No Salvation For Terminator at the Box Office

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exterminating a terminator p No Salvation For Terminator at the Box Office

It appears that Terminator Salvation is going to be (pun alert!) terminated at the box office on its opening weekend, by none other than the family-friendly Ben Stiller comedy/adventure sequel, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.

The final numbers from the Memorial Day long weekend have yet to be tallied, but as of now, it appears that Night at the Museum 2 has a clear lock on the no. 1 spot at the U.S. box office.

Here are the numbers for the weekend:

Night at the Museum 2 grossed $53.5 million from 4,096 theaters between Friday and Sunday. Terminator Salvation grossed approx $43 million from 3,530 theaters, making Night at the Museum 2 the clear winner of the weekend domestic box office race.

Of course those figures exclude Terminator Salvation‘s opening day earnings: Salvation premiered at midnight on Thursday (instead of the usual Friday opening) and earned $13.6 million that day, bringing its cumulative total to $56.4 million from Thurs to Sun.

However, that extra bit of earnings isn’t going to be enough: Night at the Museum 2 also came in no. 2 at the international box office, earning $50.1 million from 8,100 theaters in 93 overseas markets, setting the film’s worldwide¬† gross earnings at approx $103 million. Terminator Salvation won’t open in international markets (or see those kinds of earnings) for another two weeks.

Suffice to say these current box office figures are a disappointment for Terminator Salvation director McG and studios Sony and Warner Bros., who invested $75 million and $50 million respectively in T4 (not including marketing costs). Doesn’t look like that investment is going to pay off like they hoped.

A second week resurgence for Terminator Salvation seems unlikely. Screen Rant‘s review of Terminator Salvation is mixed at best, and if our Terminator Salvation discussion forum is any indication, audiences are echoing that mixed reaction. It’s Watchmen all over again. And, with Pixar’s UP hitting theaters next weekend (in Disney digital 3-D no less!), moviegoers both young and old are going to have the perfect excuse for not checking out Terminator Salvation.

Will this underwhelming performance at the box office affect McG’s plans for Terminator 5? (Let’s hope so, if he still plans to go ahead with that ridiculous time travel plot he’s been hinting at. The plot of T4 was shotty enough…)

Terminator Salvation and Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian are both currently in theaters.

Source: Variety

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  1. The T-800, as was said, kills with it’s bare hands, but if you remember the original Aronld Terminator was a T-101, a totally different model

  2. And if kyle would be killed, John Connor wouls seize to exist. Kyle goes back in time to save sarah and in turn becomes john’s father in the first movie.

  3. The thing is, Reese should have never been on the list in the first place, until he became a full-fledged member of the resistance, and then he would be on their list only because he was on the resistance. Having SkyNet know that he is Connor’s father makes the movie fail because a computer would know that killing Reese would also kill Connor.

  4. am i the only person who actually liked the movie? I thought it went along with the other movies great. and when the computer animated arnold walked out i felt like standing up and clapping. i also enjoyed that the lines “i’ll be back” and “come with me if you want to live”. also the truck chase that seems to be in every movie (the gas truck in T1, the Tow truck liquid Nitrongen truck in T2, and the Champion crane in T3)

    …but maybe that’s just ’cause i went to enjoy the movie not pick out all of it’s bad parts

  5. @Foopher

    I’ve said this before, but:
    Following T3’s continuity = FAIL

    The original Arnold Terminator was a T-800 Model 101. Termiantor 3 mistakenly had Arnold say he was a T-101. This is a MISTAKE period.

    Arnold in the movies is a T-800, this Arnold T-800 is technically identical to the Arnold Terminator in the original movies.

  6. Terminator 3*

  7. i think it’s interesting and should be pointed out that Terminator actually did very well if you look at the number of theaters it was actually in. Surprisingly it got the shaft on theater counts, but did very well in the ones it made it to. Just comparing it to Night at the museum.

    Friday Openings
    Theaters/Amount per theater.

    Night at the – 4,096 / $3,801
    Terminator – 3,530 / $4,196


    Night at the – 4,096 / $4,904

    Terminator – 3,530 / $4,117

  8. That’s weird, why would a big summer action movie not show in as many screens as that night at the museum movie???

  9. Not sure if your legitimately asking or if your being sarcastic. The wonders of the internet. So I’ll just answer the question and hope I don’t make a foul of my self. Family movies get more screens all the time. It’s just the way it is. I’m not sure why Terminator was so low on screens I still can’t figure that out. I mean summer action films usually always get a hefty amount of screens regardless of being good or bad especially if they are PG-13. If the movie had been R it would make a little more sense, but I really didn’t get it with this movie.

  10. Yah, I thought that was the whole point of making it PG-13, but looks like it didn’t work anyhow, lol. Oh well, it wasn’t really great anyhow, but surprised that theaters didn’t EXPECT it to do well though.

  11. I usually try to make it kind of obvious if I’m being sarcastic.

  12. It’s a fault of the internet sometimes you think someone is just genuinely trying to be a douche and it turns out he was sincere. I’ve been in a few situations like that before.

  13. The argument about why Skynet is even making the T-800s instead of a bunch of Marcuses doesn’t make sense to me. Technologically, Marcus is more advanced. But he’s more human than the T-800s, and that means he’s more vulnerable.

    In the first Terminator for instance, if it was a Marcus-type model chasing after Sarah and Kyle, there would be no robot walking out of the burning rubble from the truck that blew up. In Terminator 2, Marcus would more than likely have died several times fighting the T-1000 in the foundry. Arnold was still struggling (and eventually got back up) when T-1000 rammed that pipe through his chest. Marcus’s insides would’ve been turned to Jello at that point.

    So while Marcus is more advanced, and is actually more in line with what Cameron initially wanted for the original terminator (an every day looking guy who could blend in well), Marcus doesn’t have the never-ending endurance and can’t also take advantage of the perks that being a robot has (like being able to see in the dark, such as is mentioned and seen when Arnold was driving Sarah and John from the city in T2).

  14. @James

    The point is not to be sent back in time, the point is to be infiltration units. A unit like Marcus would infiltrate resistance camps far easier than a bunch of 6’1″ 250lb body builders…

  15. I have to say being an original fan of Terminator, the movie was good. Not Great, but good. I remember seeing the first movie in 84, I was 16. Saw it dozens of times in the movies, I loved it. I look at this film as a new idea with different characters. Arnold’s age has Caught up with him. I hope that the NEXT film is better, more dark. Let’s get to 2029 and get to it. That’s what I think alot of us want to see. I want something as huge as Lord of the Rings. Make it a two part film. This 4th film could have been so much better if they didn’t cram so much into it. It has potential, and could be a great reboot for the Terminator. Just get to the battle, lots of Terminators. Make it rated R, and show the blood the death, the starvation the pain and the loss. Remember this was a nuclear war that wiped out everything. Make it dark, and cold and violent, like the original films showed the war……..I hope they listen to fans and take our ideas. It could be great. By the way Moon Bloodgood is HOT!

  16. Yah, wonder if the DVD will have the unrated deleted nude scene… lol

  17. Ken you know there gonna spruce up the Terminator Salvation Dvd release.
    It will prob be a 3 disc ultimate directors cut edition that will contain that scene and prob 6 alternate endings,,, lol,,,

  18. Would like to see the original ending just because it’ll be so screwed up, lol.

  19. I bet they never even filmed that scene Ken.