Nightmare On Elm Street 2 Is Coming, Likely In 3D

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a nightmare on elm street 2 Nightmare On Elm Street 2 Is Coming, Likely In 3D

The final box office figures are in for this past weekend and they show that Platinum Dune’s A Nightmare On Elm Street remake grossed $32.9 million in its first three days of release – that’s just about enough to cover production costs on the new Freddy Krueger flick.

Needless to say, Warner Bros. is already looking to develop a sequel that would see Jackie Earle Haley back as the metal-clawed Krueger – and yes, there’s a good chance his next killing spree will be in 3D.

You might recall that Nightmare On Elm Street producer Brad Fuller was hesitant last week to start talking up a sequel – especially given the recent death of his Friday the 13th: Part 2 3D project.  Now that his new horror remake is a hit, however, it’d probably be a safe bet to assume that Fuller will be onboard for another venture down Elm Street.

Warner Bros. distribution president Dan Fellman certainly is, having already announced that – although there is neither a story nor the beginning of a script for A Nightmare On Elm Street 2“[the Nightmare On Elm Street opening weekend] is the largest horror opening in the April-May corridor, and it just proves there’s a lot left in the franchise.”

A Nightmare on Elm Street Rooney Mara Nightmare On Elm Street 2 Is Coming, Likely In 3D

It looks like Nancy and Co. won't be living the quiet life anytime soon.

For now, Nightmare On Elm Street scribes Wesley Strick and Eric Heisserer – who will also pen the upcoming Final Destination 5 – seem all but set to pen the sequel as well.  Director Samuel Bayer – who made his feature-length directorial debut with the remake – has in the past claimed that would not be back for another outing with Freddy Krueger.  Of course, as he admitted to Dread Central last week, “Don’t rule me out just yet if there is a sequel.  You never know how things work out. I’d love to do it again.”

So at last we come to the million dollar question – will A Nightmare On Elm Street 2 be in 3D?

Well, producer Brad Fuller has already spoken on this matter and has insisted that he believes “3D movies have to be designed and written as such… I don’t want to shoehorn the story just so we can use 3D technology.  I do really think [a Nightmare On Elm Street] movie and the visual style would work well within a 3D environment, though, so you never know.”

freddy krueger freddys dead 3d Nightmare On Elm Street 2 Is Coming, Likely In 3D

Hopefully, a 3D 'Nightmare On Elm Street' sequel would look better than this.

Of course there is one other question – do fans want to see A Nightmare On Elm Street 2?

The Nightmare On Elm Street reviews seems to be mixed at best – you can read our review HERE – as the flick has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of only 16% and an IMDB average around 6.1, currently.  The biggest issue that a lot of moviegoers seem to have with the film is that it’s simply unoriginal, unimaginative, and lacks the charm of previous Freddy Krueger films.

But what do you think?  Are you psyched for the Nightmare On Elm Street sequel?  Do you think the 3D factor could solve some of the problems that the remake suffered from?

We’ll keep you posted on the progress of A Nightmare On Elm Street 2 as more information comes in.

Source: Dread Central, The Wrap (via Collider)

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  1. Im big fan of the Freddy films. The jokes, or one liners didn’t bother me. They were in all the films. More as the sequels progress. Id say in Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, it was too much & needed toned down.But thats what made me like Freddy little more than other horror icons who were pretty much the same to each other like Michael Myers & Jason Voorhees. It made Freddy unique among the top three horror franchises i loved. The remake was alright, but was everything you’d expect in a remake, almost like Friday the 13th was. I didn’t care for the make-up & effects but know why they went that direction but thought there wasn’t good friendship among the Elm Street kids. Mostly the connection was between Nancy & Quinton throughout. Hopfully the sequel can be little better.

  2. Im really looking forward to another Elm street movie. Jackie did an excellent job and the movie was brilliant. I think the reason this remake did badly and git low ratings from critics and the like is because they refuse to except that someone else is playing Freddy. Its true that Jackie will never replace Robert nor would he even try. Robert’s Freddy is legendary nothing will ever change that. But if we compare the character Freddy was in the first movie instead of the one liner he became and there’s not that much difference. Lurks in shadows, and very little screen time. Yes Jackie’s freddy didn’t have as much humour of cause the “why are you screaming” and “I was just petting him” lines made me chuckle. But that is what they wanted to get away from. My only disapointment with it is the lack of effects and gore. particularly the ceiling death scene. With the what they can do in movies nowadays, they could’ve turned the dream aspect on its head and turned it inside out. I hope these are mistakes that they rectify with the sequel. I want Freddy to come back seriously pissed with a take no prisoners attitude.

    • i would love to see anouther nightmare on elm street. i was so hooked on it that one day i actually went on google maps and looked for any elm streets in new jersey…aperantly there is one right near wear i live and i texted my friend that i was moving there when i move out of my parents house lol… anyways…i really dont mind the new freddy, i actually love the new freddy and his new look….it gives him that look of that he really does not care about pain. i read comments on youtube and i dont know how they dont like the new elm street…..and i read more on how some of the girls think hes sexy because hes more serious and of his voice lol……i think i was with one of the comments….look up “nightmare on elm street alternate ending” youll find a comment there lol

  3. i love horror movies! i would like to see freddy 3D and another jason! i wish robert englund would have been in the remake..he would have made it perfect

    • Agreed Robert would’ve been the ideal choice, but as he himself stated he’s not as young as he used to be. If we as fans truly respect him as an actor then we should respect his choice to hang up the glove. I personally would like to see remake Freddy vs remake Jason :)

  4. Has Wes Craven mentioned what sequels he liked & disliked? Just curious if anyone knew.

  5. Unlike most, I loved the remake. Yes it wasn’t original, but I believe they were trying to show respect to Wes and at the same time make it their own. I hope there is a sequel so the story can go in a new direction. If there is I just hope they cut out the quick jump scenes. I also agree with leaving the jokes out (leave that for the old movies). Plus no cg scenes like when he came out of the wall. They should keep Nancy and Quinn in it. Making sequels with new characters is such a cliche in horror movies its becoming old. A cool twist would be for the parents that torched him to dream and get theirs. The dreams where cool. Samuel Bayer did a good job. So did Jackie. The new Freddy face took some getting used to, but once I heard they were making it look more like a burnt victim its easier to accept.

  6. I haven’t even seen the remake yet, but personally, I’d still LOVE for there to be a 2nd ANOES remake. The issue is that people keep comparing the new Freddy to the Orignal, and I can see why, but if they make a 2nd film then sure, the die-hard fans might not go see it, but it’s bringing in TONS of new fans as well, and it’s keeping the name of Freddy alive and spreading well. Besides, has anyone listened to the soundtrack for the 1st movie? It’s THE best music I have ever heard in my entire life! Even if a movie is bad, the music would help it along SO MUCH, so much raw emotion in every track, I can’t stop listening! If people would stop comparing the remake movie to the original and see it as it’s own, then maybe it would actually be a really great movie. I’ve heard it’s AMAZING when you stop comparing. It is a REMAKE after all, they REMADE Freddy, REMADE the story lines, REMADE the characters, and they remade everything to match a more modern approach. If they were really wanting to make it like an original or have it meant to be so heavily compared to, then they wouldn’ve made it a sequeal instead of a new movie. We’ve all got to face that the actors in the originals just aren’t what they were 30 years ago, so we HAVE to move on and try something new, get some fresh meat in for the Krueger flicks. Who knows, maybe the 2nd movie will be even better than the 1st, or even better than some of the orignals? Gotta admit that 4 sucked pretty bad.

    • I love the remake too! Watching it now, I have always loved Freddy!!

  7. Actually the 4th Nightmare on Elm Street was one of the best, that’s not just my opinion but it was the most well-recieved sequel in the franchise that even out-grossed the original till Freddy vs. Jason. Even though i liked how Freddy turned out in the film, Wes Craven’s New Nightmare was the one that had little interest to me.

  8. I love Freddy movies! Would love to see another, but not in 3D, I hate 3D!! It’s annoying watching movies with glasses on “/

  9. I really would want to be in the movie but I cant find auditions but you can see me at JUNE, 5, 2011 at town play house I do 3 plays but I really want to be in the movie.

  10. I personally think a remake of part 2 would be fantastic. I’m a huge fan, and being in my 30′s I’ve grown up on the original series. I wouldnt mind if they remade all of them, although I’m not a huge fan of anything 3D so I could go without that aspect of it

    • @ Joe

      Which sequel was your favorite?

  11. the make up sucked. the person who played freddy looked like a homeless man with down syndrome. they could of picked a better person. idk who. but iam sure they didnt think to hard. as for a 2nd only if they change the make up mayb they could still salvage a great series!

  12. I know the second remake will suck. The remake was terrible and anyone thinking otherwise clearly has no sense of class or imagination. The original series was fantastic and ended fantastically. Unfortunately lacked that aura of Freddy Krueger. Using deaths that were already used showed not only can it NOT be original but it cant live up to the aspects it set for itself. We dont pay for new Horror movies or the gory and scary in general for that matter We pay to see something that is over the top that we have never see on screen. EVERY remake of a classic Horror film has been crap and the Remake of Nightmare proved that fact. At least the Directors of Halloween and Friday The 13th throw something we havent seen even if the movies were crap. To take a piece of art and destroy it is MURDER. I love Horror movies and my favorite series is “A Nightmare On Elm Street” but this proves that remakes of Horror films blow. The only good remake was I Spit On Your Grave. Great classic and didnt get a terrible remake. I hope they dont get to destroy the last images of Freddy Krueger that we will get. Casting actors that people know wont make a Horror remake good. Continuing the fear, terror, and bloodshed that those scripts and killer(s) did will make it worthy of fans. I hope us TRUE FANS wont have to see an atrocities like Nightmare 2 in 3D on screen ever.

    • Not to mention that the make-up………..HORRIBLE. You couldnt even try to make him look burned. He looked like he had leprosy.

    • @ Dustin

      I pretty much agree with your post. I loved how the original franchise began & in a way how it ended in Freddy’s Dead, not including Wes Craven’s New Nightmare since i see that as it’s own film you know. Freddy Vs. Jason was good aswell. Most horror remakes ive seen were just as bad as straight to dvd sequels. I didn’t care for Friday The 13th remake really, but Hallowen’s remake caught my eye since it’s first half of the film offered somthing new till the 2nd half went to being like the original but it’s sequel sucked. I also liked Texas chainsaw Massacre remake, & TCM:The Beginning somewhat since i was only a fan of the orignal only & thought the remake along with it’s prequel were better than the original film’s sequels. Another classic fell victim to being remade,”Carrie”. I liked Jackie Earle as Freddy, but he didn’t look scary, nor seem dark as everyone likes to think he is. That’s just my opinion. And imo the ending was terrible, too similiar to the last Freddy film Robert Englund was in if you know what i mean.

      • Oh Thank you for bringing that up Yes Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake was good. I agree with what your saying. Kudos to you good sir.

        • @ Dustin

          You’re welcome & thanks.

  13. Freddy DOES look like a burn victim. Burn victims don’t look like someone covered pepporonis on their face like the originals. To be blunt if I am considered a more of a fan of the remake I’m glad cause I did enjoy it more, so you people also complain about lack of nrw stuff? There’s so much added to this movie!! The actual ‘deaths’ may not be ‘extreme’ but everything leading up to them makes the movie intense ans clever. So for everyone still stuck comparing the original to the remake everytime they watch it or are to stuck up to give the remake a chance. Watch the remake with an open mind.

    • You try to watch it with an open mind but when they give you crap and fail to draw you in is just a failure to fans. You dont watch a movie without hoping its great or even slightly alright. That movie held none of that for anyone I know. Have you even seen the originals?

  14. Yes give sequels. A chance

  15. Yes Dustin I’ve seen all of the orginals. The first was is great, second is okay, third is alright. The rest are stupid!! I don’t want to watch a movie where all there is, is stupid freddy jokes and freddy doing stupid crap. Its horror not comedy. I thought the remake was fantastic. The editing and cinematagography was simpy amazing! If you don’t agree with that you don’t know anything about film. Second of all freddy to me is finally serious again like the first nightmare, but uses clever remarks that have hints of humor that five him personality. Freddy’s make up looks real and everyone saying that’s not what a burn victim looks like it because all they know is past freddy which is nothing what a burn victim looks like. Acting is pretty good especially great performanes by Kyle Gallner- Quentin, and JKE-Freddy. They also added new elements to the film which I loved, at one point you were guessing if freddy was innocent. You FINALLY get to see freddy actually use his claw to kill on screen. And the few shots remade from the original I thought were pretty cool although not nes

    • @ Colton

      I always movies w/ a open mind & my opinion still stands about NOES remake just being another remake despite it’s efforts is still isn’t as great as the original. And it’s just my opinion the Freddy jokes were a love/hate thing amongst the fans whether they admit it or not. Because it was one of those things that made Freddy you loved to hate & unique from the other horror icons. His make-up changed in every film aswell, i dont’ anyone complain about that alot. Reason why people might say JEH’ Freddy’s make-up doesnt look scary is because it does look like a burnt victim, not very intimdating is the point they’re getting at. As i said before, the ending i found pretty simliar to Freddy Vs. Jason.

    • They was nothing amazing about the remake Colton. The direction and cinematography was third rate at best. I know alot about film especially Horror and you are wrong. Im sorry but you are. The acting was not as you say “great performances” they where the worst I seen from Kyle as for Jackie that was just bad casting. Making Nancy more of a secondary character was a mistake (not a big mistake but a mistake none the less). Copying what was done in the 8 films prior and the ending was just a perfect example of lack of imagination. As for the comedy in the original series thats what Freddy did he played and joke with his victims before killing them. And sticking to a preschool that holds him as a GARDENER compared to janitor is retarded I mean seriously a gardener and when they killed him he cried. He cried like a little girl I mean come on is Freddy gay now. Why not make him wear an apron to go with those tears. You know I could go on and on about this but lets stop this sooner rather then later. Hollywood needs to stop torturing Horror fans with garbage like that sorry excuse for a remake. Oh and I seen burned victims and not all look the same but I have NEVER seen one look like that I stick by what I said it looks like leprosy.

      • @ Dustin

        Yea, JEH’s Freddy as Gardner reminded me of Grounds keeper Willy from one of those halloween special episodes from The Simpsons. And like you said Freddy whining & claiming he didn’t do nothing. I liked Freddy’s origins that was told in the original franchise. Son of a hundred maniacs, Freddy was trouble from the very beginning since his childhood from killing a hamster at school, inflicting self-wounds and killing his step-father, molest & killed children, killed his wife infront of his only child. From the boogymen dvd, it mentioned he raped prositutes. One thing about what started w/ Dream Warriors is that kids started to take a stand against Freddy on his own turf, but still deep down they were afraid because Freddy knows they’re fears & can use their dreams against them so imo his jokes i found excusable. It didn’t bother me, sure he wasn’t as dark as the original but he had his moments when he got ticked off. Outta all the orignal films, i thought Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare would the lightest, but i did enjoy how they explained Freddy kept returning in dreams near the end of the film.

  16. Well he wasn’t a child molester in the original series. He was a child killer. But yes I agree with what you say. I couldn’t of said it better. I think though that the original sequel is the weakest in the series. It wasn’t strong enough.

  17. @ Dustin

    What i said about Freddy being a child molester, must of been somthing i read on that Boogeymen dvd on his profile thingy. I’ll have to watch it again sometime. Original Nightmare On Elm Street 2, what can i say? Im lost for words on that one i guess. I know where you’re gettin at about it. I know my favorite sequel was Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master.

    • Well from what I read on it Wes did intend for Freddy to be a child molester in the first series but later changed it because at the time Hollywood already had a sever problem with child molesters or one in particular so not to offend people he changed that. The new film put that back in figuring they would get more fans the the original series. I disagree on that fact. I think turning him back to a child molester made it worse. He was fine being a child killer there was no need to throw that in. Its almost like they wanted child molesters to like the movie. Turning him back to the child molesting dream demon ruined the image of Freddy for alot of people and thats a shame that they ruined it. Now this Boogeymen film is this a documentary or the Stephen T. Kay film about the Boogeyman? I have the dvd of the Stephen T. Kay film but dont remember this profile thing.

      • @ Dustin

        I agree on the fact anyways that Freddy didn’t need to be mentioned as child molester at all in the original series or this remake. I thought the original film & Freddy’s Dead did it well enough as explaining that he was trouble ever since he was a kid & a filthy child murderer. As for Boogeymen dvd, it’s like a documentary based on horror’s best horror icon’s & films. What’s included on it is the character’s bio, or profile whatever you wanna call it that explains about that character. Certain death scenes, scenes from the film. Original trailers, triva game to test your knowlege of horror films. I think that’s about it, its like a hour or so. It’s worth a watch imo cause it got me to rent horror movies i never saw.

  18. I agree also with A Nightmare On Elm Street and Freddy’s Dead it was very well place and stated how disturbed he was its like you mentioned earlier he IS the son oh a hundred maniacs what else can be said by that besides showing him kill the gerbil, killing his abusive stepfather, his workshop, and killing his wife (Freddy’s Dead) and telling us he murdered kids, got caught and got off (A Nightmare On Elm Street) Thats a pretty nice sum up. And can I just say I loved Wes Cravens New Nightmare it definitely added the scary factor back into the Icon of the Dream Master making him more sadistic, frightening, powerful, and real as ever. I loved that Wes turned him into a real person that is no longer bound by film saying that he is now so much more then he and all the fan ever envisioned. Having the original cast in there (minus Johnny Depp, Amanda Wyss, and Ronee Blakley) playing themselves was brilliant i mean he even got Jsu Garcia (Rod Lane) to come back for the funeral scene. For me the movie made him more then just a character it made him a flesh and blood madman and i just loved that.

    • @ Dustin

      Yup. And imo i thought the Dream Demons were a nice touch, they were reason why Freddy kept coming back in films, as Freddy said to Doc they promised him that. In dreams he was forever. I liked Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, i thought it was good for what it was. But imo it wasn’t the best. I did love how Freddy looked in the film, as Robert Englund described- More evil lookin. I know what you mean about Wes makin him a real person. I loved that scene with him & Heather Langenkamp talkin. He uses the genie in the bottle as a medathor as he tells Heather how the films can get too familiar to people, or someone water’s it down to make it a easier cell but since the films have ended , the genie’s outta the bottle. And how he’s been held like a prisoner in the films & likes our time and space & decide cross over from outta films into our reality. But he has to confront a gatekeeper first which is Nancy since she was the first to humilate & defeat him in the series. It was great to see few of the original cast back for cameos. Did you notice Tuesday Knight at the funeral aswell standing next to Jsu Garcia? I read that Johnny Depp wished Craven didn’t hesitate to ask him for a cameo in the film cause he’d gladly do it. I also read Crave thought about filming a scene where Robert Englund has a nightmare of Freddy where he’s tangled in a spider’s web & Freddy’s head on a spider body comes for him. I forget the rest but Craven thought it wouldn’t work for that film or somthing, but you people would remember in the film Nancy asking Robert if he was having Nightmares & we see his reaction so you’d get the idea.

  19. yes, make the sequel for sure, the remake was amazing and Haley displayed everything good about Freddy and took out his humour which although funny would eventually become annoying and misplaced in a horror film. great remake and cant wait for the sequel. only complaint is that its just not A Nightmare on Elm Street without Friday the 13th to acompany it, the two rebound off of each other and it just wouldnt be the same if the remake series of Friday the 13th was canned,but A Nightmare on Elm Street wasnt. Friday the 13th was good and no matter what reviews said, die hard fans will always see it. anyway cant wait for Elm Street part 2 and

  20. I think the re make was amazing Haley portrays Freddy extremely well. There should definitely be a remake of all of the originals.

  21. when are they making a nightmare on elm street remake2.

  22. I think there should deffinately be a second remake. It’s so good, one of my favorite movies of all time. I think remakes are way better than original films. Do it!!!! And you need to make a second one because at the end of the movie Freddy came back for the parent and that leads to a whole different thing.

  23. YES!! PLEASE MAKE A SEQUAL!! it would be great, expecially they need to make more about how he became freddy:)

  24. Keep em comin! Jackie earle hailey killed it……he was the man in watchmen!

  25. I saw the movie not to far ago, and I LOVED it!! I don’t understand why everyone’s complaining, it was a very dark and psychologically disturbing movie! I loved it!! I mean sure, he wasn’t as great as the other Freddy was, but they’re two totally different things in the first place, so how can you even compare them?? The original was a child murderer, so that’s all he was interested in, and just a wonderful psycho that enjoyed the killing. The new Freddy though, he’s a child molester AND a killer. I would expect the two to have different views and personalities in the first place, and Jackie just totally nailed it!! He gave the new Freddy the dark aggression and deep-seated rage that I would expect a man that was burned alive and looking for vengeance to have, after all, like he couldn’t let it go in the slightest. He was DISTURBING, not scary, but disturbing, and hell, with what he even is, that made it disturbing already. Really, I wish everyone would stop complaining about it- I’ve heard they’re not even going to make a sequel because of fans complaining about it!! That’s just stupid! Don’t give the movie a chance as a CONTINUATION of the original Elm Street franchise, give it a chance as a movie ITSELF- I did, and it was a pretty f-ing good movie!!! I want them to make a sequel so desperately!!!!

  26. I enjoyed all the Nightmare franchises some had lame plots of storyline or does not make sense in Nightmare 2 had about 13 minutes of Freddy in that movie. However I enjoyed them!

    If there is a remake at some point they should have a cameo of an original star like Robert Englund, Heather Langenkamp, or John Saxon not as a major part or to take the focus of the stars in making something at the end of the movie or out of nowhere. example: I remember Robert Shaye (New Line Producer) playing the part of the principal in Freddy vs Jason, Bus ticket teller in Freddy’s Dead, the teacher in Nightmare 4, and of course the bar tender in Nightmare 2.

    Something like a Time-honoured Tradition (if it wasn’t for that star who help made, whatever the movie remake it is today…you wouldn’t be here) I guess would be the logic sense of business. Yeah I get it “based on the characters created by Wes Craven” even if he were to have a small part cameo as a character it would work, more less breaking the forth wall.

    I look forward to seeing more of these remakes especially “Nightmare” or others movies (some work some don’t)

  27. I don’t really see why people are excited about a remake, Hollywood is pumping out so MANY of them in the last and next couple of years, it’s proven that they can’t get anymore original ideas. (Even though there might be 1 good movie a month released, if that)
    The only thing the new nightmares are doing is making the old, original Nightmare movies seem bad because it’s not “serious horror”.
    That was the great appeal about Freddy back in the day, he wasn’t a serious villian, he was crazy, maniacal, he LOVED and EXPRESSED HIS JOY in his killings.
    As mentioned in another comment, they did make Freddy look gay in the new versions, I mean, seriously, weeping when the parents came after him? Begging and pleading to them?
    Stop it Hollywood.
    Knock it off and ruin other characters.
    ‘sif we thought Hollywood messing up Jason would be enough.

    • @ FeralPup

      Nightmare on Elm Street remake & Friday The 13th remake didn’t impress me. Friday the 13th just seemed like a mindless sequel that could of taken place after part 2 in the original series. Ive stated on here my dislikes about Nightmare On Elm Street. Original still better just by it’s tone while this remake just felt rushed in a way & the characters didn’t seem to have much time to have chemistry to interact with each other before some died, among other things. I agree what you mentioned about Freddy in the original films. Imo, that what i liked about him more because it’s what made him unique from other horror slasher icons. Sure Chucky or Pinhead deliver one liners but they’re not as popular as Freddy is. I agree about Freddy in the remake version weeping, begging & pleading to the parents was sad on the maker’s part. I can’t tell ya how how many remakes/reboots didn’t impress much. That and how many more are on the way which i have no intention to see. So far the last reboot i did enjoy is Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes. It was better than Burton’s remake.

  28. I was just wondering why they havn’t thought about releasing dvd boxsets of Freddy’s Nightmares: Nightmare on Elm Street The Series? I only got the pilot episode of the series. From what i remember of it, i know it was a good series to watch.

    • Watch it on youtube. I loved that series. Loved the pilot because it told the whole story of Freddy’s beginnings. I just loved seeing Robert England in his clothes before the fire.

      • @ Gina

        I also loved the idea how Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare covered his origins. From his childhood, to the the night he was burned alive, but not before the Dream Demons promised he’d be FOREVER in dreams if he opened up to them. Nice touch imo to explaining how & why he kept coming back in the previous sequels.

  29. The original NOES was just hands down scarier than the remake. Robert England can’t be replaced as Freddy but since they did they should have kept his humor. The only reason this movie made any money was because fans like me expected them to stay as true as possible. We all rushed the theaters to see something that we thought was going to be a if not great at least a good movie. Remakes suck, who ever did Rise of the planet of the Apes should be hired to do this remake because that was a great movie!!! Making Freddy darker is fine but again the humor should have been kept.

    • @ Gina

      Thank you. Glad someone else besides me didn’t mind Freddy’s humor in the previous franchise. I agree, the original is scarier than the remake. Just seeing Freddy make his glove in the beginning never gets old to me till this day. I agree with ya about whoever directed Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes should be hired to reboot NOES. Or whoever does should really take notes from the 80s films to make their remakes/reboots better.

      • Yes the whole glove making scene is my favorite also. Some one posted they liked this movie because it told why Freddy hated the children so much. If you really watched the original movies you would have already known that answer. The music that went with the original is better also and the Tina in the body bag at school was way better and scarier in the original. I understand that they wanted to up date this movie but come on they ended up making it sorry. I’m open to watch a remake hell, I was excited but like many other times I was let down. I think the people who loved this movie now are the people who never really watched the original or you are the younger generation. Look directors out there feel free to update your remakes with a cell phone but please try to keep it a little close. Oh the scene at the end was so predictable even if I’ve never watched an original NOES I knew Freddy was going to do something to the mother. In the original I never imagined the mother would get pulled through that little door window. Hell lets do another remake of this!!! Remakes of remakes have been done before. I’m a crazy Freddy fan use to have a crush on him lol, you know girls like humor in a guy!!!