whoever did the photography needs to look at how the film was shot and do a lot better next time.
    Overall I hope the sequal comes out soon.
    I give A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)
    5 stars
    Good enough to have on dvd yes.
    Movie theaters no.
    Note: The Friday the 13th remake did better than this one. But even that
    had big problems to.

  11. Well im happy thats Freddy is back but theses idiots turning freddy into a child molester is stupid. He killed kids not try to bone the kids. I thought that was stupid and disgusting.

  12. I have been a Horror fan sunce I was 2. Literally. My mother tells stories. Btw I’m 29 now. I THROUGHLY enjoyed the the remake and have been less than patiently awaiting the announcement of part 2. I must admit I was a but trepidacious, as I am with all remakes of horror films, but somehow they found a way to make Freddy even scarier. It was AMAZING. Just my thoughts though. “…after the heart stops beating the brain stays alive for 7 minutes. So we have 7 minutes left to play…” AMAZING!!!!

  13. I would love to see another Elm street as i lovered the remake…been a big fan of freddy ever since they first ever elm street, so yes i would love to see another.

  14. I think if there’s going to be a nightmare on elm st. 2 that Robert England the
    original Fred Kruger should be playing the part. Just my opinion I love every single nightmare on elm street and hope there are more to come.

  15. Well according to Wikki NOES 2 has been discontinued due to contract details with Jac
    kie earl healy so I guess we will never know what would have been

    • i liked the remake but since they didnt have robert englund to play freddy i was a little disapointed…cause no one will ever play freddy like mr englund

  16. I love the idea of another elm street in fact I’m exited to see what happens next!! P.S. tell them fools to reconsider the Friday the 13th part 2 , I saw the idea of finding out why Jason is the way he is and his mother too and how she was the cook at crystal lake and also was a resident living at the camp with her husband who beats her (Jason’s deforming inside the womb) I freaking love this approach ,, you go boys and girls hurray for you all!!!!!! BiG D.

    • I think I’d rather see Freddy vs Jason vs Ash than Nightmare part 2.
      However, a look into the life of Pamela Voorhees could be interesting.
      Ther’s a comic out called Pamela’s Tale which tells what life was like while she was pregnant with Jason and raising him when he was an infant.

  17. The first superman wasnt that good either but this summer’s sequel seems to be explosive! I choose to look at first installments as kinda an intro for what’s to come! That’s the good thing with a killer like Freddy, he talks and makes jokes for one and there are no boundaries! And with the way technology has advanced since the orginals they could really have some fun with it if they wanted! He just needs to show how much freddy has evolved this time around and has really taken a liking to his new craft! Sounding more exciting and energetic like the first star! Im on board for a sequel!

  18. The remake did however explain a bit more about freddy’s past before being burned alive. It always seemed they could’ve went a little further.

  19. The remake did however explain a bit more about freddy’s past before being burned alive.

  20. A sequel seems almost necessary for the remake, don’t you think? What with the ending being such a cliff hanger, you kind of need a sequel, at least just one, to tie up the loose ends that were left behind. Nancy’s mother is now dead, so there is an opening for the introduction of her father. If I remember correctly, her father wasn’t in the remake, which leaves opening for full creativity in his character. Due to Mrs. Holbrook’s “disappearance” (the woman was pulled into a mirror for heaven’s sake, so there can’t be a body or any blame placed on Nancy) Nancy is left alone, afraid, and disturbed. After three years of therapy, and living with her father, she and Quentin can begin a life together, or Freddy could kill her in a mental hospital – due to the three years of said therapy. Personally, I think Rooney Mara was a fantastic female lead. She wasn’t overly strong or confident. She was a normal, artistic teenage girl who just so happened to have a s***** childhood that came back to bite her in the ass. There was more character development needed for her, as well as Dean (who died too fast), Quentin (who almost felt out of place in the earlier parts of the film), and Jesse. Kris was developed decently though. She was likable, and when she died you felt a little sadness at it, because she seemed like the female lead for the first 30 minutes of the movie. I’ll also include the fact that her poor mother had to fly all the way back from wherever she was to an empty house, and two dead loved ones. Meaning Kris and her dog. Had they put THAT in the film, it would have given a better pull to Kris’ character. BUT BACK TO THE SEQUEL – Nancy has much of a story lined up for her. She’s pretty much dating Quentin, we know this. Her mom is dead, so she has a few different directions to head to from there. She could be admitted to a psych ward, move in with her mystery father, or (my least favorite idea) be a runaway, hyped up on adrenaline and escaping Springwood forever. As for Freddy, he’s had his moment of character development. He has his motive. He is CLEARLY not dead. Which adds to the effect of a motive for the sequel – it’s time to finish the job. Kill Nancy. Kill Quentin. Kill parents. But what then? If anyone remember’s Freddy’s Dead, then you’ll know… “Every town has an Elm Street.” ;D

  21. for the love of god no that movie was horrid i only bought a ticket for the slight hope it wouldnt be


  23. I believe that the new nightmare on elm street should be something new but original. it should be scarier and it should make me wanna scream. I love all the movies, but I always wanted a freddy vs Jason 2 but that would need to have some sick twist to it. not so much for revenge for one another. more of how the 2 have their competition and now they want to know whos the most evil one out of the 2. like I have soo many ideas and stories on how the night nightmare on elm street should be its like I want to be scared like how I was on the first 3 nightmare on elm streets. Dream warriors was the best. dream master was good too but I found it more on the comedy side which was good but that scariness wasn’t there. dream child was a disappointment. freddy’s dead I thought could of been way better. it was too much of a stoner comedy with hardly nothing much going on. New nightmare was good and I loved the concept of the nightmare coming to life. I find that they need one last movie for one last scare one last nightmare. combine the new one, with freddy vs Jason, but make it come back to the original. make it one last show down. I want the new nightmare on elm street to come back to life but it needs that sick twist. as a true fan Id think that would be an awesome ending to the whole franchise.

  24. Not the kind of film presentation that makes for a franchise. Original Krueger became somewhat a hero of the franchise, people viewing whether one side or the other would win, so you had a large number of movie goers there to see Freddy do inventive kills, much like the Final Destination moviegoers. Directly calling Krueger on his true nature, not just the implied from the 1st generation, coupled with a mostly joyless set of teens, really doesn’t bode well for franchise, in my opinion. And there definitely shouldn’t be an appeal for a Freddy Halloween costume . . not this one.

  25. I think the first movie was trash to be honest. I really know trash talk is just a thing angry people do but I’m talking from the perspective of a child that grew up, simply in love with the franchise. Each scene in the original series always bore something new, something far out that really had you talking by the end of the movie, and you could always say there were multiple scenes that became favorite topics. part 3 and part 4 were simply amazing. In this remake, you don’t really see a freddy that has that spark or spirit. he’s just… a guy ih a costume who has no idea what it means to portray the original Krueger. None of the death scenes seem to offer anything unique or imaginative, their just dull and expected. Everything done in the sequal has already been done before in normal boring new age horor films. Hearing that they rumor freddy to have two clawed hands like the “Mortal kombat” character only means that this movie is produced by people who only care about money, and base their ideas of crap that other people already thought of. To a true fan, two gloves is stupid… why recreate a freddy that was never broken? bringing him back to life doesn’t mean trying to create your own version. chances are your gonna suck at the design. you can’t top the true master villain of horror film history.
    I don’t know, maybe its just me… but the remake was stupid. The idea of a sequal made by a bunch of people with lack of vision or taste sounds like their only trying to kill off a true horror film classic. titling something “a nightmare on elm street” with a bland script JUST to make money is an insult to fans like me.

  26. Why not do a prequel to Friday the 13th. Not an original idea, but could show him and the children and then his well deserved death.

  27. Nightmare on elm sreet. Oops!