‘Nightmare On Elm Street’ Producer Responds To Fan Concerns

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nightmare2 Nightmare On Elm Street Producer Responds To Fan Concerns

The release of the A Nightmare On Elm Street trailer finally allowed fans to see not only a glimpse of the upcoming film, but also a glimpse of how Freddy would look and sound. The fan response was overwhelming, but not without controversy.

While fans were interested in seeing the trailer for the film, most walked away feeling one of two ways: “This looks great” or “Michael Bay Sucks.” While the latter might make you believe the discussion was about Transformers 2, remember that Bay’s production studio, Platinum Dunes, is behind this horror re-imagining.

I myself wasn’t too excited after seeing the trailer, but I don’t blame Michael Bay. Honestly, I don’t know who to blame, but I’m sure it’s more of a group of people than any single person. Still, (some) fans are not happy and someone needs to reassure us that they’re not just after a money grab, but are actually looking to make a good movie.

Cue producer, Brad Fuller. On the Platinum Dunes production blog, Fuller attempts to smooth things over with wary fans by finally saying what everyone has been thinking:

“…Drew and I know that NOES is the most important film we’ve made. We know how all you feel about Freddy, and how you feel about us. We don’t want to be the guys who screwed up Freddy and as such are pushing ourselves harder than we’ve ever pushed.”

Now that we’re all on the same page, Fuller moves on to answer fan questions/concerns about the film that arose after seeing the trailer.

Is that Freddy’s final look?

“No, it isn’t – we are continuing to refine Freddy’s look. Many people commented about the CGI on his face – and I don’t want to give everything away but I will say this – Freddy’s face is 98% practical make-up. Moreover, as you now know we went hardcore on what a burn victim really looks like, and I can’t imagine what the comments would have been if he DIDN’T look like a real burn victim.”

Is that Freddy’s final voice?

“No, Jackie spent so much time on the voice, researching what people who’ve has their vocal cords burned sound like. He is still working on it and I suspect that we will be refining it, until the last moment.”

Will it be rated PG-13?

“Are you kidding me? Make no mistake about it this is a R-rated movie.”

nightmare glove sparks Nightmare On Elm Street Producer Responds To Fan Concerns

As a huge Nightmare on Elm Street fan (I still have my 3D glasses from Freddy’s Dead), I am very protective over this franchise. While not including Robert Englund in this film put me in a bad mood for a while, after seeing Watchmen, I thought Jackie Earle Haley would be a great Freddy (especially after the prison riot scene).

As I previously mentioned, the trailer left me really cold to the entire project, but after reading through some of what Fuller had said, it has calmed me down some. The film is not out until April of next year and a lot of things can happen. Sure, we’ve all heard this before, “We know this is important to you and we’re not going to screw this up.” Only to find out that “screwing this up” is exactly what they did.

Still, I think I’ll give Freddy another chance. Unless there are twin talking cars that can’t read… then I’m gone.

A Nightmare On Elm Street will be in theaters April 30, 2010

Source: Bloody Disgusting via Horror-Movies.ca

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  1. yea! i cant wait!

  2. 1) Blaming Michael Bay for this atrocity is stupid.

    2) Freddy looks and sounds terrible and the only way to remedy that would be to get the original Freddy in the original makeup.

  3. Personally I was excited to hear Freddy is coming back next year..But To me Robert Is Freddy and he is the only one that can bring Freddy on scene the way it should be done..All the Mess about fixing freddy voice && look is not right,to Me ROBERT should be the only one playing the Freddy role PERIOD!!! With that Said on Robert’s Website he said that Jackie E. Haley would do a great job taking over the role as Freddy so to that I say I will be going to see it in April 2010 It hopes that Mr. J. Haley brings his A game and makes a Great Movie as Robert as for many years…

  4. I’m not exactly a fan of Nightmare on Elm Street, but in fairness, there is only one actor that can play Freddy and that IS Robert Englund. Rob’s version of Freddy sounds like he’s having fun where as this “new” Freddy sounds kind of lame. Maybe it’s time for Hollywood to leave Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween and Friday the 13th in the past.

  5. money is the one and only motivation here, im so sick, tired and weary of these remakes that i may just give up hope in the future of cinema. Classics from the 80′s are being redone and having their identities stolen (bodysnatcher like)by these souless imitations, to younger audiences it’s only the new versions that exist or are worth seeing, your average 18 year old had never seen nightmare on elm street, halloween, hellraiser, childs play, friday the 13th. It is a constant dumbing down of audiences, to make them only trust going to see something they’re familiar with, no longer will they take a chance on something fresh and different, something they havent seen before, because thats outside the safety zone.This will slowly end things like origionality and ideas and real vision in cinema, dark times lie ahead.

  6. I have been a HUGE fan of Freddy and the NOES movies and I am really concerned about this remake. Plus, it seems that is all hollywood is doing now is just remaking old films. Robert Englund is the one and only Freddy and I don’t know if I can embrace a “new and improved” one. I wish these guys would have left this movie alone. They are just going to tarnish his image. I am not interested in their whole image of a real burn victim, Freddy was unique and crazy in his own way and they are going to take that away from him. No one can replace the original, no matter how hard they try.

  7. I’ve always been a huge fan of Freddy every since I was little, and have seen every movie. I was excited when I herd about the new release of the film coming out in April of 2010.. that was until I discovered that Robert Englund was no longer playing the role of Freddy. That was a HUGE disappointment to me. Englund is “Freddy.” He is original, and classic. “New and improved” is not what we want, clearly we want Englund. No one can play Freddy better than Englund, himself.

  8. I am really bothered by the comments of these supposed fans of the NOES franchise. You are all so willing to tear something down before you have any real evidence of any tragedy. Have none of you heard of objectivity? I agree that when Robert Englund portrayed Freddy he did very well, of course in your minds he is Freddy that is all you have known. J.E. Harley is a superb actor and I think will do very well with this role.

    You are the same people that believed Michael Keaton would forever be the only batman(even though V.Kilmer did a fine job, and we will ignore Mr Clooney) and then Christian Bale portrayed Batman as a Darker and more troubled hero and everyone fell in line. (excluding my own annoyance on his “BATvoice”

    Like it or not, This is a business and it is about money, the studios want your money and they will put their best efforts into earning it.
    You live in a country with an African American President for god sakes surely a little change now and again is a good thing,,,

  9. Ive been a fan of NOES since the 80′s. Im glad i was there for the heyday of the slasher/horror films. I saw Nightmare’s 3,4,5,6,7, and Jason vs. Freddy in theatres. Some amazing experiences. I do agree Robert Englund “IS” Freddy Krueger. That is his amazing creation and he will forever be remembered as him.

    I think hollywood is blowing thier desperate loads too quickly with all these remakes. I mean it FIGURES they had to reamke this film. Its not suprising anymore. Pretty soon theyre going to be remaking films that came out last year.

    Ill still see this movie and give it a chance, as well as Jackie as Freddy. The fact Englund himself backs him makes me feel hopeful. If it sucks I wont be suprised, but if it tickles my fancy ill be really suprised! At least i have those adolescent memories of 80′s horror cinema. Hollywood can never re-create that time in the world, but they can milk the cow for all it worth.

  10. they keep stateing that they want freddy to Look & sound like a Real Burn Victum.
    my issue assumeing they keep to the God obvius Lines of a Freddy Flick.
    1. he kills them “IN THEIR DREAMS” !
    therefore wouldent freddy have complete Creative controle of what he looked & sounded like, Hence the originals Deep Smart@$$y/manical Voice.
    if he has control then why would he Look&sound Like a Burn Vicyum.
    unless assuming that he’s not Dead for half of this movie just Crispy.


    oh no did i just give away the ending ???

    i dont know but i hope the get there Crap together.

  11. I can’t be put in thwe same group as most ppl when it comes to my opinion of platnum dunes and michael bay. every michael bay film i’ve seen as been a joy ride to watch. as for dunes, I’ve only seen TCM remake and F13 remake. I am appart from most in my belief that those were the best in their series, handsdown. the orginal Texas Chainsaw was stupid. It was like”I heard a chainsaw and someone screaming inside that house, I’m going to go look, wait for me here.”. The remake was so much better and had such a better plot. F13 eries in general is just like porn with dead ppl. you watch a friday movie for blood and tits. The remake gave you a fair share of blood and a lot of tits. Now, the trailer fro the new Nightmare movie, to me, is one of the creepiest trailers i’ve ever seen. I dont necesarily believe that it will be a gr8 movie, becuz i love the original in this case, but i have faith in jackie earl haley.

  12. I liked the teaser quite a bit, actually. Seems like all the complaints, when you dig underneath the worries about his look/sound, boil down to: “But he’s not Robert Englund.”

  13. Im all for remakes of movies that can benefit from our new technology but the nightmare series does not. Although you can remake the masked serial killers you cant do that with freddy hes a personality ,and it hasnt been that long since the last nightmare movie so it’ll be hard to accept this but i guess we can all try to see this new interpretation we might like it. Who knows Jackie haley could do to Nightmare what heath ledger did for the The Dark Knight.

  14. OK I want to say this to a bunch of people. Everyone comes from a different generation and so not all of us will end up liking the same thing. Most people want to see their let me say “time line” in movies because they want to relate more, but as time moves on to the next new thing, so does Hollywood, and people can’t relate anymore. What I want to say is that we should keep our minds open; making a new NOES can annoy some people because the characters in the movie are different teenagers than the one from the original movie, and the fans for the original relate more to the original character, and seeing characters who portray today’s hottest thing just is different. I have to say that I am not a big fan of the black and white movies because the style they have are just totally wack! NAH just kidding but seeing people dress in that certain way and to here them talk or act like that in a movie just seems unrealistic to me and I want to see more of me in the movie, but that was how most things were back then, and I can’t change it. People can either just stick with wanting the past, but mostly thats as close as they will ever get to it, WOW that just sounded very speachy. Anyway just give what comes to you next a chance because you don’t know what you might be missing and life is a game of chance anyway. Why am I ranting on about life? GOD I am such a dork! People don’t judge the movie before not seeing it, because it can be really well made and you might even like it more than the origal. I’m just stating what I feel because right now the people who are hating and complaining are really just getting on my nerves! Sorry for the long speech again, and oh by the wy I love Robert Englund as Freddy too just so all you know.

  15. I will see it day one.

  16. I am offended by this movie for a few reasons and i’ll list them by number.

    1.Freddy’s confused back story. No one has said it clear if they are keeping the evil that Freddy was before hand. I’ve heard murmerings that he was wrongly accuse or some B.S.

    2. The ever so retarded “Superman” reveal of the sweater, how freaking dumb is that. I am baffled by it. He has a leather jacket AND a sweater on? I had better be snowing outside is all i’m saying.

    then he so flamboyantly pulls it off in the fire. I don’t get the point of this. Is he thinking to himself “oh it’s getting toasty, i better get rid of some layers!!”

    3. The very unscary look of his make up. He looks like JOAN RIVERS. and everyone is saying…oh that’s what burn victim looks like….a turtle without lips. To which i say REALLY?
    Ok we are talking about a DREAM DEMON. Who cares if his burns are authentic.

    I find it funny the films producer states that its NOT Freddy’s final look. But just before that he states that his look is 98% make up and 2% CGI. Well if that’s not his final look and you are going to alter it because everyone hates it so much, you are going to add about 50% more CGI to the flick to fix it. Because shooting has wrapped.

    And if he is so horribly burned then why are his clothes PERFECTLY PRESERVED?!!! if we are going for authenticity then shouldn’t he be running around NAKED killing kids?

    3. The voice is ridiculous. It sounds like an old farmer forgot his dentures. Has a southern drawl to it, however they are in OHIO! That actually can be fixed easily in post production. However the producer states: JEH has been working on the voice, trying to sound like a burn victim with no lips and burned vocal chords.

    HE’S A DREAM DEMON, reality has no place in the NOES films!! if he wants lips and his voice not to sound like BBT in Slingblade, then he can do that….

    Finally i heard someone say..noone gets angry at all the actors who reinterpret Dracula since Lugosi.. Well to that i say Lugosi didn’t portray Dracula for OVER 20 YEARS!!

  17. wow i put 3 twice. i must’ve been angry

  18. @Glenn

    Haha.. many good points made.

  19. @ aslanenlisted
    i still like michael keatons batman way more then bales… Just getting that out of the way.

    On to this… Always been a fan like i’ve stated before and i can always welcome different takes on characters and/or movies. The only little thing is one scene from the original that may concern or better said make me really curious on to see how they portray it or if its done at all. In the first one near the end she sets several traps around the house that everytime i see them remind me of home alone… Will that be in this one and if it is… Will it be more ” serious” now or the same thing? It may not be in there at all since they may find evidence that he never did those crimes ( which would kinda suck or awesome if we didn’t like this movie it might not have sequels) but who knows…

  20. Kevin Yagher(the make up artist on Nightmares 2&3&4) did the best Freddy make up of all IMO. I prefer Freddys makeup in Part 2 to be the most horrifying/coolest. Kevin said in the boxset that for Part 2 he was studying burn victims. He already mastered the makeup, I mean Freddy looks f*ckin scary. They shouldve gave the makeup chair back to Yagher. Freddy DOESNT NEED CGI.

  21. Well a new freddy movie.Im excited and hope it will be awesome.But i must sat why in god’s name would they not ask robert to retake the role.Ive heard all of your comments and yes i hope that they stay true to his story,id hate for the story to stray so far from the original content like those god awful xmen movies did those writers even pick up a xmen comic.And yes i believe the computer enhanced effects are not needed.I mean cmon freddy looked awesome in freddy vs jason.But wnd result of my ranting is some remakes are good some suck,i just hope that micheal bay and his people have enough respect for such a great horror movie icon,that they will not screw this up.Ive allways loved old freddy more than any other monster,so lest hope they do mr englund’s character proud!

  22. Im am so tired of reading peoples comments of them crying and whining over the fact Robert Englund isnt in this movie. This is a REMAKE! Not a sequel people. Yes there will never be anyone to replace Robert in our eyes and the name we think of when it comes to Freddy will always be Robert Englund. However, as far as REMAKES go, it would be down right stupid to cast the same exact actor to play the same exact role in the same movie he has already acted! If this were a Nightmare on Elmstreet Prequel then I would say YES by all means have Robert play the role (which I hope they make) but this is a REMAKE of nightmare 1! Not Nightmare 9! We should remember and cherish the original nightmare the way it is with Robert as Freddy. I view this film, as we all should, as an homage to Robert and the original. I do not want a Carbon Copy film of the original. I want an original look, an original voice, an original walk…so on and so on. Pay tribute but do not copy Robert and the original scene for scene. Personally,I think the trailer for the remake looks awesome! I am curious to see what they do for the ending because I always thought the very end of the film was something that was lacking in the original. I also like that Freddy is going to be dark again like in the first 3 films, because lets face it, having him like a stand up comedian in 4,5,and 6 was just stupid, entertaining, but not scary. 1,2,3,7, and FVJ rocked. Excellent choice in J. Haley for the new Freddy. I think he will be great and do the film justice, as well as make Robert and the fans proud. We should embrace the fact that this film and the franchise was good enough to even have a big enough following to warrant a Remake of the original. As a huge NOES fan for over 15 years, I Will be there opening night jumping out of my seat with excitement

  23. The trailer wasn’t bad but why couldn’t they just get Robert Englund to do the movie? He doesn’t seem to be very busy and I doubt he was asking for a lot of money.

    I don’t think I can accept anyone else but Robert Englund as Freddy.

  24. I’m not convinced. To me, the odds are in favor of this classic franchise being remade into a meaningless CGI crapfest. Bay’s going to push another “Amityville” or “Friday the 13th” on us and show us yet again how he doesn’t ‘get it.’ Yeah, I know he’s not directing it, but so far, it looks like what we’d expect from him.

    I’m not going to completely slam this at this point, I’ll give it a chance. I really don’t want it to be effed up. :(

    And by the way, why isn’t Rob Zombie doing this?

  25. I love the movie. What even would attract the fans even myself is if there’s another Nightmare on Elm St. In Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. That’ll be super awesome! Here only 2minutes away where I live. Really!!!!!! Different area different site. Defendant!!!!! I’m a total big fan of tHe movie. Allow it please!!!!! The fans would go wild. Honest! It’s an honor!