No Salvation For Terminator at the Box Office

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exterminating a terminator p No Salvation For Terminator at the Box Office

It appears that Terminator Salvation is going to be (pun alert!) terminated at the box office on its opening weekend, by none other than the family-friendly Ben Stiller comedy/adventure sequel, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.

The final numbers from the Memorial Day long weekend have yet to be tallied, but as of now, it appears that Night at the Museum 2 has a clear lock on the no. 1 spot at the U.S. box office.

Here are the numbers for the weekend:

Night at the Museum 2 grossed $53.5 million from 4,096 theaters between Friday and Sunday. Terminator Salvation grossed approx $43 million from 3,530 theaters, making Night at the Museum 2 the clear winner of the weekend domestic box office race.

Of course those figures exclude Terminator Salvation‘s opening day earnings: Salvation premiered at midnight on Thursday (instead of the usual Friday opening) and earned $13.6 million that day, bringing its cumulative total to $56.4 million from Thurs to Sun.

However, that extra bit of earnings isn’t going to be enough: Night at the Museum 2 also came in no. 2 at the international box office, earning $50.1 million from 8,100 theaters in 93 overseas markets, setting the film’s worldwide  gross earnings at approx $103 million. Terminator Salvation won’t open in international markets (or see those kinds of earnings) for another two weeks.

Suffice to say these current box office figures are a disappointment for Terminator Salvation director McG and studios Sony and Warner Bros., who invested $75 million and $50 million respectively in T4 (not including marketing costs). Doesn’t look like that investment is going to pay off like they hoped.

A second week resurgence for Terminator Salvation seems unlikely. Screen Rant‘s review of Terminator Salvation is mixed at best, and if our Terminator Salvation discussion forum is any indication, audiences are echoing that mixed reaction. It’s Watchmen all over again. And, with Pixar’s UP hitting theaters next weekend (in Disney digital 3-D no less!), moviegoers both young and old are going to have the perfect excuse for not checking out Terminator Salvation.

Will this underwhelming performance at the box office affect McG’s plans for Terminator 5? (Let’s hope so, if he still plans to go ahead with that ridiculous time travel plot he’s been hinting at. The plot of T4 was shotty enough…)

Terminator Salvation and Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian are both currently in theaters.

Source: Variety

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  1. “McG said that he cut nearly 40 minutes of footage which might explain why so many plot holes ended up in the theatrical release. He and the studios are responsible.”

    But not he- the studios. They’re the ones that force the cuts.
    The MPAA, who rate the movies.

    These are the people who make the cuts.

    It had some plot holes, and it relied on you having actually seen the previous movies– but really, I want to know specifics on this.

    Given the love for the previous films, how is this story “lame?”

    Are those movies not inherently lame?

  2. ang lees The Hulk has in many ciurcles been considered a flop.
    But The Hulk Made 9 million more(62million) in 3 days then Terminator Salvation did in 5 days.

  3. A Director can flex some muscle and prevent scenes from being cut.

    I hate when they entice people with trailers and movie clips that have scenes that never make it in the final cut. I believe that Studios do this to increase DVD sales by included deleted scenes as an added feature.

    I’m not saying that it is all McG’s fault, he bares some of the responsibility. Others dropped the ball as well.

    Some examples of story foibles or gaffes include:

    Having Skynet understand the importance of Kyle Reese and then having him captured, this is a terrible oversite for the story. It would have made more sense if Kyle was captured but Skynet wasn’t aware of his critical role as Connor’s father and in the resistance. Otherwise why would it be necessary for Skynet to try to kill Sarah Connor, just kill Kyle and be done with it.

    Why are John and his wife having a baby in a precarious time for humanity and not explain the significance of it? They are central characters in the story. This movie had very little character development.

    The Marcus Unit seemed totally out of place in the timeline of the Terminator Universe and felt forced into the story. He would have been better served in a sequel.

    A scene is cut where John Connor warns the officers of the Resistance about the T-800 series going online. That scene explained the significance of him risking the exposer of the leadership by jumping from a helicopter to the submarine in the middle of the ocean.

    They also tested a mobile signal jaming technology that is capable of bringing down a terminator air transport but then is never used again in the movie especially when John goes to Skynet.

    The motorcycle terminators are able to make nanosecond calculations to avoid oncoming flying obsticles (i.e. junk cars) but is not able to detect a stationary cable that John sets up in order to highjack it.

    In the end, I only hope that if McG is planning on making Terminator 5, that he and other important people will listen to fans and movie goers who have expressed disappointment and give extra care to the story and not just make a pretty movie.

    It was pretty!

  4. There’s a major plot problem or bs moment every 5 minutes in this film,,,

    Can’t divert the blame from Mcg on this. It was a group f up,,,

  5. “The motorcycle terminators are able to make nanosecond calculations to avoid oncoming flying obsticles (i.e. junk cars) but is not able to detect a stationary cable that John sets up in order to highjack it.”

    LOL, I wondered that same thing when I saw the film.

  6. The mototerminators were a joke!!!

    Watch the movie again, you’ll see that there’s two of them behind the tow truck Marcus and Reese are in, and they don’t open fire until they get in front ???

    Wtf??? Must be a riceburner,,, lol

    A closeline trick shouldn’t be any prob for a MT to shoot before it hits….
    Like I said there’s a bs moment in almost every scene.

  7. I found the scene where Connor hotwires the Mototerminator to be a tab bit cheesy.

  8. Man, after discussing the film a bit I think I may have to lower my rating to a 7 to a 5 out of 10

  9. I meant from a 7 to a 5

  10. LOL, Matt that was the apex of cheese?

    The entire film was cheesy in a stinky way,,,, :-)

  11. @buchowski

    I was not talking profit. I was talking gross.
    The film would have to gross over 500 million
    cover costs and then begin to earn a profit after.

    If it were to gross only 300 million in theaters as you say,
    it would have to have disc sales, gross not profits, upwards
    of another 400 million just to break even with profits
    running generally 50 percent of sales from discs.

    I do not see this film being the DVD/ Blu-ray success story
    necessary to achieve such vaulted numbers to make money.

  12. visually the movie looked good most of the time.

    The scene where Connor highjacks the moto-terminator looked like it came out of a video game.

    What’s up with the cat eyes on the Harvister? It looks much more intimidating without them.

    I liked the Arnold cameo and most action sequences.

    Continuity was not maintained in the movie as well. If a T-8oo and T-600 is able to bend and crush steel or other metals, what do you think will happen to a human ribcage (i.e. John Connor) or throat (i.e. Kyle Reese).

  13. Not nuch there NHOZ:),,,,, 😉

  14. T1 Budget: $5.6 Million
    T4 Budget: $200 Million

    T1 Plot: Actually has one. Unfolds organically throughout the film.
    T4 Plot: Disjointed, mindless spasms of pseudo-plot bits amounting to nothing.

    T1 Drama:
    A taut line of tension from beginning to end in one of the most extended chase stories ever filmed. Genuine character development for Sarah Connor, whose fate draws you in.
    T4 Drama:
    A bunch of boring CGI set-pieces, and empty characters that no one cares about. Narrative tension completely absent.

    T1 Dialog: Witty and inventive.
    T4 Dialog: Laughably stupid.

    T1 Box office: Massive.
    T4 Box office: Disappointing, possibly (hopefully) will lose money.

    One other advantage T1 enjoys over every other Terminator film: the absence of John Connor. Every iteration of John Connor has been a major weakness – T2 (annoying tween geek), T3 (self-pitying post-Nirvana loser), TSCC (whiny emo-boy) and finally T4 (dyspeptic bozo). The series never solved the paradox that the guy who is supposed to save the world is a hapless twit who must constantly be bailed out by his mom, his girlfriend, or his terminator-ish buddy.

    The only hope for T5 is to do it as a musical comedy.

  15. Skynet was harvisting human flesh to incorporate onto the frame of the T-800 and was finally mass producing them for the first time and yet, here is Marcus, who is supposed to be advanced in that he is half-human/half-machine (making him harder to detect therefore being Skynet’s ultimate infiltrator)and able to regrow his skin back within hours.

    Can anyone see how out of place that is? If Skynet is so advanced then why even have the T-800’s, just make a lot of Marcus units.

  16. @NHOZ :)

    Lol, the film has major problems,,,

    We’ve pretty much covered what your talking about,,,,

  17. I’m sure every aspect of the film has been discussed, debated, and ranted over. I just needed to get it off my chest.

  18. I don’t know the behind the scenes but my instincts tell me to put more blame on Fox than on McG. They’ve been known to screw with a director’s vision before (Bablyon A.D., anyone?).


  19. I saw T4 this weekend and I did like it; better than T3 (not saying much) but not as good as T1 nor T2 (just like everyone else has said). I enjoyed the action and I thought the effects were pretty good. My problems were
    1) How can a terminator motorcycle be able to detect and evade debris but not be able to evade a stable cable?
    2) Marcus Wright was the perfect infiltration unit? Why build a less perfect one then?
    3) The Wright fight with the T-800 showed that the T-800 detects vulnerabilities. Why didn’t it use that software with Connor or Reese?
    4) Moon Bloodgood’s character ejected from the plane but the Hunter Killer let her go?
    5) Skynet had been looking for Reese yet just held him in a room; why?

    Many have wondered why Reese wasn’t killed if Skynet knew he was Connor’s father; I didn’t get that from the movie. I always thought that Reese had been doing a good job as a resistence fighter and that’s why Skynet was looking for him. Maybe I missed something?

  20. I forgot to mention that mototerminator scene in the spoilers discussion, that entire hijacking the mototerminator scene was pretty stupid. Anyone else notice that the music stopped the second the bike hit the rope? What, was the music playing on the bike’s radio? It’s not like you see John turning it off or you see the bike hitting the radio, it just magically stops when the bike hits the rope… And the bike didn’t even resist while Connor walks over and starts messing with it… I don’t know, that scene was just not good, lol.

  21. How about my fav: John Connor jumps out of a moving plane into a violent ocean during a storm: one jump cut later he’s magically on the submarine of the resistance leaders. Right.

    Speaking of the sub: don’t we have tech in this day an age to detect subs?

    The plot holes with this film just go on and on and on…

    And blame Fox and the Script writers if you want, but a director is the one who is supposed to nip that kind of B.S. in the bud. Quick fast.

  22. @kofi
    Maybe they had the sub from red october

  23. @John “Kahless” Taylor

    About Skynet being aware of Kyle being John’s father:

    Even if Skynet did not know about him before Marcus was captured by the Resistance, It became aware of him after John said to Marcus”…you killed my father, Kyle Reese.”

    Remember when Marcus returned to Skynet and he connected to Skynet and there was a transfer of information. Later, Skynet showed Marcus scenes where John was speaking with him.
    Skynet had Kyle in a cell and could have dispatched him then and there.

    Believe me, if a T-600 grabs a human by the throat and squeezes, it’s all over.

  24. @NHOZ, except that conversation happens AFTER they found out that Kyle Reese is number 1 on Skynet’s list of people to kill…

  25. Even if Skynet did not know about him*(being John’s father) before Marcus was captured by the Resistance, It became aware of him*(being John’s father) after John said to Marcus”…you killed my father, Kyle Reese.”

    Skynet obviously knew about Kyle before Marcus meet Connor because Skynet identified him will he was driving a vehicle for the first time.

  26. @Ken J


  27. I don’t get it, are you defending the movie on that point or agreeing with us that it didn’t make sense that Skynet knew Kyle Reese was important??