Nightmare On Elm Street 2 Is Coming, Likely In 3D

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a nightmare on elm street 2 Nightmare On Elm Street 2 Is Coming, Likely In 3D

The final box office figures are in for this past weekend and they show that Platinum Dune’s A Nightmare On Elm Street remake grossed $32.9 million in its first three days of release – that’s just about enough to cover production costs on the new Freddy Krueger flick.

Needless to say, Warner Bros. is already looking to develop a sequel that would see Jackie Earle Haley back as the metal-clawed Krueger – and yes, there’s a good chance his next killing spree will be in 3D.

You might recall that Nightmare On Elm Street producer Brad Fuller was hesitant last week to start talking up a sequel – especially given the recent death of his Friday the 13th: Part 2 3D project.  Now that his new horror remake is a hit, however, it’d probably be a safe bet to assume that Fuller will be onboard for another venture down Elm Street.

Warner Bros. distribution president Dan Fellman certainly is, having already announced that – although there is neither a story nor the beginning of a script for A Nightmare On Elm Street 2“[the Nightmare On Elm Street opening weekend] is the largest horror opening in the April-May corridor, and it just proves there’s a lot left in the franchise.”

A Nightmare on Elm Street Rooney Mara Nightmare On Elm Street 2 Is Coming, Likely In 3D

It looks like Nancy and Co. won't be living the quiet life anytime soon.

For now, Nightmare On Elm Street scribes Wesley Strick and Eric Heisserer – who will also pen the upcoming Final Destination 5 – seem all but set to pen the sequel as well.  Director Samuel Bayer – who made his feature-length directorial debut with the remake – has in the past claimed that would not be back for another outing with Freddy Krueger.  Of course, as he admitted to Dread Central last week, “Don’t rule me out just yet if there is a sequel.  You never know how things work out. I’d love to do it again.”

So at last we come to the million dollar question – will A Nightmare On Elm Street 2 be in 3D?

Well, producer Brad Fuller has already spoken on this matter and has insisted that he believes “3D movies have to be designed and written as such… I don’t want to shoehorn the story just so we can use 3D technology.  I do really think [a Nightmare On Elm Street] movie and the visual style would work well within a 3D environment, though, so you never know.”

freddy krueger freddys dead 3d Nightmare On Elm Street 2 Is Coming, Likely In 3D

Hopefully, a 3D 'Nightmare On Elm Street' sequel would look better than this.

Of course there is one other question – do fans want to see A Nightmare On Elm Street 2?

The Nightmare On Elm Street reviews seems to be mixed at best – you can read our review HERE – as the flick has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of only 16% and an IMDB average around 6.1, currently.  The biggest issue that a lot of moviegoers seem to have with the film is that it’s simply unoriginal, unimaginative, and lacks the charm of previous Freddy Krueger films.

But what do you think?  Are you psyched for the Nightmare On Elm Street sequel?  Do you think the 3D factor could solve some of the problems that the remake suffered from?

We’ll keep you posted on the progress of A Nightmare On Elm Street 2 as more information comes in.

Source: Dread Central, The Wrap (via Collider)

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  1. The movie was ok. It started of promising then tipper off towards the middle and end.

    And I am sick of all these 3D trend going on right now.

    • i would like to hear more y the movie wasnt good because i think the complete opposite

    • i kno right, all this 3d crap needs to end already

  2. Ah, I don’t get it, all of my friends and I all liked the Friday the 13th remake a whole lot more than this Elm Street remake. Why does this get a sequel and that one doesn’t? This movie wasn’t scary, funny, or entertaining! Friday the 13th was hilarious! lol

    • Friday the 13th WAS hilarious lol… “why do you think they call him the wood wizard ” lol. But i think they would make a sequel to a freddy movie before they would a jason because… There’s like 12 jason movies out and the character of freddy i think has always been a more bankqble project. If they were to get the 3d right for this movie it would take horror/camp/slasher movies to another level.

    • Ken,lol Im surprised myself theres a sequel planned already.
      The theater was less than half full when i went and i over heard someone saying the movie sucked,lol. Besides the original, did you any of the sequels?

      • I was never really a fan of Freddy, so don’t really remember too much of the originals, just bits and pieces.

    • The reason you may think that the Nightmare on Elm street remake is crap is because the writers had to think of a story best to suit Freddy, and they wanted to try and stay as far away from the old cheesy Freddy as possible (not to imply i didn’t like the old movies)

      • @ Fate Carter

        Are you replying to me?

    • I love Freddy, and I thought that the new Nightmare did the series justice. I can’t wait for a sequel.
      I am also a fan of the original Friday the 13th series. I HATED the remake. They destroyed everything about Jason that made his scary….JASON DOESN’T RUN! He just keeps after you at a slow but determined pace…..HE DOESN’T KIDNAP girls just because the remind him of mama….
      They just took way too many liberties with the character and plotline. So did Zombie when they remade Halloween.

      • @ Kare

        I love Nightmare On Elm Street little more than Halloween & Friday the 13th franchises, mostly because unlike Michael & Jason who seem similiar, Freddy likes to mess with his victims before going in for the kill. New Nightmare is probly my least likeable but i loved how Freddy looked in it. Friday the 13th remake didnt do anything for me. I thought of it as just another sequel that could of been made back in the 80’s I thought it was nice touch when he came back as a zombie-like killer in Part 6, he was harder to stop. I loved when Kane Hodder took the role as Jason, & till this day i was disappointed he wasn’t Jason in Freddy Vs. Jason. Ken i thought was little too tall and why make Jason look sad lookin in that movie? I too thought Jason kidnapping a girl in the remake because she looked like his mom was lame.

  3. Im really glad there will be another. This new Nightmare on Elm Street is one of the best Horror movies I have seen in a while. It was much better than the Friday the 13th remake I think. Alot of people like robert England better as freddy aswell. I did like Robert as freddy BUT I think Jackie did a better, more evil job at the Role.

    • I dont like the 3D idea though

  4. I’m actually really pissed. There were no redeeming qualities in the Elm St remake. It was a horrible film all around. This movie was successful for no other reason than because it was called “A Nightmare on Elm St.”

    If they would have made another film with Robert Englund as Freddy, it would have brought in the same amount of money.

    Because this worthless movie made money, we’re never going to see Robert Englund don the tattered sweater, hat and glove again.

    • I agree, but I’m not as mad since I was never a Freddy fan anyway (I had my money on Jason 😉 ) but it’s true, this movie was so lackluster, there was really no need for it. They might as well had made another sequel to the existing franchise…

      Maybe it’ll have a terrible drop in its second weekend and they change their mind…

      • Ken. Yup, they should of went for a sequel or atleast a prequel with Robert Englund in it that explored more details as to what was revealed in Freddy’s Dead. You Know, His childhood memories, maybe killing his abusive stepfather and of-course makin the deal with the 3 dream demons to be forever in dreams etc.

        • @Wallywest

          Not to mention Robert Englund is pretty funny and that was mostly why the originals did so well, because they were entertaining, mostly in a funny way…

          • Yup, Thats what made Freddy unique from other slasher horror icons.

            • i have no clue wat people are talking about when they say the movie wasnt good. i thought is really good and kepy to the storyline of the original.watching the original before the new one really helps to likeing it better and im really looking foward a sequel.

              • yes it was the best and i say lets have 2 sequels

                • Im a huge fan of horror movies and yes this movie was good but i think they should have tried to recreate some aspects of the old freddy instead of creating a whole new freddy it would have made it a wohle lot better but a sequal why kill a good movie with a possiable crappy remake sequal

              • Kept to the story line? Have you ever seen the originals? Freddy for one was not a child molester. He was a child killer. He didn’t kill the kids because they told on him, he killed them to get revenge on their parents. The story line of the new film sucked, the ruined a horror classic.

  5. It’s a shame that hollywood can’t conjure up a new horrow icon. the original nightmare on elm street was a classic. even managed to launch Johnny Depp. Now after 8 movies & a tv show they decide to ‘remake’ it? why? the last joint ‘freddy vs. jason’ came out not that many years ago & that was good. Don’t get me wrong,Jackie earle hayley was the truth in ‘Watchmen’ but he is not freddy kreuger. Robert englund will always be freddy to me. Now if new line cinema would’ve came out with ‘Nightmare on elm street 9′ with robert englund,I would’ve probably went to see it a few times myself. The last solid horror icon in recent times has been Jigsaw from the saw movies,& they’re about to bust out with part 7. Why did new line have to go & destroy a classic from my childhood,as they did so many other bad ‘remakes’ & ‘reboots’?

    • Its all about money and takin the easy way out. They tried to make a sequel to Freddy VS. Jason but couldnt get rights to use Ash from Evil Dead franchise because Raimi refused. And i guess a deal couldnt be made between New Line & Dimension to use Michael Myers. New Line considered Pinhead B-rated compared to Freddy & Jason so i guess they gave up. Halloween was remade so went Friday the 13th, now Nightmare on Elm Street. I prefered New Line made a Prequel atleast over a remake.

  6. I’d like a sequel, actually, yeah. It wasn’t a half-bad flick- to me, anyway.

    • I like it it was so good and new Id like a sequel jackie was a good freddy and we all no a new freddy is good

  7. They should hire a new writer.

  8. I would definitely would love to see a part two in 3d the end of the remake looked kind of like it would have been cool in 3d im for it!!!!

  9. I’m a fanatic of Freddy, so of course there should be another sequel. What ever happened to the promise of Freddy vs. Pinhead or is that still on the drawing board, ready to come to the silver screen?

    • Nici, There were plans to use Pinhead in a cameo in Freddy VS. Jason. But New line consired him too B-rated and didnt want to buy the rights to him, especially since lately Hellraiser films been straight to dvd movies. I would of been all for a sequel or even a prequel to the original nightmare. The Remake didnt impress me, and i shocked they didnt redo i certain death scene from the original. I thought they’d be foolish to do that.

    • i thought the only way to kill pinhead was to solve that cube?
      lol, u go to the theatre and when the movie starts u see freddy and a bunch of teenagers in a circle trying to solve a cube

  10. Oh I forgot Nici, i heard before they planned to make a film of
    Michael Myers Vs. Pinhead but they dropped the idea and decided to reboot Halloween.

  11. Well Im not speking just for myself when I say this but for the other Freddy fans out ther as well. I would love to see A Nightmare On Elm Street 2 because the way it ended would not make sence if a sequal wouldnt follow it. I havent seen a good movie like that in a long time. I thought it would suck at first and I walked out the theater begging for more! As far as the 3D thing, it doesnt relly matter to me but I would just like to be just as impressed as I was after I seen the film. I look forward to a sequal!

  12. I loved the original version. Its too bad that Freddy is not the character from before but I think this one is good too. If there is a sequal I will watch it. :) But yeah this Freddy looks a bit lifeless the old one had style maybe if they dig deeper in Freddys personality they will make it better. You know in the old movies he played with his victums by making their greatest fear a reality and their death sentence. I think that they must think on this. We loved the old freddy because he knew what is a nightmare. This one is scary but he never did much it looked more like Jason almost no talk and only slashing people. Teasing and scaring the victum to the bone is half the fun in what Freddy is. I think that if you make it with reacher personality the things will be ok. :)

    • Despite the numerous grammar and spelling errors, I agree 100%.

  13. big fan of the original liked the remake but i never really liked the original sequel i have heard they r remaking the first 3 hopefully they will do the 3rd off of the dream warriors at first i didn’t like freddys new look but noticed that overall they kept his personality the same the 3d idea will be cool but by the time its released 3d will be the norm and from what ive been hearing robert englund didn’t want to do the part i do agree however that he would have done a better job

  14. I completely loved it and definitely want a sequel. In 3D? sure, why not. I loved how “My Bloody Valentine” came out, so bring it!

  15. I loved the remake. I thought the previous freddy films were a little to funny/cheesy/silly except for dream warriors and new nightmare.

    Bring on NOES2

  16. As a longtime fan if the franchise, and watching all the movies before seeing it it’s open night, I thought to myself leaving the theatre… That was bad ass!! These people that didn’t think it was good are comparing it too much to the original. This is a whole new movie place it in a whole new catagory. Freddy isn’t supposed to be funny, Wes craven even said how upset he was they turned I’m into a comedic charactor.. I can’t wait to see what they do in the sequel I know Rooney Mara is signed for another movie so this will be interesting!

  17. i loved the remake. i just hated the fact that kris died too early in the beginning. they made her a main character and killed her off.? come on now, she was the best character in the movie. but, i will love to see another on in 3D so bring it on.!!!

  18. I LOVED this Nightmare remake it is by far my favorite remake and also its my favorite movie ever!! But I am getting pretty tired of every single movie now a days being in the 3D you see all these movie franchises saying they’re now making a 3D movie it just makes me mad, 3D movies aren’t that better than a normal movie. And in my opinion are not good at all. They would have to make it in a way where 3D wouldn’t look cheesy. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT MAKE A 3D SEQUEL!! But PLEASE make a regular sequel, I would see A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 on opening day! Like I did with this remake! But if they make a remake of NOES 2 then don’t use the original story, please branch of the 2010 movie. the original Nightmare 2 story was not that good.

  19. First of all let me say ive seen all the freddy movie franchise about a milion times he is my all time favorite killer. The new remake i dont think it was that bad at all I just wish they would have stuck to the story if anyone recalled in the movie that freddy killed over a dozen children before his death. In the remake he just did things to them and they told on him so later on in life he came back and killed them so it didnt stay completely true. Also in the remake they changed his occupation. They also didnt mention how he was supposedly born among other things but just those to name a few. And the killing scenes could be more dreamstate like the originals. Hopefully they will do a better job in the next one but overall enjoyable.

    • To be honest the REAL original story had Freddy being a child molester as opposed to a murderer. It was Wes’s original vision but due to an ongoing case in California about a child molester it was decided that bringing out a movie with one would be bad for business. So they made him a murderer. Overall this remake was fantastic considering it was upgraded in a sense to the 21st century and brought out a better sense of where Wes wanted to go. The fact that the “bed spewing blood on the ceiling” scene was removed kind of annoyed me but it did allow the new series to take a different path when producing possible sequels. Be it the laughable, corny Englund version or the new more serious, smart ass version of Haley, I’m all for seeing where this new series of Elm Street films goes. Bring on the sequel.

  20. I think the remake was pretty decent . I like the fact they changed the plot a little bit cause if they actually go on to make the sequel their gonna have to do it a lot cause it was crap . Infact I think they should skip the second original plot and go straight to the third ” nightmare on elm street , dream warriors” . O and I totally hate 3d movies so please don’t wreck what could be a beautiful sequel into a 3d flop!

  21. I have read the reviews here and they were are pretty positive, so why the damn f**k is the ratings for the movie like 2-3 stars? I am really confused, these reveiws sayd it was good, (which i agree) but on the other sites they said it was a load of bullsh!t

    • oops, wrong page

  22. i am a fan of the original and went to see the new one very excited i must admit but i was disappointed. The original was a creepy disgusting creature heavy breathing and taunting its victims. and when tina was flung about the room it had that 80’s gory feel to it – that scene in the new one was too clean and not gritty enough, also the new freddy just was not scary. when i first saw the original freddy in shadow etc he terrified me and still scares me years later but this one was just more man and butch and well just not scary looking. i loved the first one because you just didn’t know what he looked like for ages and was just so creepy (rem the opening scene with is heavy breathing whilst making the glove – yuk)this one just relied on jumping and the music making u jump – it was okay but not great

    • Now just take the age you were when first seeing the original and compare it with the age you are now seeing the remake. Poof! Your rant becomes irrelevant.

  23. I personally love the remake. It was great, and they went into more detail about Freddy’s past, and I liked that so much. Secondly, if they can produce a great storyline for the second one, then I am all for it. As long as it is a good storyline..

  24. I hope there will be a nightmare on elm street 2. but please, not in 3D !

  25. I think the only only film that can get away being 3D is Elm Street. But I have to say there was nothing new in the remake. It was all pretty generic and of course predictable. If there’s a sequel, the Freddy actor will have to try something new.

  26. i didnt really like the remake that much. but i love sequels so bring it but i am sick and tired of bloody 3D. im blind in 1 eye soo i cant watch it properly n i have 2 change my plans 2 wach a film in da cinema without 3D. so no 3D :'(

  27. I love the original Nightmare on Elm Street movies, and I loved the “re-imagining” of A Nightmare on Elm Street. I really like the new film how they built a whole creepy for real back ground on Freddy Kruger, and that it’s really hard to like him. I always thought it was disturbing how people were fans of Kruger in the first place because he is Chester the Molester. Y’all get that he’s a pee pee toucher right? This remake took Elm Street and made it scary as hell. Here’s nice Fred Kruger your babysitter, and he’s pissed you told on him for what he did to you in the back room, and now he’s out to get you because you told on him. How dark and demented, and really scary. It’s deep.

  28. The remake wasnt a bad film and the new guy was pretty good,but,Robert Englund IS Freddy.

    • @ Ant

      I agree. I thought it was ok and was expecting the death scenes to be similiar to the original’s especially Johnny Depp’s death scene being redone which im glad it wasnt. But the ending pretty much disapointed me by SPOILERS!!! couple referances to freddy’s demise from Freddy VS. Jason. Overall it was a better remake than Friday The 13th was.

    • I am in full agreement. Without Robert Englund, Freddy’s just another guy in a burn victim mask, straining to make his voice deep and scary. Robert IS Freddy, no doubt.

  29. For casting let’s get Jim Carrey to play Freddy Krueger and Megan Fox to play Nancy in the next movie. Nightmare on Elm Street 2……

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