No Salvation For Terminator at the Box Office

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exterminating a terminator p No Salvation For Terminator at the Box Office

It appears that Terminator Salvation is going to be (pun alert!) terminated at the box office on its opening weekend, by none other than the family-friendly Ben Stiller comedy/adventure sequel, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.

The final numbers from the Memorial Day long weekend have yet to be tallied, but as of now, it appears that Night at the Museum 2 has a clear lock on the no. 1 spot at the U.S. box office.

Here are the numbers for the weekend:

Night at the Museum 2 grossed $53.5 million from 4,096 theaters between Friday and Sunday. Terminator Salvation grossed approx $43 million from 3,530 theaters, making Night at the Museum 2 the clear winner of the weekend domestic box office race.

Of course those figures exclude Terminator Salvation‘s opening day earnings: Salvation premiered at midnight on Thursday (instead of the usual Friday opening) and earned $13.6 million that day, bringing its cumulative total to $56.4 million from Thurs to Sun.

However, that extra bit of earnings isn’t going to be enough: Night at the Museum 2 also came in no. 2 at the international box office, earning $50.1 million from 8,100 theaters in 93 overseas markets, setting the film’s worldwide  gross earnings at approx $103 million. Terminator Salvation won’t open in international markets (or see those kinds of earnings) for another two weeks.

Suffice to say these current box office figures are a disappointment for Terminator Salvation director McG and studios Sony and Warner Bros., who invested $75 million and $50 million respectively in T4 (not including marketing costs). Doesn’t look like that investment is going to pay off like they hoped.

A second week resurgence for Terminator Salvation seems unlikely. Screen Rant‘s review of Terminator Salvation is mixed at best, and if our Terminator Salvation discussion forum is any indication, audiences are echoing that mixed reaction. It’s Watchmen all over again. And, with Pixar’s UP hitting theaters next weekend (in Disney digital 3-D no less!), moviegoers both young and old are going to have the perfect excuse for not checking out Terminator Salvation.

Will this underwhelming performance at the box office affect McG’s plans for Terminator 5? (Let’s hope so, if he still plans to go ahead with that ridiculous time travel plot he’s been hinting at. The plot of T4 was shotty enough…)

Terminator Salvation and Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian are both currently in theaters.

Source: Variety

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  1. read my other posts.

  2. @NHOZ. Besides the overall physical bs bad writing/bad character development/poor story elements and Terminator rip off cliches, Kyle’s identification and pre 2029 importance is pretty much the biggest plot hole of the film. ;-)

    Skynet reverts into a PC on that one,,,

  3. Terminator Salvation is a perfect example of “Not being able to see the trees for the forest.”

    The Terminator Universe is complexed by time travel and It takes a conscious effort to not get lost. Therefore, this story needed a competent person at the helm of the production to keep everyone on track.

    I believe this movie got lost in the woods.

  4. @ NHOZ :)
    I think you missed the part on the sub (after the first attack) where Connor was informed Skynet had put out a death list to the Resistance. Reese was at the top,,,
    Keep in mind that the explosion at (Marcus) skynet “target one” was already complete and Momma Skynet knew Marcus was online… This amazingly makes sense.

  5. I didn’t miss anything. That’s why this movie ticks me off so much. The writers screwed up.

  6. Terminator Salvation sure was judgment day on the fans.


  7. Hud

    You’re joking right? You must be. I’m not one of those guys who’s going to acquiesce to the “validity” of your opinion just cuz you have one. I don’t think everyone is entitled to their opinion. Nope. Some opinions are just plain wrong. A is A, my friend, and T4 (in THIS timeline or any other alternate one) will NEVER be better than T1 & T2.


  8. this was a great movie bale as connor bad ass.
    If terminator 5 and 6 have Summer Glau that will be great John Connor needs Cameron.

  9. This movie was bad ass Bale as Connor great.
    Now for terminator 5 and 6 come on McG give us Summer Glau aka
    Cameron Phillips.

  10. @Iron Knight
    I am sure that nothing will kick Avatar’s butt as well, BUT, these days you never know! There might be some film, something out of nowhere might just beat it. Of course to us box office receipts do not mean a successful film–hopefully, well to me it doesn’t.
    However, doesn’t apply when it comes to execs right? Unless this is done through Cameron’s money so if it doesn’t do well then it is really his loss. Also you cannot tell these days, I am sure most of us would have thought Terminator would have raked in huge money, especially being a 4 day release!

    But, I have faith in Cameron!

  11. At Kofi, I am usually one to defend that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but you are right that to say that this was better than T1 or T2 is kind of a stretch… It’s like saying Battlefield Earth was better than Star Trek…

  12. Ok, I take that back, can’t compare this to Battlefield Earth, that was just incredibly horrible…

  13. @hud
    Yet the T-800 took much longer to fight Connor. The blasted thing had Connor by the throat, picked him up, yet it didn’t kill him. It took it seconds to disable Wright, yet over a minute fighting a normal human? You don’t see a problem with that?

    The movie was entertaining but better than T1 and T2? Like Kofi said, you must be joking.

  14. John, remember in T1, when the T800 just got transported to 1984 and ran into those thugs? Remember how he killed the third thug? He punched his fist… through his body… Yet in this one, he’s punching him, throwing him, hitting him, and he’s not dead, lol.

  15. “Nice night for a walk”,,, :-)

  16. @Ken J & 790
    LOL! Yeah, that thing ripped his heart out like it was nothing. Bale’s Connor must be made of a heck of lot more sterner stuff than Wright was. :-)

  17. Oh dear.

    1- Blaming Brancato and Ferris.

    Who were re-written by three other (uncredited) people, including Paul Haggis and Jonathan Nolan. If folks are going to blame the script, don’t just point at the two guys who were re-written. That said, aside from a few areas, I didn’t have a problem with the writing. Which brings me to:

    2- Why didn’t Skynet kill Reese when they ‘found out’ he was the father of John Connor?

    There are several answers for this. Logical and reasonable. I’ll give you four.

    * Skynet did not know who Reese was, just his general location. They also didn’t have an ID on John Connor. All they had were names. It wasn’t until Marcus connected to Skynet that they had “positive” IDs on Reese and Connor. In other words, they wanted to be sure.

    *Skynet had set a trap for Connor. Connor was ‘looking’ for Reese, Skynet did not know why. Combined with various other captured people, it might be enough to attempt a rescue. In addition, ///SPOLIER/////Skynet had a plan which involved the ‘pulse’ defense, which when activated by all of the Resistance, would have given away the exact locations of those places. Kill everyone at the same time, being systematic.///END SPOILER///

    * They wanted Marcus (when Marcus is offered to ‘join them’) to kill Connor and/or Reese since they would ‘trust’ him. In addition, Reese would have been captured anyway. He would have been kept alive for the work camps (see Terminator) and he would get a UPC tattoo.

    * Only when Marcus refused is when the T-800 line was activated for production.

    3- Why can’t the T-800 do things like a T- 800 in the first Terminator? (Punch through a guy’s chest, but can barely choke Connor)

    I have a reasonable thought on that too. ////SPOILER/// the T-800 line was brought on line prematurely when Marcus refused his “new orders”. Indeed, why aren’t there more T-800s that are active? The only two plausible explanations are that the model wasn’t ready yet. It could also stand to reason that Skynet would later make improvements, including programming that allows T-800s to be more “durable” and *resourceful*////// The other being (also mentioned in the first film) that the T-800 assembly line may have “confused” it somehow, as its tracking would be slightly off. (How would Kyle Reese know that it would work?)

    4- The problem with Marcus.

    I didn’t have one, but look, here’s something that will blow your mind. When Sarah Connor made her tapes, it was before the events of T2. The original Judgement Day according to Kyle Reese was August 27th, 1997. In T3, we find out the timeline was altered and the “new” Judgment Day was in 2003. Marcus died just before the events in T3. If Judgment Day took place in 1997 like it was supposed to, it’s possible that Marcus would not be there. Hence “this is not the future mother told me about”.

    Yes, people. You heard me correctly. Marcus is not supposed to be there.
    Which ties into something I said above. Skynet only had names but they could not identify individuals to those names Skynet says they tried to kill Connor before; this might not actually mean “the past Pre judgment day” but after as they have not done Time-bubbles yet (?) but consider if Marcus “didn’t exist”:

    * He would not have located Kyle Reese/John Connor.
    * The “group” of people would have not been found.
    * Connor would not have bothered with a rescue mission.
    * The resistance would have used the pulse, and be defeated…*except*:

    - John and Kate would survive. (The baby might not);
    - In Terminator, Reese says to Sarah that “Humanity was nearly wiped out to the brink of extinction. John Connor *tought* us how to fight. He also said “it’s one possible future”. Kyle, and several other pockets of people who do not/did not have access to the “pulse defense” would have survived the Skynet surprise.
    - The T-800 series would be perfected and “infiltrate” the surviving pockets of people.

    So I don’t think these are plot holes at all.

  18. Yeah but Darren, how’s that overlook the other problems?

    How did Skynet’s flying probe take one look at Kyle and instantly identify him ?

  19. Darren

    Best arguments I’VE heard so far. Bravo.

  20. Actually, his arguments don’t make much sense. Kyle Reese was number one on their hit list LONG before Marcus meets Connor and hears him say he’s his father. LONG before Marcus meets Kyle… So to say that it’s because Marcus met them that Skynet knows about Kyle, sounds pretty WRONG to me…

    The T800 was waiting in the holding cell that Marcus fed to Connor as the location for Reese. The T800 was’t “activated prematurely only after Marcus refused” that was their plan all along, “You killed John Connor” was the exact words I think, said to Marcus, meaning he helped them carry out THEIR PLAN which was to lead Connor to the holding cell with the T800 (Model 101 with Arnold’s face, lol) inside of it.

    The whole issue with Marcus has NOTHING to do with what was or was not in the original timeline. The problem we have with Marcus is the fact that WITHIN this timeline, meaning looking at this as a separate timeline, they had a more advanced Terminator made before a less advanced version.

    There are plenty of plot holes, most of your explanations sound pretty desperate. Drawing on ifs ands or buts that were already explained away…

    Now I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy the movie, but let’s be real, the story was pretty weak and had more holes than a street sign in south Georgia…

  21. The reason T4 wasn’t good is easy….the fans have been waiting for the future time battle. Something like the second Lord of the Rings when the castle was stormed .. a field with hundreds of T-600s advancing on a city, for example and the humans desperately trying to fight them back, etc. When I heard T4 was set in the future, I thought “FINALLY!, the one I’ve been waiting to see” and…um…no. Boring and the story felt like it was much more about Marcus than John Connor. I felt ripped off, and I’ll bet I wasn’t alone. The future battle clip at the start of the original Terminator was more entertaining than anything in this movie, except for the Arnold ‘cameo’. If this is the director’s stupid idea of stretching things into a trilogy, no one will be interested by the last one. Way to drop the ball, McG.

  22. Oh, forgot….the stupidity of Kyle Reece being captured…and then left in a holding cell for the resistance to save him instead of Skynet executing him IMMEDIATELY since he was identified right upon capture. The machines knew he’d go back into the past to save Sarah Connor, and…DON’T kill him right away? That’s totally ridiculous. They have “no emotion or mercy or remorse and they absolutely will not stop until you are dead” to borrow Kyle’s speech to Sarah in the original….but they will put Kyle in a cell so he can get saved instead of eliminating the threat ASAP. Yeah….that makes sense. The speech is about the Terminator sure, but he was built by Skynet…and they don’t follow their own programming and eliminate a threat when they have the chance? Out of character and felt like the old Batman show from the 60s when the crook wouldn’t put a bullet in Batman’s head, but stick him in some giant snow cone machine and then leave so he had time to escape. STUPID.

  23. ” Kyle Reese was number one on their hit list LONG before Marcus meets Connor and hears him say he’s his father”

    Marcus didn’t “download” this information to Skynet (or Reese ID) until he got to the Skynet base. After all, if we are to stick with “why Skynet didn’t to this or that” if they had direct contact with Marcus as a homing beacon, that might explain how they could find Kyle Reese; it does not explain why can’t they destroy Connor’s base and/or capture people there. Pulse or no pulse. Unless…

    Sure Reese might be public enemy #1, but they didn’t kill him right away so they can get to public enemy #2. In using PE #1 as bait (regardless or not if Skynet knew he was his father or not*) while, at the same time wiping out the major core of the resistance overall, they know where #1 is (under lock and key) and they know where #2 is (come on in). Connor and/or Reese has gained the trust of Marcus. They might avoid a T-700 or T-800; but not Marcus. Marcus, a “perfect mole” refuses to join Skynet, and one T-800 with skin goes online as soon as he makes that choice

    Were there some problems with the film? Yes. Was John Connor’s line ‘I’ll Be Back’ lame? Of course. But I liked the film a bit better. I saw nothing wrong with the bad guys of the film (Skynet) playing a game of Chess, if you will, with the Resistance. In fact, that’s the right word to use. Chess.

    (*it should be said that Skynet never actually identified Kyle Reese as the father of John Connor. But what Skynet could know is that at some time, Reese was sent back in a as-of-yet time displacement and protect Sarah Connor, as evidence from any police interrogation tapes made in 1984; they could have also have planned to use Reese as a Terminator template as well.)

  24. wait. I’m confused. Why and how was Kyle in the movie and as a young kid. And they didn’t show any time travel with the trademark bubbles.

  25. @Darren
    There is still the problem after they captured Reese and the T-800 engaged Connor. The T-800, instead of trying to kill Connor in the most efficient way possible, just kept slapping him and slamming him against walls; and then it finally grabs him by the throat and instead of snapping his neck, picks him up. When the T-800 engaged Wright, it stopped Wright very efficiently by disabling his heart. Saying that Reese was used as bait in this circumstance wouldn’t make since since they already had both men.

  26. @Cat
    This was set before the time machine was used to send them back.

  27. @Darren,

    With that same logic, why did the terminator in T1 go to the gunshop to buy weapons to kill Sarah Connor. Why didn’t he just find her address, bust down the door, and 1-punch decapitate her ala Friday the 13th:Jason takes Manhattan scene :)

  28. Sorry, he didn’t buy the weapons… he took them…

  29. @Darren

    The information of where Kyle was held was given to John Connor by Marcus. Skynet made Marcus give him the location of the cell holding the T800. Never did Connor need to SEE Kyle Reese alive to convince him to go inside, same with Marcus. If they had killed Kyle, and simply fed the same information to Marcus to feed to John Connor, the outcome would have been the same, except Kyle, their so-called #1, would be dead. So it makes no sense for them to keep Kyle alive when it was all a trick anyhow, no matter what Skynet would have fed Marcus the same BS info to relay to John Connor to lead him to the T800.

    @Manowar, Terminators prefer to use weapons to kill. The T800 killed with his bare hands in the beginning of The Terminator out of necessity. We are simply saying that the T800 COULD and SHOULD have killed John Connor the first time he makes contact with him since he was unarmed, so he will need to kill him with his bare hands. Of course if he had a gun he’ll just gun him down.