No Salvation For Terminator at the Box Office

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exterminating a terminator p No Salvation For Terminator at the Box Office

It appears that Terminator Salvation is going to be (pun alert!) terminated at the box office on its opening weekend, by none other than the family-friendly Ben Stiller comedy/adventure sequel, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.

The final numbers from the Memorial Day long weekend have yet to be tallied, but as of now, it appears that Night at the Museum 2 has a clear lock on the no. 1 spot at the U.S. box office.

Here are the numbers for the weekend:

Night at the Museum 2 grossed $53.5 million from 4,096 theaters between Friday and Sunday. Terminator Salvation grossed approx $43 million from 3,530 theaters, making Night at the Museum 2 the clear winner of the weekend domestic box office race.

Of course those figures exclude Terminator Salvation‘s opening day earnings: Salvation premiered at midnight on Thursday (instead of the usual Friday opening) and earned $13.6 million that day, bringing its cumulative total to $56.4 million from Thurs to Sun.

However, that extra bit of earnings isn’t going to be enough: Night at the Museum 2 also came in no. 2 at the international box office, earning $50.1 million from 8,100 theaters in 93 overseas markets, setting the film’s worldwide¬† gross earnings at approx $103 million. Terminator Salvation won’t open in international markets (or see those kinds of earnings) for another two weeks.

Suffice to say these current box office figures are a disappointment for Terminator Salvation director McG and studios Sony and Warner Bros., who invested $75 million and $50 million respectively in T4 (not including marketing costs). Doesn’t look like that investment is going to pay off like they hoped.

A second week resurgence for Terminator Salvation seems unlikely. Screen Rant‘s review of Terminator Salvation is mixed at best, and if our Terminator Salvation discussion forum is any indication, audiences are echoing that mixed reaction. It’s Watchmen all over again. And, with Pixar’s UP hitting theaters next weekend (in Disney digital 3-D no less!), moviegoers both young and old are going to have the perfect excuse for not checking out Terminator Salvation.

Will this underwhelming performance at the box office affect McG’s plans for Terminator 5? (Let’s hope so, if he still plans to go ahead with that ridiculous time travel plot he’s been hinting at. The plot of T4 was shotty enough…)

Terminator Salvation and Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian are both currently in theaters.

Source: Variety

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  1. The real reason WHY Terminator 4 didn’t do so well at the box office is simple: NOBODY CARES ABOUT TERMINATOR ANYMORE!!! James Cameron made the right decision to end the saga at part two. Unfortunately, some people (McG included) decided to try and milk the franchise for what it’s worth; well guess what? THEY FAILED!!!

    Looks like there won’t be no T5 after all.

  2. I hate to admit it,but I think that you might be right.I don’t think that there is the same fandom for the Terminator franchise like there once was.I actually enjoyed this movie,but in now way is it as epic as T2.Had it been,it would’ve cleaned up in the box office for weeks to come.

    I do think that they will make one more movie though,hopefully to give it a proper ending(not like at the end of T2 wasn’t good enough).

    I just find it so hard to believe that anyone would want to sit through anything that has Ben Stiller in it nowadays.That guy is the epitome of being a flat out movie whore.He just does pretty much the same role in almost every movie that he’s in,and the dumb ass public keeps buying into it.What a joke.

  3. Longshanks, I’d say Christian Bale is contending for that role of ‘flat out movie whore’. You’re waaay too harsh on Stiller anyway… the guy does comedy. What a joke indeed.

  4. I was a bit suprised at first, then I remembered that you should never under-estimate the power of a family film.

    I really hope they make a new Terminator film, but don’t use that plot that McG was hinting at.

  5. The studio can thank Mcg

  6. What was the budget?

  7. Well I heard that T3 only made about $150 million domestically yet grossed somewhere between $250-$300 million internationally. When you accumulate the domestic and international earnings I’m sure the movie studio’s will have made a profit, but I’m not sure it i’ll have been enough to warrant another movie like I am hoping there is. I think it was an even combination of people not caring for Terminator as much and that Night of the Museum 2 came out the same weekend which made the movie drop from what it was expected to make. I liked the movie but for them to make a sequel and make it work they really need to work on fixing plot holes and maybe getting a good performance from everyone of the actors. I’m not knocking Bale here, I think he did what he was supposed to do, portray a hardened warrior. But I’m saying they didn’t really give some of the cast members enough to do and I felt like they barely were needed in the movie.(Connor’s wife, common, Kyle Reese)

  8. This was pretty disappointing. I can’t help but feel the Terminator franchise is headed in the same direction as all the other classic 80′s sci-fi franchises (Alien, Predator) – movie limbo, at least for a few decades.

    I think they’ll go on and make T5 but I bet it’ll be the last one for a while.

  9. terminator 4 will probebly make 150 million domesticly and 200 international. total of at least 350 million. The budget was about 185 million. see for yourself
    Thats about 1.8 times more than the budget. Plus with a big action movie like this DVD sales should be great. If the man wants another one he will get another(with just as big budget)

  10. Yay, Fail for McG. Now finally they won’t give that lousy, lousy director anymore projects!

  11. Box Office Mojo claims the production budget even higher at 200 million.

    Over the life of a film theaters keep 50% of the gross box office.
    The industry rule of thumb is a film has to gross 250% of
    the production budget just to break even to cover
    the budget and the later promotion costs.

    This film will lose money.

  12. I think it’s a good thing, James Cameron ended the series at 2, and it really should have ended there. Someone said a joke that I thought was funny but also would like to see happen. Someone said way back before anything was shown about Salvation, that T4 should be about them going back in time to stop T3 from happening. lol

    But anyway, it really should have ended with 2 like Cameron intended. He should have used that alternate ending where you see Connor in a peaceful future. But this movie served its purpose, we got a remastered blu ray of Terminator 2 out of it. Now if only they remastered the first Terminator for blu ray… Maybe that’s what T5 will be for if they decide to make it…

  13. Ken,

    While I like “Terminator Salvation” I too believe continuity SHOULD HAVE ended w/ T2.

  14. @ Robert Palmer

    Really man? There expected this thing to make more than $500 million? I am having a tough time believing that.

  15. Nice Mctry….

  16. @Stephen

    I was pointing out this film could not even
    make the 500 million needed to break even.

  17. Honestly I didn’t see it as a surprise since Night At the Museum 1 did incredibly well, plus it is a family oriented film compared to the action oriented Terminator.
    Shame, with all the hype, marketing, nabbing Christian Bale right off TDK, with McG going everywhere kissing everyone’s butt to see this film, plus the Bale rant on the assistant DP which somehow was recorded on set and leaked out, still couldn’t get number one.
    And UP is this friday, oh McG dude, bad timing!

    This is quite telling, makes you wonder if Avatar is going to fizzle to some family oriented comedy at Christmas?

  18. What killed Terminator Salvation was the story. Marcus Wright was totally wrong. The biggest mistake with the story is that Skynet should never have known about Kyle Reese and subsequently should never have captured him.
    By capturing Kyle, Skynet could kill him and prevent John’s birth therefore averting the resistence without having to time travel to kill Sarah. There was no need to use Kyle as bait to take out John Connor. McG changed all that to wrap the story around Marcus, who was unneccessary.
    If the story would have been about the war against the machines, the rise of the resistance and the growing threat of John Connor as it’s leader then we might have seen a great movie but McG decided to make an entertaining one at best.
    McG had all the right tools available to make a great film but did not deliver. Too many plot holes, lack of character development, unexplained events (i.e. Kate’s pregnancy) and a forced storyline that was totally not in line with the previous films.
    The terminator universe is complex and takes a competent director to handle the twists and turns without getting lost.

  19. Robert Palmer,

    Although you are correct about theatres keeping approximately 50% of the ticket sales, you are incorrect about the 250% profit to keep the execs happy.

    Indeed, seldom will a movie make a 250% profit of its budget through ticket sales. 150% to 200% will suffice as a larger profit will be made from DVD/Blu-Ray sales.

    If Terminator Salvation can earn $300m worldwide at the box office then the movie company will be happy enough because they will make an absolute killing on DVD.

  20. the movie looks on pace domesticly to make what T3 made(about 150 million) so world wide i expect it to make what T3 made about 430 million dollars

  21. 430 million and great DVD sales is a very easy reason to make another

  22. One has to ask, “will Mcg get to direct the next one?”

    I think the studio should think twice as his name/rep alone hurt this film. (Besides the crap writing)

    The marketing budget alone on Terminator Salvation had to be over 200+ million… So yeah they better come out with a good dvd release. Lol,,,

  23. I really hope that James Cameron comes back for the sequel…don’t get me wrong I liked this film, but I think Cameron needs to comeback to the franchise.

  24. Um Hud,

    What was the cost of MARKETING this film, you think? Think they can recoup THAT money?

  25. @ 790, amongst others.

    I’m actually in the minority here, but unlike most– I had actually gone out to the theatres and watched this movie, mind you– I think McG, himself, did a fantastic job.

    Having seen it, I have absolutely NO problem claiming that McG has the potential to be a serious contender in the race of up-and-coming action movie directors. His style, while not incredibly unique or innovative, isn’t bad. He had some set-piece action, as well as very decent “directing” work that was truly top-notch.

    Everyone’s big complaint with this movie is the writing, or the acting, or the characters, or the story– none of which McG had anything to do with. All he did was take the story, and the mannequins, and direct them around and tell people what to do.

    Bale’s acting was stiff. That line was atrocious. That scene where he did that specifically was cheesy and a waste of time. The music was so loud and overpowering

    These things are not McG’s fault.
    These are Christian Bale’s fault. Or Industrial Light and Magic’s fault. Most definitely Brancato and Ferris’ fault.

    I’ll enjoy the minority on this one. It was a damn-solid movie. It wasn’t garbage by any means. The story wasn’t abysmal (not compared to T3 by any means), the action was brilliant (//Spoiler– The beginning when Connor takes the helicopter up in a continuous shot was brilliant for any director or cinematographer//), and the nods to the series, which were pretty awesome and definitely enough to satiate even the most rabid of fanboy (//Spoilers– The scars on Connor, the T-800 [Which did NOT look as bad as people claim(some are saying it was ALL CGI, which it wasn't)])-

    Honestly, everyone needs to get off the hate-train, man up and just admit it:

    “McG, ole buddy– ole pal. You did damn good for once.”

    I’m ecstatic for a T5- I hope it happens, and I’m rooting for McG on this one. I think he did the series damn better than many could have. He deserves a bit of recognition, not this internet chastising and fanboy frenzy he’s getting attacked with.

    End of Rant.

  26. @Alex

    I’m with you and I’ve said so – I don’t think it was so much McG’s fault as the script that this wasn’t very good.


  27. How could this be a solid movie with such a lame script. When Skynet had Kyle, it could have ended it at that time. That was a huge mistake on the writers part.

    McG said that he cut nearly 40 minutes of footage which might explain why so many plot holes ended up in the theatrical release. He and the studios are responsible.

    It’s not hate for the movie that has spawned my outcry, because I found the movie entertaining at first, but it’s all the mistakes made that warrants fans,like myself, to saying something about it.

    I think fans should make their voices heard, so Hollywood, the Studios, Producers and Directors will know that people want good movies not just something to take our money.

    Bale stated how important it is for Hollywood to get the next Batman movie right and WHY, because fans expect great things from that franchise. So they should have approached this with the same respect instead of trying to reinvent the story.

  28. You know, I always thought McG was gonna fail to deliver. Glad to hear I wasn’t wrong. Although I’m really surprised it was Night at the Museum 2 the one that took the glory. Must say how bad was this film, after all, even if it was one of the most anticipated movies of the year. Well done McG!

    @ SK – 47

    I don’t think a family-oriented film will kick Avatar’s ass. That movie will nowhere be as bad as this. IS JAMES CAMERON .

  29. I am sorry but 500 more cinemas ran NATM2 so not really a fair comparison, its the studios fault for not attacking the market hard enough.